Production begins on third season of Janet King

Marta Dusseldorp as Janet King..

The third season of Screentime.s ABC drama Janet King, starring Marta Dusseldorp, goes into production this week.

Joining the established cast of Damian Walshe-Howling, Peter Kowitz, Christopher Morris, Andrea Demetriades, Anita Hegh and Hamish Michael for the third instalment will be Don Hany, Robert Mammone, Susie Porter, Andrew Ryan, Huw Higginson, John Bach, Steve Le Marquand, Arka Das and Adam Demos.

This season, Janet will confront .a hornet.s nest of illegal gambling, organised crime and money laundering, while investigating the tragic death of a young sports star..

Written by Greg Haddrick, Felicity Packard, and Niki Aken with Alexa Wyatt as writer/script producer, the season will be directed by Peter Andrikidis, Grant Brown and Catherine Millar.

Janet King is produced by Karl Zwicky and Lisa Scott with Hilary Bonney and Marta Dusseldrop as associate producers. Screentime.s Haddrick, ABC.s Sally Riley and Kym Goldsworthy are executive producers.
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In Defense of ‘Tomorrowland’

Warning: The following contains major thematic spoilers for a movie nobody has seen.

It hadn’t been 2 weeks since its release when Brad Bird’s new film Tomorrowland had been dubbed a “failure” by the very studio that released it. In those two weeks the film was beaten at the box office by the sequel to a movie where glee club girls slid around in vomit, was projected unable to make back its reported 190 million dollar budget and became Disney’s convenient scapegoat for scrapping production on “Tron 3” – which caused internet trolls to take a break from complaining about Tron: Legacy and the abundance of sequels and remakes to complain that they won’t get to see “Tron 3”.

As with all news that goes viral, the reaction was swift and disproportionate, allowing box office performance to tarnish the film’s image and shut down discussion of the movie itself. A
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Stan looks for more original content

Subscription video-on-demand service Stan expects to announce at least two more development deals with Australian producers in the next couple of months.

The platform co-owned by Nine Entertainment Co (NEC) and Fairfax Media sees Australian original content as a key point of differentiation with competitors Presto Movies/Presto TV and with Netflix, which is due to launch in Australia/New Zealand on March 28.

The number of Aussie projects it will commission will depend partly on its ability to raise finance from other sources including international broadcasters or co-producers.

.We have a fixed amount to spend so the key will be to find overseas partners for co-funding at an early stage,. Nick Forward, Stan.s director of content and product, tells If.

.That may mean more reliance on international cast or co-commissions with subscription VoD and premium cable players who make a lot of this sort of content..

Last month Stan
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Stunning Concept Art For Cancelled BioShock Movie Hints At What Could Have Been

Artist Kasra Farahani has released some truly stunning concept art for the BioShock movie that never was, after the video game adaptation was canned at Universal Studios following budget problems.

The artwork, which you can feast your eyes on in the gallery below, depicts a wonderful and wholly on-point visualization of Rapture, along with the Little Sisters and towering, mechanized Big Daddies. Alas, this isn’t the first time that we’ve been exposed to concept art from the cancelled film, after artist Jim Martin took to his own website to post his personal rendition of life under the sea.

Sadly, it looks almost certain that we’ll never see either vision make its way to the silver screen, given how quickly the brakes were hit at Universal. At one point, the studio had Pirates of the Caribbean helmer Gore Verbinski on board to direct, though he soon left after
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‘Bioshock’: Rapture has an atmosphere that remains unmatched

Bioshock/Bioshock 2

2K Boston, Marin, Australia

2K Games

PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, iOS

As science fiction has popularly shown, the best dystopias always began as utopias. The idea of a fallen utopia is something that humanity seems to take an inherent comfort in. Much like our unflappable interest in seeing our heroes and idols fall fall from grace, a destroyed wonderland, or one that hides a myriad of horrors beneath its carefully constructed facade, is a reassuring proposition, one that works to assuage any guilt we might have for not trying to be better, or affecting any real change in our own society or circumstances.

