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10 ace takes on the Doctor Who theme music

As we ponder how series 8's music will sound, Jeff digs out ten inventive takes on the Doctor Who theme...


With series eight’s Deep Breath fast approaching, there are questions all Dw fans will be asking – perhaps none as pressing as “What new bag of tricks will Murray Gold be bringing to the theme song?” While we all wait with bated breath, why not take a gander at these variations on Ron Grainer’s immortal work?

Doctor Who Theme – Gallifrey Remixes (Dominic Glynn and Syzygy)

Dominic Glynn’s theme from Trial Of A Timelord is an 80s effort that’s worn well for this writer, particularly the way Glynn sneaks in a new array of far-out soundscapes. This remix, originally performed at L.A.’s Gallifrey One convention, features four upgrades of Glynn’s ‘Trial’ theme, as produced with Syzygy (a.k.a. Justin Mackay). It takes a
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Review: Cuban Fury

What better way to charm a lady than to display your dance moves?

Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) leads the cast in British dance-comedy Cuban Fury as Bruce, a middle-management type in a mechanical design office. His boss Drew, played quite creepily by Chris O'Dowd (The It Crowd, Bridesmaids), constantly picks on him and won't stop with the fat jokes (seriously, enough with the fat jokes). Both men are excited by the entrance to the company of American executive Julia (Rashida Jones, Parks and Recreation, Celeste and Jesse Forever).

Bruce has a secret: He and his sister were once young Latin-dance superstars in their region, until an attack by bullies led him to put up his dancing shoes. To impress Julia, whom he spies taking salsa lessons, Bruce turns to his former dance coach Ron (Ian McShane, Deadwood) for aid. Bruce also gets help and advice from his bartender sister (Olivia Colman,
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Salsa legend Cheo Feliciano, 78, dies in car crash

  • Hitfix
San Juan, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rican salsa legend Cheo Feliciano died in a car accident early Thursday, prompting the governor of the U.S. territory to declare three days of mourning. Feliciano, a member of the Fania All Stars, was one of the most recognized salsa singers, with hits including "Una en un millón," ''Mi promesa," and "Contigo aprendi." The 78-year-old Feliciano was alone in his Jaguar when he hit a light post before dawn in the northern suburb of Cupey. Police officer Jorge Hernandez Pena, who is overseeing investigation of the crash, said in a phone interview that Feliciano was not wearing his seatbelt. He said it is unclear what led to the crash, adding that officials did not find any drugs or alcohol in the car. His wife of 56 years, Socorro "Coco" Prieto Leon, told reporters that Feliciano had been at a casino Wednesday night. "He was
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Cheo Feliciano, Legendary Salsa Singer, Dies In Car Accident At 78

Salsa legend Jose Luis “Cheo” Feliciano died in a car crash Thursday morning in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was 78.

Cheo Feliciano Dies

Felciano had been driving his Jaguar when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a light pole at 4:13 a.m., according to Puerto Rican police. It has yet to be reported how fast he was traveling at the time of the accident.

No other people were injured in the wreck. Feliciano, who did not like to wear a seatbelt according to his wife Coco, died at the scene.

“Father will live forever because he has given his music, his heart to his people,”Feliciano’s son José Enrique told El Nuevo Día. “Thank God we have his music to remember him by.”

Last year, Feliciano had been diagnosed with cancer and had been receiving treatments with the expectation of going into remission.

The Puerto
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10 Voice-Actor Deaths That Impacted The Simpsons


When a voice-actor passes away for any cartoon, the writers have three options: re-cast with a similar-sounding actor/actress; send the character on a “long vacation” until a decision can be made; or permanently retire said character(s) out of respect for the deceased. After being on the air for 25 years, The Simpsons have, unfortunately, seen their fair-share of voice-actors pass on. Very few of their “permanent” voices, but enough in-house- as well as special guests who voiced themselves and reoccurring characters- have passed that the writers have had to make those decisions.

