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  • Edited book "They're Here..." Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Tribute. New York: Berkley Boulevard Books, 1999. ISBN 0425165272
  • TV commercial for American Motors' Matador (1970s)
  • Joan of Lorraine (1946). Historical drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson. Costume Design by Lee Simonson; Lighting Design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Margo Jones. Alvin Theatre: 18 Nov 1946- 10 May 1947 (199 performances). Cast: Ingrid Bergman (as "Mary Grey/Joan"), Romney Brent (as "Les Ward/The Dauphin"), Sam Wanamaker (as "Jimmy Masters, the Director/The Inquisitor"), Joanna Albus (as "Miss Sadler/St. Margaret"), Gilmore Bush (as "Al, the Stage Manager"), Ann Coray (as "Miss Reeves/St. Catherine"), Roger De Koven (as "Jeffson/Georges de Tremoille"), Charles Ellis (as "Charles Elling/Durand Laxart"), Bruce Hall (as "Jo Cordwell/Jean D'Arc"), Peter Hobbs (as "The Electrician, Bertrand de Poulengy"), Harry Irvine (as "Kipner/Regnault de Chartres, Archbishop of Rheims"), Timothy Lynn Kearse (as "Tessie, èe Assistant Stage Manager, Aurore"), Berry Kroeger (as "Sheppard, Alain Chartier"), Lewis Martin (as "Abbey/Jaques D'Arc; Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais"), Kevin McCarthy (as "Long Dunois, Bastard of Orleans"), Stephen Roberts (as "Smith, Thomas de Courcelles"), Martin Rudy (as "Noble, La Hire"), Arthur L. Sachs (as "Farwell/Jean de Metz; The Executioner"), Lotte Stavisky (as "Marie, the Costumer"), Kenneth Tobey (as "Dollner/Pierre D'Arc"), Brooks West (as "Quirke St. Michael, D'Estivet"), Joseph Wiseman (as "Champlain, Father Massieu"). Replacement actors: Terese Hayden (as "Tessie, èe Assistant Stage Manager"), Joanna Roos (as "Miss Sadler"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Kurt Weill, John F. Wharton). Note: The play was made into the 1948 Ingrid Bergman film Joan of Arc (1948). However, in the film, each actor played only one role, not two, as in the play.
  • In 1956, he made three different pilots for a proposed adventure series called, "African Drumbeat" Even though the films were shot on location in Africa and England, the pilot was not picked by the networks.
  • Appeared in "Mexican Mural" (1942). Opened at the Chanin Auditorium on April 27th. Written by Ramon Naya. Directed by Robert Lewis. Cast included Montgomery Clift, Libby Holman, Wallace House, Kenneth Tobey, Perry Wilson, Norma Chambers, Terry Dicks, Eda Reiss Merin, Spencer James, Gertrude Gilpin. This was experimental theater and financed by the wealthy Ms. Holman (who appeared as a Mexican peasant), who had become infatuated with Clift.
  • Numerous Twix candy bar commercials.
  • Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1938). Drama. Written by Robert E. Sherwood. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Elmer Rice. Plymouth Theatre: 15 Oct 1938- Dec 1939 (closing date unknown/472 performances). Cast: Raymond Massey (as "Abraham Lincoln"), Ora Alexander, Dorothy Allan, Frank Andrews, Lloyd Barry (as "Tad Lincoln"), Bette Benfield, Hubert Brown, Everett Charlton (as "Bab/Cavalry Captain/Militia Captain"), George Christie, David Clarke, May Collins, Glenn Coulter, Howard Da Silva (as "Jack Armstrong"), Dearon Darnay, Robert Fitzsimmons, Lillian Foster (as "Nancy Green"), John Gerard, Dorothy Greeley, Arthur Griffin, David Hewes, Alfred Jenkins, Walter Kapp, Muriel Kirkland, Harry Levian, Adele Longmire (as "Ann Rutledge"), George Malcolm, Lewis Martin, Kevin McCarthy (as "Jasp/Phil"), Lex Parrish (as "Willie Lincoln"), John Payne (as "Robert Lincoln"), Albert Phillips, Wendell K. Phillips, McKinley Reeves, Elizabeth Reller, Marion Rooney, Herbert Rudley, Bert Schorr, Allen Shaw, Howard Sherman, Lotte Stawisky, Anne Stevenson, Calvin Thomas (as "Joshua Speed"), Thomas F. Tracey (as "Sturveson"), John Triggs, Frank Tweddell (as "Crimmin"), Iris Whitney, Dolores Williams, Joseph Wiseman (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Harrison Woodhull. Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • Alone Together (1984). Written by Lawrence Roman. Directed by Arnold Mittelman. Music Box Theatre: 21 Oct 1984- 12 Jan 1985 (97 performances + 15 previews that began on 8 Oct 1984). Cast: Kevin McCarthy (as "George Butler"), Janis Paige (as "Helene Butler"), Dennis Drake (as "Keith Butler"), Alexandra Gersten (as "Janie Johnson"), Don Howard (as "Michael Butler"), Kevin O'Rourke (as "Elliott Butler"). Produced by Arnold Mittelman and Lynne Peyser. Theatre owned and operated by Irving Berlin [who had no direct involvement in this production] and The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman. Bernard B. Jacobs: President).
  • (1958) Stage Play: The Day the Money Stopped. Drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson and Brendan Gill (based on his novel). Lighting and Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Harold Clurman. Belasco Theatre: 20 Feb 1958- 22 Feb 1958 (4 performances). Cast: Richard Basehart, William Hansen, Kevin McCarthy, Mildred Natwick, Collin Wilcox Paxton [credited as Collin Wilcox] (as "Ellen Wells) [Broadway debut]. Produced by Stanley Gilkey and The Producers Theatre.
  • (1948) Stage Play: Bravo! Written by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber. Scenic Design by Leo Kerz. Costume Design by Rose Bogdanoff. Evening gowns for Miss Darvas and Miss Talma by Castillo. Lyceum Theatre: 11 Nov 1948- 18 Dec 1948 (44 performances). Cast: Oskar Homolka (as "Zoltan Lazko"), Lili Darvas (as "Rosa Rucker"), King Calder (as "Wallace"), Jean Carson, Oliver Cliff, Frank Conroy (as "Jeffrey Crandall"), George Cotton, Janet Fox, Christiane Grautoff, Arthur Havel, Morton Havel, Elena Karam, Kevin McCarthy (as "Kurt Heger"), Fritzi Scheff, Edgar Stehli (as "Martin Link"), Zolya Talma (as "Stephanie"). Produced by Max Gordon.
  • (1979) He acted in James Prideaux's play, "Slightly Delayed," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Geraldine Page and Anne Jackson in the cast.
  • (1960) He acted in William Gibson's play, "Two for The Seesaw," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Shelley Winters in the cast. Frank Cosaro was director.
  • (1967) He acted in Lonnie Coleman's play, "A Warm Body," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Dina Merrill and Anne Meacham in the cast. Chas. Bowden was director.
  • (July 1979) He acted in James Prideaux's play, "Slightly Delayed," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Geraldine Page, Anne Jackson and Michael Higgins in the cast.

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