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  • (song) "The Sunny Side of the Street"
  • (song) "I'm in the Mood for Love"
  • (song) "Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer"
  • (song) "I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby"
  • (song) "Lovely to Look At" (lyrics)
  • (1931) Stage Play: Singin' the Blues. Musical drama. Written by John McGowan. Music by Jimmy McHugh and Burton Lane. Lyrics by Harold Adamson and Dorothy Fields. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Choreographed by Sammy Lee. Directed by Bertram Harrison. Liberty Theatre: 16 Sep 1931- 24 Oct 1931 (45 performances). Cast: Amy Bates, Estelle Bernier, Susaye Brown, Bruce Johnson's Washboard Serenaders, Joe Byrd, Jack Carter, Ashley Cooper, Hyacinth Curtis, Ethel Duke, Eubie Blake and His Orchestra, The Four Flash Devils, George and Betty, C.C. Gill, Theresa Jentry, Shirley Jordon, Jordon and Jordon, Ruby Kennedy, Irma Miles, Millard Mitchell (as "Whitey Henderson"), Mantan Moreland (as "Knuckles Lincoln"), Ethel Moses, Lucia Moses, Johnny Reid, Maud Russell, Selma Sales, Jeannie Sammons, Jennie Sammons, Selma Sammons, Shorty and Esalene, John Sims, James Stark, Ralph Theodore, Percy Verwayne, Percy Wade, Reta Walker, S.W. Warren, Fredi Washington, Isabell Washington, Delores Watson, Elida Webb, Wen Talbert's Choir, Susan Whaley, Dora White, Frank Wilson, James Young. Produced by Alex Aarons and Vinton Freedley.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Blackbirds of 1928. Musical revue. Music by Jimmy McHugh. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by Lew Leslie. Liberty Theatre: 9 May 1928- Apr 1929 (closing date unknown/518 performances). Cast: Baby Banks, George Cooper, Billie Cortez, Adelaide Hall, Marjorie Hubbard, Crawford Jackson, Ruth Johnson, Harry Lucas, Blue McAllister, Willard McLean, Lloyd Mitchell, Tim Moore, Mantan Moreland, Philip Patterson, Bill Robinson, Mamie Savoy, Earl Tucker, Eloise Uggams, Aida Ward, Elizabeth Welch. Produced by Lew Leslie.
  • Keep Off the Grass (1940). Musical comedy/revue. Music by Jimmy McHugh. Lyrics by Al Dubin and Howard Dietz. Sketches by Mort Lewis, Parke Levy, Alan Lipscott, S. Jay Kaufman and Panama & Frank. Music orchestrated by [error] and Don Walker. Vocal arrangements by Anthony R. Morelli. Miss O'Brien's arrangements by Arthur Wilson. Scenic Design by Nat Karson. Costume Design by Nat Karson. Stage Directed by Frederick De Cordova. Book directed by Edward Duryea Dowling. Choreographed by George Balanchine. Broadhurst Theatre: 23 May 1940- 29 Jun 1940 (44 performances). Cast: Larry Adler (as "The Old Park Bench" Singer/"Toscanini, Stokowski and Me" Assistant"), Ray Arnett, Billie Bernice, Mimi Berry, Blondie (as "Dorothy Thompson/Misinformation, Please"), Peanuts Bohn, Ray Bolger (as "Crazy as a Loon" Singer/Dancer/Thirsty Man/The Fountain/"A Latin Tune, A Manhattan Moon, and You Singer/"A Latin Tune, A Manhattan Moon, and You Dancer/"Rhett, Scarlett & Ashley" Singer/"Old Jitterbug" Singer/"Old Jitterbug" Dancer/"Raffles" Dancer/The Tiger/Hormones/"This is Winter" Dancer"), Betty Bruce, Virginia Burke, Martha Burnett, Imogen Carpenter, Ilka Chase (as "She/Romantique/Thirsty Woman/The Fountain/Juliet/Shakespeare's-A-Poppin/"Rhett, Scarlett & Ashley" Singer/Art Lover/Museum Piece"), Gloria Clare, Harriet Clarke, John Coy, Margie