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Predator returns to UK cinemas for 30th anniversary

Park Circus Films has announced that the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Predator is returning to UK cinemas this November in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Directed by John McTiernan, Predator sees Arnie’s Dutch leading an elite squad of U.S. Army commandos to a remote region of the South American jungle, where they have been assigned to search for officials who have been kidnapped by guerrilla terrorists. However, they soon discover that they are not alone in the jungle, as a mysterious alien visitor is hunting the team, and eliminating them one by one.

Predator sees Arnold joined in the cast by Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Sonny Landham, Elpidia Carrillo, Richard Chaves, Jesse Ventura and Shane Black, the latter of whom gets behind the camera for next year’s sequel/reboot The Predator.

Predator returns to UK cinemas from November 9th, and you can find details of the screenings here.
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New Trailer for 30th Anniv. of Schwarzenegger Action Classic 'Predator'

"It came for the thrill of the hunt. It picked the wrong man to hunt." While we wait for Shane Black's new The Predator, set to hit theaters in 2018, we can all revisit the original. 20th Century Fox and Park Circus have released a new trailer for the 30th anniversary of John McTiernan's Predator, returning to theaters (in the UK) this November. The action classic was first released in 1987 and actually opened #1 at the box office in the middle of June, earning a total of $59.7 million during its Us theatrical run. Predator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his early iconic roles, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves, and, yes, even Shane Black. I wish this was a 4K restored re-release, but I don't think it is. Still, it's still awesome to see this film returning to theaters again. Here's the new
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Re-Release Trailer and Poster for Predator

God love the French, they've gone and restored Predator for a re-release. Originally released in 1987, John McTiernan's (who later went on to direct Die Hard and Last Action Hero) sci-fi horror hybird is now considered a classic from the era.

This new 2K restoration of Predator screens in France on August 17th. There is no plan to bring the film to the Us or Canada.


A team of commandos on a mission in a Central American jungle find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior.

The Predator stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham and Richard Chaves.

[Continued ...]
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See the Trailer for Newly Restored French Re-Release of 'Predator'

"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man." Who has time to bleed when there's a predator lurking around? Everything is getting re-released these days! Why not? France is preparing for a re-release coming up this August of a newly restored (apparently only in 2K, not full 4K though) version of John McTiernan's original sci-fi action film Predator. Originally released in 1987, Predator stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham and Richard Chaves. Years after release it has become known as one of the best action movies made, and this trailer lives up to that claim with plenty of explosions. Of course this will make you want to see it again. Here's the new restored French re-release trailer (+ poster) for John McTiernan's Predator, from Vimeo: A team of commandos on a mission in a Central American jungle find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior.
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'Predator' Gets Unleashed in Mortal Kombat X Video!

'Predator' Gets Unleashed in Mortal Kombat X Video!
Yesterday, it was announced that the ultimate hunter from the 1987 hit sci-fi adventure thriller Predator was coming to Mortal Kombat X as part of the new Dlc Kombat Pack. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has now released a video, which introduces the playable character, who arrives with three other exciting additions to the game. Also included in the Dlc Kombat Pack will be classic Mortal Kombat characters Tremor and Tanya. And they arrive alongside Jason Voorhees, the iconic slasher from Friday the 13th.

More details have been released about this exciting Dlc Kombat Pack, which will cost $29.99 and is currently available for pre-sale before Mortal Kombat X hits retailers on April 14 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. The Predator is included in 1 of 4 pieces of Dlc. The other three pieces add the previously announced Jason Voorhees, Tanya, and Tremor. All packs also include new skins for existing characters. The
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Ficg in L.A: Details Announced for Opening and Closing Night Galas!

The Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles - Ficg in La - presented by the University of Guadalajara Foundation in USA and Conaculta, with Principal Sponsors University of Guadalajara, the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the Institute of Cinema Mexico (Imcine) and Univision, announced the celebrities who will attend the opening night gala on Friday, September 5.

