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They Don't Call It 'Show Art'

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When it comes to the age - old dilemma of art versus commerce, young actors are likely to hear advice that falls anywhere between those two extremes. No wonder they're confused.Most have at least some spirit of the artist in them and want to approach their craft with sensitivity and integrity. Yet there's rent to be paid. Especially in today's volatile economy, business is business -- and that includes show business. Back Stage recently spoke with four acting instructors who teach the business side of the craft while also encouraging their students to find and love the art in themselves.Do Right by the Writer Amy Lyndon (Cold Reading Classes) is an actor and teacher in Los Angeles who owned a talent management company for nine years. She also recently wrote a book, The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map to Booking. In her teaching, she shares what she learned --
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