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  • (1914) Stage: Appeared (Broadway debut) in "Yosemite" on Broadway. Written by Charles A. Taylor. Directed by Ralph E. Cummings. New Amsterdam Theatre: 23 Nov 1914-Dec 1914 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Mac Barnes, Blanche Burns, Ethel Clifton, Robert Davis, Roberto Deshon, Frank Keenan, Lillian Kingsbury, Mario Majeroni, Thomas Meagan, John Mitchell, Calvin Thomas, Grace Valentine.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Sid Durham") in "Ringside" on Broadway. Written by Edward E. Paramore Jr., Hyatt Daab and George Abbott. Directed by George Abbott. Broadhurst Theatre: 29 Aug 1928-Sep 1928 (closing date unknown/37 performances). Cast: Laurel Adams, Suzanne Caubaye, Warren Colston, Harry Cooke (as "Phil"), Ashley Cooper, Carlo De Angelo, Brian Donlevy (as "Huffy"), William Franklin, Robert Gleckler (as "John Zelli"), Yvonne Grey, Dan E. Hanlon, Kaye Hastings, Donald Heywood, James Horgan, James Lane, Harriet E. MacGibbon (as "Doris O'Connell"), John Meehan (as "Peter Murray"), Packey O'Gatty, J. Ascher Smith (as "Radio Announcer"), Richard Taber (as "Bobby Murray"), Frank Verigun, Charles Wagenheim (as "Joe"), William F. Walker, Bobbe Weeks, Craig Williams, George J. Williams. Produced by Gene Buck. NOTE: Filmed as Night Parade (1929).
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared in "Merry Andrew" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared ("Otis") in "Sweet Land of Liberty" on Broadway. Melodrama. Written / directed by Phillip Dunning. Knickerbocker Theatre: 23 Sep 1929- Sep 1929 (closing date nknown/8 performances). Cast: George Barbier (as "Charlie Hunter"), Dorothy Blackburn (as "Mrs. Molly Richards"), Thomas Coffin Cooke (as "Muserve"), Anne Forrest (as "Flossie Brendell"), Robert Harrison (as "Newton"), J.J. Hyland (as "Patrolman Russ"), James Keane (as "Nevens"), Wilton Lackaye (as "War Veteran"), Hermann Lieb (as "Franklin Baker"), Robert Lynn (as "Buckley"), Elsa Ryan (as "Mrs. Hunter"), John Sharkey (as "Joseph J. Davis"), Bobbie Steele (as "Little Jackie"), Ralph Theodore (as "Jack Richards"), Joseph Woodburn (as "Dan"). Produced by Abraham L. Erlanger and George C. Tyler.
  • (1930) Stage: Appeared (as "Daley") in "Those We Love" on Broadway. Drama. Written by George Abbott (also director) and S.K. Lauren. John Golden Theatre: 19 Feb 1930-Apr 1930 (closing date unknown/77 performances). Cast: George Abbott (as "Frederick Williston"), Helen Flint (as "Valerie Parker"), Franklyn Fox (as "Bertie Parker"), Josephine Hull (as "Evelyn"), Percy Kilbride (as "Jake"), Madeleine King (as "Julia Aiken"), Armina Marshall Langner (as "May Williston"), Edwin Philips, Natalie Potter, G. Albert Smith (as "A Stranger"), J. Ascher Smith, John Stokes (as "Clifford Aiken"), Elizabeth Taylor (as "Helen"), Charles Waldron (as "Mr. Blake"). Produced by Phillip Dunning. NOTE: Filmed as Those We Love (1932).
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared in "Angels Don't Kiss" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1932) Sage: Appeared (as "Dr. Hawley") in "Lilly Turner" on Broadway. Written / directed by George Abbott and Phillip Dunning. Scenic Design by Livingston Platt. Morosco Theatre: 19 Sep 1932-Oct 1932 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Robert Barrat (as "Frederick"), Granville Bates (as "Dave Turner"), James Bell, Warren Bryan, Dorothy Hall (as "Lilly Turner"), Percy Kilbride (as "Truckman"), John Litel (as "Bob Cross"), Emmett Shackelford (as "Hotel Manager"), Byron Shores, Clare Woodbury. Produced by Abbott-Dunning, Inc.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared in "Twentieth Century" on Broadway. Comedy (original production). Written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Directed by George Abbott. Broadhurst Theatre: 29 Dec 1932-20 May 1933 (152 performances). Cast: Frank Badham, Granville Bates (as "Conductor"), Matt Briggs, Florence Edney (as "Sadie"), William Frawley (as "Owen O'Malley"), Etienne Girardot (as "Matthew Clark"), Hans Hamsa, Ross Hertz (as "Train Secretary"), Ernest Hunter, Cliffman Jewell, Moffat Johnston, Edward La Roche (as "Second Beard" / "Judas"), Eugenie Leontovich, Dennie Moore (as "Anita Highland"), Roy Roberts, Henry Sherwood, Robert Sloane, J. Ascher Smith, James Spottswood, Charles Wagenheim, Alfred Webster, Clare Woodbury, William Worth. Produced by George Abbott and Phillip Dunning.

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