Sixty-three voice-actors and actresses- three considered “regular cast” and the other 60 “special guest stars”- have been silenced over the last 25 years. Some of the more familiar guest stars you won’t see in this list include: Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, Gary Coleman, Linda McCartney, Tito Puente, Elizabeth Taylor, and Barry White. The ones listed within
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Film Review: ‘Cuban Fury’

Film Review: ‘Cuban Fury’
Nick Frost, the tubby sidekick to frequent onscreen partner Simon Pegg, sashays solo into the spotlight in the salsa-inflected British romantic comedy “Cuban Fury.” Big Talk, the production company behind all those Pegg-Frost pairings, hopes to advance its winning formula with an amiable tale of courage and redemption, featuring a lonely office drone daring to dream that his beautiful new boss (Rashida Jones) might rumba right into his arms. The local appeal of a cast that also includes Chris O’Dowd and Olivia Colman should see U.K. fans grooving to the pic’s tune, but overseas audiences may need some prodding onto the dance floor.

Bruce Garrett (Frost) was once a child Latin-dance star, but a traumatic bullying incident that occurred when he was 13, later referred to as “Sequingate,” ­ saw him hang up his Cuban heels for good. Twenty-five years later, his only real passion is his job at Gfd Engineering,
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Exclusive: Chico and Rita 'Chano' Blu-ray Clip

Exclusive: Chico and Rita 'Chano' Blu-ray Clip
We have an exclusive Blu-ray clip from Cinedigm's Chico & Rita, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD September 18. The Oscar nominee for Best Animated Film is currently available on digital and VOD formats. Take a look at this scene, which offers a taste of how beautiful and unique this Cuban flavored drama can be.

Chico & Rita Exclusive: Chano Gets Shot

Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba (Belle epoque, Calle 54) and Spain's renowned artist and designer Javier Mariscal celebrate the music and culture of Cuba with an epic story of love, passion and heartbreak. Fresh off its worldwide theatrical release, Chico & Rita earned more than $2.2 million at the box office, was Oscar nominated for Best Animated Feature, took home Best Animated Feature at the European Film Awards, and was an audience favorite at the Toronto and Telluride Film Festivals. Featuring a red-hot soundtrack by five-time Grammy-winning Cuban musician and composer Bebo Vald&#233s, with
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Chico & Rita Blu-ray and DVD Debut September 18th

Chico & Rita Blu-ray and DVD Debut September 18th
Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and desire unite them as they chase their ambitions and each other from Havana to New York and Hollywood to Paris, in an epic story of love and heartbreak spanning six decades.

Cinedigm Entertainment Group, a division of Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp., will release Chico & Rita, Gkids' 2012 Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature, day-and-date on September 18th on cable VOD, DVD, and on DVD/Blu-ray in a Limited Edition Collector's Set, preceded by an early digital release on August 21.

Oscar&#174-winning director Fernando Trueba (Belle epoque, Calle 54) and Spain's renowned artist and designer Javier Mariscal celebrate the music and culture of Cuba with an epic story of love, passion and heartbreak. Fresh off its worldwide theatrical release, Chico & Rita earned more than $2.2 million at the box office, was
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Vintage Soundtrack For 'Magic City' Includes Ray Charles, Frankie Avalon, Bo Diddley & More

In the wake of the smash success and pop culture phenomenon of AMC's "Mad Men," other networks have been scrambling to develop their own period based dramas. ABC and NBC each tried with "Pan Am" and "The Playboy Club" respectively and failed, with both shows already canceled. But Starz has faith in their late '50s soaked "Magic City," chronicling the glitzy highlife (and lowlife) of Miami of the era. And with show already renewed for a second season, they are looking to stick around for a while.

With show now a couple of episodes in, Starz is not waiting to get the alternate revenue streams rolling as the soundtrack for the series is already on the way. And it's pretty solid. Boasting eleven tunes, it's steeped in the era with blues cuts from Bo Diddley and Johnny Otis, jazz from Lee Morgan, soul from Ray Charles and pop radio
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Santana Lives on in "Montreux 2011"! Win it on DVD

When (or if) Carlos Santana finally retires and ends his almost 50-year-long career (so far) of being one of the greatest genre-spanning guitar talents of his time, it will be a very sad day. But that day is not today, and by the logic of these past two sentences it wasn't last year either, which might account for his live concert at Montreux which someone had the wisdom to record and commit to DVD and Blu-ray. Santana Live at Montreux 2011 has the acclaimed artist playing a 23-song set of his classics and covers of hits originally by Tito Puente ("Oye Como Va"), Fleetwood Mac ("Black Magic Woman"), and John Coltrane ("A Love Supreme"). Be honest though, how many of you associate those songs with Santana more than you do the original artists?

