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Peaky Blinders Season 4 Episode 5 Review – ‘The Duel’

Liam Hoofe reviews the fifth episode of Peaky Blinders season 4…

With 2017 drawing to a close, Peaky Blinders is making a late surge to make it on to our ‘top 10 of the year’ lists. The season’s fifth episode ‘The Duel’ was another tightly packed, high-octane thrill ride that set the show on course for an explosive finale next week.

The show started as it meant to go on, with Luca Changretti and his men ambushing Tommy, only to discover that they had been set up by him and Polly. The sequence was perfectly executed and a thrill to watch. Tommy managed successfully to box in the Italians, coming face to face with Changretta in one of the episode’s most tense moments. Of course, though, we are going to have wait for their big final showdown until the next episode, and this week’s collision was halted by the arrival of the local police.
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Peaky Blinders Season 4 Review

For us heathens that brandish figurative razor blade-endowed flat caps stateside as (un)official members of the Peaky Blinders crew, it’s been a particularly strenuous month or so. Season 4 of Steven Knight’s addictive gangster drama has been airing new episodes weekly in Europe since November 15th. Considering the manner in which season 3 concluded, international employees of Shelby Company Ltd have been suffering through their own form of detox, desperately resisting spoilers each passing Wednesday.

Thankfully, Netflix will provide the fix by releasing all six episodes of season 4 on December 21st. It’s a largely meaningless conciliation for enthusiasts, no doubt, as the entirety of season 4 will have already premiered overseas by that time, but I digress.

For those needing a refresher – in the waning moments of season 3, the Shelby family were celebrating their triumph over the Russians inside Tommy’s office while he distributed the spoils of the Blinders’ latest victory amongst them.
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Review: Bullet Head

  • JoBlo
Plot: Three low-level criminals (Adrien Brody, John Malkovich & Rory Culkin) find themselves trapped in a warehouse with a deadly fight dog named De Niro. Review: As far as Dtv crime thrillers go, Bullet Head, which once had the far more appropriate title De Niro, isn’t half bad. From writer-directed Paul Solet, whose indie horror flick Grace played to generally good reviews back in... Read More...
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Film Review: ‘Bullet Head’

Film Review: ‘Bullet Head’
Good intentions sometimes come in odd packages, and while one doesn’t doubt writer-director Paul Solet’s sincerity, “Bullet Head” makes his judgment questionable — a vaguely “Reservoir Dogs”-esque crime thriller is not, it turns out, the ideal vehicle in which to plead for humane treatment of actual dogs. Even without that earnest underlying agenda, this slick but ungainly opus would be a curious animal, with its mix of present-tense suspense and (too many) comedic or sentimental flashbacks, as robbers Adrien Brody, John Malkovich and Rory Culkin kill time in a warehouse after a bungled heist.

None of the actors is at his best in the Bulgaria-shot feature, with Antonio Banderas especially thanklessly deployed as a nemesis. Add in dialogue that often labors for wit or profundity; doggy-pov shots and flashbacks; plus the fact that this appeal to canine lovers involves critters that are bloody and torn from illegal fighting matches — a sure turnoff to much of
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Peaky Blinders Series 4 Episode 4 Review – ‘Dangerous’

Liam Hoofe reviews the fourth episode of Peaky Blinders series 4…

As jam-packed hours of television go, you are going to struggle to find anything more exhilarating than Peaky Blinders right now. This week’s episode wasted no time moving forward and with only two episodes of the show left, things are only going to get more exciting in the coming weeks.

What Peaky Blinders does so exceptionally well is keep all of its plates spinning at full speed. This week’s episode felt like the most action-packed yet, with all of the show’s key narratives given screen time. The biggest story in the show is obviously the Mafia’s quest to take out the Shelby family, and after last week’s surprise twist which saw Polly make a deal with Adrien Brody’s Changretta, this week it looked as though that wasn’t quite what it seems. In fact,
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Nsfw Clip: Bullet Head Starring Adrien Brody and John Malkovich vs Cujo

One of the top films I’m looking forward to checking out asap is director Paul Solet’s thriller Bullet Head starring Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas, and John Malkovich. As many a clever writer has already pointed out, the film looks to be a cross between Reservoir Dogs and, you know, an actual f*cking dog. And a mean […]

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Movie Review – Bullet Head (2017)

Bullet Head, 2017.

Directed by Paul Solet.

Starring Adrien Brody, John Malkovich, Rory Culkin and Antonio Banderas.


After a heist gone tragically wrong, three career criminals find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law closing in. But, inside the warehouse, a more dangerous threat awaits—as the fugitives are plunged into a furious battle for their lives.

A lot is said about movie trailers ruining the experience. You watch a trailer that either shows the major plot points, the biggest laughs and surprises, or outright sell the wrong movie. On the other hand, going to see a movie knowing only the title and maybe who’s in it can also give you the wrong impression. This is to say I was very wrong about the type of movie Bullet Head is.

