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Tig Notaro on Louis Ck ‘SNL’ Controversy: ‘I Just Want to Stake My Claim’

Tig Notaro on Louis Ck ‘SNL’ Controversy: ‘I Just Want to Stake My Claim’
Earlier this week, fans pointed out similarities between a recent “Saturday Night Live” sketch starring Louis CK as a lonely guy who hires a clown and comedian Tig Notaro’s 2015 short film “Clown Service” about … a depressed and lonely woman who hires a clown to cheer her up.

While CK has yet to respond, Notaro released a statement saying she couldn’t ignore the “cacophony of voices reaching out personally and publicly about the potential plagiarizing of my film.” (A representative for “Saturday Night Live” declined to comment.)

Before she headed south to start production on the second season of her Amazon series “One Mississippi” (which counts CK as an executive producer), Notaro opened up to Variety about the controversy and why the film is so important to her.

Why did you decide to speak out about “Clown Service” and the “SNL” controversy?

It’s more a feeling of I just want to stake my claim and
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Richie Sambora Wins Big at the Derby, Say Daughter Ava 'Is the Love of My Life'

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Richie Sambora Wins Big at the Derby, Say Daughter Ava 'Is the Love of My Life'
Ava Sambora is daddy's little girl, for sure. "She and I are close and have a candid relationship," Richie Sambora told People exclusively from the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, where he performed at the famed Barnstable Brown Gala, hosted by sisters Patricia and Cyb Barnstable, on Friday. "Boundaries are set," says the Bon Jovi guitarist, 54. "That doesn't budge. She is an amazing kid and dedicated to school. She's acting. The first audition she [went] out for was Judd Apatow's This is 40 - and she got it. She's been doing Disney stuff. I'm really proud of her - she's just a joy.
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Briefs: As The Weir Turns, Debby Boone At The GLAAD Awards, and Graham Norton Pranks Emma Stone

Birthday shoutouts go to Adrian Brody (above), who is 41, Sarah Michelle Gellar is 37, Julie Christie is 73, and Loretta Lynn is 82.

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov have called off their very public divorce, but there are … stipulations.

Logo (our parent company) has announced that RuPaul’s Drag Race will pull “She-Mail” from the show, and edit out a recent segment that many in the trans community found offensive.

Asshat infighting is spectacular.

Anderson Cooper vs. that one guy that was fired and is now a shill for Nom.

.@heydamo with that tie and pocket square combo I am praying for you too my friend

Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper) April 10, 2014

We’Re All Old.

Here’s Debby Boone at the GLAAD Awards. Wait … what? I have to admit to being gobsmacked. Who knew she could escape the rabid homophobic insanity of her father. Thank you, Debby!

The faboo Emma Stone has been making the rounds promoting Spider-Man 2,
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'Basketball Diaries' director Scott Kalvert found dead at 49

'Basketball Diaries' director Scott Kalvert found dead at 49
Scott Kalvert, the director best known for his work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg on 1995′s Basketball Diaries, was found dead Wednesday at his Woodland Hills, California, home. He was 49 years old.

His death is being investigated as a suicide by the L.A. Coroner’s Office, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Before Basketball Diaries, Kalvert was best known for his music videos, directing Salt-n-Pepa’s “Shoop,” Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It to My Heart,” and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s “Good Vibrations,” as well as teaming up with Wahlberg on a 1993 workout video. The last project
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Briefs: Rosie Returns To “The View,” The Doctor’s New Wardrobe, And Disney Channel’s Historic Moment

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Birthday shoutouts go to Alan Cumming (above), who is 49, Patton Oswalt is 45, and Mikhail Baryshnikov is 66.

Ronan Farrow‘s MSNBC show will debut on February 24th in its regular timeslot of 1 Pm Et.

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: Rosie O’Donnell returns to The View

Sochi Mayor: We Don’t Have Gays in Our Town

The cast for Amazing Race: All Stars has been announced, and it includes gay and deaf racer Luke Adams and his mom, and “youtube sensation” Joey Graceffa.

I featured him last week, and here’s Tom Daley going one-on-one with Dan Osborne

Here’s the new trailer for Maleficent, featuring an appropriately Lana Del Rey-ish Lana Del Rey performance of “Once Upon A Dream.”

Some football guy wants to be the new Tim Tebow

Is it just me or are some of the Grammy performances so far seem to be really demonic?
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The Year In Adam Lambert

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It’s no secret we love Adam Lambert and the energy and joy he brings to the otherwise sterile, manufactured world of modern pop music. This year we started the weekly feature Hump Day With Adam Lambert, to keep up with his life and career, and the response from his fans has been overwhelming. We want to thank you taking this glitter rocket through the world of Adam with us!