To celebrate the release of Santana Live at Montreux, we're going to give away a DVD copy to three lucky readers.
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‘Chico & Rita’: Jazzy, Romantic, Masterful

Chico & Rita

Directed by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal

Written by Ignacio Martinez de Pison and Fernando Trueba

2011, Spain / UK

The great films throw the existing state of cinema into sharp relief, filling a gap in the movie-going experience that was not only empty, but previously invisible to even the most passionate audience members. Today there are Disney princesses, Pixar whimsies, and Miyazaki dreams, but the superior Chico & Rita provides animation with something that it had never known it was missing: seduction. This is simply the most romantic animated film ever made.

The titular couple meet in a smoky Havana club in 1948. Rita has the voice that can draw every eye in the room, and Chico is a promising pianist with the chops for everything from Stravinsky to bebop. They go to bed that first night, and the following morning the complications begin. Both have the talent and the passion
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'Radio Days' 25th Anniversary: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Woody Allen's Nostalgic Classic

With "Midnight in Paris," Woody Allen's comic look at nostalgia and its limitations, having earned four Oscar nominations last week (including nods for Best Picture, Allen's direction and his original screenplay), it's a good time to take a look back at Allen's 1987 comedy "Radio Days." Another comic take on nostalgia, "Radio Days" is now officially a golden oldie itself, having been released exactly 25 years ago, on January 30, 1987. A fond look, filtered through memory, of a 1940s New York childhood, the radio broadcasts that captivated audiences back then, and the behind-the-scenes gossip about the performers who voiced them, "Radio Days" may be best known today for launching the career of Seth Green -- then a 12-year-old who played the Allen-like narrator as a boy. But there's also a wealth of little-known true stories behind the film, some of them from Allen's own life, some from classic radio lore, and some
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Trailer trash

Latino animation Chico & Rita is set to become a stage musical, and the stars were out for the Chemical Brothers' new film

Cuban heels

Hot on the heels of its Oscar nomination last week, animated feature Chico & Rita is set to become a stage musical. The film, telling the romantic story of a Havana piano player and a beautiful singer separated by time and circumstance, has all the ingredients for a stage show, including a successful soundtrack by the late-flowering Cuban musician Bebo Valdés. The film also features music from Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Tito Puente and Thelonious Monk, and is set in the late-1940s period when the New York jazz scene began to absorb immigrant percussionists from Havana's nightclub scene such as Chano Pozo. The film, produced on the Isle of Man by CinemaNX and directed by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal, has already won a European
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Gloria Estefan Is Now Gloria Ke$htefan

One friend said it sounds like it was recorded for babies on a Casio keyboard. Another called it “Spanish Max Headroom.” I call it Gloria Ke$htefan, a new musical genre that combines — you guessed it — Gloria Estefan and Ke$ha. Gloria’s new song, “Wepa,” is produced by The Neptunes.N.E.R.D./Pharrell Williams, which may be why it sounds like a hyperactive dance march that borrows as equally from Ke$ha — the Kween of Tra$hpop — as it does from Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. Although it doesn’t necessarily sound like her voice was Auto-Tuned, there is an element of robotic call-and-response that one would more likely expect from, say, The Black Eyed Peas. Basically, Gloria Estefan wants to sit at the kids table, and that is Fine! Personally, I’ve gone from staring, slack-jawed, at the album art of Gloria looking rather Fierce, to
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"True Blood" Episode 407 Recap: "I Am Not a Zombie!"

Hey folks! Dennis here, covering True Blood this time out since your usual brilliant recapper Steven Frank is on his honeymoon. He will be back next week, I promise. Go easy me if I'm not nearly as witty or incisive as Steven normally is.

Show opens in Bill's high tech dungeon where it looks like "Mantonia" (the witch Antonia in Marnie's body) has cast an Imperius curse on Louis.

She has him call out to that red-headed woman who infiltrated the witches' coven to spy on her. I'll call her Harriet, as in Harriet the Spy, since I don't know her real name.

And I love this detail, Harriet is playing friggin' Plants v. Zombies on her iPad! (Love that game!)

