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  • (1926 - 1933) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1926) Stage Play: Queen High. Musical comedy. Book by Laurence Schwab and Buddy G. DeSylva. "Queen High" is an adaptation of "A Pair of Sixes" by Edward Peple. Music by Lewis E. Gensler. Lyrics by B.G. DeSylva. Additional numbers by James F. Hanley. Music arranged by Russell Bennett. Pianist: Ralph Rainger. Music orchestrated by Russell Bennett. Scenic Design by Willy Pogany. Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor [credited as Edgar McGregor]. Ambassador Theatre: 8 Sep 1926- 23 Jul 1927 (367 performances). Cast: Ward Arnold (as "Ensemble"), Charles Bannister (as "Ensemble"), Joey Benton (as "Ensemble"), Gaile Beverly (as "Coddles, the Nettletons' Maid"), Florence Blue (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Burke (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Carrington (as "Ensemble"), Helen Carrington (as "Mrs. Nellie Nettleton"), Al Downing (as "Ensemble"), Katherine Ellis (as "Ensemble"), Luella Gear (as "Florence Cole"), Barbara Grace (as "Kitty, a Model"), Albert Hale (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Hart (as "Ensemble"), Harold Hennessy (as "Ensemble"), Sophie Howard (as "Ensemble"), Jack Hughes (as "Ensemble"), Irene Isham (as "Ensemble"), Mary Lawlor (as "Polly Nettleton, Nettleton's Niece"), Ethel Lawrence (as "Ensemble"), Ann Lee (as "Ensemble"), Margaret Lee (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Lombard (as "Ensemble"), John McElroy (as "Ensemble"), Frank McIntyre (as "George Nettleton, the Senior Partner"), Edwin Michaels (as "Jimmy, the Office Assistant"), Lucille Moore (as "Ensemble"), Clarence Nordstrom (as "Richard Johns, Johns' Nephew"), Richard Oakley (as "Ensemble"), June O'Dea (as "Patricia, a Model") [Broadway debut], Charles Ruggles (as "T. Boggs Johns, the Junior Partner"), John Rutherford (as "Jerry Vanderholt, the Firm's Lawyer"), Otis Schaefer (as "Ensemble"), Daniel Sparks (as "Ensemble"), Mildred Stevens (as "Ensemble"), Carola Taylor (as "Ensemble"), Irene Warner (as "Ensemble"), Betty Wright (as "Ensemble"). Replacement actors: Neil Collins (as "Ensemble"), Frank Cullen (as "Ensemble"), Herbert Lund (as "Ensemble"), George Murray (as "Ensemble"), Betty Whitney (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Laurence Schwab. Note: Filmed by Paramount Pictures [at their Astoria, NY studio] as Queen High (1930) with Charlie Ruggles reprising his stage role as "T. Boggs Johns."
  • (1928) Stage Play: Cross My Heart. Musical comedy. Music by Harry Tierney. Book by Daniel Kusell. Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy. Musical Director: Louis Gress. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh. Choreographed by Sammy Lee. Directed by John Harwood. Knickerbocker Theatre: 17 Sep 1928- 10 Nov 1928 (64 performances). Cast: Bill Antonius, Franklyn Ardell, Amy Atkinson, Arvil Avery, Ann Ayres, Joey Benton, Antoinette Boots, Dorothy Bow, Ann Brown, Dowell Brown, Bobbe Campbell, Hal Clyne, Eddie Conrad, Warren Crosby, Bill Drewes, Geneva Duker, Doris Eaton (as "Elsie Gobble"), Harry Evans, Edgar Fairchild, Grace Fleming, Helene Gardner, Elvira Giersdorf, Irene Giersdorf, Rae Giersdorf, Bob Gilbert, Ona Hamilton, Bernard Hassert, Helen Hermes, Beth Holt, Topsy Humphrey, Harriet Ingersoll, Madeline Janis, Genevieve Kent, Lillian Lamonte, Mary Lawlor, Martin Le Roy, Stanley Lewis, Marie Marceline, Edith Martin, Charles McClelland, Lulu McConnell, Nesha Medwin, Muriel Moore, Florence Murray, Clarence Nordstrom, Dorothy Patterson, Elsie Pedrick, Charles Peters, Ralph Rainger (as "Member of the Rialto Trio"), Ramon Rameau, Anna Rex, Wilburn Riviere, Ruth Savoy Miller, Daniel Sparks, Cora Stephens, Frances Stone, Wynn Terry, Peggy Udell, Bobby Watson (as "Charles Graham"), Jerry White. Produced by Sammy Lee.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Angela. Musical revue.