The dystopia promises that whatever change your good intentions might bring, however nobly they began, could easily be twisted and crushed by your followers, your society, or even yourself.

This is Rapture in a nutshell. Andrew Ryan, Rapture’s founder, is the ultimate idealist and
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Comic Book Review – Roche Limit #1

Zeb Larson reviews Roche Limit #1…

“Our Destiny Is The Stars, And I Will Lead Us There.” Twenty years after this promise, billionaire Langford Skaargard’s dream of cosmic exploration is no more. Roche Limit, a colony situated on the cusp of a mysterious energy anomaly, is a melting pot of crime and terrible secrets. When Bekkah Hudson goes missing, the search to find her will plunge her sister and a cadre of the colony’s underworld figures into an odyssey that reveals a grim future for mankind. Blending 2001: A Space Odyssey with Blade Runner, Roche Limit is the first part of a bold sci-fi/noir trilogy.

Fans of science fiction are really raking it in when it comes to comic books. Roche Limit is another in a long series of books this year set in space, and this one deals with a failed colony established by Langford Skaargred. The colony,
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BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode 2 Review

My review for Burial At Sea – Episode 1, while positive, lamented the fact that Irrational Games chose to expound upon the idea of parallel universes for their Dlc, a decision that I now understand and, surprisingly, support after playing the second episode. One reason for this is that the latest chapter is simply better than the first in that it offers a stronger story, enhanced gameplay and even manages to tie the series as a whole together. Even though some of the individual pieces don’t come together perfectly, BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode 2 wraps up the series in a way that fans need to experience.

The story picks up directly after Episode 1′s ending, with Sally falling into Atlas’ hands and Elizabeth desperate to get her back. To ensure Sally’s safety, Elizabeth agrees to return the department store prison that houses Atlas and his men back to Rapture
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BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode Two Concludes Elizabeth’s Tale

The story of Elizabeth, Booker and the rest of the BioShock Infinite cast concludes today with the release of BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode Two. To celebrate, 2K Games has released a new trailer for the storyline Dlc that gives us a glimpse at what lies ahead.

Taking place directly following the events of the first Burial At Sea episode, this outing places gamers into Elizabeth’s shoes for the first time. Without Booker’s combat expertise to back her up, Elizabeth must rely on stealth and cunning in order to navigate through Rapture and find Sally, the Little Sister she is desperately looking for. Along the way, she will find herself having to deal with the likes of Atlas and Andrew Ryan in order to finish her mission.

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode Two is the third and final piece of content that will be released for the title.
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Inxs miniseries goes out on high note

The finale of the Seven Network.s Inxs: Never Tear Us Apart drew 2.579 million viewers nationally and 1.768 million in the five metro cities last night.

While the national figure was down 200,000 on the premiere, the drama produced by Shine Australia easily won its timeslot.

Directed by Daina Reid and written by Dave Warner and Justin Monjo, the two-part series starred Luke Arnold, Nicholas Masters, Ido Drent, Andy Ryan, Alex Williams and Hugh Sheridan.

Seven said part one of Never Tear Us Apart was watched by 276,000 people on catch-up viewing in the past seven days, delivering a a total audience of 2.243 million in the five major markets.

Nine.s documentary Mayday Mayday: Terror on QF32, was weak opposition, pulling just 872,000 nationally (586,000 viewers in the metros).

Seven.s My Kitchen Rules maintained its ascendancy with 2.69 million viewers nationally (1.86 million)

However Nine.s The Block: Fans vs Faves posted its highest ratings so far,
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Return To Rapture On November 12th With BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea

2K Games has announced that the first episode of BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea will be available on November 12th. The Dlc will carry a price tag of $14.99 and will launch simultaneously on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

In Burial At Sea, you will return to the world of Rapture that was brought so vividly to life in the first two BioShock games. Bearing a strong resemblance to classic “film-noir” tales, protagonist Booker DeWitt will explore the undersea dystopia on the eve of its downfall, which takes place one year before the original BioShock began. Further plot details have not been disclosed, but like all noir films, it will probably be a good, hard-boiled mystery.

