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Andrew Lincoln Sings His ‘The Walking Dead’ Son Chandler Riggs A Goodbye Song

Get ready to shed both tears of joy and sadness. Related: Norman Reedus Recites Naughty Fan Fiction Written For ‘The Walking Dead’ “The Walking Dead” leadman Andrew Lincoln performed a sweet, sentimental, and supremely funny goodbye song for his co-star Chandler Riggs in anticipation for Sunday’s upcoming episode. In the last episode before the mid-season break,
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Chandler Riggs Reveals What He Won’t Miss About The Walking Dead

This Sunday, Carl Grimes will make his gut-wrenching exit from The Walking Dead following the shocking reveal at the end of the midseason finale that he’d been bitten by a walker. Since that episode aired, we’ve heard a lot about the impact that this will have on the show, but is there anything that actor Chandler Riggs will be glad to leave behind him now that he’s washing his hands of the hit zombie drama?

While talking to, Riggs opened up about how the one thing he won’t miss about making The Walking Dead is losing beloved cast members when they’re written out of the series whenever it needs to give the audience a jolt in the arm. Here’s what he had to say:

“I won’t miss having to go through anymore death dinners and watching other characters, any other cast
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Rick Will Hunt Negan With An Ax When The Walking Dead Returns

When The Walking Dead returns from its winter break this Sunday, it’ll feature the tragic death of Carl Grimes, in one of the most shocking character exits from the show we’ve yet seen. It’s a loss that’s sure to cut his father Rick Grimes to pieces, too, so it’s no surprise to hear that Andrew Lincoln’s fearless leader will take his anger out on his nemesis Negan in a future episode.

While talking with EW, the actor teased what’s to come in the second half of Twd‘s eighth season. As well as hinting at more scenes with co-stars Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus, Lincoln also named his highlight of the run as the scene where he got to act out a violent attack with Jeffery Dean Morgan’s villain. Specifically, he revealed that Rick will go after Negan with an ax!

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Chandler Riggs Says He’s Not Bitter About Leaving The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans have just a few more days to prepare themselves for what’s sure to be a hugely emotional midseason premiere.

The last episode that aired before the winter break left viewers with their jaws on the ground when the final moments revealed that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) had fallen prey to a walker bite, meaning the fan favorite character’s time on the show is almost up. And while we’ve already heard from his various co-stars (Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus) in regards to how they feel about the actor departing the hit series, Riggs himself has now opened up about it.

Speaking to in a recent interview, he noted that while he jokes about being bitter over the whole situation, he doesn’t actually have any hard feelings towards AMC or The Walking Dead‘s writers.

“I joke about it, but I’m not really bitter about it.
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‘The Walking Dead’: Everything you need to know before Sunday’s mid-season premiere ‘Honor’

‘The Walking Dead’: Everything you need to know before Sunday’s mid-season premiere ‘Honor’
Season 8 of “The Walking Dead” will make its triumphant return on Sunday, February 25 with the mid-season premiere “Honor.” Given that Part A of Season 8 reached its shocking conclusion way back on December 10, you would be forgiven for forgetting many of the details. So here’s everything you need to remember about your favorite apocalypse survivors before diving into Sunday’s supersized episode.

SEETop 10 ‘The Walking Dead’ villains ranked from worst to best: Negan and Simon and walkers, oh my!

A Flash-Forward – Season 8 opened with a mysterious vision from Rick (Andrew Lincoln). The scene appeared to be a dream sequence, similar to Rick’s previous vision of heaven. The idyllic scene of family life was later counterbalanced in the episode with what most believe is a flash-forward. Rick kneels below a stained glass window, tears streaming from his face, and mutters, “My mercy prevails over my wrath.” Whatever that means. Greg Nicotero
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Negan Doesn’t Have A Last Name On The Walking Dead, According To Robert Kirkman

Ever since Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan was first introduced via “Last Day on Earth” at the tail-end of season 6, fans of The Walking Dead have asked the question: does he have a last time? Or, like Madonna, is Negan a mononymous person in the sense that he’s only addressed by a single name?

That very question was presented to Robert Kirkman, series creator of The Walking Dead, during the recent Walker Stalker Cruise panel (via, where he admitted that he’s yet to give Negan a last name.

Flanked by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Kirkman didn’t divulge too much about how he came up with the name ‘Negan’ in the first place, but he did clarify that it’s a forename, not a surname. It’s for this reason that Jeffrey Dean Morgan went on to compare his on-screen maniac to Madonna and Cher:

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The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Touches On Rick/Daryl Strife

There’s an underlying tension bubbling between Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes.

While they’ve clashed in the past – remember that tense exchange from season 1? – The Walking Dead‘s time-honored bromance is at risk of coming apart at the seams, given Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln’s respective characters continue to dispute the Saviors and how best to handle Negan’s army of goons.

It’s a feud that came to a head back in November, when Daryl lashed out at Rick and sent The Walking Dead fanbase into a tizzy as a result. And at least based on Norman Reedus’ latest comments to Entertainment Weekly, that sibling-like strife is far from over.

