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Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 11 in
  • Weight: 188 lbs
  • Age Range: 50 - 60
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Grey
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Baritone


  • Himber Entertainment, Steve Himber, Manager
  • Stone Manners Salners, Tim Stone/Scott Manners/Glenn Salners, Agent
    9911 W. Pico Blvd, Suite 1400 Los Angeles, California 900035 United States

Gregory Harrison Resume

*Stage, Screen and Television

The Fuzz, TV Pilot (2010) [Actor]

Give 'Em Hell, Malone, Feature (2010) [Actor]

Maneater, TV Mini-series (2009) [Actor]

Top Secret, Stage (2009) [Actor]

Love 'N Dancing, Feature (2009) [Actor]

Nurses, TV Pilot, (2007) [Actor]

Chicago, Broadway and National Tour (2003-2006) [Actor]

Follies, Broadway, (2001) [Actor]

Au Pair II, TV MOW (2001)[Actor]

First Target, TV MOW (2000) [Actor]

Safe Harbor, TV Series, (1999) [Actor]

Guys and Dolls, Stage (April-June 1999) [Actor]

First Daughter, TV MOW, (1999) [Actor]

15th, S.T.A.G.E. Benefit (1999) [Performer]

Murder at 75 Birch, TV MOW, (1999) [Actor]

Of Thee I Sing, Stage (Nov, 1998) [Actor]

Au Pair, TV MOW, (1999) [Actor]

Love & Madness, TV Pilot, (1998) [Actor]

Air Bud: Golden Receiver, Feature (1998) [Actor]

Running Wild, TV MOW, (1998) [Actor]

Steel Pier, Broadway, (1997) [Actor]

When Secrets Kill, TV MOW, (1997) [Actor]

Dark Skies, TV Series, (1996-1997) [Narrator, uncredited]

Paper Moon-The Musical, Stage (1996) [Actor, Producer]

Summer of Fear, TV MOV, (1996) [Actor]

Legends of the Killer Sharks, Video, (1996) [Narrator]

New York News, TV Series, (1995-1996) [Actor]

A Dangerous Affair, TV MOW, (1995) [Actor]

500 Nations, Documentary Mini-Series, (1995) [Narrator]

Nothing Lasts Forever, TV Mini-Series (1995) [Actor]

Hard Evidence, Feature (1995) [Actor]

It's My Party, Feature (1995) [Actor]

The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible - The Nativity (1995) [Voice]

A Christmas Romance, TV MOW, (1994) [Actor]

Robin Cook's 'Mortal Fear', TV MOW, (1994) [Actor]

Galaxy Beat, TV Pilot, (1994) [Actor]

Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg, TV MOW, (1994) [Actor]

Sudden fury: A Family Torn Apart, TV MOW, (1993) [Actor]

Caught in the Act, TV MOW, (1993) [Actor]

"Tis a Gift to be Simple, American Film Institute (1993) [Actor]

Cadillac Girls, Feature, (1993) [Actor]

Kayak Adventures In Paradise, Video, (1992) [Host]

Surfrider Foundation Video (1992) [Narrator]

Body Chemistry II: The Voice of a Stranger, Feature (1992) [Actor]

Split Images, TV MOW, (1992) [Actor]

Trilogy's Indian Summer Special, (1992) TV, [Host]

Duplicates, TV MOV, (1992) [Actor]

Bare Essentials, TV MOW, (1991) [Actor]

Love Letters, Stage, (1991) [Actor]

Breaking the Silence, TV MOV, (1991) [Actor/Executive Producer]

The Family Man, TV Series, (1990-91) [Actor]

True Detectives, TV Series, (1990) [Host]

Child's Play, Stage, (1990) [Actor/Producer]

Gregory Harrison at the Improv, TV, (1990) [Special]

Angel of Death, TV MOW, (1990) [Actor]

Dangerous Pursuit, TV MOW, (1990) [Actor]

Falcon Crest, TV Series, (1989-1990) [Actor]

Happy Birthday, Hollywood, TV Special, (1989-1990) [Performer]

Red River, TV MOW, (1988) [Actor/Executive Producer]

Hot Paint, TV MOW, (1988) [Actor/Executive Producer]

Carnal Knowledge, Stage (1988) [Actor/Producer]

North Shore, Feature, (1987) [Actor/2nd Unit Director]

Fresno, TV Mini-Series, (1986) [Actor]

Picnic, Stage (1986) [Actor/Producer]

Oceans of Fire, TV MOW, (1986) [Actor/Executive Producer]

Seduced, TV MOW, (1985) [Actor/Executive Producer]

In Trousers, Stage, (1985) [Producer]

Razorback, Feature (1984) [Actor]

The Fighter, TV MOW, (1983) [Actor/Executive Producer]

The Hasty Heart, TV, (1983) [Actor/Executive Producer]

The Hasty Heart, Stage, (1982) [Actor/Producer]

For Ladies Only, TV MOW, (1981) [Actor/Executive Producer]

Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb, TV MOW, (1980) [Actor]

The Toni Tenille Show, TV Variety (1980) [Special]

