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Film Review: ‘Woodlawn’

Film Review: ‘Woodlawn’
Given the dramatic potential of its nondenominational plot elements — high-school football, racial tensions in the 1970s Deep South, an appearance by a secular saint of college sports legend — “Woodlawn” could very well appeal beyond the usual target audience for faith-based indies. This overly long yet consistently involving period drama by Jon and Andrew Erwin (“October Baby”), sibling filmmakers who bill themselves as the Erwin Brothers, could be described, accurately, as equal parts “Remember the Titans” and revivalist tent meeting. But until the balance tips rather too blatantly toward the latter during the final minutes, the overall narrative mix of history lesson, gridiron action and spiritual uplift is effectively and satisfyingly sustained.

At heart, “Woodlawn” is a two-in-one biopic, neatly entwining the stories of Tandy Gerelds (Nic Bishop), a hard-driven high-school football coach, and Tony Nathan (Caleb Castille), a prodigious young player who would go on to be a formidable running back for the Miami Dolphins.
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Sdcc 2012: A Chat With The Guys From Hatchet 3

One of the things about going to San Diego Comic Con, is you should never fully lock down your schedule. There will always be last minute opportunities that can fall into your lap. The Dark Sky press event for Hatchet 3 was that last minute opportunity for me. When I left for San Diego, I actually had no clue Dark Sky was holding a press event for Hatchet 3 as the movie hasn’t even finished production yet! Well, lo’ and behold, the Dark Sky people were able to squeeze me into their schedule and I sat down with Adam Green (Writer/Producer), Bj McDonnell (Director), Zach Galligan (Sheriff Fowler) and Kane Hodder (Victor Crowley) for a somewhat candid conversation about what looks to be the biggest installment of the Hatchet series yet.

So Hatchet 2 immediately picks up from the first one. Is it safe to say Hatchet 3 immediately picks up from where Hatchet 2 ended?
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Shark Night 3D Prizepack Giveaway!!

Hey shark enthusiasts, have we got a contest for you. In celebration of another of our favorite predators, Wamg has a chum-my (like that??) special giveaway before Relativity Media unleashes Shark Night 3D on September 2nd! Oh the glory of a summer weekend that turns into a chomping nightmare for a group of college students hunted by blood-thirsty underwater predators.

“Grab your friends, for one last bite of Summer!” and enter to win Roe passes/Prizepack Combo for Shark Night 3D.

Official Rules:

1. Roe passes: admit-two run-of-engagement passes to see Shark Night 3D at any area Wehrenberg Theatres location playing the film. (passes are valid Mon-Thurs beginning 9/5).

2. Fill Out Your Name And Email Address Below

3. Answer The Following: Tell us why you want to see Shark Night 3D? And what’s your favorite water-monster movie?

Winners Will Be Chosen Through A Random Drawing Of Qualifying Contestants

Arriving by boat at
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New Shark Night 3D Photos

Check out the new images from Shark Night 3D where a summer weekend turns into a blood-soaked nightmare for a group of college students hunted by blood-thirsty underwater predators…And In A Lake!!

Click Here to see the shark bait photos Relativity Media released in July at Comic Con. Look for the film in theaters September 2nd.

Arriving by boat at her family’s Louisiana lake island cabin, Sara (Sara Paxton) and her friends quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of fun in the sun. But when star football player Malik (Sinqua Walls) stumbles from the saltwater lake with his arm torn off, the party mood suddenly darkens. Nick (Dustin Milligan), a shy pre-med student, finds himself taking charge – administering first aid and informing Sara they dont have a minute to spare to get Malik to a hospital on the other side of the lake.

Setting out in a tiny speedboat,
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Contest: Win Huge from The Final Destination!

On August 28 The Final Destination will explode into theaters like never before. This new 3D installment of the popular horror franchise promises to poke your eyes out with plenty of gore and horrific scenes of mayhem. We're so excited about the upcoming release, which was directed by Final Destination 2's David Ellis, that we're giving away a whole bunch of cool swag in our new Final Destination contest. If you act fast, you might just cheat death and walk away with any one of these scary Final Destination prizes. Beat the Grim Reaper by entering this thrilling new contest today!

We're giving away the following prizes to various winners:

- Crystal Light-up Key Chains with 3D Face

- Emergency Car Tool Kit

- Women's Indigo, Skull T-Shirt

- Men's Green, Skull T-Shirt

- The Final Destination Luggage Tags

- Real D 3D Glasses - Premium Eye Wear - Arv $35 (Own your own high-end,
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Massive Final Destination Contest

With death knocking on our doors in theatres on August 28th, we figured that there would be no better way to celebrate our soon-to-be passing than with a massive contest ushering in The Final Destination!