In the Dlc you can expect to run into not only your companion from BioShock Infinite, Elizabeth, but some “old friends” from previous games as well. One would expect some of these friends to include the likes of Andrew Ryan,
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Take A Peek At The First Five Minutes Of BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode 1

This holiday season, Irrational Games will take BioShock Infinite players back to Rapture, Andrew Ryan’s underwater dystopia. That will be done via the release of Burial at Sea – Episode 1, the game’s first major downloadable add-on, and the first part of a two-tiered alternate reality-based storyline.

Showcasing a different side of Rapture, Burial at Sea looks to expand upon BioShock Infinite in new and exciting ways. We’ve yet to play it, but everything we’ve seen and heard has piqued our collective interest. In fact, it won’t surprise us if the new campaign ends up being one of the best downloadable content packs of this console generation.

Featured below for your perusal is a preview of sorts. That is, the first five minutes of the add-on, which, expectedly, contains spoilers. You’ve been warned, my friends.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.
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Return To Rapture This Holiday Season With BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea

The BioShock series has long been recognized in the gaming world as an immersive experience, complete with its own history and mythology, interesting storylines and a bevy of moral decision-making. Now the series is adding to this legacy with two new Dlc packs, entitled BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea.

Burial at Sea follows Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, the central protagonists from BioShock Infinite, and features a return to the underwater city of Rapture before the events of its civil war. What’s more, players will get to explore the metropolis in its idyllic heyday, before Andrew Ryan’s creation takes a turn for the worse and the Adam-fuelled Splicers bring about its downfall. Not only that, its been confirmed that the unforgiving 1999 mode from Infinite will be available for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea upon launch, too.

The expansion itself is said to be “narrative-driven” and will tie Booker and Elizabeth’s stories together.
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All Oz networks repped at Spaa conference

Executives from all Australian free-to-air networks and Foxtel will provide rare insights into the kind of shows looking for at this year.s Screen Forever: Spaa Conference.

In a new Meet the Buyer strand, each Australian broadcaster will present a session. Executive producers, commissioning editors and development executives will recap on the year, discussing the shows that worked and those that flopped.

They.ll outline the content they are seeking and why; the timeslots they are looking to fill; the audiences they are trying to attract; and how best to present new ideas for consideration. The executives participating include:

Ten: Rick Maier, Executive Producer, Cherrie Bottger, Network Head of Children's Television Nine: Jo Rooney, Network Drama Executive, Andy Ryan, Executive Producer of Drama, Adrian Swift, Director of Development, Karen Dewey, Head of Reality and Factual Foxtel: Jim Buchan, General Manager Factual Acquisitions, Josie Mason-Campbell, Managing Executive Producer Seven: Stevie K Murray,
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Clare 1-17 Tipperary 2-10 – Munster U21 Hurling Final 2013

Clare pulled off a fantastic performance to retain their Munster title in a thrilling Munster U21 Hurling Final at Semple Stadium on Wednesday evening.

There was large turnout at Thurles, due in part to the fine weather, and the gathered crowd saw an imperious Clare barrel to victory over their near neighbours and rivals Tipperary.

Jason Forde put in an exhibition of free-taking to keep the Premier County in touch, but they were no match for the Bannerman in truth. Late goals from star man Forde, including a bullet of a penalty, reduced the final deficit, but Clare never looked in danger of losing at any stage, and with a host of players from the senior panel in their ranks, they closed out the game in some style.

Cathal O’Connell pointed six frees from a total of 8 points, and Cunningham, Galvin, and Tony Kelly also grabbed a brace each
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Jade cast as Kylie in Never Tear Us Apart

The 2012 X Factor winner, singer Samantha Jade, makes her screen debut as Kylie Minogue in the Seven Network miniseries Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of Inxs.

Billed as the uncensored story of the iconic band's rise to the top of the international charts and the aftermath of dealing with frontman Michael Hutchence's death in 1997, it's shooting in Melbourne.

Luke Arnold, who stars as Long John Silver in the Michael Bay-produced pirate adventure series Black Sails for the Us network Starz, plays Hutchence.

