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Anbu Chezhiyan never harassed me: Devayani, Thanu and others back Kollywood financier

The suicide of producer Ashok Kumar has split the Tamil film industry. While the President of the Tamil Nadu Producers' Council, actor Vishal, came down strongly on financer Anbu Chezhiyan who is named in Ashok Kumar's alleged suicide note, other prominent voices from the industry have come out in the latter's support.
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Karu Palaniappan takes a dig at Vijay Antony

We had recently seen Vijay Antony extending his support to financier Anbu Chezhiyan, who is reportedly being accused of producer Ashok Kumar's suicide.


Now, director Karu.Palaniappan, has taken a dig at Vijay Antony's support, through his tweet. He tweeted, "விà®.யà¯. à®.ணà¯.à®.னி...à®.à®.à¯.à®.ளுà®.à¯.à®.ு நலà¯.லவராயà¯. தà¯.னà¯.றுபவரà¯., à®.று மாதமà¯. முனà¯.னரà¯. வரà¯. à®.à®.ிà®.ுமாருà®.à¯.à®.ுமà¯. நலà¯.லவரà¯.தானà¯.!

விà®.யà¯. à®.ணà¯.à®.னி,

நீà®.à¯.à®.ளà¯. தà¯.à®.à®°à¯.à

Vetri Maaran talks about Ashok Kumar suicide controversy

Director Vetri Maaran talks about the ongoing Ashok Kumar suicide controversy. He grieves for the passing away of Ashok but bats in favour of financier Anbu Cheziyan.

"Ashok Kumar's death is a massive loss to his family, and it is painful to see such controversies and discussions take place in this situation. But it is essential we need to address a few issues. Like there needs to be some regulation when it comes to the concept of lending money to make a film. In some way, it needs to be regulated. Cinema is a very volatile business, and film financing...

'I am so sad that Mr.Ashok Kumar was this weak by heart..'

Following the demise of producer Ashok Kumar, a lot of celebrities have been constantly sharing their views and opinions on the issue which has become the centre of Kollywood. Talking to the media about Anbuchezhiyan is Amma Creations T Siva. He said:

“Anbuchezhiyan is a nice human and one of the most reasonable financiers I have ever known. During the release of Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva, he was so helpful. He is someone who is so good by nature and I don't understand why people are taking things personal and targeting him.

During the release of a particular movie,...

‘If Anbu is not there, all the small producers will be gone!’

The recent sad news that has hit Kollywood is the demise of producer Ashok Kumar. A lot of celebrities who have been sharing their views and opinions on this issue have come forward in support of financier Anbuchezhiyan at a press meet and the next to defend the financier is leading producer Kalaipuli S Thanu. At the press meet, he has said:

“If Anbu is not there all the small producers will be gone. In fact, if he is not there, we are not there. My deepest condolences to Ashok Kumar’s family. If not for Anbu sir, Rajini Murugan...

“Suicide is the biggest mistake!” - Vijay Antony statement on Ashok Kumar and Anbuchezhiyan issue here.

Following producer Ashok Kumar’s demise, a lot of people have gone on to give their statements and the latest is the statement from music director turned actor Vijay Antony. Talking to the media, he said:

“Anbuchezhiyan sir is someone I respect a lot. I am not someone who usually comes out and talks. It is not because I don't know to talk but because of my personal choice. First of all my condolences to Ashok Kumar sir and family. But suicide is actually the biggest mistake as it would leave the entire family devastated. I am saying this out...

Devayani statement about financier Anbuchezhiyan here!

Actress Devayani, who has addressed the press, has shared her views on financier Anbuchezhiyan. The past few days has seen the sad demise of producer Ashok Kumar and a lot of people have shared their opinions on this issue. Talking to the media, Devayani said:

“I have known Anbu sir for the past 14-15 years and he is a genuine and truthful human being. He is correct in his business and makes commercially viable movies. He is very respectful and a decent person. There have been rumours on social media that he gave me a lot of trouble but all...

