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Jon Stewart’s Departure Guts Comedy Central’s Daily Show

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show and moving to greener and different pastures.His voice, opening music and laser perspective on the wrongs and occasional rights in American life will be missed, as we have a lot to thank him for. His show was the incubator for John Oliver (now on HBO) Larry Wilmore (filling in the vacant slot of Stephen Colbert) and even Steve Carell, whose career exploded after his Daily Show stint. Even writing and performing alums like Frank DeCaro are still making an important mark in radio and TV.But sadly everything changes and all things come to an end. […]
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Marcia Wallace, actress from 'The Simpsons' and 'The Bob Newhart Show', dies at 70

Marcia Wallace, actress from 'The Simpsons' and 'The Bob Newhart Show', dies at 70
As Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons, Marcia Wallace may be the only 4th-grade teacher to have the same student for 24 years. Before that, she was beloved as Carol Kester, the lovelorn, wisecracking secretary on The Bob Newhart Show.

Wallace, who was a breast cancer survivor for 28 years, has died at age 70, according to the showrunner of The Simpsons. “I was tremendously saddened to learn this morning of the passing of the brilliant and gracious Marcia Wallace,” producer Al Jean said in a statement to EW. “She was beloved by all at The Simpsons and we intend to retire her irreplaceable character.
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Listen: CulturePop No. 27 - Guest Jim Colucci, 'Real Housewives,' 'Hostages'

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Listen: CulturePop No. 27 - Guest Jim Colucci, 'Real Housewives,' 'Hostages'
Melinda and I have to admit that we've had amazingly good luck with getting fun, fascinating guests for our CulturePop podcast, and this week was no exception. Jim Colucci, author of "The Q Guide to the 'Golden Girls'" and "'Will & Grace': Fabulously Uncensored" and the Must-Hear TV correspondent for 'The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius Xm, joined us to talk about both old and new TV shows, including "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and, of course, that beloved '80s sitcom. And yes, we're definitely having him back soon. Here's the rundown:  :50 We dig into "The Golden Girls," and...
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HBO reigns supreme with abundance of Emmy winners and hot after-party

HBO received 27 Primetime Emmy® Awards, the most of any network for the 12th year in a row, in the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy® Awards competition. Their party afterwards at the Pacific Design Center was a star-studded affair that saw Mick Jagger and Mel Brooks mixing it up with Laura Dern (Enlightened), Steve Little (Eastbound & Down) Jason Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet, Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Stephen Merchant (Hello Ladies), Seth MacFarlane, Niecy Nash, Bill Maher, Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire), Frank DeCaro (The Frank DeCaro Show) and the casts of all of HBO's remarkable series (along with other radio and rival network stars) who dined on an array of food that boggled the mind. Their special
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Briefs: Russian Newscaster Comes Out On Air, Zesty Guy Returns, and “Drag Race” Stars Inhabit Cher’s “Woman’s World”

Birthday shoutouts go to Christopher Gorham (above), who is 39, Marcia Gay harden is 54, Halle Berry is 47, and Sarah Brightman is 53, and will always hold a place in my heart for this, which I try to watch at least once a day.

Chris Colfer takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test and answers such questions as “Geekiest Possession,” and “The R Rated Movie You Saw Too Young”

Alex Newell on playing Unique.

Via NewNowNext comes Shangela, Willam, Manila Luzon, Alyssa Edwards, and Chad Michaels behind-the-scenes at Cher‘s upcoming music video for “Woman’s World.”

Russian TV Presenter Comes Out on Air, Gets Fired. Below you can see a terrible interview with him.