Because the next two Wednesdays are Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, this will be the final Hump Day of the year, but we’ll see you in January as we journey with Adam through 2014. And we’ll have new Hump Day features for you to enjoy.

Right now, let’s take a chronological look back at some of the highlights of Adam’s 2013. It was a year of surprises, upheaval, and new beginnings. And we’re glad for every minute of it!
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The 10 Biggest Problems With This Year’s Oscar Contenders

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Finally, we’re approaching the most magical season of the year: Oscar time. And better yet, we’re in the middle of one of the best film years of the past decade. Most of 2013′s buzziest movies are undisputed triumphs (12 Years a Slave, Gravity, Nebraska, etc.) and I’m torqued for a February telecast of hotly contested categories and a swarm of deserving Best Picture nominees.

But just because we have a batch of Oscar-ready movies doesn’t mean we shouldn’t voice complaints about them. So often with Oscar bait, it feels like legitimate criticism goes forgotten and communal approval takes over. Before Oscar campaigns kick into overdrive this year, we’re voicing our ten biggest complaints about ten of the year’s most critically beloved (and Oscar-readiest) movies. Keep in mind these are only gripes about the movies released so far. We’ll be similarly critical of August: Osage County,
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Briefs: Samuel Jackson’s Possible Gay Character, Barilla Tries To Make Amends, and Bear Grylls Finally Unpixelated!

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Birthday shoutouts go to Matthew McConaughey (above) who is 44, Kathy Griffin is 53, Markie Post is 63, and Ralph Macchio is 52.

Samuel L. Jackson has been cast in the film adaptation of Stephen King‘s Cell (which has been in the planning stages since the novel debuted back in 2006). My colleague Brian Juergens informs me that the character Sam is playing, Tom McCourt, is gay in the book, so it’ll be interesting to see if they keep it, or de-gay him (but hey, if he needs tips on playing a de-gayed character, he can just ask his co-star John Cusack, who’s done it twice in his career). But I really hope they don’t, because it’s been far too long since I’ve heard a gay character say “motherf*ckin.”

A few months ago I posted Man Vs. Blur: The Ten Hottest Bear Grylls Pixelations, and lamented the fact
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Briefs: Johnny Weir Is Going To Sochi, George Takei Reads “Star Trek” Erotic Fan Fiction, and Sean Maher’s Shrapnel Will Hit “Arrow”

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Guillermo Diaz visits the Apple Store Soho for “Meet The Cast: Scandal

Birthday shoutouts go to Ang Lee who is 59, Sam Raimi is 54, and Weird Al is 54. Here’s his greatest song.

Sean Maher will guest star on Arrow later this season, where “He’ll play Mark Scheffer (aka DC Comics’ Shrapnel), a bomber who terrorizes Starling City — and Kevin Alejandro’s Sebastian Blood.”

Thomas Roberts on Russia: Have A Little Faith In Me

NBCUniversal addressing anti-gay content in “Halloween Horror Nights” show at Universal Studios

Kurt Cobain Said He Thought He Was Gay As A Child.

Johnny Weir has retired, and will provide Olympic skating commentary for NBC at Sochi. Bless His Heart.

Last year Sarah Silverman filmed a pilot for NBC that wasn’t picked up. You can see Susan 313 in its entirety below, with an introduction by Sarah. Do you think it should have been given a chance?
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Glee Recap: The Dark Night Rises [Updated]

  • TVLine.com
Glee Recap: The Dark Night Rises [Updated]
This week on Glee, McKinley High experienced a power outage, Sue tried to move on from her firing as head coach of the Cheerios, Ryder and Kitty revealed painful secrets and the Nyada pack (which now officially includes ¡Santana!) pitched in to help that fabulous Vogue.com editrix/fairy godmother with a charity event. (Glamour with a ‘u’ was on the menu, obvs.)

Lights Out” contained quite possibly my favorite musical number of the season, but only the briefest glimpse of American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez as Frida Romero, powerhouse vocalist for New Directions’ rivals at Regionals — the Hoosier Daddies.
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'American Idol' Top 5: Has Amber Holcomb done enough to stay?

Here we go -- it's on like Donkey Kong on "American Idol" now. Janelle Arthur has lagged behind the other women some weeks, so we'd love to see her make smart song choices and make this a real dogfight for who moves on.

For theme, Round 1 is Year of Birth and Round 2 is Divas. Year of Birth has ceased to be that much fun anymore, now that everybody is like 12 years old. Kidding, kidding -- but not really.

