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  • Luber Roklin Entertainment, Larry Schapiro, Agent
    8530 Wiltshire Blvd, Suite 550 Beverly Hills, California 90211 United States
  • Lee and Thompson, Robert Lee, Attorney
    Green Garden House, 15-22 St Christophers Place. London W1U 1NL United Kingdom
    +442079354665 .
  • KarmaPro, Lina Dhingra, Publicist
    Toronto, On Canada
    16472210871 .

Roger Christian Imdb: Roger Christian E:

Legal: Robert Lee, Jeremy Gawade, Lee & Thompson

T: +442030737600

Management: Larry Schapiro

T: 1:310 358 3215

Producer/Publicist: Lina Dhingra, The Karma Collection

T: 647 221 0871 E:

NEWS: CINEMA ALCHEMIST, the behind the scenes making Star Wars A New Hope, including all the props, sets and robots like Lukes Lasersword etc , all the interiors and props on Alien and Black Angel, to be published this year.

Academy Award winner ROGER CHRISTIAN (Director) has had an extensive film career. He won an Academy Award for set decoration on Star Wars directed by George Lucas, which began a long working collaboration with the filmmaker. Lucas subsequently tapped Christian to direct the second unit on Return of the Jedi and chose Roger to helm alongside him on Star Wars the Phantom Menace. It was through Lucas that Christian got his first opportunity to direct a short film he wrote, entitled Black Angel, which accompanied the release of The Empire Strikes Back.

Christian's next short film THE DOLLAR BOTTOM won an Academy Award for best dramatic short film and a BAFTA nomination.


Black Angel, a medieval myth about a Knight’s last quest. The 25 minute epic short film tied to Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back as a programme.

The Dollar Bottom, an Academy Award winner for best live action short film category. The Dollar Bottom also nominated for a BAFTA award. A short film based on a story by James Kennaway, one of Scotland’s most famous moderrn writers.

The Sender, which received much critical acclaim and now a cult classic of its genre., nominated for Best Film by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. It is now a world-wide cult classic. Selected for the Edinburgh Film Festival and as the opening film for the prestigious Avoriaz Film Festival in France.

Nostradamus starring Julia Ormond, Tcheky Karyo, F Murray Abraham, Rutger Hauer and Amanda Plummer. The acclaimed film dramatizing the extraordinary life of the great French Astrologer in the 15th century.

Final Cut, The HBO premier movie, starring Sam Elliot, Matt Craven and Anne Ramsey.
A tense thriller set in Seattle around a disgraced bomb disposal expert Pierce played by Sam Elliot.

Underworld, starring Denis Leary, Joe Montagna, and Anabella Sciorra. A brilliant script by Larry Bishop the son of (Rat Pack) Joey Bishop, Starring Dennis Leary Leary, Joe Montagna, Abe Vigoda and Anabella Sciora. An HBO release worldwide.

Masterminds, starring Patrick Stewart, Vincent Kartheiser and Brenda Fricker. A triumph cinema release for Columbia Pictures and now on HBO worldwide.

Battlefield Earth, Produced and Starring John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Kelly Preston and Barry Pepper. Based on the all time best selling science fiction novel by Ron Hubbard.

Bandido starring El Mariachi’s Carlos Gallardo, Kim Coates, Matte Craven, and Angie Everhart. Carlos Gallardo who starred as El Mariachi wrote this as a follow on to his character in that movie.

American Daylight. Starring Nick Moran, Koel Purie, Gulshan Grover and Vijay Raaz. Set in the call centers of Delhi the story revolves around a desperately poor operator Sujata (Koel Puri) dealing with western bank accounts and a growing relationship with one of the banks clients, a young wealthy music company owner (Nick Moran).

Prisoners of The Sun, In production. Starring David Charvet. John Rhys Davies., Nick Moran, Emily Holmes, Shane Richie, Gulshan Grover, Michael Higgs, Joss Ackland and Carmen Chaplin Filmed entirely in Morocco, the story revolves around the secret treasure buried deep under an ancient pyramid.

STAR WARS, 30th Anniversary documentary of the major Star Wars exhibition at County Hall, London, UK. Directed/Written by Roger Christian and Produced/Written by Lina Dhingra. Star Wars comes back to its spiritual home, London, where the first film and subsequent sequels were made. Rogers involvement in those epics especially the first, are part of the story being told.

13 Eerie. Exec Producer and 2nd Director A group of forensic science students meet more than dead cadavers when they are sent to 13 Eerie. A classic Zombie movie.

STRANDED 4 Astronauts trapped on a Moonrise after a meteor storm. Starring Christian Slater. Theatre:

DANGEROUS INTUITIONS; Lifetime movie starring Tricia Helfer. A thriller released on Mothers Day.


EYE OF THE FALCON, the story of the founding of Dubai, an adventure thriller produced by Rockwell Sheraton, Filming April 2015 in Dubai and Malta'

INVINCIBLE The story of Hungary's horse Kincsem and the drama surrounding the owner and his rivals. Kincsem won more consecutive races than an racehorse in history in the 1880's and culminated in a thrilling duel with a rival Russian horse owned by his archival. Produced by my Nostradamus Producer Harald Reichebner, to be filmed in Hungary in 2015.