Ficg in La previously announced that Academy Award nominee Demian Bichir ("A Better Life," FX’s The Bridge), Rubén Luengas (Univision Radio), anchorwoman Gabriela Teissier (Univision TV) and Nalip (National Association of Latino Independent Producers) will be honored. Joining them at the festival will be the cast and filmmakers of the opening night film "Las horas contigo" ("The Hours with You"), Isela Vega (lead actress), María Rojo (lead actress), Cassandra Ciangherotti (lead actress), Julio Bracho (supporting actor), Arcelia Ramírez (supporting actor), Catalina Aguilar Mastretta (director), Roberto Sneider(producer), Bérénice Eveno (director of photography). The festival also announced the addition of the short film "Solidarity" starring Elpidia Carrillo, who will be in attendance with the director Dustin Brown.

Cast members and filmmakers of the Closing night film "En el último trago" ("One for the Road") are also confirmed to attend, including Eduardo Manzano (supporting actor), Jack Zagha Kababie (director), Yossy Zagha Kababie (producer).

Directors of several other films in the festival will also attend. Nicolás Echevarría (director, "Eco de la Montaña"), Ignasi Millet (subject,"Ignasi M"), Mariana Chenillo (director, "Paraíso"), Damian John Harper (director, "Los Angeles"), Horacio Alcala (director, "Grazing the Sky"), Sara Seligman (director, live-action short, "Diego"), Bernardo Britto (director, Animation Short, "Yearbook") will also be in attendance.

Ficg in La is presented by the University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States of America and Conaculta, and Principal Sponsors, the University of Guadalajara, the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the Institute of Cinema Mexico (Imcine) and Univision, and Supporting Sponsors Cultura Udg, University of Guadalajara Foundation in Los Angeles, LeaLa, Channel 31.2 and the General Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles.

For tickets and more information visit Here

About Ficg

Ficg was founded in 1986 by the Mexican filmmaker Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, with the tremendous help from young film students like Guillermo del Toro, and support from the University of Guadalajara. It will celebrate its 30th edition next March 6-15, 2015.

Ficg is the lead film festival in Latin America. It is a forum for the training, education, and creative exchange among industry professionals, film critics, and film students from all over Ibero-America.

About the University of Guadalajara – Mexico

The University of Guadalajara is a network formed by three educational systems and 15 campuses distributed in all the regions of the State of Jalisco, and it is the second most important and eldest university in Mexico. The University of Guadalajara is committed to the betterment of society through higher education. It supports scientific and technological research that makes important contributions to a sustainable and inclusive society, respecting cultural diversity and honoring the principles of social justice, democracy, coexistence, and prosperity for all. The University is renowned in Mexico and abroad as a leader in the transformation of society through innovative means through social development and dissemination of knowledge.

About the Foundation of the University of Guadalajara in the U.S.

The University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States of America is an extension of Fundación Universidad de Guadalajara, A.C., and is made up of a number of prominent academic and social leaders. The Foundation works to attain private support from individuals, foundations and corporations in order to fulfill the mission and vision of the University of Guadalajara in Los Angeles.

It seeks to improve the quality of life and social integration of migrants and hispanic nationals by increasing their access to education and enhancing their sense of belonging and identification with their environment by developing their skills and capabilities through educational services and relevant social research.
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Blu-ray Release: Salvador

Blu-ray Release Date: Sept. 9, 2014

Price: Blu-ray $29.95

Studio: Twilight Time

James Woods is photo-journalist Richard Boyle in Salvador.

Salvador starring James Woods (Any Given Sunday), the 1986 war drama film directed and co-written by Oliver Stone (Savages) that established him as a take-no-prisoners, in-your-face left-leaning filmmaker, makes its Blu-ray debut courtesy of Twilight Time.

