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  • Starred as Mama Rose in the sold-out University of Richmond production of Gypsy in 2002.
  • Promises, Promises (1968). Musical comedy. Book by Neil Simon. Based on the film "The Apartment" by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond. Music by Burt Bacharach. Lyrics by Hal David. Musical Director: Harold Wheeler. Dance arrangements by Harold Wheeler. Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. Choreographed by Michael Bennett. Assistant Choreographer: Bob Avian. Directed by Robert Moore. Shubert Theatre: 1 Dec 1968- 1 Jan 1972 (1281 performances + 7 previews). Cast: Jill O'Hara (as "Fran Kubelik"), Jerry Orbach (as "Chuck Baxter"), A. Larry Haines (as "Dr. Dreyfuss"), Edward Winter (as "J.D. Sheldrake"), Barbara Alston (as "Intern's Date"), Adrienne Angel (as "Sylvia Gilhooley"), Rod Barry (as "New Young Executive/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Kelly Bishop [credited as Carole Bishop] (as "Company Nurse/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Kelly Britt (as "Orchestra Voice"), Gene Cooper (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Graciela Daniele (as "Clancy's Employee/Intern's Date"), Bob Fitch (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Margot Hanson (as "Orchestra Voice"), Betsy Haug (as "Dining Room Hostess/Clancy's Employee"), Ken Howard (as "Bartender Eddie/Karl Kubelik"), Neil Jones (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Baayork Lee (as "Lum Ding Hostess/Miss Wong"), Debra Lyman (as "Swing Dancer"), Bettye McCormick (as "Orchestra Voice"), Donna McKechnie (as "Vivien Della Hoya"), Marian Mercer (as "Marge MacDougall"), Vince O'Brien (as "Mr. Eichelberger"), Rita O'Connor (as "Dentist's Nurse/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Gerry O'Hara (as "Company Doctor/Intern"), Dick O'Neill (as "Jesse Vanderhof"), Kay Oslin (as "Helen Sheldrake"), Scott Pearson (as "Waiter/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Paul Reed (as "Mr. Dobitch"), Margo Sappington (as "Miss Polanski/Clancy's Employee"), Michael Shawn (as "Intern/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Norman Shelly (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Ilona Simon (as "Orchestra Voice"), Millie Slavin (as "Peggy Olson"), Julane Stites (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Don Stomsvik (as "Swing Dancer"), Melissa Stoneburn (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Michael Vita (as "Madison Square Garden Attendant/Bartender Eugene"). Standby: Peter Lombard (as "Chuck Baxter/J.D. Sheldrake"). Understudies: Kelly Britt (as "Marge MacDougall"), Bob Fitch (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Rita O'Connor (as "Peggy Olson"), Dick O'Neill (as "Mr. Dobitch"), Margo Sappington (as "Fran Kubelik"), Norman Shelly (as "Dr. Dreyfuss"), Henry Sutton (as "Jesse Vanderhof/Mr. Eichelberger"), Michael Vita (as "Karl Kubelik"). Replacement actors during run: Barbara Alston (as "Miss Polanski"), Oscar Antony (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Pamela Barlow (as "Clancy's Employee"), Andy Bew (as "Company Doctor/Swing Dancer"), Pamela Blair (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Karen Burke (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron/Intern's Date"), Ronn Carroll (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Eileen Casey (as "Clancy's Employee"), Marilyn Child (as "Marge MacDougall"), James Congdon (as "J.D. Sheldrake"), Gene Cooper (as "Waiter"), Patti Davis (as "Orchestra Voice"), Lada Edmund Jr. (as "Vivien Della Hoya"), Don Fellows (as "Jesse Vanderhof"), Miranda Fellows (as "Swing Dancer"), Bob Fitch (as "Intern"), Ronn Forella (as "Intern"), Jacki Garland (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Bill Gerber (as "Chuck Baxter"), Rei Golenor (as "Orchestra Voice"), Ilene Graff (as "Orchestra Voice"), Rodney Griffin (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Carol Hanzel (as "Clancy's Employee/Intern's Date"), Peggy Haug (as "Clancy's Employee/Dining Room Hostess"), Spence Henderson (as "Company Doctor/Swing Dancer"), Carolyn Kirsch (as "Dentist's Nurse"), Dick Korthaze (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron/Mr. Kirkeby"), Baayork Lee (as "Vivien Della Hoya"), Lorna Luft (as "Fran Kubelik") [from Oct 1971- Jan 1972], Bebra Lyman (as "Clancy's Employee/Dining Room Hostess"), John Medeiros (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron/Intern"), Todd Miller (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Barbara Monte-Britton (as "Lum Ding Hostess/Miss Wong"), Joe Nelson (as "Company Doctor/Intern"), Frank Newell (as "New Young Executive"), Gerry O'Hara (as "Swing Dancer"), Jenny O'Hara (as "Fran Kubelik") Dick O'Neill (as "Mr. Dobitch"), Diane Phillips (as "Dining Room Hostess Clancy's Employee") [from 13 Dec 1971- 1 Jan 1972], Frank Pietri (as "Bartender Eugene/Madison Square Garden Attendant"), Tony Roberts [credited as Anthony Roberts] (as "Chuck Baxter [from 26 Oct 1970 - ?], Rita Rudner (as "Intern's Date"), Gene Rupert Chuck Baxter"), Dick Sabol (as "Bartender Eddie/Karl Kubelik"), Scott Salmon (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron/Intern/Waiter"), Norman Shelly (as "Dr. Dreyfuss"), Marylou Sirinek (as "Orchestra Voice"), Julane Stites (as "Miss Polanski"), Henry Sutton (as "Mr. Eichelberger/Mr. Kirkeby"), Eileen Taylor (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Lynne Taylor (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron/Company Nurse/Helen Sheldrake"), Sandra Thornton (as "Orchestra Voice"), Terry Violino (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron/New Young Executive"), Sandra West (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron/Dentist's Nurse/Miss Polanski"), Mary Louise Wilson (as "Marge MacDougall") [from 20 Jul 20, 1970- ?], Pam Zarit (as "Marge MacDougall"). Standbys: Bonnie Brody (as "Fran Kubelik"), Sandra Thornton (as "Fran Kubelik"). Understudies: Ronn Carroll (as "Mr. Eichelberger"), Patti Davis (as "Fran Kubelik"), Bob Fitch (as "Mr. Eichelberger"), Reinita Golenor [creidted as Rei Golenor] (as "Marge MacDougall"), Ilene Graff (as "Fran Kubelik"), Carol Hanzel (as "Peggy Olson/Sylvia Gilhooley"), Dick Korthaze (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Barbara Monte-Britton (as "Vivien Della Hoya"), Gerry O'Hara (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Kay Oslin (as "Marge MacDougall/Peggy Olson"), Frank Pietri (as "Karl Kubelik"), Julane Stites (as "Vivien Della Hoya"), Lynne Taylor (as "Peggy Olson/Sylvia Gilhooley"). Produced by David Merrick. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff. Note: Ms. Luft stayed with the show until it closed on 1 Jan 1972.
  • Book - Me and My Shadows: Living with the Legacy of Judy Garland (1998)
  • Back-up vocalist on Blondie's "Eat To The Beat" album in 1979.
  • (September 11, 1978) Guested on the Chicago television program "Noonbreak" also on the program were singer Barbara McNair and restaurant critic Sherman Kaplan.
  • (November 24, 1982) Guest on the talk program "Tom Cottle: Up Close".

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