'Only thing we can do is give biggest punishment to that Bast*rd!'

There has been a sad news for Tamil cinema in the last few days. It is producer Ashok Kumar’s suicide and the note that surfaced social media post his demise. A lot of celebrities shared their respective views and opinions regarding this. Now it is Kodi Veeran actress Poorna who has come out with her statment.

Poorna has posted, “He left this world,only thing we can do is to give biggest punishment for that Bast*rd #AnbuCheziyan .. let’s hold our hands together for it”.

*Twitter post is not spell checked

Exclusive: Devayani's husband talks about Anbuchezhiyan

For the past few days, the usury issue has been spreading like wildfire. This has been in the news after the tragic suicide of producer Ashok Kumar. Some celebrities have spoken against financier Anbuchezhiyan, and some have also issued statements in favor of him. There have also been various rumors floating on the internet that actress Devayani was tortured by Anbuchezhiyan, several years back.

Devayani starred in a film called Kadhaludan, directed by her husband, Rajakumaran. It is said that they had taken a loan from him for producing the film. We contacted Rajakumaran to find out more about...

Vijay Antony's official statement about Ashok Kumar's suicide

Vijay Antony has officially issued a press statement on the ongoing controversy about Ashok Kumar's suicide. 


"Sasikumar is one of the best directors in the industry and a very good-hearted person. It is very disheartening to know about the suicide of Ashok Kumar. He should have avoided this move, as his wife and kids have to suffer now.

For the past six years, I have been borrowing money from Anbu Chezhiyan and making films. Till date, I have been paying back money, along with the interest, in the right proper way. Anbu has been good to me, so far,...

'Anbu Chezhiyan is a perfect gentleman', popular director's statement

The suicide of Sasikumar's relative Ashok Kumar has taken the entire Kollywood by shock and going by Ashok's suicidal note, Tfpc President Vishal and the majority of Kollywood has turned against financier and producer G.Anbu Chezhiyan. The industry's dark secrets have come to light due to this incident. Contrasting to these allegations, director Seenu Ramasamy has stated that Anbu Chezhiyan is not a bad person, as speculated by everyone.

Seenu tweeted, "à®.à®®à¯..à®.ீ.à®.à®°à¯., à®.ிவாà®.ீ, பà¯.லà¯. à®.லà¯.லà¯. à®.னà¯.à®±à¯.ய நà®.ிà®.à®°à¯.à®.ளà¯..à®.னà¯.பு à®.à¯.ழியனà¯. பà¯.னà¯.à®± à®.தà¯.தமரà¯.à®.ளà¯. à®.னà¯. தவறாà®. à®.ிதà¯.à

Kamal opens up about Ashok Kumar's suicide controversy

Many prominent Tamil film celebrities have condoled the passing away of producer Ashok Kumar.

Yesterday politician Tamilisai Soundararajan criticized Kamal for not tweeting against usury that forced Ashok to kill himself.

Now Kamal Haasan has voiced his concern about this long going usury problem. He says these loan sharks are tormenting the lives of everyone from farmers to the richest; this needs to be stopped. Kamal also offered his condolences to the departed family.

Kamal's tweet - "à®.நà¯.துவà®.à¯.à®.ிà®.à¯. à®.à¯.à®.ுமà¯. à®.à®´à¯. விவà®.ாயி முதலà¯. பணà®.à¯.à®.ாரரà¯.à®.ளà¯. à®.ன நமà¯.பபà¯.பà®.ுமà¯. à®.ினிமாà®.à¯.à®.ாரரà¯. வà

Ajith was also harassed by Anbu Chezhiyan: Director Suseenthiran lashes out

Kollywood is still reeling under the shock of producer Ashok Kumar's suicide. Ashok, director Sasikumar's cousin, allegedly killed himself unable to bear the harassment and humiliation he was subjected to by financier Anbu Chezhiyan of Gopuram Films.