Dale, Maude Davis, Bela de Tuscan, Joanna de Tuscan, Fred Deming, Helen Devlin, Henry Dick, La Motte Dodson, Jimmy Durante (as "Dr. Kildare/The Tree Doctor/The Fugitive/A Fugitive From Esquire/Clifton Fadiman/Misinformation,Please/McSwindle/Shakespeare's-A-Poppin/"Rhett, Scarlett & Ashley" Singer/Guide/Museum Piece/"Toscanini, Stokowski and Me" Conductor/Mulligan/Hormones"), Hugh Ellsworth, Esta Elman, Jane Froman, Gloria Gaffey, Peggy Gallimore, Jackie Gleason (as "The Cabby's Serenade" Singer/Dr. Christian/The Tree Doctor/The Cop/The Fountain/The Valet/A Fugitive From Esquire/"The Old Park Bench" Singer/Tybalt/Shakespeare's-A-Poppin/Art Lover/Museum Piece/"Toscanini, Stokowski and Me" Assistant/A Salesman/Hormones"), Jiggs (as "F.P.A./Misinformation, Please"), Emmett Kelly (as "The Cabby's Serenade" Singer/"The Old Park Bench" Singer/Art Lover/Museum Piece/La Motte Dodson's Monkeys Performer"), Ann Lass, Lynn Lawrence, June Le Roy, 'Jose Limon' (as "Performer"), Peggy Littlejohn, Louie (as "Oscar Levant/Misinformation, Please"), Lois Martin, Mary Joan Martin, John McAuley, Margery Moore, Hal Neiman, Virginia O'Brien, Sunnie O'Dea, Patsy (as "Ann Sheridan/Misinformation, Please"), Percy (as "Gypsy Rose Lee"), Jane Gray Petri, Nan Rae, Jerry Robbins (as "Dancing Young Man"), Robert Shackleton, Jerry Shepherd, Bob Sidney, Jane Starner, Aileen Stone, Sylvia Stone, Arnold Saint Subber (as "Bootblack/The Fountain/Art Lover"), Frances Tannehill (as "Park Stroller/The Fountain/Bird Lover/Birds/The Morelli Singers"), Lee Tannen, The Toreadors, Daphne Vane, Sid Walker, Mimi Walthers, Don Weissmuller. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Shoot the Works. Musical revue. Book by Heywood Broun, Peter Arno, Sig Herzig, Dorothy Parker, Nunnally Johnson, E.B. White, Milton Lazarus, Jack Hazzard, Edward J. McNamara and H.I. Phillips. Music by Michael H. Cleary, Philip Chagrig, Jay Gorney, Robert Stolz, Jimmy McHugh, Irving Berlin, Ann Ronell, Vernon Duke, Joseph Meyer, Alexander Williams, Herbert Goode and Muriel Pollock. Lyrics by Armin Robinson, Leo Robin, Dorothy Fields, Ira Gershwin, Irving Berlin, E.Y. Harburg, Max Lief, Nathaniel Lief, Walter Reisch, Alexander Williams, Muriel Pollock and Joe Young. Musical Director: Harry Archer. Music orchestrated by Frank E. Barry and King Ross. Scenic Design by Henry Dreyfuss. Lighting Design by Henry Dreyfuss. Costume Design by Charles LeMaire and Kiviette. Dances by John Boyle. Dialogue directed by Theodore Hammerstein. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 21 Jul 1931- 3 Oct 1931 (87 performances). Cast: Rose Armand, Alice Bankert, Johnny Boyle, Lee Brody, Heywood Broun (as "Opening"/In the Dressing Room/Man about Town/Turtle Bay Dover's and Breeder's Social Club/"I Want to Chisel in on Your Heart" (reprise)), Evelyn Carpenter, Cornelia Chason, Imogene Coca (as "(Let's Go) Out in the Open Air"), Fanille Davies, Frances Dewey, Margaret Doncaster, Frank Ericson, Mickie Forbs, Bobby Gillette, Al Gold, J. Gonzales, Taylor Gordon, Merena Grady, Francis Guinan, Frank Hauser, Jack Hazzard, Percy Helton (as "Cornelius Swaggerbilt"/Turtle Bay Dover's and Breeder's Social Club/Mr. Coe/Lo, the Poor Doctor/The Man/Another Triangle/The Patient/Death Says It Isn't So/Believe It or Not"), Jack Irwin, Julie Johnson, Albert Jordan, Tom Jordan, Joe Kaye, Irene Kelly, Don