Georgina Haig (Fringe, The Elephant Princess) has been cast as Paula Yates and Mallory Jansen (Howzat! Kerry Packer's War) is Helena Christensen.

The first drama production from Shine Australia, it's scripted by Justin Monjo and Dave Warner. Daina Reed is the director and the producers are Kerrie Mainwaring and Andrew Prowse.

Newcomer Nicholas Masters is Tim Farriss with Ido Drent as Jon Farriss, Andy Ryan as Andrew Farriss,
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Realism In Video Games – A Discussion

Before a game reaches the development stage, months if not years of planning must occur to lay the foundation of plot, design, style and to incorporate the mechanics. Many games have received overhauls mid-production, leading to drastic changes in the gameplay, but one aspect that seems to remain a constant from the start is one simple idea: How congruous to reality do we want this game to adhere?

Reality can simply take the form of the appearance of the game – although sci-fi themed, the Metal Gear series has remained visually “real” with dark landscapes, cumbersome armor and overall tone, whereas Assassin’s Creed uses the backdrop of actual Real history to overlay it’s characters and story. Reality in gaming does not necessarily have to mean obeying the laws of physics, but usually works with a manipulation of a system of morals or ideals. A game’s age rating is
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'BioShock Infinite' review, with an addendum

Here is the review of BioShock Infinite that I wrote for this week’s print edition of Entertainment Weekly:

The original BioShock is a definite contender for the Greatest Games of All Time list. The 2007 undersea dystopian adventure could have been just one of the niftiest first-person shooters ever. But creator Ken Levine infused the game with a surprising amount of intellectual depth. (How many games do you know that deconstruct Ayn Rand?)

Now Levine has delivered BioShock Infinite, less a continuation than a far-flung variation. Where BioShock took place in the depths of the ocean, Infinite sends you to Columbia,
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Bioshock Infinite Creative Director Ken Levine Sits Down Just With Us For Extended Conversation

I am sure there are a great many of you that have played Bioshock. I am sure that number is nearly identical to how many of you really enjoyed it. That is what you get from the “Highest rated first person shooter of all time”. The original was set in one of the most intoxicating gaming worlds ever put to coding, ripe with socio-political observations that most games wouldn’t even aim for on top of being an incredibly solid shooter.

The game industry has been waiting with baited breath to see what would come from Irrational Games and the game’s creative director, Ken Levine, for the past five and a half years. The first game of course had a sequel in Bioshock 2, and while the game was decent, it lacked the impact of the first (Not entirely 2k Marin’s fault, we just knew what we were getting). Finally after years of waiting,
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Tomb Raider: New Fine Art Prints Coming Soon


The Official Tomb Raider Blog teased some new Art Prints based on the just released (and fantastic btw) Tomb Raider reboot. These prints will be coming to the official store soon, but for now you can head over to the facebook page to get a glimpse at some of the offerings. There are a few here that I'm just dying to have, but if you want to get your hands on them ahead of time you can find these at one of their pop up stores in San Fran or New York. You can peep more info on those here. No Eta on when they will be available, but I'll be sure to let you know when they go up for sale. In the meantime check out some of my favorites above and below.

By: Andrew Ryan

By: Sam Wolfe Connelly with Alesya Upton

By: Adam S Doyle
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10 Reasons Why We Love The First Two Bioshock Games

When I came to Bioshock, I knew that it was mentioned in discussions of ‘steampunk’ or ‘diselpunk’ narratives, but not much else. Then my girlfriend gave me her old Xbox along with a copy of the game she’d inherited. I tried it and was captivated with it. This and the sequel are among the few games I have stuck with playing till the end. And yes I have advance ordered Bioshock infinite as well.

Be warned, there will be spoilers in this article.

Bioshock began out of a desire for a more sandbox environment then the previous System Shock games. The plot went through many changes before they settled on Rapture as the location, the original character being conceived as a cult deprogrammer. The game moved from a role-play title to a first-person shooter. The time that the game spent in development helped it become as different and acclaimed as it was.
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