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  • (1931 - 1970) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1931) Stage Play: East Wind. Musical comedy. Material by Oscar Hammerstein II and Frank Mandel. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek. Pianist: Robert Emmett Dolan [earliest Broadway credit]. Dances staged by Bobby Connolly. Directed by Oscar Hammerstein II. Manhattan Theatre: 27 Oct 1931- 134 Nov 1931 (23 performances). Cast: Ahi (as "Tsoi Tsing"), Paul Aines (as "Male Singer"), I. Anchong (as "Taxi Driver"), Herman Belmonte (as "Male Singer"), Clara Blackath (as "Dancer"), Raymond Bramley (as "Papa Gouli"), Nat Broffman (as "Male Singer"), Katherine Cameron (as "Dancer"), Thomas Chadwick (as "Captain Dejan/Male Singer"), George Chapell (as "Dr. Duval"), Anna Mae Colburn (as "Female Singer"), Marie DeJardin (as "Female Singer"), Marjorie Dille (as "A Maid"), Frank Dobert (as "King of Cambodia/Male Singer"), J.C. Donsu (as "Hop Sing"), Vance Elliott (as "Jacques/Male Singer"), Jules Epailly (as "Pierre Fortier"), Greek Evans (as "Monsieur Granier"), John Fredericks (as "Male Singer"), Mildred Gethins (as "Female Singer"), Charles Glazer (as "Male Singer"), Ruth Gordon (as "Dancer"), Ruth Green (as "Dancer"), Helen Haynes (as "Female Singer"), Gypsy Hollis (as "Dancer"), Gus Howard (as "A Tourist"), Y.Y. Hsu (as "King of Luang-Prabang's Interpreter"), Alfonso Inglasia (as "Male Singer"), Ivan Izmailov (as "King of Luang-Prabang/Male Singer"), Betty Junod (as "Gabrielle/Dancer"), Andrew Keller (as "Male Singer"), Eugene King (as "Male Singer"), Evelyn King (as "Violinist"), Bennie Ladner (as "International Gypsy"), Emile Ladoux (as "The Compére"), Adrienne Lampel (as "Dancer"), Charlotte Lansing (as "Claudette Fortier"), Olga Leigh (as "Female Singer"), Bert LeRoy (as "Male Singer"), Walter Leven (as "Male Singer"), Jocelyn Lyle (as "Dancer"), Frances Markey (as "Dancer"), Francis Markey (as "Julie"), Rita Marks (as "Dancer"), Vera Marshe [credited as Vera Marsh] (as "Marie Martel"), Edward Martin (as "Male Singer"), Dennie Moore (as "Lorraine Fortier"), Rose Mullen (as "Claire"), J. Harold Murray (as "Captain Paul Beauvais"), Norma Nash (as "Female Singer"), Sylvia Nelson (as "Female Singer"), Fred Orbowski (as "International Gypsy"), Anita Pam (as "Dancer"), Leatrice Pearl (as "The McNulty Sisters"), Lorraine Pearl (as "The McNulty Sisters"), Sherry Pelham (as "Mimi/Dancer"), Joe Penner (as "Victor Cliquot"), Cornelius Pichler (as "Male Singer"), Harry Pickering (as "Male Singer"), Basil Prock (as "Male Singer"), James Renard (as "Male Singer"), Sylvie Roberts (as "Female Singer"), Alfred Russ (as "Male Singer"), Harry Sacher (as "International Gypsy"), Bart Shilling (as "Male Singer"), Alada Sio (as "International Gypsy"), Ivan Sokoloff (as "Male Singer"), Milton Stecker (as "International Gypsy"), Blanche Stepner (as "Cellist"), Kay Stewart (as "Dancer"), Peggy Strickland (as "Female Singer"), Jackson Stuart (as "Male Singer"), Aron Tamaroff (as "Prince in Ballet"), Carola Taylor (as "Dancer"), Rosalie Trego (as "Dancer"), Dorothy Van Hest (as "Dancer"), O.J. Vanasse (as "The Stage Manager"), Frank Vaughn (as "Male Singer"), Gladstone Waldrip (as "Captain Gervais/Male Singer"), William Warren (as "Male Singer"), Amy Weber (as "Dancer"), William Williams (as "Rénè Beauvais"), S. Wong (as "King of Cambodia's Interpreter"), Alex Yakovleff (as "King in Ballet"). Replacement actor: John Tomney (as "Pianist"). Produced by Laurence Schwab and Frank Mandel.