Lannon, James Libby, Constance Madison, Lila Manor, Vida Manuel, Dolly Martinez, Nellie Mayer, John McAvoy, Edward J. McNamara, Leslyn Miller, John Muccio, George Murphy (as "Slit-throat McGillicuddy"/Turtle Bay Dover's and Breeder's Social Club/"I Want to Chisel in on Your Heart"/"(Just) Begging for Love"/"Do As You Like"(Do What You Like), Edward Murray, Dick Neely, Edgar Nelson, Frances Nevins, James Notarro, William O'Neal, Lester Ostrander, Nora Puntin, Inez Purdy, Jack Ray, Jerry Reardon, Margot Riley, Virginia Smith, Dorothy Snowden, Marjorie Sohmer, Anne Stanley, Morris Tepper, Winnie Turner, Helen Tuttle, Florence Winkel. Produced by Heywood Broun. Produced in association with Milton Raison. [Note: Heywood Broun (1888-1939) was Heywood Hale Broun's father.]
  • (1980) Arthur Malvin and his musical, "Sugar Babies," was performed at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway in New York City with Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller in the cast. Ernest Flatt was director.
  • (1988) Arthur Malvin and his musical, "Sugar Babies," was performed at the Savoy Theatre in London, England with Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller in the cast.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Hello, Daddy. Musical comedy. Book by Herbert Fields. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Music by Jimmy McHugh. Based on a farce adapted from the German by Frank Mandel. Principal Dance Routines arranged by Buddy Bradley. Harmony arrangements of the Giersdorf Sisters' songs by Arthur Johnston. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh, Stephen Jones, Fod Livingston and Hans Spialek'. Musical Numbers Directed by Busby Berkeley. Costume Design by Charles Le Maire. Scenic Design by Hermann Rosse. Entire Production Under the Supervision of John Murray Anderson. Book Directed by Alexander Leftwich. Lew Fields' Mansfield Theatre (moved to George M. Cohan's Theatre from 21 Jan 1929- May 1929, then moved to Erlanger's Theatre 6 May 1929- 15 Jun 1929): 26 Dec 1928- 15 Jun 1929 (198 performances). Cast: Lew Fields (as "Henry Block"), Ethel Allen (as "Eloise, Student at Cedarhurst"), Annette Atherton (as "Girl of the Chorus"), James Bradleigh (as "Boy of the Chorus"), Bobby Brodsley (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Donald Brown (as "Boy of the Chorus"), Shirley Buford (as "Singer"), Bob Burk (as "Singer"), Harriet Carling (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Donn Carney (as "Singer"), Wilfred Clark (as "Anthony Bennett"), Elizabeth Crandall (as "Ellen, Student at Cedarhurst/Singer"), Dorothy Croyle (as "Edna, Student at Cedarhurst"), Florence Earle (as "Miss Prichard, Principal at Cedarhurst"), Jean Egan (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Alice Fischer (as "Emma Block"), Helen Fried (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Wanda Gall (as "Helen"), Elvira Giersdorf (as "Gertrude"), Irene Giersdorf (as "Helene"), Rae Giersdorf (as "Marguerite"), Carroll Glucas (as "Godfrey Burnham"), Madeline Grey (as "Mathilde Burnham"), Edward Hackett (as "Boy of the Chorus"), George Hassell (as "Edward Hauser"), Albert Hewitt (as "Singer"), Doris Jay (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Henrietta Kay (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Allen Kearns (as "Lawrence Tucker"), Mary