Anyway, Harriet thinks Louis has attacked Marnie so – bad move – she enters the cell. Louis puts the drop on her and – after arranging for Mantonia's exit route via her
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‘So You Think You Can Dance?’: The Top 14 Perform

‘So You Think You Can Dance?’: The Top 14 Perform
Adam Rose / Fox Contestants perform on the June 30 broadcast of “So You Think You Can Dance?”

It’s down to seven couples now.

The judges give a lot more substantive feedback tonight, which is much more interesting than generalized shrieks and love, maybe because with fewer dancers there’s more time to talk to them? The music is much more varied, too, with numbers from David Bowie, Tito Puente, Eartha Kitt and Bronski Beat. There’s also a new choreographer,
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Selena, Celia Cruz and Carmen Miranda immortalized in postage stamps

Selena, Celia Cruz and Carmen Miranda immortalized in postage stamps
Legendary Latin artists Selena, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente and Carmen Miranda will be immortalized by the U.S. Postal Service in its new Latin Music Legends (Forever) stamp series. The stamps, painted by San Diego-based artist Rafael Lopez, will be unveiled March 16 at the South X Southwest Music Conference. Members of the artists' families will be in attendance. Grupo Fantasma will perform. "The United States Postal Service has a long-standing tradition of honoring and depicting the events and people who have influenced American culture and history and have helped to define our nation," said Marie Therese Dominguez, vice president of Government...
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Cinema helps one understand life, reality: Spanish filmmaker

Cinema fulfils the .need for fiction. that is inherent in human beings and helps them .better understand life and reality., Spanish filmmaker Fernando Trueba has said. .Writers and filmmakers, with their stories, have enabled us to better understand human beings,. Trueba said during the presentation of his animated feature .Chico & Rita. in Miami. The director, whose 1992 movie .Belle Epoque. won the Oscar for the best foreign language film, said he had the .sense that this film ought to come to Miami because of its large Hispanic and Cuban population.. .Chico & Rita. will open this year.s Miami International Film Festival Friday. The film, winner of a Goya prize in Spain for best animated film, has some political overtones but is above all a love story, a .bolero full of music and romanticism., he said. Co-directed by Trueba with designer and illustrator Javier Mariscal, the film tells a heart-wrenching love story involving Chico,
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Velez Set For The Big Screen As La Lupe?

  • WENN
Velez Set For The Big Screen As La Lupe?
Dexter star Lauren Velez is in talks to bring the life of Cuban music sensation La Lupe to the big screen.

Velez, the star of one woman show They Call Me La Lupe, will end her limited run in the Off-Broadway production on 23 January, after less than three weeks in the role.

The stage show, written by Emmy winner James Manos, Jr. and Luis Caballero and directed by Veronica Caicedo, tells the rags to riches life story of the Latin singer, who became the lead vocalist in Tito Puente's band.

But Velez won't be waving goodbye to the singer just yet - Manos, Jr. and Caballero are in talks with the Puerto Rican Film Commission to shoot a planned movie version with the actress, according to Variety.

Manos says, "I co-wrote this show as a way to jumpstart the process. I felt the play would help revive interest in La Lupe.

"It's scary how Lauren has inhabited her being. Not only does she look like La Lupe but she has captured La Lupe's distinct voice as well."

The Ten Funniest Action-Movie Trailers in Cinema History

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The Ten Funniest Action-Movie Trailers in Cinema History Is the Unstoppable trailer supposed to be so funny? By Amanda Green 1. Unstoppable In the trailer that inspired this list, an unmanned freight train carrying hazardous chemicals is improbably on the loose traveling northward at fifty miles per hour. What will it kill first: a horse, schoolchildren, or Denzel Washington's career? 2. Armageddon Up to second twenty-nine, you're thinking the only possible explosion in this movie is happening somewhere around Liv Tyler's cervix. But you're wrong. 3. Desperado Gunslinging (even from a guitar case, ese!), explosions, and forced entry all in time with Tito Puente. How do you say Wtf in Spanish? 4. Crank 2: High Voltage An accented protagonist can't save every film, especially when it's an action movie about a man literally looking for his heart. On the bright side, there's a character named Poon Dong. 5. [...]
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