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United Airlines Tried to Get in on the Wendy’s ‘Nugget Boy’ Action — But Twitter Was Not Having It

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Cater Wilkerson, affectionately known as “Nugget Boy”, became the holder of the most retweeted Tweet of all time on Tuesday with his plea for free Wendy’s chicken nuggets—and now everyone wants a piece of him, including United Airlines.

The airline company—who has had a string of negative incidents lately after a passenger was brutally dragged off an overbooked flight—first tweeted at Wilkerson when he set out to get 18 million retweets in exchange for a year of free chicken nuggets.

“If you get the 18 million RTs, we’ll give you a free flight to take you to
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Image Comics announces 15 new titles at Eccc 2017

At the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this Thursday, Image Comics announced fifteen brand new creator-owned titles set to launch in the coming year and beyond. Check them out here…

Death Of Love

Fan-favorite writer Justin Jordan (Spread), artist Donal DeLay, colorist Felipe Sobreiro, and letterer Rachel Deering team up for an all-new, five-issue miniseries—Death Of Love.

In Death Of Love, a bitter, self-proclaimed nice guy gains the ability to see the Cupidae, who are responsible for love in the world. Who he then ends up in bloody and, hopefully, hilarious war with.

Family Tree

Bestselling, award-winning Jeff Lemire (Royal City, Descender, Sweet Tooth) and Phil Hester (Shipwreck, Green Arrow) come together for Family Tree.

When an eight-year-old girl literally begins to transform into a tree, her single Mom, troubled brother, and possibly insane Grandfather embark on a bizarre and heart-wrenching odyssey across the back roads of America,
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Brock Lesnar banned from WWE show, Undertaker & Shane McMahon Wrestlemania 33 plans…

Big Show is really taking that get fit in January New Year optimism seriously. He looked in pretty good shape when he came back to fight Seth Rollins last month, but there’s being in shape, and then there’s having abdominal muscles the same size and shape as a Honda Civic Hatchback.

Yeah, that’s Big Show in what looks like an empty gym. Presumably because he’s now lifts the entire gym on leg days.

John Cena was on hand to give some encouraging personal trainer-like motivation:

“Holy S***! Amazing transformation! That is how you #EarnTheDay @WWE keep up the great work Show!! #Wrestlemania

Whereas Ryback had a rather strong-worded message for the WWE stars who don’t keep themselves in such good condition.

“Somebody needs to say it. If you wrestle at the elite level and don’t workout and push yourself physically fuck you, you are a pussy.
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Sonia Saraiya’s 20 Best TV Shows of 2016

Sonia Saraiya’s 20 Best TV Shows of 2016
2016 has been the year of the regnant half-hour. We are in the thrall of genre-defying 30-minute episodes, whether they are particularly brilliant broadcast sitcoms or cable and streaming comedies with the heart of independent film and the budget of prestige drama. Some are animated, some are auteur-driven; sometimes these shows boast sitcom joke structure, while others can barely be thought of to be funny at all. But whatever the case, they are all over this list — from premium cable, streaming services, the broadcast networks, and across the pond.

Dramas are a little bit less reliable. Peak television appears to suit nimble shows with a lot of room to adapt; dramas, with their longer runtimes and broader ambitions, are close to floundering. Many of the dramatic hours on my list aren’t even traditional dramas, but anthology series — a format that has stretched our definition of television even as it has proven irresistible to the viewing public.

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Cannes: A Look at the Official Selection, by the Numbers

Cannes: A Look at the Official Selection, by the Numbers
The annual unveiling of the Cannes Film Festival’s official selection lineup is always cause for breathless anticipation and excitement — followed, immediately and invariably, by expressions of shock and disappointment, as well as the usual bleats of indignation over which national cinemas haven’t been adequately represented. This morning’s press conference in Paris, led by festival delegate general Thierry Fremaux and festival president Pierre Lescure, proved no exception.

Journalists in attendance were quick to point out the admittedly startling absence of any Italian films in competition, even though Marco Bellocchio’s “Sweet Dreams” had been tipped for a berth for weeks. Others noted the relative dearth of Asian films vying for the Palme d’Or (only two, directed by Park Chan-wook and Brillante Mendoza). And if they haven’t already, those inclined to see the festival as a sort of cinematic pulse-taking of the Middle East will surely devote
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Blu-ray Review: Zombie High

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High schools have seen their share of monsters in the movies, be they werewolves (Teen Wolf, I Was a Teenage Werewolf, Ginger Snaps), vampires (Twilight, My Best Friend is a Vampire), aliens (The Faculty), or just your average, garden-shear variety slasher (Prom Night, Scream, etc.). You might think that the 1987 horror film Zombie High attempts to bring the undead to the high school hallway. You would be wrong. For proof, check out Scream Factory’s new Blu-ray of Zombie High, which isn’t really a zombie movie and is barely even a horror film.

