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Interviews (15)

InStyle (US) November 2002, Vol. 9, Iss. 12, pg. 266, by: Karen Levy, "He Said...Jonathan Jackson, 20-Year-Old Star of Tuck Everlasting"
Evening Sentinel (US) October 19 2002, pg. C.1, by: Betsy Pickle, "'Everlasting' Appeal ; 'Tuck' star joyfully Embracing Hollywood and Faith"
Philadelphia Tribune (US) October 11 2002, Vol. 118, Iss. 94, pg. 32E, by: Kimberly Roberts, "Jonathan Jackson Samples Eternal Life in New Disney Film"
Seattle Times (US) October 9 2002, pg. F.4, by: Lisa Bongiovanni, "Former Soap Star has Been Lucky in His Move to Films"
San Francisco Chronicle (US) October 6 2002, pg. 43, by: Peter Hartlaub, "Jonathan Jackson, Renaissance Man / 20-Year-Old Acts, Directs and Writes"
Chicago Sun-Times (US) October 6 2002, pg. 4, by: Jae-Ha Kim, "From 'General Hospital' to 'Everlasting' Success"
Newhouse News Service (US) October 2 2002, pg. 1, by: Joyce J. Persico, "Tuck' Principals See Post-9/11 Pertinence in Film's Mortality Theme"
Interview (US) June 2002, Vol. 32, Iss. 5, pg. 41, by: Diane Baroni, "Jonathan Jackson"
Seattle Times (US) May 12 1999, pg. F.10, by: John Hartl, "For Jonathan Jackson a Tough Role in 'Deep End of the Ocean'"
The Gazette (CA) April 18 1999, pg. C.10, by: Jane Portman, "From General Hospital to the Big Screen: Jonathan Jackson was cast opposite Michelle Pfeiffer Because They Look Alike, But the Connection was More Than Skin Deep"
Los Angeles Times (US) March 11 1999, pg. 12, by: Susan King, "Soap Star Jumps Into 'Deep End'"
Tampa Tribune (US) July 15 1996, pg. 5, by: Vivian Rose, "Teen Takes Acting Cues From Co-Stars"
Chicago Tribune (US) October 3 1995, pg. 5, by: Allan Johnson, "It's Your Luck Day! What's the Big Deal? We Meet Soap Star Jonathan Jackson"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 1 1995, pg. 16, by: Nancy M. Reichardt, "Jonathan Jackson Gets His 'Lucky' Break"
Chicago Tribune (US) September 22 1994, pg. 13, by: Marla Hart, "Child Actor Gets a Real Education on 'GH'"

Articles (19)

TV Guide (US) December 19 2011, pg. 66, by: Michael Logan, "Jackson Checks Out"
TV Guide (US) October 26 2002, Vol. 50, Iss. 43, pg. 50, by: Michael Logan, "Lucky Strike"
The Columbian (US) October 20 2002, pg. 1, by: Kelly Adams, "Jackson Brothers Put on a Show Back Home"
Orlando Sentinel (US) June 17 2000, pg. E.13, "Jackson Got Lucky with Movie Offers"
TV Guide (US) April 15 2000, Vol. 48, Iss. 16, pg. 74-76, by: Michael Logan, "Lucky Break"
Movieline (US) September 1999, Vol. XI, Iss. 1, pg. 56-57, by: Stephen Rebello, "The Jackson Two"
The Columbian (US) May 23 1999, pg. 1, by: Staff, "Clark County Actor Gets Third Daytime Emmy"
Chicago Sun-Times (US) May 7 1999, pg. 26, by: Susan King, "Teenage Soap Opera Star Jumps Into 'Deep End'"
The Columbian (US) March 16 1999, pg. 1, by: David Jewett, "Jackson Checks Out of 'General Hospital'"
The Columbian (US) February 22 1999, pg. 1, by: Dave Jewett, "Will Teen Actor From Clark County Get Killed Off 'Soap' Role?"
New York Post (US) December 7 1998, pg. 76, by: Joanna Zulli, "'General Hospital' Gets Lucky"
The Columbian (US) June 18 1998, pg. 1, by: Dave Jewett, "Will Our Jonathan Jackson Top Leo?"
TV Guide (US) June 13 1998, Vol. 46, Iss. 24, pg. 28, by: Michael Logan, "Summer Soaps Preview"
The Columbian (US) March 6 1998, pg. 1, by: Dave Jewett, "A Luck Break for Soap Actor Jackson"
The Columbian (US) October 6 1997, pg. 1, by: David Jewett, "Jackso Scores a Role in Major Film"
YM (US) June 1997, Vol. 45, Iss. 5, pg. 116-122, by: Dennis Hershley, "Soap Studs: Jonathan Jackson"
The Columbian (US) November 26 1996, pg. 1, by: Stephanie Thompson, "A Family Values"
The Columbian (US) October 25 1996, pg. 1, by: David Jewett, "Lucky Beak; J. Jackson Signs New Contract"
The Columbian (US) September 12 1996, pg. 1, by: David Jewett, "Has Luck Run Out for This Local Soap Star?"

Magazine Covers (8)

ABC Soaps In Depth (US) August 8 2011
ABC Soaps In Depth (US) May 16 2011
ABC Soaps In Depth (US) December 14 2009
ICG Magazine (US) October 2002, Vol. 73, Iss. 10
ABC Soaps In Depth (US) January 25 2000
Soap Opera Digest (US) December 29 1998
Soap Opera News (US) April 7 1998
Soap Opera Magazine (US) November 14 1995

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