Battle of the Network Stars, TV Special (1980) [Competitor]

Kraft Salutes Disneyland's 25th Anniversary (03.03.1980) (TV) [Special]

The Women's Room, TV MOW, (1980) [Actor]

Trapper John, M.D., TV Series, (1979-1986) [Actor]

The Best Place to Be, TV Mini-Series, (1979) [Actor]

Festival, Stage, SF, LA 1979, Washington D.C. 1980 [Actor]

Centennial, TV Mini-Series, (1978) [Actor]

Logan's Run, TV Series, (1977), [Actor]

Fraternity Row, TV MOW, (1977) [Actor]

The Gathering, TV MOW, (1977) [Actor]

Jim, the World's Greatest, Feature, (1976) [Actor]

Trilogy of Terror, TV MOW, (1975) [Actor]

The Harrad Experiment, feature, (1973) [Actor, uncredited]

*Television Episodic Appearances

One Tree Hill, (2009-10) [Actor]
Drop Dead Diva, (2009) [Actor]
Law and Order-SVU, (2006) [Actor] "Clock" Rodney, (2006) [Actor]
Joey, (2005 -2006) [Actor], "Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving", "Joey and the Tijuana Trip", "Joey and the Christmas Party", "Joey and the Snowball fight"
Reunion, (2005) [Actor]
Strong Medicine, (2003) [Actor], "Emergency Contact" Miracles, (2003) [Actor], "The Bone Scatterer" Touch by an Angel, (2002) [Actor], "Forever Young" Strong Medicine, (2002) [Actor], "Rape Kit", "Trauma", "Recovery Time" Judging Amy, (2001) [Actor]
Ed, (2000) [Actor], Ep. #1.1-1.5: "Pilot", "The World of Possibility, "Just Friends", "Pretty Girls and Waffles", "Better Days" Judging Amy, (2000) [Actor] Ep. #1.14 "Shaken, Not Stirred" Maggie Winters, (1998) [Actor] "And Those Who Can't" Dead Man's Gun, (1998) [Actor] Ep. #2.8 "The Trapper" True Stories From touched By An Angel, TV (1998) The Outer Limits, (1998) [Actor] Ep.#4.10 "To Tell the Truth" Touched by an Angel, (1998) [Actor] Ep. #4.17 "Flights of Angels" Sisters, (1995) [Actor] Eps. #5.16-5.20. "A Proper Farewell", Angel of Death", "Sleeping with the Devil", "Judgment Day", "Word of Honor" Touched by an Angel, (1995) [Actor] Ep #1.11 "There, But For The Grace Of God"
MASH, (1976) [Actor] Ep.#5.5 "The Nurses" Code R, (1976) [Actor]
Barnaby Jones, (1976) [Actor]


SPYDER WEB by Tom Grace, (1999) [Audiobook-Performer] WHERE OR WHEN by Anita Shreve, (1994) [Audiobook-Co-Performer] TRIPWIRE by Jay Brandon, (1991) [Audiobook-Performer] BIG BOOK FOR PEACE (1991) [Audiobook, Co-Performer] HAVANA by Paul Manette, (1990) [Audiobook-Performer] DERAILED, by James Seigel (2003) [Audiobook-Performer]


Touched by an Angel, TV, (1999) Ep. #5.19 "Jagged Edges" Body Chemistry II: Voice of a Stranger, Feature (1992) [Second Unit] Director Trapper John, M.D., TV, (#4.17 - Past Imperfect, # 5.22 - Aunt Mildred is watching you: #6.09 - Dark Side of the Loon; #6.18 - A False Start, #6.21-Go For Broker)
North Shore, feature (1987) 2nd Unit Director

Executive Producer

Ex The Tower, TV MOW, (1992/3) [Executive Producer] Red River, TV MOW, (1988) [Actor, Executive Producer] Hot Paint, TV MOW, (1988) [Actor, Executive Producer A Christmas Story, TV MOW (1986) [Executive Producer] Oceans of Fire, TV MOW, (1986) [Actor, Executive Producer Spot Marks the X, TV MOW, (1986) [Executive Producer] Legs, TV MOW, (1985) [Executive Producer] Seduced, TV MOW, (1985) [Actor, Executive Producer] In Trousers, Stage, (1985) [Producer]
Thursdays Child, TV MOW (1984) [Executive Producer] The Fighter, TV MOW (1983) [Actor, Executive Producer Billy Budd, Stage (1983) [Actor, Executive Producer] The Hasty Heart, TV MOW, (1983) [Actor, Executive Producer] The Hasty Heart, Stage (1981)

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Juggling, Teleprompter, Dancing, Singing, Voiceover, Host
  • Athletic Skills: Surfing, Swimming, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Cycling
  • Accents: Scottish, Midwest, Irish, British, Spanish, Southern
  • Musical Instruments: Guitar
  • Dance: Ballroom

Employment Details

  • Work History: Television, Industrial, Theater, Commercial, Voice Over, Film, Radio
  • Job Categories: Composing, Producing, Writing, Directing, Acting, Production
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Director
  • Prior Job Title 2: Actor
  • Prior Job Title 3: Producer

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