Virginia Madsen plays Andrea, a young woman who transfers to an elite boarding school against the wishes of her jock boyfriend, Barry (James Wilder). Once there, she begins to realize that things aren’t quite as they seem. Her friends (including Sherilyn Fenn, Scott Coffey and a pre-Freaks & Geeks Paul Feig) are transforming from cool, rebellious
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Bengals Player -- Conflicting 911 Calls ... In Toys 'R' Us Incident

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[[tmz:video id="0_3z6fvpso"]] James Wilder -- the Bengals running back who claimed he was racially profiled at a Toys "R" Us -- was "causing a major disturbance" in the store ... this according to the store manager who called 911. However ... there is a second 911 call that tells a different story ... with James' wife asserting that she and her husband did Nothing Wrong when the store manager accused them of stealing. TMZ Sports obtained both recordings from the December 21st
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Susan Sarandon Talks About Her Mind-Blowing "Trip" to Burning Man

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Susan Sarandon Talks About Her Mind-Blowing
Susan Sarandon stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday to talk about her recent trip to the desert for Burning Man. The annual festival takes place at Black Rock City in Nevada, and this year's event brought out Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, and yes, the 68-year-old Oscar winner, who helped build a temple in which to leave the ashes of psychologist and LSD advocate Timothy Leary. Susan's account of the trip definitely makes it sound like a lavish, five-star getaway; her tales of peace, love, and public nudity almost make us want to start packing for next year. Watch her explain to Jimmy how she erected a chapel, survived a dust storm, drank Timothy Leary's ashes, and taught the younger generation a thing or two about psychedelic drugs in the video above.
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Lauren Hutton: The Hollywood Flashback Interview

I interviewed model/actress Lauren Hutton in late 2007 at her home in Venice, CA. Hutton greeted me wearing a gingham workshirt, battered jeans and no make-up, hair pulled back. She was and is one of the most beautiful humans I've ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. A sharp mind and tough core resided within, which I quickly found out as our conversation flowed and the hours passed. As she bid me good-night, she handed me a manila envelope. I opened it when I arrived home. Inside, the recent issue of Big Magazine that was done as a tribute to her remarkable career. That magazine, and her inscription, remains one of my most treasured mementos.

Lauren Hutton

No Nip/Tuck Required


Alex Simon

Lauren Hutton was the face of American fashion in the 1960s and ‘70s. Having appeared on every major magazine cover multiple times (a record 27 times
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Film Review: ‘3 Holes and a Smoking Gun’

The story of a hotly coveted unproduced screenplay that itself could use some drastic revisions, “3 Holes and a Smoking Gun” proves that there’s a chasm-wide difference between talking about what constitutes — and actually being — great writing. A dialogue-driven affair devoid of a single believable utterance or attendant reaction to circumstances or incidents, Hilarion Banks’ movie-centric crime drama concerns a former Hollywood screenwriting hotshot now teaching in New York and an ambitious pupil whose latest work draws his instructor’s eager attention — and quickly ensnares them both in a deadly competition for authorial rights. No amount of industry-jargon blather and flashback-fractured plotting, however, can mask the wholesale phoniness and overpowering lethargy of this dreary drama, whose commercial prospects are just about nonexistent.

Having flamed out as a cine-scribe in L.A., Bobby Blue Day (James Wilder) now peddles professional tutelage — peppered with anecdotes about his friendship with an illustrious director — to up-and-comers,
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Review: 'Better Call Saul!' - 'Mijo': Breaking = bad

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Review: 'Better Call Saul!' - 'Mijo': Breaking = bad
A review of tonight's "Better Call Saul!" coming up just as soon as I take off the space blanket... "Wow, you got a mouth on you." -Tuco Our second "Better Call Saul" installment is really two episodes in one: a long resolution of the Tuco fiasco, followed by Jimmy trying to get his act together to avoid ever being in a situation like that again. The former suggests a "Breaking Bad" rehash filtered through the personality of the new main character, while, the latter suggests... something else. And given that the episode ends with Jimmy being approached by Tuco's pal Nacho, it's not clear yet which version of the show will be triumphant. What is clear even at this early stage, though, is how entertaining it is to watch Jimmy try to talk himself out of trouble again and again. So, yes, the trip to the desert is a vintage Walter White scene,
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The 7 Lines That Defined the American Horror Story: Freak Show Finale

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The 7 Lines That Defined the American Horror Story: Freak Show Finale
Barkers rev up your engines. The Freak Show is over, and the incessant quote canonizing can begin. As another season of American Horror Story closed on Wednesday, the freak fetishist became the freak. (If that meant we got to see Finn Wittrock in his skivvies, then so be it.) But Dandy Mott's downfall was just the beginning of the curiosities delivered by Elsa Mars and her band of outsiders. Picking up short after Dandy (Wittrock) began his tyrannical rule of the side show, the anthology show's season finale was a veritable a parade of zingers and bon mots worthy of creator Ryan Murphy,
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Alley Shuts Out Ex

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Alley Shuts Out Ex
Former CHEERS star Kirstie Alley has put the barriers up on her acrimonious split with boyfriend James Wilder. She has constructed a fence across the bridge which connects the ex-lovers' apartments in Hollywood. Alley had the walkway installed between the second floor apartments three years ago - but now the romance has withered and Alley has erected the wooden barricade. However, Wilder still has feelings for the Look Who's Talking (1989) actress. He says, "As far as I'm concerned, we're still friends, " but admits, "I don't know what she thinks."

Alley: Showbiz Killed My Love

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Alley: Showbiz Killed My Love
Former CHEERS star Kirstie Alley blames the pressures of Hollywood for destroying her romance with younger lover James Wilder. Since her show VERONICA'S CLOSET was axed last month, Alley has said she wants to quit showbiz and move to Florida. Alley, 49, and James, 38, split las year just hours before they were due to wed. A friend of Alley's says, "Kirstie's been through the mill recently. She decided she had nothing to stay in Los Angeles for. "She wants to forget about James and recharge her batteries."

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