1. Candice Glover, 1989, "Straight Up"

She's doing the slow-jam, R&B-bordering-on-reggae version of Paula Abdul's big hit. It's ... interesting. We don't hate it and her voice is smooth as butter, as per usual, but for that year, we wouldn't have minded Candice having a nice ballad moment on "If You Don't Know Me by Now." Yeah, we wish she had done that Simply Red number.

That was a great vocal, we just
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Briefs: Dress-Up Andrew Rannells, Cher has The Diva Touch, and Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff Make Sweet Music Together

Birthday shoutouts go to one of my all-time movie crushes, Peter Sarsgaard (above), who is 42, Bryan Cranston is 57, Taylor Dayne is 51, and Wanda Sykes is 49. Update: How could I forget the most important Birthday of all ... His name is Brian Juergens... and today is his Birthday!The Advocate goes back in the vault and republishes this 2006 interview with Valerie Harper, who talks about her gay fans. The FBI has stepped in and will investigate the murder of Marco McMillian. Kristin Chenoweth Talks Marriage Equality, Anti-Gay Christians Smash Ratings Drop: What Went Wrong With NBC's Musical Drama. Speaking of, EW.com has video of Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff performing the Smash song "Let Me Be Your Star" from this year's "Miscast" fundraiser.Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Bonnie Tyler to Represent U.K. at Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, the song is a little ... low-key ... for Eurovision. Where is the
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Pic Post! Adam Lambert Honored In NYC, Gets "Shady" With Sam Sparro

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It's been a busy week for living Catherine Wheel Adam Lambert, with his 31st birthday on Tuesday, and on Thursday night he received the Unity Award from the We Are Family Foundation for his work with The Trevor Project, Equality California, and GLAAD.

After the ceremony, Adam hit the stage with Nile Rodgers and fellow out singer Sam Sparro. Below you can see them jam fantastically on Adam's "Shady," and then enjoy some pics of Adam on stage and with some pre-ceremony guests.

Adam Lambert and Sean Young. Now I can die happy.

With Rosie Perez and Nile Rodgers

With Kate Pierson, Taylor Dayne, and Nile Rodgers

With Sam Sparro

With a photographic print taken by Timothy Greenfield Sanders

Tags: Adam LambertIMDbSam SparroTeaser Photo: 
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"So You Think You Can Dance" Finale: Survival of the Hottest

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And the winners... of So You Think You Can Dance... are... Probably More Tired Than Any Of Us Can Imagine! Hooray! They Surely Want To Be Left Alone! Wee! Seriously, stop tweeting at them, Christina Applegate.

We'll get to the results in a bit, but first: I started this season by comparing So You Think You Can Dance to American Idol, and now, I will gleefully contrast the two Fox juggernauts. Every American Idol finale feels like a painful elegy, a disturbing culmination where a frail white dude wins everything and Jennifer Holliday chews up the runner-up's face. It's a bloodletting. Meanwhile, every Sytycd finale feels like a quaint graduation ceremony at an arts academy. The students present themselves and receive funky diplomas from their professors Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, teary-eyed dandy Adam Shankman, your elegant great aunt Debbie Allen, smirking prom queen Tyce Diorio, and the Real Excited Lil C. It's just cute.
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Snuffed Out: TV Series That Were Gone Too Soon

The fate of Gcb, one of our favorite new shows, will be decided in the next few weeks, and right now, there's a 50/50 chance it'll survive. If it does get canceled, at least it'll instantly become a member of what we'll call the Arrested Development/Freaks & Geeks/Firefly club. Shows that were canceled before their time, and have gained cult status since they left the airwaves.

All of those programs have rabid enthusiastic followers, and in the case of Firefly and Arrested Development, that fan enthusiasm has directly led to big screen resurrections.

We're hoping Gcb gets a renewal, but while we wait, let's take a look at a few other shows throughout the years that were unfairly snuffed out, and picture ... what might have been.

Pushing Daisies

ABC (October 3, 2007 – June 13, 2009)

Featuring a stellar cast, including Lee Pace, the incomparable Kristin Chenoweth, and Anna Friel as Dead Zooey Deschanel, Pushing Daisies
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AfterElton Briefs: Debbie Harry Insulted, "Just Say Takei," and Another Military Welcome Home Kiss

A tragically-clothed William Levy at the Dancing With The Stars rehearsal.