The film tells the story of a real-life American photo-journalist Richard Boyle (Woods) covering the Salvadoran Civil War who becomes entangled with both leftist guerrillas and the right-wing military. The film is sympathetic towards the left wing revolutionaries and strongly critical of the U.S.-supported death squads, focusing on the murder of four American churchwomen and the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

Also starring James Belushi, Michael Murphy, John Savage, Elpidia Carrillo and Cynthia Gibb the film was co-written by Boyle and was nominated for two Academy Awards—one for Woods as Best Actor and one for
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Shane Black's 'Predator' Is a Sequel, Not a Reboot

Shane Black's 'Predator' Is a Sequel, Not a Reboot
The big news item that surfaced yesterday was that Shane Black has come aboard to direct, produce and oversee the writing process on 20th Century Fox's Untitled Predator Reboot. The filmmaker will first write the outline before his The Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker takes over screenplay duties.

Naturally, no plot details were revealed in yesterday's story, but today, Shane Black revealed in a new interview that this project is definitely not a reboot, calling it an "inventive sequel."

"Why start over, when you've all this rich mythology yet to mine? (I can) really get behind inventive sequels, the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button."

The filmmaker also added that Fred Dekker is the "perfect" choice to write the screenplay for Untitled Predator Reboot, and that he "had a blast" working with the writer on The Monster Squad.

Shane Black actually
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'Predator' Reboot Gets 'Iron Man 3' Director Shane Black

'Predator' Reboot Gets 'Iron Man 3' Director Shane Black
20th Century Fox has hired Shane Black to write, produce and direct a Predator reboot.

Shane Black will first write an initial outline laying out the story, before Fred Dekker, Shane Black's old college friend and co-writer of The Monster Squad, takes over screenwriting duties. Shane Black will oversee the entire writing process.

Shane Black, who was considered an early screenwriting phenom for his Lethal Weapon and The Monster Squad scripts, actually had a minor role as Hawkins in the original Predator. He was initially asked to rewrite the Predator script. After turning down the job several times, 20th Century Fox offered him the role of Hawkins, which he agreed to take on. Upon arriving to the set in South America, he was asked to take a look at the script, but he still refused to work on it.

John Davis, who produced the original Predator with Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon,
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American Pavilion 2014- Thursday, May 22- Daily Update/Emerging Filmmaker Winners 2014

For the past 25 years The American Pavilion has offered opportunities in Cannes to film students from around the world. The 2014 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase will provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to have their works seen by Cannes Festival and Film Market attendees. Prizes have been awarded to winning filmmakers in each category and the top twenty-one films will be screened in a special “Emerging Filmmaker” showcase at The American Pavilion in Cannes.

Winners Announced!

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase – Best Documentary

Forest Man directed by William Douglas McMaster

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase – Best Short Film

Tuesday directed by Oscar Lalo

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase - Best Student Documentary

Paper State: Undocumented, Unafraid, Undeterred

Directed by Elena Gaby (Vassar College)

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase – Best Student Film

Still Life directed by Martin Sharpe, (Aie Melbourne)

Here is the full list of finalist in all categories

Student Films

The Wild Wild Test

Trailer | Website

A senile old man has to re-take his driving test, but he thinks he is in a western film the whole time.

2013, 4 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Writer/Director: Jeff Bryson


Trailer | Website

A stranded man and a silly seagull engage in a chase that lands them both in an unexpected place.

2013, 2 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Writer/Director: Donia Liechti, Vicky Penzes



Two undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles, dealing with loss, unknowingly connect through collective action.

2013, 20 min., USA, Drama, Santa Monica City College

Writer/Director: Dustin Brown

Producer: Dustin Brown, Mantas Valantiejus

Cast: Mantas Valantiejus, Elpidia Carrillo

Carry On

Trailer | Website

In 1944 Japanese occupied China, a Chinese father tries to save his daughter during the war. When the Japanese troop loots the village, the father stuffs his daughter into a large bag disguised as food, but a Japanese army officer spots his secret.

2014, 16 min., USA/China, Drama, Rochester Institute of Technology

Producer/Writer/Director: Yatao Li

Cast: Cheng Chang, Miura Kenichi


Trailer | Website

Environment modeling of the old St. Pancras Midland Station in London.