For more Russia madness, here’s Alexy Sorkin, the Russia World Cup Chief, defending the ant-gay law: “Would you like a World Cup where naked people are running around displaying their homosexuality? The answer to that is quite obvious.
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Cheyenne Jackson on His Marriage: 'We Had a Good Long Run'

Cheyenne Jackson on His Marriage: 'We Had a Good Long Run'
Despite the demise of his marriage to Monte Lapka, Cheyenne Jackson has nothing but good things to say about his soon-to-be ex-husband. On Thursday, the same day his rep released a statement confirming the couple were calling it quits, the actor and singer touched on the sensitive subject during an interview with The Frank DeCaro Show on SiriusXM's OutQ. "Yeah, it is a sad thing. It's a sad thing anytime a relationship ends," he says. "We had a good long run, almost 13 years." Adding that the split was both "mutual" and "amicable," Jackson, 38, goes on to praise his former partner.
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Briefs: Ryan Gosling Strips, Cheyenne Talks Divorce and Tats, and Channing Tatum is a Warrior from the Blond Future

Here is last week’s caption pic winner. This week’s caption pic is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is …

Bear Nation turns out big numbers for the Huney Convention..”

Thanks to Shocker for this week’s winning caption!

Zac Posen and Zachary Quinto at the afterparty for Lovelace

Weekend Birthdays! Sam Wothington is 37, Kevin Smith is 43, Martha Stewart is 72, and President Obama is 52.

Ellen will host next year’s Academy Awards. She previously hosted back in 2007. I’m fine with this choice. I thought she did a great job last time.

All the Dresses Celine Wears in Her Vegas Show.

“I’m a well known American film actor and I’m a closeted homosexual.”

But Raven has come out. Congrats!

I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you

— Raven-Symonè (@MissRavenSymone) August 2, 2013

Cheyenne Jackson appeared on The Frank DeCaro Show today,
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Cheyenne Jackson Talks Divorce & Cory Monteith

Cheyenne Jackson Talks Divorce & Cory Monteith
Cheyenne Jackson stopped by SiriusXM's The Frank DeCaro Show on Thursday, opening up about his split from Monte Lapka in his first radio interview since his divorce announcement.

"Yeah, it's a sad thing anytime a relationship ends," said Jackson, who had been with Lapka for almost 13 years and married for two. "It was mutual, amicable, he's a wonderful man."

Related: Biggest Divorce Payouts

Jackson admitted that while the breakup hurts, what is more painful for him are the "horrible blogs" that have speculated on his subsequent change in appearance.

The 38-year-old actor cleared the air, saying, "I do have a mustache, but it's for the new Ira Sachs movie [Love is Strange] with Alfred Molina and Marissa Tomei and John Lithgow, so that's what that's for. I do have a new tattoo, and it's personal. I'm happy to tell [the story behind it] now because it's out there, but you know, it's for my dad."

The new ink displays song lyrics from an Elvis
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Cheyenne Jackson Calls Divorce a "Sad Thing," Reveals He's in AA

Cheyenne Jackson Calls Divorce a
Cheyenne Jackson is in a good and bad place in his life right now. In an interview with The Frank DeCaro Show on SiriusXM OutQ on Thursday, Aug. 1, the actor opened up about his divorce from Monte Lapka and addressed rumors that he is in AA. Jackson, 38, confirmed he and husband Lapka, a physicist, were calling it quits after two years of marriage. "Yeah, it is a sad thing," he said on the radio show. "It's a sad thing anytime a relationship ends. We had [...]
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Meme: Kellan Lutz' Rubdown, Cheyenne Jackson Replaces Sean Hayes In "6 Dances," and Rebel Wilson Straddles Channing Tatum For MTV

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In his new film Java Heat, Kellan Lutz does bare-chested pull-ups from the ceiling, no-feet pushups, then decides to get a Thai massage, baring his perfectly sculpted behind in these Nsfw shots. Sadly, when he flips over, there's a man blocking the shot just perfectly. The director should be fired.

In what has to be the funniest news to come out of Vatican City in a while, the Vatican bought a share in a giant Roman apartment block that just happens to house the largest gay men's sauna in Europe. The priests will have a short commute.