It all starts with a Pov scene. We look through the eyes of a creature being led by two men.
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Film News Roundup: Netflix Launching ‘Seeing Allred’ Documentary in Early 2018

Film News Roundup: Netflix Launching ‘Seeing Allred’ Documentary in Early 2018
In today’s film news roundup, Netflix has set a 2018 launch for “Seeing Allred,” the Palm Springs Film Festival will honor Holly Hunter, “Taste for Blood” gets a director, and Legendary sets up a ghost story.

Movie Launch

Netflix will launch the Gloria Allred documentary “Seeing Allred” on its global streaming network after its world premiere in competition at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

“Seeing Allred” was directed by Sophie Sartain (“Mimi and Dona”) and Roberta Grossman (“Above and Beyond”). It’s produced by Grossman, Sartain, Marta Kauffman (co-creator of “Friends”), Robbie Rowe Tollin, and Hannah Ks Canter (“Grace & Frankie”).

“I feel fortunate that ‘Seeing Allred’ captures my passion and battle for justice for many victims of injustice,” said Allred. “The courage that my clients demonstrate, in speaking truth to power, inspires me every day as we fight together.”

The film includes archival footage and sit-down interviews with supporters and critics and examines Allred’s personal
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Nicki Minaj & Jesse Williams Transform into Magical Fairies for New H&M Holiday Commercial

Nicki Minaj & Jesse Williams Transform into Magical Fairies for New H&M Holiday Commercial
Nicki Minaj and Jesse Williams are starring in their most mystical acting roles yet as they headline H&M’s new holiday commercial, which premiered on Tuesday.

In the Johan Renckhe-directed ad, the rapper, 34, and the actor, 36, play parents to a little girl who’s told a bedtime story from Williams’ imaginative improvisations. The star’s on-screen daughter is transported in the touching tale and explores a parallel universe in search of the evil brother of Father Christmas, played by actor John Turturro.

And in her quest to bring holiday cheer back to all, the young protagonist finds help from
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The 25 Youngest Men Ever Nominated for Best Actor

by Nathaniel R

Timothée Chalamet photographed by Craig McDean for Interview magazine

With the fine coming of age romantic drama Call Me By Your Name now in limited release, audiences can join critics in swooning over the revelatory work of Timothée Chalamet's as the preternaturally sophisticated but hormonally confused Elio. He won the Gotham Awards "Breakthrough" award last night. Should his incredible performance earn him an Academy nomination for Best Leading Actor, he will be the third youngest man to ever receive that honor (he turns 22 the day after Christmas)...

Only Mickey Rooney and Jackie Cooper were younger in their Oscar races and both happened in Oscar's first dozen years (!) when the Academy's habits and fetishes and aversions were still being sorted out. They quickly turned against really young actors. While many women have won Best Actress in their 20s, it's only happened once for a man. The youngest
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Peaky Blinders Series 4 Episode 2 Review – ‘Heathens’

Liam Hoofe reviews the second episode of Peaky Blinders series 4…

Peaky Blinders returned to our screens last week with what I consider to be one of the best episodes of television in 2017. The episode was full of awesome moments and it shocked us all with its devastating ending.

This series’ second episode, ‘Heathens’ picked up where last week’s episode left off, focusing on the aftermath of John and Michael’s shooting. As the episode progressed we discovered that Michael survived, catching ricochets of bullets from John. John, though, was not that lucky, and we discover pretty quickly that The Blinders are going to be one man down from now on.

John’s funeral scene was an excellent sequence, one that really captured everything that is great about the show. No show on TV could make a funeral look as cool as this, with the Blinders gathered around paying their
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Peaky Blinders: Netflix Sets Season Four Release Date

It's time to return to Birmingham. Netflix has announced the fourth season of the Peaky Blinders TV show will premiere on Thursday, December 21, 2017. In UK, the season four debuted on BBC Two on November 15th. A BBC and Netflix historical crime drama, Peaky Blinders stars Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Aidan Gillen, Adrien Brody, and Tom Hardy. The fourth season kicks off in 1925, with Tommy Shelby (Murphy), who is estranged from his family, realizing he needs to go back home. Read More…
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Littlefinger Isn't in Westeros Anymore - He's Making Waves on Peaky Blinders

  • BuzzSugar
Your favorite British bad boys (and girls) are coming back soon! Peaky Blinders season four is dangerously close, with the first trailer - which you can watch below - promising blood, tears, and a whole lot of gang-fueled drama for fan-favorite character Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his family. The series' fourth installment wrapped shooting in July, so here's everything you need to know about what to expect for the upcoming season. Give the thrilling trailer a watch, and then get ready for your favorite show's exciting return . . . by order of the Peaky fookin' Blinders. When does it air? The official Us release date for the series is Dec. 21, but it started airing on BBC in the U.K. on Nov. 15. Fortunately American viewers don't have to wait too long for its return! Who's new to the cast? The gripping trailer reveals several new faces to the cast, including Adrien Brody
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Poster and trailer for crime thriller Bullet Head starring Adrien Brody, John Malkovich and Antonio Banderas

With just three weeks to go until its release, Lionsgate and Saban have debuted a new poster and trailer for writer-director Paul Solet’s upcoming crime thriller Bullet Head which stars Adrien Brody, John Malkovich, Antonio Banderas, and Rory Culkin; check them out below…

Oscar® winner Adrien Brody, John Malkovich, and Antonio Banderas deliver the action in this riveting crime story filled with pulse-pounding twists and turns. After a heist gone tragically wrong, three career criminals find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law closing in. But, inside the warehouse, a more dangerous threat awaits—as the fugitives are plunged into a furious battle for their lives.