2013, 2 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Director: Ryan Chong


Trailer | Website

A young astronaut and his dog embark on one last adventure together through space.

2013, 3 min., USA, Animation, The School of Visual Arts

Writer/Director: Ellen Su, Kyle Moy


Trailer | Facebook

One seven year-old recalls the day she hid in a sink cabinet from a gunman who entered her school.

2014, 7 min., USA, Drama, New York University – Tisch School of the Arts

Writer/Director: Joseph Scott Rodriguez

Producer: Molly Castro

Cast: Mandy Goodwin, Dominique Prokapus, Carson Grant

Wini + George

Trailer | Website

An unlikely friendship changes one young boy’s life forever. When a shy 9-year-old outcast, first meets his 75-year-old reclusive neighbor, he’s immediately frightened by her. But soon enough, these two realize that they have more in common with each other than they do with the rest of the world.

2013, 12 min., USA, Drama, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Writer/Director: Benjamin Monie

Producer: Connor Flanagan, Jenny Koreny, Lindsey Villarreal

Cast: Will Babbitt, Katharine Ross

Still Life (Winner)

Trailer | Website

A bored and weary security guard does his nightly rounds of a dark and deserted art gallery when strange things start to happen..

2014, 6 min., Australia, Animation, Aie Melbourne (Australian Institute of Interactive Entertainment)

Writer/Director: Martin Sharpe Producers: Martin Sharpe, Pablo Tochez Anderson, Will Lovett, Jeremy Weppner, Brennan Merett

Emerging Filmmaker Short Films

The Corner Table

Trailer | Website | Facebook

A mysterious old foreigner visits India after 25 long years and becomes a regular at a charming town cafe. The conversations at the corner table with the gentleman and a young café waitress reveals a mystery on how strangers can sometimes become friends in the most unexpected way!

2013, 24 min., India, Drama

Writer/Director: Manjari Makijany

Producer: Manjari Makijany, Emmanuel Pappas

Cast: Tom Alter, Vinati Makijany, Pushtiie Shakti, Krishna Chaturvedi, Reuben Karkaria, Bhavna Pani, Vikrant Makijany

Sincerity (Sinceridad)

Trailer | Website

A young man decides to tell his parents a secret he’s been keeping to himself.

2014, 3 min., Spain, Subtitled, Dramedy

Director: Andrea Casaseca Ferrer

Writer: Maria Rodriguez Mora

Producer: Idoia Kareaga

Cast: Gerald B. Fillmore, Javier Laorden, Kiti Manver

Ups & Downs

Trailer | Facebook

Harry is embarrassed and ashamed of his brother Josh who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. At Harry’s 18th birthday party, Josh is told to stay away from Harry’s friends, but as Harry’s heavy drinking results in danger, only his brother can help.

2013, 9 min., United Kingdom, Drama

Director: Stuart Fryer

Writer: Adam Cohen

Producer: Charlotte Woodhead

Cast: Bobby Lockwood, Otto Baxter, Edward Ashley, Sophie Coward, Vanessa Bailey

The Usual

Trailer | Facebook

Set in the 1930s, a privileged couple learns, through a series of events, the meaning of pay-it-forward, when they unexpectedly find themselves the ones in need.

2014, 10 min., USA, Drama

Writer/Director: Dawn Higginbotham

Producer: Dawn Higginbotham, Kumari Bakhru, Claire Risoli, Sharen Davis and Renee O’Connor

Cast: Renee O’Connor, Mackenzie Astin, Russell Sams, Raymond O’Connor, Dustin Quick, Robert Pullman

Tuesday (Winner)

Trailer | Website

A man who takes an unexpected turn, struggles to keep all the pieces of his life together.

2013, 7 min., Switzerland/USA, Drama

Writer/Director: Oscar Lalo

Producer: Laura Bunbury, Lisa Bunbury

Cast: Oscar Lalo, Liv Southard

What’s On Your Mind?

Trailer | Facebook

What happens when one man decides to embellish his online status?