While there have been murmurs about Anbu Chezhiyan's murky deals in Kollywood previously, they have grown louder with Ashok Kumar's death and alleged suicide note which clearly blames the financier.
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Just in: Vishal's furious speech against Anbu Cheziyan

Vishal's furious speech against financier Anbu Cheziyan at a press meet in Madurai:

"Usury is a huge issue, all of us know it has affected a lot of common people, and because of that, a leading producer has now committed suicide.

Company Productions is one of the leading film banners in the industry. But not many know how hard Sasi and his team are working to release his film Kodiveeran. Ashok Kumar has clearly stated all his issues in his suicide note, and he was forced to take that decision.

I am not telling this as the President of the Producer's council...

Parthiepan's moving statement - A solution for beating loan sharks?

Actor R. Parthiepan has made a moving statement regarding the loan shark controversy due to which producer Ashok Kumar has taken his own life:

"This incident is an example of someone as soft, emotional and sensitive as Ashok Kumar cannot survive in the film industry. If this situation continues, usury alone and bad people alone will exist.

I could not have been educated had my mother's thaali not been mortgaged. I sold a bungalow of mine in Valasaravakkam for Rs. 74 lakhs to return a debt of just Rs. 20 lakhs, and it is now worth Rs. 7 crore. I...

There is no truth in Ashok's suicide note - Clarification from Anbu Chezhiyan's side

Following the huge controversy surrounding producer Ashok's suicide due to pressure from loan sharks, the accused Anbu Chezhiyan's team has come out with a statement in defense:

"The media and television have been reporting that Mr. Ashok Kumar has committed suicide, before which he had written a letter in which he has written a few words (about us). The letter that it alleged to have been written by him, was it actually written by him? Ashok Kumar is Sasikumar's assistant. We have had no financial transactions with him. Sasikumar has borrowed sums from us for producing his film(s). But Ashok...

Producer Ashok Kumar's suicide should be treated as murder: Actor Vishal

Following the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar, director Sasikumar's cousin, the President of the Tamil Nadu Producers' Council, actor Vishal, has asked those threatened by financiers to approach the Council for help.

Vishal posted a statement on social media which reads, "Devastated to hear the sad demise of a dear friend, Ashok Kumar who sacrificed his life succumbing to the pressure created by financiers.”

He said that he hopes this will be the last "sacrifice" in the name of financial burden.
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Producer Suicide controversy: 'We should stop taking black money and putting pressure...'

Following the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar, the film industry is in a state of shock. A few members of the producers' council and close friends from the industry have reached Madurai to attend the funeral of Ashok. Talking to the press from Madurai, actor Prakash Raj has given out his view on this tragic incident.

"Firstly, this tragedy teaches us about the situation of the Tamil cinema industry. All of us take loans to make films, and we are unable to stop that. There is always an effort to try and somehow repay it. But now, we cannot...

Director Sasikumar's cousin hangs to death, blames Kollywood loanshark in suicide note

A cousin of popular Tamil cinema director Sasikumar, Ashok Kumar, who was also an associate producer in some of Sasikumar's films, hanged himself to death on Tuesday. He was found dead in his apartment in Chennai.

In a purported 2-page suicide note he left behind, which is being widely circulated, Ashok has blamed film financier Madurai Anbuchezhian for his decision to take his life. Ashok states in his letter that he has been paying back the loan to Anbuchezhian for the last 7 years and is not able to cope with it anymore, since he was being continuously harassed and insulted.
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Ashok Kumar suicide controversy: Shocking news for Ajith fans!

The whole of the Tamil Cinema industry is shell-shocked, following the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar, who is also the brother-in-law of actor Sasikumar. Now, director Suseenthiran has now released a written statement about this controversy surrounding the famous financier, Anbuchezhiyan. Read ahead to find out what he has said;

"Greetings to all. Ashok Annan's death must be the last death due to usury lenders in Tamil Cinema. I have a shocking news to share with all Ajith fans. What Ashok Annan faced is exactly what Ajith Kumar had also gone through during the initial stages of Naan Kadavul...
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