Third place The X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney has come out as gay. ”Do you know what, I’m going to admit it – yeah. Honestly, I’ve never denied it or anything like that. It’s just that with the show it was always an inappropriate time or people just asked inappropriate questions.
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Bravo's 'What Happens: Live' features Dead Celebrity Cookbook author Frank DeCaro tonight

Watch 'What Happens: Live' - Bravo's late-night, interactive talk show that features guests from the world of entertainment, politics, and pop culture. Hosted by Andy Cohen, the series includes lively debates on everything from fashion, the latest on everyone's favorite Bravolebrities, and what celebrity is making headlines that week. Tonight watch M&C favorite, Sirius radio star and TV writer Frank DeCaro on "Watch What Happens Live," with Andy Cohen. As tonight's guest bartender, Frank will be making a recipe from his new cookbook, "The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents: Christmas in Tinseltown." That's tonight live at 11 Pm Eastern, on Bravo.
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Ru? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 34 – Skyfall With Special Guest Frank DeCaro

Well Skyfall took over the box office in a big way, and deservedly so. Now I’m pretty interested to see how it does in the coming weeks.

We had a special guest with us this week, and it made for a lot of fun actually. Frank DeCaro, who conveniently had not seen Skyfall (but backed up our previous rating of Wreck-It Ralph), joined us to talk about his new book, The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents Christmas in Tinseltown: Celebrity Recipes and Hollywood Memories from Six Feet Under the Mistletoe, which is really one hell of a title. From the Star Wars Holiday Special to It’s a Wonderful Life, the book includes recipes and, as Frank puts it, love letters to the celebrities who put them forward.

Movie critic for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for about seven years, host of his own Sirius/Xm show, and author
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Ru? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 33 – Wreck-It Ralph And Giveaway

We had just about written this week off, and as is often the case with lowered expectations, we found something amazing and beyond surprising. Well, I suppose many will argue that it is as a result of those lowered expectations, and frankly, they might be onto something.

In any case, we were blown away by Wreck-It Ralph, a film that we both thought was going to be a whipped-together bit of fluff, and largely an excuse to throw out video game cameos. We still aren’t sure which way the money is flowing there, or how those contracts work exactly, but the trailers would lead you to believe that Q-bert had a major role in the film.

We got about halfway through this one and finally had to stop and blink at each other. What was going on here?

A fascinatingly clever movie with a great script and a lot of fun,
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Michael Jackson's sweet potato pie: 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough'

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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is no longer with us but we can all have a little bit of Jacko with us this year as we gather for Thanksgiving.

In his book, "The Dead Celebrity Cookbook," author Frank DeCaro shares Jackson's recipe for a novel spin on sweet potatoes at the holiday meal. Instead of a side dish, the potatoes become a pie -- replacing (or maybe complementing) that Turkey Day go-to, pumpkin pie. We're not entirely convinced that Jacko ever went within 4 feet of an oven, but hey, maybe he supervised.

We're thinking it's totally doable in an hour. Even make it the day before and just re-heat while you're eating (and talking) turkey.

And, no, it doesn't involve medical grade anesthetic, so if that's the kind of recipe you're looking for, look elsewhere.

Michael Jackson's Sweet Potato Pie


3 eggs

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup butter, melted

1/2 teaspoon
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Bea Arthur's Favorite Vegetarian Breakfast: Get the Recipe!

Bea Arthur's Favorite Vegetarian Breakfast: Get the Recipe!
Bea Arthur famously sat around the kitchen table and sliced into cheesecake week after week as Dorothy Zbornak on TV's The Golden Girls. In real life, it seems, the late actress was a more health-conscious eater. In The Dead Celebrity Cookbook, author Frank DeCaro has collected and presented an array of recipes by beloved (and dead) stars - everyone from Arthur to Frank Sinatra to Katharine Hepburn to Lucille Ball. "I miss those days when celebrities still had mystery about them," DeCaro, formerly the movie critic for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, says about his decision to write the book.
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Frank DeCaro on Own -Rosie's chat show tonight! Oct. 26

