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Tremors the Series Scrambles to DVD Stores Soon

Apparently, there was a Tremors series that was released on Syfy in 2003. There is an interesting story here as the series was aired out of order. Episode 6 followed episode one and episode 2 was released following episode 7 (Wiki). How is that for confusion? The series was released on iTunes in 2007 and now Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing the series, March 9th. The show, which includes thirteen episodes, and DVD details are below (a Tremors 4 is on the way).

The synopsis for Tremors: The Series:

"Perfection Valley, Nevada is a quaint little town. The inhabitants live peaceful, tranquil lives. Most of the time. Perfection is home to the Graboid, El Blanco. El Blanco is a 30-foot worm creature who hunts prey by sound. It is an endangered species, so as long as El Blanco is around, Perfection can't be bulldozed by any greedy developers. To protect their home, the people of
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Tremors: The Complete Series Coming to DVD

Michael Gross and Tremors may never actually go away. A few months ago we passed along rumors from an industry source that Universal was drilling down for a mid-year 2009 release of Tremors - The Complete Series. But by mid-year, we unfortunately followed up with a report that Universal Studios had apparently buried those DVD plans. Today, however, Universal has dug the title back up, dusted it off, and formally announced it for release on March 9th...


Travel back to the small town of Perfection, Nevada, in this fun and action-packed 2003 Sci-Fi Channel series based on the popular "Tremors" films. As if dealing with the subterranean beasties wasn't enough, the locals have their hands full with overbearing tourists, government agents, mobsters, a gene-blending project called Mixmaster, and animal activists who stand up for "Graboid" rights. Michael Gross, Victor Browne, Marcia Strassman, and Christopher Lloyd star. <> Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital
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