So what exactly are we giving away, you ask? Check out the pictures below. For more on the film visit the The Final Destination website, and to receive exclusive Warner Bros. movie news updates click on the banner below.

Ok, enough talking! On to the prizes! To win yourself some of the cool swag below (prizes will broken up into random packages with one (1) grand prize winner getting one of everything, see below for official rules and regulations), just hit us off with an E-mail Here that includes your Full Name And Mailing Address, and we'll do the rest.

Women’s Indigo, Skull T-Shirt Men’s Green, Skull T-Shirt Crystal Light-up Key Chains with 3D
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Film review: 'Varsity Blues'

Film review: 'Varsity Blues'
Call it "Dawson's Cleats".

WB resident James Van Der Beek tries the big screen on for size with "Varsity Blues", an all-too-familiar portrait of a group of small town high school footballers who ultimately make All The Right Moves after seeing their way through a barrage of physical and psychological obstacles.

While Van Der Beek manages to make the transition with most of that "Dawson's Creek" sweetness intact, the tired, corn-fed storyline and generic, plug-and-play direction quickly give rise to the question, "Where's Adam Sandler when you need him?"

Given its pre-Super Bowl positioning and potential built-in "Dawson's Creek" demo, the MTV Films production probably won't have Paramount crying the blues, but neither will it be a boxoffice overachiever.

Van Der Beek plays second-string West Canaan Coyotes quarterback Jonathan Moxon, a good student with aspirations beyond the gridiron (he spends his time on the sidelines reading Kurt Vonnegut) which automatically puts him at odds with bullying head coach Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight) who's hell-bent on leading his team to their 23rd division title.

Of course, nobody likes a smart boy, especially in a town that has at least one very obese character called Billy Bob (Ron Lester) and a distinct fondness for the phrase, "sumabitch."

But Jonathan ends up going head-to-head with Kilmer when star quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) suffers an injury that will put him out of commission for two seasons, thrusting Moxon into the limelight.

As it turns out, keeping his team's spirits up and winning the division aren't the only items on Mox's full plate. There are also the matters of living out his father's own failed high school football dreams, handling the transferred affections of Harbor's cheerleader girlfriend (Ali Larter), while trying to hold onto his relationship with Harbor's unimpressed sister (Amy Smart), not to mention how he's going to deal with Kilmer's less-than-ethical ways of treating player injuries.

Since this is a story with zero semblance of originality or unpredictability, all will be tied up with a cute little bow at the end, with Mox providing a closing voice-over assuring us that he'll never forget that championship season.

Whatever cliches may have been inadvertently left out of W. Peter Iliff's derivative script, have thoughtfully been visually incorporated thanks to Brian Robbins' ("Good Burger") no-brainer directing style. The modus operandi here appears to be, when in doubt, go for the slo-mo.

Although Van Der Beek doesn't exactly register strongly here, he remains likable enough despite the uninspiring material. As his chief nemesis, Voight adds yet another heavy to his ever-growing roster of arched-eyebrowed adversaries. He's certainly up to more challenging stuff.

As the chronic party animal, Scott Caan displays some of dad James' early Young Buck bravado; while Ali Larter shows some spark as the town tramp who's afraid she'll never leave home despite her way with a can of whipped cream.

Production values are certainly more than serviceable, with solid work from cinematographer Charles Cohen, whose affinity for shooting athletics was previously demonstrated with "The Waterboy", "Little Giants", and, particularly, "Without Limits", a sports picture that refreshingly broke the generic mold at every turn with nary a Billy Bob in sight.



In association with MTV Films

A Marquee Tollin/Robbins prod. in association with Tova Laiter Prods.

Director: Brian Robbins

Producers: Tova Laiter, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins

Screenwriter: W. Peter Iliff

Executive producers: David Gale and Van Toffler

Director of photography: Charles Cohen

Production designer: Jaymes Hinkle

Editor: Ned Bastille

Costume designer: Wendy Chuck

Music supervisor: G. Marq Roswell

Music: Mark Isham



Jonathan Moxon: James Van Der Beek

Coach Bud Kilmer: Jon Voight

Lance Harbor: Paul Walker

Billy Bob: Ron Lester

Tweeder: Scott Caan

Jules Harbor: Amy Smart

Darcy: Ali Larter

Wendell: Eliel Swinton

Running time -- 106 minutes

MPAA Rating: R

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