Bullet Head is set for release on December 8th.
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Peaky Blinders Series 4 Episode 1 Review – ‘The Noose’

Liam Hoofe reviews the series 4 premiere of Peaky Blinders

This review contains major spoilers.

As recent British exports go, Peaky Blinders has to rank as one of the highest. The show, based around the notorious Midlands gangster group the Peaky Blinders – has become one of the most popular British shows in recent memory, thanks to some excellent writing, stylish production, an awesome cast and a big boost internationally thanks to Netflix. The show returned for its fourth series last night, and it looks set to be the show’s most exciting yet.

Picking up where last series left off, the episode opened with an ominous shot of the hangman’s noose, a stark reminder of the potential consequences facing the Blinders after Tommy’s apparent betrayal at the end of last series. It isn’t long before every member of the group has that noose around their neck, and the
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‘Lost’ Leonardo da Vinci Painting Sells For a Record Smashing $450m – And It Once Cost Just $60!

Art world history has been made!

From once being sold for $60 to being called “the greatest artistic rediscovery of the 21st century,” Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” painting has captivated the attention of art lovers around the world once again.

The 500-year-old portrait of Christ (the title means “Savior of the World” in Italian) sold for a record $450.3 million at a Christie’s auction on Wednesday in New York City. The 16th-century work of art — which opened for bids at $100,000 — is now officially the most expensive painting ever sold.

The auction lasted nearly 20 minutes and the final bid was $400 million which,
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First Trailer for 'Bullet Head' Starring Adrien Brody & John Malkovich

"It's all there. - the motherload." Saban Films has debuted the first official trailer for a funky crime thriller titled Bullet Head, from writer/director Paul Solet. The film is about three career criminals who end up trapped inside a warehouse together, after finding money inside. A deranged dog keeps them stuck in the building. Starring Adrien Brody and John Malkovich, along with Antonio Banderas, Ori Pfeffer, Alexandra Dinu, Velizar Binev, Owen Davis, and Cristina Segovia. This seems like it could be a cool film, but I'm not too sure this one pulled that off, though I am curious at least. You may want to take a look. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Paul Solet's Bullet Head, direct from YouTube: A highly-stylized crime story reminiscent of Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. As three career criminals find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law closing in and an even worse threat waiting inside,
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Peaky Blinders recap: series four, episode one: The Noose

This cracker of an opening episode was tense, well-paced and tightly plotted, with a vengeance-driven bad guy played by Adrien Brody

Hello, and welcome back. Let’s all take a deep breath and raise a glass to John Shelby. He wasn’t the smartest brother, nor even the best at killing people, but I always had a soft spot for the hot-headed John with his empty bravado, big “We’re the Peaky fucking Blinders” speeches and not-so-deeply buried pain. Oh John, if only you could have seen out your days pretending you were a country squire while ineptly shooting at pheasants with a handgun …

This was a cracker of an opening episode, tense, well-paced and hinting at a welcome return to tightly plotted form after the baroque Russian excesses of the last series. For 18 episodes, Nick Cave has sung about a gathering storm, and it now truly feels as though
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10 Things About Heath Ledger's Joker You Never Knew

10 Things About Heath Ledger's Joker You Never Knew
The Dark Knight is widely considered one of the greatest comic book movies ever and regularly ranks toward the top in fan polls about the greatest movies, period. Part of the reverence for the film revolves around the legendary performance of Heath Ledger, who passed away before the release of the film that earned him an Oscar. It's well known that Ledger's commitment to the iconic role was complete down to the way he famously kept a Joker diary while developing the character in isolation. Today, we look through the history of his performance, and investigate ten things that most fans don't know about his role in the movie.

Heath Ledger was the only actor offered the role.

The arrival of Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime was teased at the end of Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan's well-received reboot of the Caped Crusader. Several actors pursued the role. Adrien Brody
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Peaky Blinders: Will Season Five Be the End of the BBC TV Series?

What's next for Peaky Blinders? Recently, creator Steven Knight and the cast spoke with Deadline about the future of the BBC TV show.The UK drama, which airs on Netflix in the U.S., centers on a gang living and operating in 1920s Birmingham, England. The cast includes Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Tom Hardy, Annabelle Wallis, Sam Neill, Charlotte Riley, and Adrien Brody.Read More…
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