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Print Biographies (5)

John Malcolm Brinnin. Truman Capote: Dear Heart, Old Buddy. New York: Delacorte, 1986.
M. Thomas Inge, ed.. Truman Capote: Conversations. Jackson, MS: University Press of Milssissippi, 1987.
Gerald Clarke. Capote: A Biography. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1988.
Robert J. Stanton. Truman Capote: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography. G.K. Hall, 1980.
George Plimpton. Truman Capote: In Which Various Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances and Detractors Recall His Turbulent Career. Garden City, NY: Doubleday,.

Film Biographies (5)

Portrayals (9)

Interviews (4)

Playboy (US) December 1980, Vol. 27, Iss. 12, pg. 259+270, by: Nancy Collins, "20 Questions"
Playboy (US) December 1976, Vol. 23, Iss. 12, pg. 47+50, by: Beverly Gary Kempton, "Books: Truman Capote"
Gallery (US) March 1973, Vol. 1, Iss. 5, by: Eric Norden, "Gallery Interview: Truman Capote"
Lui (FR) October 1966, Iss. 34, pg. 48-50 + 65, by: Serge Lentz, "Capote papote"

Articles (10)

New York Post (US) November 27 2016, Vol. 216, Iss. 12, pg. 22, by: Jerry Oppenheimer, "'I crashed Capote's bash': Fifty years ago, an unknown model snuck into the party of the century -- securing her place in the host's heart"
The Washington Post (US) October 16 2005, pg. N1, by: Desson Thompson, "Based on A Tru Story"
Bookforum (US) October 2005, pg. 31-32, by: Daniel Swift, "New Is The New New: New Journalism's Legacy"
Vimagazino (GR) October 31 2004, Iss. 211, pg. 112-118, by: Lena papadimitriou, "I zoi einai shetika kalo ergo me mia kakogrameni triti praxi"
Telegraph Magazine (GB) September 4 2004, pg. 28-29+31-32, by: Truman Capote, "Murder most real: When Truman Capote's book 'In Cold Blood' was filmed in 1967, he insisted that the movie reflect the reality of the Kansas killings as closely as possible. In this piece he described his feelings on returning to the scene of the crime"
The London Times (GB) August 27 1984, pg. 10:7, "Truman Capote"
New York Times (US) August 26 1984, pg. A1:5, "Truman Capote Is Dead at 59; Novelist of Style and Clarity"
Los Angeles Times (US) August 26 1984, pg. A1:3, "Truman Capote"
Variety (US) April 29 1984, pg. 110:1, "Truman Capote"
Playboy (US) January 1984, pg. 110-113, 234, by: Truman Capote, "Remembering Tennessee Williams"

Magazine Covers (2)

People Weekly (US) May 10 1976
Life Magazine (US) May 12 1967

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