Lawlor (as "Mary Block"), George C. Lehrian (as "Singer"), Betty Lockwood (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Marjorie-May Martin (as "Grace, Student at Cedarhurst"), Jerome Maxwell (as "Boy of the Chorus"), David Morton (as "Boy of the Chorus"), Mae Muth (as "Singer"), Frances Norton (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Emmy Lou Petri (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Valerie Petri (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Larry Regan (as "Boy of the Chorus"), Patricia Ross (as "Singer"), Dorothy Roy (as "Dot, Student at Cedarhurst"), Paula Sands (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Charles Scott (as "Boy of the Chorus"), Jane Sherman (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Betty Starbuck (as "Betty Hauser, Student at Cedarhurst"), Billy Taylor (as "Noel Burnham"), Peggy Tebbs (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Inez Tremble (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Jae Voll (as "Girl of the Chorus"), Jack Waldron (as "Boy of the Chorus"). Produced by Lew M. Fields.
  • (1948) Stage Play: As the Girls Go. Musical comedy. Music by Jimmy McHugh. Lyrics by Harold Adamson. Book by William Roos. Vocal Director: Hugh Martin. Music arranged by Hugh Martin. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Conducted by Max Meth. Music Contractor: Jack Saunders. Costume Design by Oleg Cassini. Choreographed by Hermes Pan. Directed by Howard Bay. Winter Garden Theatre (moved to The Broadway Theatre from 14 Jan 1949- close): 13 Nov 1948- 14 Jan 1950 (414 performances). Cast: Bobby Clark (as "Waldo Wellington"), Irene Rich (as "Lucille Thompson Wellington"), Jeanette Aquilina, Truly Barbara, Betty Lou Barto, Lois Bolton, James Brock, John Brophy, Bob Burkhardt, Bill Callahan, Marlene Cameron, Dean Campbell, Carmina Cansino (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Arline Castle, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Barber"), Charles Chartier, Babs Claire, Peter Conlow, Dick Dana (as "Blinky KJoe"), Barbara Davis, Jessie Elliott, James Elsegood, Claire Louise Evans, Yvette Fairhill, Lydia Fredericks, Christina Frerichs, Pat Gaston, Betty George, John Gray, Clare Grenville (as "Member of "Daughters of the Boston Tea Party") [credited as Claire Grenville], Pearl Hacker, Pauline Hahn (as "Child"), Donny Harris, Mildred Hughes, Cavada Humphrey, Patty Ann Jackson, June Kirby, Margaret Jean Klein, Frances Krell, Marjorie Leach, Kathryn Lee, Douglas Luther, Jonathan Marlowe, Norma Marlowe, Pat Marlowe, Abbe Marshall, Ila McAvoy (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Ellen McCowan, Mickey Miller, George Morris, Toni Parker, Dorothea Pinto, Joyce Reedy, William Reedy, Bobby Roberts, Jack Russell, Clifford Sales (as "Child"), Joseph Schenck, Eugene Schwab, John Sheehan, Gregg Sherwood, Diane Sinclair, Judy Sinclair, Kenneth Spaulding, Curt Stafford, Eugene Steiner, Jo Sullivan, Ruth Thomas, Norma Thornton, Larry Villani, Betty Jane Watson (as "Kathy Robinson"), Rosemary Williamson. Produced by Michael Todd.
  • (July 1987) He was composer for the musical, "Sugar Babies," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine. Dorothy Fields and Al Dubin was lyricists. Ralph G. Allen and Harry Rigby conceived the musical.

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