Shooting a stranger in the face to get that goal, he thinks it’s worth it. I think that’s some of that dirty fighting street knowledge that he’s throwing around. Rick wants his people to survive,
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Lauren Cohan joins ABC pilot Whiskey Cavalier, Walking Dead future uncertain

A few weeks ago it was reported that Lauren Cohan had turned down a new contract offer from AMC to extend her stay as Maggie on The Walking Dead, and was instead fielding offers for pilots for the new TV season.

Although a later report claimed that talks with AMC had resumed, Variety is reporting that Cohan has now joined the ABC drama pilot Whiskey Cavalier, leaving her continued involvement with the zombie drama uncertain.

Created by Dave Hemingson, Whiskey Cavalier is “a high-octane hour-long action dramedy that follows the adventures of tough but tender FBI super agent Will Chase (Scott Foley) who, following an emotional break-up, is assigned to work with badass CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge (Cohan). Together, they lead an inter-agency team of flawed, funny, heroic spies who periodically save the world (and each other) while navigating the rocky roads of friendship, romance and office politics.”

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Here's How Carl's Death Will (Probably) Go Down on The Walking Dead

The doomed hour has arrived on The Walking Dead. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months, then you've likely been mentally preparing for the show's Feb. 25 Winter premiere, which is all about the death of Carl Grimes. The death was so shocking and surprising, both Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) and his father immediately came out with strong reactions just after the episode aired. And the heartbreak only continued from there: Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl) was clearly frustrated when he asked, "Who's left?" Danai Gurira (Michonne) said she was absolutely devastated. But like it or not, Carl is dying. And based on the promotional pictures for the premiere, I think I know how it will all go down.
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Norman Reedus Says The Walking Dead Season 8B Will Bring Closure And “Resolution”

Though death has come knocking for young Carl Grimes (see AMC’s heartfelt tribute to Rick’s closest ally here), Norman Reedus believes The Walking Dead season 8B will still bring closure and “resolution” when it airs this Sunday.

Set to kick things off with the super-sized “Honor” on February 25th, the back-end of The Walking Dead is all about tying up loose ends, according to Norman Reedus, who spoke candidly to Entertainment Weekly ahead of the show’s return this coming weekend.

And don’t worry, it’s totally free of spoilers, as Reedus paints in broad strokes when discussing season 8’s long-anticipated climax:

It’s all resolution. It’s all the tying up of these ends of what’s laid out in front of us in all these different directions. There’s a lot of closure coming in the back eight, which is great. There’s been all
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AMC Pays Tribute To Carl With New Walking Dead Promo

Time’s running out for Carl Grimes. The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale left viewers with their jaws on the ground when it was revealed that Chandler Riggs’ character had fallen prey to a walker bite, which can only mean one thing: that Rick’s young son is about to meet a tragic end in the upcoming midseason premiere.

Now, ahead of its return this Sunday, AMC has released a new promo that takes an emotional look back at Carl’s journey across the show’s eight seasons so far. Seen up above, the video lets us relive his growth from a young gutsy kid looking out for his friends to a fighter who stands up for those in need. Like he says to his dad, “if you care, you do something.”

The character was one of the very few members of the original cast who had managed to last
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Charmed Memories: Norman Reedus, Jon Hamm and 40 More Famous Guests

Charmed Memories: Norman Reedus, Jon Hamm and 40 More Famous Guests
Charmed fans, who’s in the mood to orb down memory lane?

Let’s be honest: With all this talk of the Charmed reboot — which many fans, and even one of the original show’s stars, are actively trying to vanquish — it’s hard not to get nostalgic about the show that started it all. And when you look back at its 178 episodes, you start to notice things you didn’t before, including how many famous faces crossed paths with the Halliwells.

From Amy Adams and Ashley Tisdale to Jon Hamm and Norman Reedus, the Charmed Ones’ version of San
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Norman Reedus Touches On Daryl/Dwight Dynamic Ahead Of The Walking Dead Season 8B

The times, they are a-changing for members of The Walking Dead.

Take Daryl Dixon, as an example. Coming out of season 7, many felt that the series stalwart had been stripped down to the bare bones – figuratively speaking, of course – at the behest of Negan and his sinister Saviors. But Norman Reedus’ fan-favorite came back swinging.

And from that gruelling torture came a fascinating, hate-hate dynamic between Daryl and his sworn enemy, Dwight. It’s seemingly Norman Reedus’ favorite story arc from The Walking Dead season 8, and viewers can readily expect it to be further explored when the hit zombie drama returns later this month.