2014, 3 min., Norway, Comedy/Drama

Writer/Director: Shaun Higton

Producer: Andrew Adam Higton

Cast: Espen Alknes, Benedicte Westby

Today’s The Day

Trailer | Website

With the clock ticking away, Cloud Walker, a self-doubting intern at the most respected dance agency in La must ask the boss for his consent to attend the biggest the audition of the year. Struggling with his inner fears, Cloud’s dreams are quickly slipping away. It’s up to him to follow his heart or live the rest of his life in regret.

2013, 13 min., USA, Musical

Director: Daniel Campos

Writer: Daniel Campos, Tamara Levinson

Producer: Spencer Susser, Tova Dann

Cast: Daniel Campos, Danny DeVito

Emerging Student Documentaries


Trailer | Website

In the midst of an ongoing battle between impoverished Cambodians and powerful private companies over increasingly valuable land, a 72-year-old grandmother struggles to protect her home, family and community from land grabbing that often amounts to violent forced evictions.

2013, 21 min., Subtitled, USA/Cambodia, Documentary, Boise State University/New York University – Tisch Asia

Director: Garret Atlakson

Producer: Philip Atlakson, Mony Rath

Cast: Nget Khun

Paper State: Undocumented, Unafraid, Undeterred (Winner)

Trailer | Facebook

Four undocumented teenagers in Hudson Valley, NY, struggle to rise above their legal status and make the transition from high school to college.

2013, 25 min., USA, Documentary, Vassar College

Writer/Director: Elena Gaby

Producer: Ashlei Hardenburg

Emerging Documentaries

Being Different If You’re A Weddell Seal In Antarctica

Trailer | Website

Being different can mean a matter of life or death if you’re a Weddell seal pup in Antarctica. Ecologists from Montana State University return every year to study this iconic Antarctic marine predator, the southernmost mammal on Earth.

2013, 13 min., USA/Antarctica, Documentary

Writer/Director: Mary Lynn Price


Trailer | Website

Humanexus is a reflection on mankind’s long search for ways to connect each other, from cave drawings to tweeting.

2013, 11 min., USA, Animation/Documentary

Director: Ying-Fang Shen

Producer: Katy Borner

Forest Man (Winner)

Trailer | Website

The incredible story of Jadav Payeng, an Indian man who single-handedly planted nearly 1400 acres of forest to save his island, Majuli.

2013, 18 min., Canada/India, Documentary

Writer/Director: William Douglas McMaster

Producer: William Douglas McMaster, Mike Ritchie
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Watch the Story Behind Jean-Claude Van Damme as the Original 'Predator'

Watch the Story Behind Jean-Claude Van Damme as the Original 'Predator'
Before Jean-Claude Van Damme had his breakout role in the martial-arts drama Bloodsport, the Muscles from Brussels was originally set to play the title character in Predator. At the time, the creature design was much different, with the actor spending a few days on the set running around in a red, lobster-esque suit, which we can now see thanks to The Monster Show, a web series put on by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Steve Johnson, who worked on Predator and a number of iconic movies such as Ghostbusters and The Abyss, explained how unhappy Jean-Claude Van Damme was with the suit, how he thought he would be able to showcase his martial arts skills in this movie and much more, along with footage from his early days on the set, and images of the original costume design.

Of course, after the 5'9" Jean-Claude Van Damme left the project,
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LatinoBuzz: 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival

Early Entry Deadline: September 13, 2013

Entry Fees: Short Film ($15), Feature Film ($25)

Normal Entry Deadline: October 11, 2013

Entry Fees: Short Film ($25), Feature Film ($35)

Late Entry Deadline: November 8, 2013

Entry Fees: Short Film ($40), Feature Film ($60)

For entry form, click here.


Withoutabox logos are trademarks of Withoutabox, a Dba of IMDb.com Inc. or its affiliates.

Media Arts Center San Diego is now seeking films and videos for 20th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (March 13-23, 2014)! Come celebrate our landmark 20th year with an even broader program of exhilarating new activities, special events, and initiatives.