  • (1929) Stage Play: The Little Show. Musical revue. Songs primarily by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz. Sketches by George S. Kaufman, Fred Allen, Newman Levy, Marya Mannes, Earle Crooker, Paul James, Kay Swift and Grace Henry. Duo pianists: Ralph Rainger and Adam Carroll. Choreographed by Daniel Dare. Orchestra directed by Jacques Rabiroff. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Dwight Wiman. Music Box Theatre: 30 Apr 1929- Feb 1930 (closing date unknown/321 performances). Cast: Fred Allen, Clifton Webb, Bettina Hall, Erik Rhodes, Constance Cummings, Portland Hoffa with duo-piano accompaniment by Adam Carroll and Ralph Rainger. Produced by William A. Brady and Dwight Wiman. Produced in association with Tom Weatherly. Libby sang "Moanin' Low." Show was a major hit of the 1929 Broadway season, propelling Webb and Holman into top-ranked Broadway stardom.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Tattle Tales. Musical revue. Sketches by Frank Fay and Nick Copeland. Lyrics by George Waggner, Leo Robin, Edward Eliscu, William Walsh, Frank Fay, Willard Robison and Howard Jackson. Additional lyrics by Bernie Grossman and Dave Silverstein. Music by Edward Ward, Ralph Rainger [final Broadway credit], Willard Robison, Howard Jackson and Eddie Bienbryer. Musical Director: Arnold Johnson. Music orchestrated by Howard Jackson. Musical numbers staged by John Lonergan, Daniel Dare and LeRoy Prinz [final Broadway credit]. Entire production under the personal supervision of Frank Fay. Broadhurst Theatre: 1 Jun 1933- 24 Jun 1933 (28 performances). Cast: Lois Ackerman (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Jerry Archer (as "The Mind Readers" Performer/The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Mary Barnett (as "You Gotta Do Better Than That" Performer/"The First Spring Day" Dancer/"Jig Saw Jamboree" Performer/"Sing American Tunes" Performer"), Beauvell (as "Hasta Mañana So This is Havana" Performer/"Valse Moderniatsic" Performer/Inspector of Transients, Grand Centre Terminal"), Eddie Byrnbriar (as "A Son of New Rochelle, Grand Centre Terminal"), Les Clark (as "You Gotta Do Better Than That" Performer/"The First Spring Day" Dancer/"Jig Saw Jamboree" Performer/"Sing American Tunes" Performer"), Ione Collombe (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Nick Copeland (as "Nathan Jackson, The Crash/Hook & Eye No. 1/Information, Grand Centre Terminal"), Don Cumming (as "Meet Our Hero and Heavy" Performer/The Sneak, Not to Be Trusted/Retired Time Table Folder, Grand Centre Terminal"), Dorothy Dell (as "Breaking Up a Rhythm" Performer/"Sing American Tunes" Performer"), Betty Doree (as "I'll Take an Option on You" Performer/Specialty Performer"), John Dyer (as "Hon. Wilbur Peabody, The Crash/"The Mind Readers" Performer/First Interviewer/The Interview/Casting Director, Extra Man/Announcer, Grand Centre Terminal"), Helen Eades (as "Maid, The Interview/The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Edith Evans (as "Harlem Lullaby" Performer/Dot LaMar, The Interview/Jenny Grab, Grand Centre Terminal"), Frank Fay (as "Meet Our Hero and Heavy" Performer/"I'll Take an Option on You" Performer/"The Nervous Waltz" Performer/"Still the Nervous Waltz" Performer/"Hang Up Your Hat on Broadway" Performer/The Abused, Not to Be Trusted/"Extra Man" Performer/Col. Tapeapeek, Grand Centre Terminal"), Wilma Flannigan (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), William Hargrave (as "Hasta Mañana So This is Havana" Performer/ Second Interviewer, The Interview/"The First Spring Day" Performer") [Broadway debut], Jane Hayes (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Collece Legget (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), James Mack (as "Sir Herbert Martin, The Crash/Engine Co. No. 2/Baggage Supervisor, Grand Centre Terminal"), Lucille Matthews (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Ray Mayer (as "The Official Mr. "Eh Eh"/Officer Take, Grand Centre Terminal"), Jane Morgan (as "Mrs. Strong, The Interview/Madamme Yo Yo, Grand Centre Terminal"), Barbara Near (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Charlotte Neste (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Betty Norton (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Betty Nylander (as "The Wife, Grand Centre Terminal"), Evelyn Page (as "The Nervous Waltz" Performer/ "Still the Nervous Waltz" Performer/The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Lillian Reynolds (as "Percy With Perserverence" Performer/"Breaking Up a Rhythm" Performer/"Jig Saw Jamboree" Performer"), Beverly Royde (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Sylvia Schiller (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Barbara Stanwyck (as "Herself, The Interview/Kay Arnold, The Interview"), Miss Tova (as "Hasta Mañana So This is Havana" Performer/"Valse Moderniatsic" Performer/Mr.-Mrs. Lady, Grand Centre Terminal"), Elsa Walbridge (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Wilma Wray (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"). Produced by Frank Fay.
  • (1980) Stage Play: [Posthumous credit] A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine.
  • (2014) Stage Play: [Posthumous credit] Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill.

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