  • (1935) Stage Play: May Wine. Musical. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Additional orchestrations by Russell Bennett. Material by Frank Mandel. Adapted from the "The Happy Alienist" by Erich von Stroheim and Wallace Smith. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Musical Direction by Robert Emmett Dolan. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Directed by José Ruben. St. James Theatre: 5 Dec 1935- 6 Jun 1936 (213 performances). Cast: Betty Allen, Beulah Blake, Remo Buffano, Patricia Calvert, Victor Casmore, Tomes Chapman, Frank Chester, Lee Childs, Jack Cole, Radley E. Collins, Alice Dudley, Robert C. Fischer, Michael J. Forbes, Roy Gordon, Rollin Grimes Jr., Inga Hill, Marian Huntley, Betty Kerr, Walter Woolf King, Bela Lublov, Nancy McCord, Clifford Menz, Harry Mestayer, Charles Palloy, Marie Louise Quevli, Walter Slezak (as "Prof. Johann Volk"), Guy Smith, Jr., Maury Tuckerman. Produced by Laurence Schwab.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Forbidden Melody. Musical comedy. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Material by Otto A. Harbach. Lyrics by Otto Harbach. Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Music orchestrated by Donald J. Walker. Dialogue directed by José Ruben. Directed by Macklin Megley. New Amsterdam Theatre: 2 Nov 1936- 26 Nov 1936 (32 performances). Cast: Alexander Ancharoff, Wadeeha Atiyeh, Bruce Barclay, Beulah Blake, Carl Brisson (as "Gregor Fiorescu"), Charles Bryant, Leo Chalzel (as "Tosk"), Tomes Chapman, Lillion Clark, Virginia Cole, Mitchell Cowan, William Dunn, Dolores Flanders, Dorothy Forsythe, Judith Gales, Helen Gray, Joseph Greenwald, Joy Hampton, Daniel A. Harris, June Havoc (as "Rozsa"), Fay Hope, Rita Joan Hume, Betty Kerr, Clark Kramer, Jack Leslie, Bela Lublov, George Magis, Jewel Marie Markham, Ruby Mercer, Muriel Murth, Mildred Newton, Jerry O'Rourke, Marie Louise Quevli, Harry Raine, Jack Sheehan, Richard Tolk, Nitzi Vernille, Arthur Vinton, Gladstone Waldrip, Ruth Weston, Herman Williams. Produced by Jack Kirkland and Sam H. Grisman.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Hooray for What! Musical comedy. Music by Harold Arlen. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Conceived by E.Y. Harburg. Additional orchestrations by Joseph Glover, Conrad Salinger and Paul Sterrett. Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Music arranged by Kay Thompson and Hugh Martin. Based on material by Howard Lindsay. Scenic Design by Vincente Minnelli. Costume Design by Raoul Pene Du Bois. Dances directed by Robert Alton. Directed and supervised by Vincente Minnelli. Winter Garden Theatre: 1 Dec 1937- 21 May 1938 (200 performances). Cast: Anthony Albert (as "Department Head/Dancing Ensemble"), Joanna Allen (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Peggy Badey (as "Singing Ensemble"), Margorie Baglin (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Al Baron (as "Second Tough"), Dorothy Bird (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bidda Blakely (as "Singing Ensemble"), Ralph Blane (as "A Spy/Singing Ensemble"), Ruthanna Boris (as "Principal Dancer"), The Briants (as "Specialty Act"), Florine Callahan (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Constance Carr (as "Singing Ensemble"), Leo Chalzel (as "The Mayor/Herr Zingaroff"), William Chandler (as "Singing Ensemble"), Carrol Clarke (as "Singing Ensemble"), June Clyde, Harold Cook (as "Singing Ensemble"), Ford Crane (as "Singing Ensemble"), Maxine Darrell (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Louise de Forrest (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Helene Ecklund (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Will Ferry (as "Mr. Harriman"), The Five Reillys, Franklyn Fox (as "First Tough/Admiral Sir Basil Entwhistle"), Joel Friend (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Peggy Gallimore (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Phillip Gordon (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Al Gordon's Dogs (as "Specialty Act"), Paul Haakon (as "Princial Dancer"), Helen Hannan, William Hawley (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Rita Horgan (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Beverly Hosier (as "Singing Ensemble"), Frank Howard (as "Singing Ensemble"), Arthur Kay, Evelyn Laurie (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Hugh Martin (as "Singing Ensemble"), Mary Joan Martin (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Mary Meyer (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Mickey Moore (as "Department Head/Dancing Ensemble"), Evelyn Moser (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Meg Mundy (as "Singing Ensemble"), Edward Murray (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Dagmar Nilsson (as "Singing Ensemble"), Mary Ann Parker, Wynelle Patterson (as "Singing Ensemble"), Bill Pillick (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Leon Polinsky (as "Specialty Act"), Don Popikoff (as "Comrade Popikoff"), Jo Raskin (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Gracie Reilly (as "Gracie"), Marcel Rousseau, Sid Salzer (as "Department Head/Dancing Ensemble"), Charles Senna (as "Daniel/Generalissimo Di Gregorio"), Robert Shafer (as "Benjamin Benedict/Benjy"), Ruth Shaw (as "Dancing Ensemble"), John Smedberg (as "Singng Ensemble"), Virginia Smith (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Sue Hastings' Marionettes (as "Specialty Act"), Barbara Towne (as "Singing Ensemble"), Vivian Vance (as "Stephanie Stephanovich"), Marie Vanneman (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Virginia Vonne (as "Singing Ensemble"), Carol Louise Wanderman (as "Little Girl"), Jack Whiting (as "Breezy Cunningham"), Armonce Wilkins (as "Singing Ensemble"), Castle Williams (as "Manager/Singing Ensemble"), Ed Wynn (as "Chuckles"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Leave It to Me! Musical comedy. Music by Cole Porter. Lyrics by Cole Porter. Material adaption by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack. Based on the play "Clear All Wires" by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack. Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Music orchestrated by Donald J. Walker. Directed by Sam Spewack. Imperial Theatre: 9 Nov 1938- 15 Jul 1939 (291 performances). Cast: William Gaxton (as "Buckley Joyce Thomas"), Victor Moore (as "Alonzo P. Goodhue"), Mary Martin (as "Dolly Winslow"), Tamara (as "Colette"), Sophie Tucker (as "Mrs. Goodhue," "April," and "Mrs. Goodhue's Daughter"), Walter Armin (as "French Conductor," "French Ambassador," and "Stalin"), Alexander Asro, Monica Bannister, Vicki Belling, Dorothy Benson, Stanton Bier, Alexis Bolan, Ruth Bond, Evelyn Bonefine, Chet Bree, Charles Campbell, Dean Carlton, James W. Carr, Mildred Chenaval, Don Cortez, Ruth Daye, J. Colville Dunn, John Eliot, Michael J. Forbes, Hans Hansen, Pearl Harris, Eddie Heisler, Beverly Hosier, Ivan