BLACK ANGEL. Epic feature based on my short film that released with Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. Produced with Carnaby International Films, development is underway for this epic period adventure in the vein of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and 300. BLACK ANGEL Graphic Novel to be tied with Titan publishing.

Adapted from the novel Buried Alive by acclaimed British Author Arnold Bennett and serialized in his novellas Grand Hotel Babylon, this is the story of Englands greatest painter William Blythe, who fakes his own death, assumes the identity of his valet and becomes the national cause celebre when found out. This story about the great reclusive and introverted painter is a wry, humourous story full of pathos and drama, and a pertinent parallel to todays world of celebrity and the Paparazzi. At the core is a wonderful love story where two people find that elusive connection we all aspire to find, true love. Julia Ormond, Jason Isaacs and John Rhy's Davies attached.


We're All Niggers Under the Skin, Soho Poly lunchtime theatre. Lead Role Mona Hammond. Soho Poly was the leading theatre of London’s lunch time theatre which exploded all over London in the early eighties.

Conversations. Musical Revue based on the work of Leonard Cohen, Hampstead Theatre.

Other work includes Music Videos for Duran Duran's Arcadia lead song Election Day, 81/2 min club video and a 4 min single release.

Other videos include

Chris De Burgh, Procul Harem, Imaani, Kingdom Come, and The last concert at the Rainbow theatre in Finsbury Park.,

Christians work as an Art Director was highly acclaimed. Alien. Director Ridley Scott. The first in the Alien series Christian gained an Academy Award nomination and a BAFTA nomination.

Star Wars gaining an Academy Award for Set Decorating.

Other Art Direction credits include: Monty Pythonâ's Life of Brian Akenfield .Sir Peter Hall.
Mahler Ken Russell
Anarchy In the UK. Dir Russ Meyer.


At present writing a book on my experiences at the creative heart of the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope where as Set Decorator I was responsible for the weapons and creating props like the Laser Swords and the first mock up of R2D2. Also for dressing all the interiors of the sets, and locations in Tunisia. I invented the use of scrap to achieve the reality look now standard for most Science Fiction films.

My work as Art Director on the first Alien, recognised by Ridley Scott as the one person to enable him to achieve his vision using the techniques I developed on Star Wars.

The book closes with the making of Black Angel for George Lucas, a 25 minute epic shot in Scotland on a tiny budget, a mythic retelling of the knights final quest. Then making The Dollar Bottom and how it went on to win the academy award for best dramatic short film.


Remember The Future director/writer Global International
Joseph & Mary Director Sugarshack Productions
Dangerous Intuitions Director Lifetime
13 Eerie Executive Producer MindsEye/Don Carmody Prods
Stranded Writer/Director MindsEye.
Star Wars 30th Anniversary Exhibition Documentary Director UAU
Prisoners of the Sun Director/Writer Global International
American Daylight Director Kaleidoscope
Bandido Director VideoCine
Star Wars Phantom Menace 2nd Unit Director LucasFilm
Battlefield Earth Director Franchise Pictures
Masterminds Director Sony Pictures
Underworld Director Keystone ent
Final Cut Director Keystone Ent
Nostradamus Director/Producer Allied Entertainment Group
The Sender Director Paramount Pictures
Star Wars A New Hope Set Decorator LucasfFilm
The Dollar Bottom Director Paramaount Pictures
The Last Remake of Beau Geste Set Decorator Universal
Star Wars A New Hope Set Decorator Lucasf
Anarchy in the UK Prod Designer Malcolm McClaren
Alien Art Director 20th Century Fox
Life of Brian Art Director Handmade Films
Lucky Lady Assistant Art Director 20th Century Fox
Landscape Production Designer National Theatre
Mahler Art Director Goodtimes Enterprises
Akenfield Art Director Angle Films Ltd
The Final Programme Art director Goodtimes Enterprises


Randall and Hopkirk Set Decorator ITC
Jason King Set Decorator ITC


Conversations Director/Writer Hampstead Theatre
We are all Niggers Under The Skin Director Soho Poly Theatre


  • Berkshire College of Art. , Intermediate Diploma, Berkshire
  • Oxford College of Architecture, Intermediate Diploma, Oxford
  • National Film School, Diploma, Beaconsfield


  • Life, World, Filmmaking, Everyone


  • Academy Awards, Set Decorator, 1977
    Star Wars. A new hope
  • Academy Awards, Nomination, 1978
    Alien Art Director
  • Academy of Science Fiction, fantasy and Horror Films, Set Decorator, 1976
    Star Wars A new hope
  • BAFTA, Nomination, 1983
    Dollar bottom Director
  • Academy Awards, Best Dramatic Short Film The Dollar Bottom, 1983


  • Rick McCallum, Producer
  • Robert Lee, Lawyer
  • John Boorman, Work Mentor

Employment Details

  • Work History: Television, Film, Music Video, Theater, Commercial
  • Job Categories: Directing, Producing, Writing
  • Primary Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Director
  • Prior Job Title 2: Director
  • Prior Job Title 3: Director

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