On Own's Rosie show today, Rosie sits down with writer, Sirius Xm radio star and avid collector of comics and showbiz memorabilia, Frank Decaro, who has hit a homerun with his new book. "Dead Celebrity Cookbook." In DeCaro's new book, there are classic entries like Dean Martin's Burgers and Bourbon that combine humor and culinary guidelines that reflect the celeb's legendary persona. For Dean's "burgers," you mix some good ground beef, salt and set aside eight ounces of bourbon, chilled. Then sprinkle some salt in skillet; shape meat into patties and cook. Then, .pour two ounces of bourbon in each of four shot glasses. Drink with burgers.. For years, DeCaro turned over every stone
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AfterElton Briefs: Meet Teddy's Potential New Boyfriend, "Magic Mike" Has Officially Become The Beefcakiest Film Ever, and More!

Big congrats to Jim Colucci and Frank DeCaro, who were wed live on air Tuesday on Frank's SiriusXM show. Ridley Scott will direct a follow-up to his classic 1982 sci-fi epic Blade Runner. There's no word on whether it'll be a sequel or prequel, or if any of the original cast will return, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sean Young will be involved. Celebs who behave badly on airplanes. Below you can see part one of Dave Rubin's chat with out Republican Presidential candidate Fred Karger.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season Two winner Tyra Sanchez (James Ross) was arrested after a police officer allegedly found "loose green leafy material consistent with marijuana" inside the vehicle he was riding in. Seriously? Below you can see etiquette expert Steven Petrow answer the question, "Is it okay to lie when online dating?"

In what is shaping up to be the beefcakiest movie ever made,
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Lady Gaga dissed by Charo, accused of copying Well, Charo won’t be buying Lady Gaga’s new album anytime soon as it seems she thinks the popular singer is a bit of a copycat.

Charo spoke about Gaga on Frank DeCaro’s OutQ radio show on Sirius Xm and revealed her real feelings, states NY Daily News. “I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea,” Charo admitted.

She also revealed that she doesn’t like Gaga because she feels “Born This Way” is copied from Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” but Gaga has tried to make it seem like her own idea.

Do you agree with Charo?

Follow Hollywood News on Twitter for up-to-date news information.

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Cheyenne Jackson and Michael Urie Rip "Newsweek"'s Ramin Setoodeh For "Gays Can't Play Straight" Article

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Cheyenne Jackson, Michael Urie

When asked to comment on Ramin Setoodeh's recent article about how openly gay actors can't convincingly play heterosexual roles, Cheyenne Jackson and Michael Urie straight-out called the Newsweek entertainment writer an ''asshole'' who's ''unconscionable.'' The two out actors were speaking at a talkback after Monday's performance of The Temperamentals, Jon Marans' acclaimed Off-Broadway play about early gay rights activists in the 1950s.

After moderator Frank DeCaro asked Jackson what he thought of Setoodeh's piece, the Broadway star of Finian's Rainbow and TV guest star of 30 Rock said:

It was infuriating on so many levels. Not only does [Setoodeh] say that a gay man can't play straight, he got personal, picking on Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises, [pointing out] certain scenes where he thinks [Sean] is stiff and uncomfortable. And then he picks on Jonathan Groff, who just came out. He's a young teen heartthrob [in Glee]. He's so talented and
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Betty White Lines video tribute from the St. Olaf Glee Club

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This might be the best video we've ever seen. In preparation for Betty White's appearance on "Saturday Night Live" May 8 (and to celebrate the general Betty White over-taking of the entire world), the men of the St. Olaf Glee Club have put together a tribute to everyone's favorite Golden Girl. You may remember that St. Olaf, Mn is where Betty White's character Rose Nylund was from.

We can't decide which one is our favorite Betty Line -- "Can you believe that back-stabbing slut?" or "I'm such a whore, I can't say no" or "I'm sleeping with the drummer from Coldplay." Just when you think it can't get any better there's a rap breakdown all about Betty's life.

We have to applaud Frank DeCaro, Fredrick Ford and Jim Colucci, the performers in the video. DeCaro is a midday host on SiriusXM's OutQ, Colucci is the author of "The Q
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