Izmailov, Dorothea Jackson, Thomas Jafollo, Adele Jergens (as "Guest"), Ruth Joseph, Joseph Kallini, Evelyn Kelly, Gene Kelly (as "Secretary to Mr. Goodhue"), Maurice Kelly, June Le Roy, Nancy Lee, William Lilling, Walter Long, Peter Lopoukin, George E. Mack, Walter Monroe, Evelyn Moser, Walter Munroe, Audrey Palmer, John Panter, Mary Ann Parker, Kay Picture, Barbara Pond, Edward H. Robins, Roy Ross, Jean Scott, Veva Selwood, Jack Seymour, Lawrie Shevlin, Eugene Sigaloff, Zynaid Spencer, Jack Stanton, Frances Tannehill, Marie Vanneman, Marie Vaughan, Matthew Vodnoy. Produced by Vinton Freedley.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Very Warm for May. Musical comedy.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Louisiana Purchase. Musical comedy. Music by Irving Berlin. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by Morrie Ryskind. Based on a story by Buddy G. DeSylva. Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Additional orchestrations: N. Lang Van Cleve. Scenic Design by Tom Lee. Costume Design by Tom Lee. Assistant to Tom Lee: Anna Hill Johnstone. Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor. Imperial Theatre: 28 May 1940- 14 Jun 1941 (444 performances). Cast: William Gaxton (as "Jim Taylor"), Victor Moore (as "Senator Oliver P. Loganberry"), Vera Zorina (as "Marina van Linden"), April Ames (as "Emmy-Lou"), Irene Bordoni (as "Madame Bordelaise"), Dorothy Barrett (as "Dancing Girl"), Hubert Bland (as "Dancing Boy"), Ralph Blane (as "The Martins"), Carol Bruce (as "Beatrice"), Georgia Carroll (as "Secretary/Louisiana Belle"), Don Cortez (as "A Buccaneer"), Ned Coupland (as "Dancing Boy"), Charlie Curran (as "Dancing Boy"), Douglas Dean (as "Dancing Boy"), Clark Eggleston (as "Dancing Boy"), Althea Elder (as "Dancing Girl"), John Eliot (as "Sam Liebowitz/A Buccaneer"), Judith Ford (as "Louisiana Belle"), Mary Ganley (as "Dancing Boy"), Grace Gillern (as "Dancing Boy"), Dwight Godwin (as "Dancing Boy"), Petra Gray (as "Dancing Boy"), Dorothy Hall (as "Dancing Boy"), Mary Hartwig (as "Dancing Boy"), Harold Haskins (as "Dancing Boy"), George Hunter (as "Dancing Boy"), Dorothy Jeffers (as "Dancing Boy"), Nancy Knott (as "Dancing Boy"), Charles La Torre (as "Alphonse"), Henry Lahee (as "Dancing Boy"), Charles Laskey (as "Premier Danseur"), Patricia Lee (as "Louisiana Belle"), James Leland (as "Dancing Boy"), Nick Long Jr. (as "Lee Davis"), Edith Luce (as "Louisiana Belle"), Betty Luster (as "Dancing Girl"), Harvey Mack (as "Dancing Boy"), Hugh Martin (as "The Martins"), Ray Mayer (as "Davis D. Davis Jr."), Jack McClendon (as "Dancing Boy"), Virginia Morris (as "Dancing Girl"), Nicodemus (as "Abner"), Leona Olsen (as "Dancing Girl"), John Panter (as "A Buccaneer"), James Phillips (as "A Buccaneer"), Robert Pitkin (as "Col. Davis D. Davis Sr."), Nicolai Popov (as "Dancing Boy"), Richard Reed (as "Dancing Boy"), Ralph Riggs (as "Dean Manning"), Edward H. Robins (as "Police Captain Whitfield"), Jo Jean Rogers (as "The Martins"), Phyllis Rogers (as "The Martins"), Marion Rosamond (as "Louisiana Belle"), Rosemary Sankey (as "Dancing Girl"), Jean Scott (as "Dancing Girl"), Veva Selwood (as "Louisiana Belle"), Zynaid Spencer (as "Dancing Girl"), Aleen Stewart (as "Dancing Girl"), Anitra Upton (as "Dancing Girl"), Helen Vincent (as "Dancing Girl"), Kenneth Whelan (as "Dancing Boy"), Doris York (as "Dancing Girl"). Produced by B.G. DeSylva. Note: Filmed by Paramount Pictures as Louisiana Purchase (1941), starring Bob Hope.