Happy Birthday to Bryan Cranston, who is 56, Donna Murphy is 54, the faboo Wanda Sykes is 48, Peter Sarsgaard is 41, and Taylor Dayne is 50. Time to name your top five Taylor songs! Here are my picks: 5. "I'll Always Love You'," 4. "Don't Rush Me," 3. "Upon The Journey's End," 2. "Carry Your Heart," 1. "Original Sin".

14 Celebrities Besides Kirk Cameron Who've Made Anti-Gay Remarks.Spare a thought for Debbie Harry.Congrats to Days Of Our Lives stars Casey Deidrick (Chad) and Chandler Massey (Will), who have received Daytime Emmy Pre-noms.Sears pulls "I Heart Butt Plugs" T-shirt from online store. Um ... Ed? Care to explain? For your perusal ... Mitt Romney paper dolls.Nine Actors Who Could Break Out Big in 2012.I hope this is a new trend.

Yesterday I mentioned that the faboo Fran Drescher was officiating a same-sex wedding in NYC, and you can see the result below.
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Dial Back the Date!: March 7 Introduces You to The Beatles!

Start checking off items on your 2012 bucket list, because we've only got 299 days left in this Mayan craziness. In the meantime, enjoy some savory March 7 tidbits about The Beatles, Monopoly, the immortal Taylor Dayne, and that time a murder scandalized Disneyland.

1933: The game of Monopoly is invented. The first Monopoly match began the next day, and it should probably finish up any minute now. But seriously, folks, do any of you remember the Monopoly game show? It aired in 1990 as a primetime summer draw alongside Super Jeopardy!, a version of the Alex Trebek favorite featuring past champions. I was literally 3 when Monopoly premiered, and you'll have to forgive my divine Virtel memory genes, because I Still remember its theme! "M-o-n-o-p-o-l-y / Roll the dice / It's paradise!" The familiar gameboard was present, but the gameplay included lame little trivia items. Unfortunately, the show didn't survive, unless you count the lasting sonic
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'Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off' premiere: What did you think?

The Food Network kicked off "Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off" Sunday night (Jan. 1), which was definitely a fun new reality competition, we thought. There are eight celeb chef-testants (you can see all of their cooking profiles here), competing for $50,000 for the charity of their choice.

First off, the introduction - we love the giant kitchen space for the competitions. And then for teams, Guy picks Coolio, Cheech, Alyssa and Joey, while Rachael picks Lou, Aaron, Summer and Taylor.

The first challenge is catering a food festival. They each produce one food item for 150 people. Wow. Each person has a token to give to a chef and the team with the most tokens wins the challenge and is safe. The losing team will lose someone.

Team Rachael decides to do a Hot in the City theme and Team Guy goes with a Mexican theme and then the chef-testants all find out
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'Celebrity Cook-Off's' Taylor Dayne: 'Don't let Guy's fun rock 'n' roll side ... fool you'

Singer Taylor Dayne is one of eight celebrity chef-testants taking part in Rachael Ray vs. Guy Fieri's "Celebrity Cook-Off," which debuts Sunday night, Jan. 1, at 9 p.m. Et on the Food Network.

Taylor's Quick Bite, "I truly enjoy the feeling of shopping at the market and cooking for my kids."

Taylor's All-Star Technique:

"The best tip I learned: When making a sauce for your pasta, put 1/2 a cup of the cooking water in the sauce. The starch from the pasta will thicken and flavor it in one step."

Was Rachael or Guy more competitive?

"Don't let Guy's fun rock 'n' roll side or his sweet grin fool you. He's a competitive animal!"

Taylor before the show, "I cooked a random mixture of things that everyone lovingly called goulash, even though it wasn't."

And now, "I can make veal marsala ... from scratch!"
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AfterElton Briefs: "Glee"'s Decent Proposal, Madonna's "Luv," and the First Ten Minutes of Next Week's "Revenge"

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Birthday Shoutouts! Thomas Dekker (above) is 24, Denzel Washington is 57, Seth Meyer is 38, and tennis players Patrick Rafter and James Blake are 39 and 32.Just a reminder that we will be on a limited schedule this week. Ed will have a Meme in the morning, and I'll have Briefs at night, and we may have a couple of posts during the day.The Top International Glbt Stories of 2011.Robin Williams' pets need a reality show. "I also have a gay rescue pug called Leonard. He has a boyfriend and they are planning to adopt a Siamese kitten together. We're very modern." Another Hollywood legend has passed away. TV Line has another look at Glee's return on January 17th, this time focusing on Will and whatserface. Don't tease us, Rick. Is this the track list and title for Madonna's new album?That "artist" I mentioned yesterday has responded to Towleroad about that awful calendar.
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