The 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (Sdlff) is now accepting entries for the 2014 festival. Sdlff will take place March 13-23, 2014 at the Ultrastar Cinemas Mission Valley at Hazard Center located in beautiful San Diego, California.Submit early for discounted entry fees!

Last year's festival was attended by an audience of 20,500 actively-engaged film lovers, filmmakers, actors, programmers, distributors, industry representatives and journalists from around the world. The San Diego Latino Film Festival has used the unique geographical and cultural position of the San Diego Border Region to make the festival a premiere venue for the exhibition of international and U.S. Latino features, shorts and documentaries.

Never participated in Sdlff before? Become apart of San Diego's proud celebration of the best in Latino film.

The 2014 San Diego Latino Film Festival will include expanded opportunities for participating filmmakers and their films/videos to take the spotlight. The following is just a taste of what filmmakers and attendees can experience by participating at the upcoming San Diego Latino Film Festival:

* 155 feature and short films to be screened

* over 100 guest filmmakers and actors

* Sdlff Awards Competition

* "Country of Focus" showcase

* Workshops/Seminars with industry representatives and filmmakers (i.e. "Financing", "Distribution")

* Special 20th Anniversary Spotlight

* Celebrity Guest Curator

* "Tributes" to acclaimed filmmakers/actors

* Concerts @ the Fest

* Pre-Fest Launch Parties

* Opening, Centerpiece, and Closing Night Gala Celebrations

* Sdlff Awards Ceremony

* Free Student Outreach Screenings

* "Meet the Filmmaker" Dialogues

* Sdlff's Annual "Border Visions" Sidebar

For entry form, click here.


Twenty-one years ago, the San Diego Latino Film Festival was originally established as a student film festival focusing on works by Latinos and/or about the Latino Experience. Since that time, the San Diego Latino Film Festival has developed into one of the biggest and most well respected Latino film festivals in the country.

Over 240,000 people have attended during the past seventeen years, and2,100 films/videos from across Latin America and the United States have been screened. Past festival guests have included such renowned individuals asLou Diamond Phillips, Gina Rodriguez, Jorge Salinas, Dulce Maria, Rafael Amaya, Ana Serradilla, Eduardo Verastegui, Barbara Mori, Alfonso Arau, Robert Young, Miguel Littin,Angelica Maria, Dayanara Torres, Demian Bichir, Kate del Castillo, America Ferrera, John Leguizamo, Bruno Baretto, Barbara Mori, Roselyn Sanchez, Alfonso Cuaron, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Carlos Carrera, Rodrigo Prieto, Alex Lora, Lupe Ontiveros, Bruno Bichir, Carmen Salinas, Luis Mandoki, Danny Trejo, Adal Ramones, Tony Plana, Elpidia Carrillo, Humberto Solas, Dennis Leoni, Arturo Ripstein, Paul Rodriguez, Patssi Valdez, Luis Valdez, Gregory Nava, Edward James Olmos, Lourdes Portillo, Moctesuma Esparza, Ray Bradbury, Jacob Vargas, Patricia Velasquez, Fernando Sarinana, Lucia Murat, Nancy de los Santos, Vanessa Bauche, and hundreds of other emerging and established Latino filmmakers.

Selection Process (Important Information)

Sdlff 2014 is seeking innovative works that are 'by', 'about' or 'for' the Latino community, that have been completed between 2013-2014. Work previously exhibited in the San Diego / Tijuana Border Region - whether theatrically at another local festival or broadcast on television, - is not eligible to apply. A panel of distinguished curators from the San Diego and Tijuana community will select the films and videos to be screened during the "Official Selection" of the festival. All entries will be pre-screened for eligibility by curators, however, not all entries will be programmed.

Films must be submitted with English subtitles if the dialogue is in a language other than English. Films must have been completed after January 2013. Because we use entry fees to make grants to filmmakers, fee waivers will not be granted. Exceptions will only be made for non-profit organizations and international governmental organizations.