  • (1949) Stage Play: Texas Li'l Darlin'. Muscial comedy. Music by Robert Emmett Dolan. Book by John Whedon and Sam Moore. Lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Will Irwin. Choreographed by Al White, Jr. Scenic Design by Theodore Cooper. Directed by Paul Crabtree. Mark Hellinger Theatre: 25 Nov 1949- 9 Sep 1950 (293 performances). Cast: Kenny Delmar (as "Hominy Smith") [only Broadway role], Mary Hatcher (as "Dallas Smith"), Danny Scholl (as "Easy Jones"), Loring Smith (as "Harvey Small"), Alden Aldrich (as "Parker Stuart Eliot/Engineer") [Broadway debut], William Ambler (as "Duane Fawcett/Texas Ranger"), Cameron Andrews (as "Sherm/Joe Raker"), Charles Bang (as "John Baxter Trumbull/Texas Ranger/Radio Announcer"), Bob Bernard (as "Jack Prow"), Muriel Bullis (as "Neighbor"), Carl Conway (as "One of Three Prospectors/Neighbor"), Dante DiPaolo (as "Amos Hall/Cowboy") [final Broadway role], Arlene Ethane (as "Sarah Boone"), Jo Gibson (as "Neighbor"), Edmund Hall (as "One of Three Prospectors/Stan/Football Player"), Ronnie Hartmann (as "Delia Pratt/"Trend" Secretary"), Merrill Hilton (as "Red/Cowboy"), Bill Horan (as "Muleshoes, One of The Three Coyotes"), Jaqueline James (as "Drum Majorette/"Trend" Secretary"), Patricia Jennings (as "Neighbor"), B.J. Keating (as "Trend" Secretary"), Betty Lou Keim (as "Dogie Smith"), Lloyd Knight (as "Neighbor"), Marion Lauer (as "Trend" Secretary"), Carol Lee (as "Rebecca Bass/One of Three Little Maids/Oil Worker"), Ray Long (as "Branch Pedley/Cowboy/Guard"), Dorothy Love (as "Calico Munson/One of Three Little Maids"), Tommy Maier (as "Oil Worker"), Elliott Martin (as "One of Three Prospectors/Neighbor"), Joel McConkey (as "Fred, One of The Three Coyotes"), Kate Murtah (as "Melissa Tatum"), Ruth Ostrander (as "Sally Tucket"), Ralph Patterson (as "Herb/Texas Ranger"), Edward Platt (as "William Dean Benson, Jr./Texas Ranger/Voice of "Trend"), Jack Purcell (as "Oil Worker"), Jared Reed (as "Sam"), Dorothy Mary Richards (as "Trend" Secretary"), Doris Schmitt (as "Sue Crocket"), Eddy Smith (as "Bunkhouse, One of The Three Coyotes/The Texas Rhythm Boys/The Three Coyotes"), Joey Thomas (as "Harry Stern"), Yvonne Tibor (as "Belle Cooper"), Fredd Wayne (as "Brewster Ames II"), Elyse Weber (as "Jo Ann Woods/One of Three Little Maids/Cheer Leader/"Trend" Secretary"), Ned Wertimer (as "Frothingham Fry"). Understudies: Alden Aldrich (as "Frothingham Fry/Joe Raker"), Cameron Andrews (as "Hominy Smith"), Jo Gibson (as "Melissa Tatum"), Edmund Hall (as "Easy Jones"), Susan Harris (as "Dogie Smith"), Jaqueline James (as "Dallas Smith"), Edward Platt (as "Harvey Small"), Elyse Weber (as "Dallas Smith") and Ned Wertimer (as "Brewster Ames II"). Replacement actors: Carl Conway (as "Football Player"), Dante DiPaolo (as "Branch Pedley/Guard"), James Elsegood (as "Cowboy/Neighbor"), Robert Evans (as "Amos Hall/Oil Worker"). Produced by Studio Productions and Anthony Brady Farrell Productions.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Not for Children. Written by Elmer Rice. Scenic Design by John Root. Costume Design by Mainbocher. Music by Robert Emmett Dolan. Coronet Theatre: 13 Feb 1951- 17 Feb 1951 (7 performances). Cast: Phil Arthur (as "Digby Walsh"), J. Edward Bromberg (as "Timothy Forrest"), Alexander Clark (as "Clarence Orth"), Joan Copeland (as "Evangeline Orth"), Natalie Core (as "Irma Orth"), Keene Crockett (as "Elijah Silverhammer"), Betty Field (as "Theodora Effington"), John Garstad (as Hitch Imborg"), Budd Gregg (as "Pianist"), Gar Moore (as "An Old Gentleman"), Elliott Nugent (as "Ambrose Atwater"), Frances Tannehill (as "Pensacola Crawford"), Ann Thomas (as "Prudence Dearborn"), Fredd Wayne (as "Hugh McHugh"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • (1959) Stage Play: Juno. Musical comedy. Book by Joseph Stein. Based on "Juno and the Paycock" by Sean O'Casey. Music by Marc Blitzstein. Lyrics by Marc Blitzstein. Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett, Marc Blitzstein and Hershy Kay. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Lighting Design by Peggy Clark. Choreographed by Agnes de Mille. Directed by José Ferrer. Winter Garden Theatre: 9 Mar 1959- 21 Mar 1959 (16 performances). Cast: Shirley Booth (as "Juno Boyle"), Melvyn Douglas (as "Captain Jack Boyle"), Monte Amundsen (as "Mary Boyle"), Nancy Andrews (as "Mrs. Brady"), Chuck Bennett (as "Dancer"), Clarice Blackburn (as "Mrs. Tancred"), Frank Carroll (as "Furniture Removal Man/Singer"), Tom Clancy (as "I.R.A. Man"), Gemze de Lappe (as "Molly"), Loren Driscoll (as "Jerry Devine"), Sharon Enoch (as "Dancer"), Anne Fielding (as "Singer"), Ted Forlow (as "Singer/Dancer"), Rico Froehlich (as "Sullivan/Policeman/Singer"), Cleo Fry (as "Singer"), Beulah Garrick (as "Miss Quinn"), Mickey Gunnerson (as "Dancer"), Earl Hammond (as "Charlie Bentham"), Pat Heyes (as "Dancer"), Curtis Hood (as "Dancer"), Robert Hoyem (as "I.R.A. Singer"), Pat Huddleston (as "Singer"), Scott Hunter (as "Dancer"), Gail Johnston (as "Singer"), Rosemary Jourdan (as "Dancer"), Gene Kelton (as "Dancer"), Liam Lenihan (as "Needle Nugent"), Barbara Lockard (as "Singer"), Betty Low (as "Mrs. Dwyer"), Annabelle Lyon (as "Dancer"), Jack MacGowran (as "Joxer Daly"), James Maher (as "Dancer"), Enrique Martinez (as "Dancer"), Jack Murray (as "I.R.A. Man/Singer"), Howard Parker (as "Dancer"), Julian Patrick (as "Paddy Coyne/Singer"), Tommy Rall (as "Johnny Boyle"), George Ritner (as "Furniture Removal Man/Singer"), Arthur Rubin (as "Foley"), Robert Rue (as "Michael Brady/Singer"), Pat Ruhl (as "Singer"), Jim Ryan (as "Dancer"), Diana Sennett (as "Singer"), Joanne Spiller (as "Singer"), Jean Stapleton (as "Mrs. Madigan"), Glen Tetley (as "Dancer"), Sada Thompson (as "Mrs. Coyne"), James Tushar (as "Singer"), Marjorie Wittmer (as "Dancer"), Jenny Workman (as "Dancer"). Understudues: Tom Clancy (as "Joxer Daly/Needle Nugent"), Anne Fielding (as "Mary Boyle"), Ted Forlow (as "Charlie Bentham/Johnny Boyle"), Cleo Fry (as "Mrs. Brady"), Sandra Kent (as "Juno Boyle"), Walter Kinsella (as "Captain Jack Boyle") [final Broadway role], Barbara Lockard (as "Miss Quinn/Mrs. Coyne"), Joanne Spiller (as "Mrs. Madigan/Mrs. Tancred"), James Tushar (as "Jerry Devine"), Jenny Workman (as "Molly"). Produced by The Playwright's Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard), Oliver Smith and Oliver Rea. Associate Producer: Lyn Austin.
  • (1959) Stage Play: A Loss of Roses.
  • (1964) Stage Play: Foxy. Musical comedy.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Coco. Musical.
  • (January 6, 1964) The play, "Foxy," was written by Ian McLellan Hunter, Ring Lardner Jr., Johnny Mercer, and him in a world premiere at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (February 6, 1964) Ian McLellan Hunter, Ring Lardner Jr., Johnny Mercer and his play, "Foxy," was performed at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Bert Lahr in the cast.

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