That’s my favorite storyline going forward. They’re both right. One just knows how to deal with it a little better. The other one is scared. Daryl’s not scared. Dwight’s scared and he makes decisions based on fear, but he’s trying to do the right thing.
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Prepare to Cry For a Full Hour When The Walking Dead Kills Off Carl

As we all know by now, Carl's days are numbered on The Walking Dead. And, well, if you were expecting an emotional goodbye, you were right: executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Carl's death marks "one of the most powerful episodes [Twd has] ever produced." Grab the tissues, y'all. As a refresher, at the end of season eight's midseason finale, we watched with utter despair as Carl reveals a fatal zombie bite to Rick. In the time since, all we've been able to do is let that sad fact marinate. Carl will be gone. If you're upset that the show is bidding farewell to the staple character, you're not alone: Norman Reedus recently revealed that the cast is pretty torn up by the news as well. Now we're inching closer to the midseason premiere, and we'll have to try to brace ourselves for one truly heart-wrenching hour of television.
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The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira Is “Absolutely Devastated” By Carl’s Death

Fans of The Walking Dead are currently preparing themselves for the impending exit of Chandler Riggs from the show in the upcoming midseason premiere. Carl Grimes was revealed to have been bitten by a walker in the final moments of the last episode, meaning that Rick’s young son doesn’t have long left. It’s a big deal, too – one of the most significant deaths the series has ever served up, in fact – as Riggs has been part of Twd since season 1.

It’s no surprise, then, that his loss is hitting his co-stars very hard. While talking to The Huffington Post, Danai Gurira – who plays Rick’s girlfriend and Carl’s surrogate mother figure, Michonne – opened up about her feelings on the storyline. She said that she’s in tune with her character over this as she’s both “absolutely devastated” by Carl’s/Riggs’ exit in front of and behind the camera.
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The Walking Dead's Gut-Wrenching Carl Twist Left Danai Gurira "Absolutely Devastated"

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, chances are you have mixed feelings when it comes to Carl. He's a thorn in the side of pretty much all the characters in the first few seasons of the AMC zombie drama, with his not staying in the house, terrible hair, and omnipresent cowboy hat. But in the last two seasons or so, a miracle happened: Carl became . . . tolerable. In fact, we found ourselves rooting for him more than ever. That's what makes his imminent death all the more gutting. RelatedPrepare to Cry For a Full Hour When The Walking Dead Kills Off Carl Since the shocking twist that Carl - played by actor Chandler Riggs - had been hiding a fatal zombie bite to the chest was revealed during the Winter finale last year, both fans and Riggs's costars have been grappling with it. Norman Reedus, who's been on the
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Diane Kruger Shows Off Her Industrial-Chic Living Room — Here's How to Shop the Look for Yourself

Diane Kruger Shows Off Her Industrial-Chic Living Room — Here's How to Shop the Look for Yourself
Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but Diane Kruger is channeling the warm weather now.

The actress took to Instagram to share a peek inside her charming living room, which got a little springtime spruce thanks to a pretty gift from a pal.

“When you get home and your friend left you a promise of spring to come,” Kruger wrote alongside the post.

The present appears to be a variety of Japanese cherry blossom stems, arranged in a glass vase atop her wood coffee table. A caramel-colored leather sofa adds warmth to the space and a
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Lauren Cohan reportedly rejects new Walking Dead contract and is fielding pilot offers

If rumours are to be believed, The Walking Dead may be about to lose one of its longest-running survivors, with Deadline reporting that Lauren Cohan – who plays Maggie Rhee on the hit AMC drama – has rejected a new contract and is currently fielding offers for new TV pilot projects.

Apparently, Cohan – who first joined the series in its sexond season – was said to have been seeking parity with her male co-stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, but was only offer a modest pay increase for a long-term contract, which was rejected.

This is of course standard tactics during contract renegotiations, but Deadline’s report claims that AMC did not follow up the rejection with an improved offer, and there has been no further talks between the two parties. With the actress contractually free to explore other opportunities, it is said that she is in hot demand, and has been taking pilot meetings with multiple networks.
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The Walking Dead May Be Losing Maggie

It’s bad enough that fans of The Walking Dead will soon have to come to terms with saying goodbye to young Carl Grimes, but now we’re hearing that Lauren Cohan’s Maggie might be next. Granted, there’s been nothing happening on the show that points to her meeting her end, but a new report from Deadline sheds some light on what’s been going on behind the scenes lately, and it’s certainly a bit concerning.

Apparently, the actress’ contract is up at the end of season 8 and she’s now looking for a pay increase, one which will put her in the same ballpark as Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. AMC has refused, however, and will only agree to a minor raise. From what we understand, Cohan isn’t interested in that and is still fighting for a higher salary. And though she may very well get it,
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The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Reads Bizarre, Steamy Fan Fiction In New Video

Here’s a lede we didn’t expect to write on this Friday morning: Norman Reedus, long-time servant on The Walking Dead, indulges in a little fan fiction of the erotic type with this newly-released video from Page Six.

As relayed to us by, the following snippet is as bizarre and awkward as you’d expect, as Reedus stumbles upon the supposed sexual tension brewing between Daryl on his close ally, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). It’s all in good fun, and if nothing else, this Page Six video offers some welcome respite from talk of Carl Grimes and his imminent demise – not to mention the forthcoming batch of episodes that will see Rick and his zombie-slaying confidants take one final stand against Negan.

But first, some fan fiction:

Back in the realm of reality, Reedus was none too pleased about the decision to bump off Carl Grimes
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