*DVD screeners and press kits will not be returned.

Upon acceptance to the festival, a press kit is required, to include the following:

Features: 100 word synopsis in English, 2 hi-res film stills (300dpi, Cmyk color), digital trailer

Shorts: 50 word synopsis in English, 1 hi-res film still (300dpi, Cmyk color)

Optional: digital trailer

For exhibition the following formats will be accepted:

Features: 35mm, HDCam, Blu-ray, Dcp. Features must be received by March 1, 2014

Shorts: must be received by February 1, 2014 in Digital format via Usb or email using a file sharing service like DropBox or HighTail (Previously YouSendIt). USBs will not be returned.

*Submitters will be notified by January 4, 2014. Judges’ decisions are final. Due to the large number of films we receive, feedback on individual films will not be provided. Films entered after the November 8 deadline will not be reviewed or returned.

An additional panel of distinguished filmmakers, film critics, and actors will sit on this year's Awards Jury. Awards are given for excellence in form and content. Films to be considered for competition will be determined by the Festival Curator.

For entry form, click here.

Entry Categories:

Narrative Feature (40 or more minutes)

Documentary Feature (40 or more minutes)

Short (under 40 mins)

Local Film

Youth Short (no entry fee)

Awards Categories:

Best Narrative Feature

Best Documentary Feature

Audience Award Narrative Feature

Audience Award Documentary Feature

Best Short Film

Best Local Film

Best Youth Film
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Comic-con 2013: Hunt the Predator Challenge Details Revealed

Comic-con 2013: Hunt the Predator Challenge Details Revealed
Nothing like it has ever been at Comic-Con before... Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is bringing an iconic franchise to San Diego as Predator hunts for prey on the convention floor.

In a first-of-its-kind activation at Comic-Con, fans can enter booth #3528 and have their photo taken with state of the art cameras courtesy of 3D Systems. Their image will then be used to make them the victim as a customized figurine is created using 3D Systems 3D printing technology that features the Predator alien holding the fans' severed head!

The figurine is only available to fans that purchase the Predator Blu-ray 3D, available exclusively for pre-order at Comic-Con and packaged in a limited edition Predator head for $129.99. Fans can also receive the figurine with the purchase of a "headless" Blu-ray 3D for $49.99.

Additionally fans will get a first look at the all-new 3D transfer of the film before it arrives
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Comic-con 2013: Predator 3D Figurine Features Your Decapitated Head

Comic-con 2013: Predator 3D Figurine Features Your Decapitated Head
The mystery behind 20th Century Fox's Predator plans at Comic-Con 2013 have been solved. While many thought the studio would announce a sequel to Predators or an Untitled Predator Reboot, the big reveal is that the original 1987 classic Predator will be released on Blu-ray 3D. Plus, fans who visit the Fox booth (#4229) can get their photographs taken for their likeness to be depicted on a mini-figurine featuring the Predator holding up a severed head and spine. Take a look at these figurine photos, then read on for more information.

The studio has not confirmed when the Predator Blu-ray 3D will be released, but fans can pre-order their copies at the Fox booth starting on Preview Night, Wednesday, June 17. Fans who get their photos taken and purchase the mini-figurines will receive them by mail after the convention.

Predator, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, and Sonny Landham,
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Considering Terminator, Predator, and The Running Man Remakes

Arnold Schwarzenegger Considering Terminator, Predator, and The Running Man Remakes
Ex-Governor of California and action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger recently attended The Arnold Classic, where he meets fans to regal them with tales of inspiration, and to field any questions about his past and future career.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been many rumors about Arnold Schwarzenegger's next move as an actor. In early February, he was said to be considering reprising his role as the unstoppable cyborg of the Terminator franchise, with the Fast Five team of director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan bringing him back for this fifth outing. In January, he explained that he was looking at three possible scripts, of which he didn't reveal too many details.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger actually considering? Here is what he had to say about a new Terminator and those three scripts.

"Well, first of all it's more 15 films, obvious ones from The Terminator to
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Blu-Ray Review: ‘Mother and Child’ Offers Riveting Showcase For Actors

Chicago – No director treasures silence more than Rodrigo García. He doesn’t want anything to get in the way of the audience’s connection with his characters and the extraordinary actors who play them. With the invaluable assistance of cinematographer Xavier Pérez Grobet and composer Ed Shearmur, García has made some of the most brilliant and probing character studies in recent memory.

From the magnificent feature-length collection of vignettes, “Nine Lives,” to the addictive therapy sessions of HBO’s “In Treatment,” García has cemented his reputation as a master of intimate human drama, often involving female characters. As the son of celebrated Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, García has succeeded in his efforts to fuse literary sensibilities with visual storytelling. With elegant subtlety, García makes the nuances of his actors cinematically riveting, instead of simply framing a series of talking heads.

Blu-Ray Rating: 3.5/5.0

His latest film, “Mother and Child
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Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray Review

“You’re ghostin’ us, motherfucker. I don’t care who you are back in the world, you give away our position one more time, I’ll bleed ya, real quiet. Leave ya here. Got that?” Watching Predator again it’s always amazing how much of the film is intensely quotable. But perhaps it’s that if you were alive and near a playground, twelve year old boys ate this film up, and watched it repeatedly on HBO. The film is about a bunch of tough hombres (including Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Shane Black, Sonny Landham, and Carl Weathers) headed up by Arnold Schwarzenegger who are sent into the Latin America jungles to rescue some hostages, but end up being targeted by an alien who’s come to the jungle to hunt men. It’s a simple premise, precisely executed by John McTiernan, and has become an action classic since release.
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A Look at a 'Predator' Remastered on Blu-ray

Mouse over the image above to compare the original Blu-ray release with the newly remastered version...

Photo: Fox Home Entertainment Depending on how closely you follow DVD and Blu-ray releases you may or may not know all of the terminology, but if you haven't heard of digital noise reduction (Dnr) you are about to get your lesson, as if you hadn't already learned by mousing over the image comparing the original Blu-ray release of Predator and the newly remastered one directly above.

I'd heard discussions about the heavy amount of smoothing that took place in Fox Home Entertainment's just released Predator (Ultimate Hunter Edition) prior to receiving a review copy. Most prominent was the remastered look at Arnold you see above on the mouse over (you can see it in hi-res right here).There is so much digital scrubbing and grain removal Dutch becomes a Playboy cover model and looks
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Predator Comes Back to Blu-ray on June 29th

You can bring home a 1987 action classic in high definition right before a new version of the film is released in theaters. /Film is reportign that Predator will be released in a brand new "Ultimate Hunter Edition" Blu-ray on June 29. The new Blu-ray will be priced at $29.99 Srp and you can take a look at the cover art and special features below. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke and Jesse Ventura.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wages an all-out war against an unseen enemy, a force more powerful and deadly than any on Earth-because the Predator is not of this Earth. As he leads an elite group of commandos on a rescue mission deep into the jungle, Dutch and his team quickly learn that their foe kills for pleasure and hunts for sport. However, this time....it picked the wrong man to hunt.

Special Features:

All-New Digital Restoration
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Find Interview: Writer/Director Rodrigo Garcia on Mother and Child

Writer/director Rodrigo Garcia was part of the great wave of Latin talent that came to Hollywood in the late 1990s including, Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, and Alfonso Cuaron. Garcia has cut his own path, making deeply personal films as well as venturing into television as an executive producer for HBO's series, In Treatment. His movies are recognizable for their majority female casts and their tendency to contemplate the intricacies of personal relationships. His latest feature, Mother and Child, stars Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, and Kerry Washington and links the lives of three women through an adoption. The film ponders the emotional impact of letting a baby go, of the void that the child and mother feel throughout their lifetime, and of the challenges of bringing someone else's child into your home. Garcia says that while he enjoys television for its vicarious nature-he can go into a world that is not his creation,
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