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‘Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow’: Wilmer Valderrama Uses Marionettes to Depict Real-Life Drama — Watch

5 hours ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Fuse brings a new meaning to HollyWOOD in their new series “Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow,” an adult confessional puppet show. The network released its first look at the series recently, as well as an exclusive clip giving viewers an inside look into a day in the life of Wilmer Valderrama.

Read More: ‘Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich:’ This ‘New Take’ on the Horror Series Will Star Thomas Lennon and Udo Kier

“Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow” is an original six-episode series that is funny and edgy, “starring 3D-printed puppets and celebrities telling their untold wildest adventures, while the marionette puppets re-enact them,” according to Fuse’s official release. The series features the stories of celebrities including Joe Jonas, Lil Jon, Terry Crews, Amber Rose, and executive producer Wilmer Valderrama himself.

In addition to the series premiere, on Monday, July 11 Los Angeles residents will get a chance to interact with a »

- Gabrielle Kiss

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‘Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow’: Wilmer Valderrama Uses Marionettes to Depict Real-Life Drama — Watch

5 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

Fuse brings a new meaning to HollyWOOD in their new series “Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow,” an adult confessional puppet show. The network released its first look at the series recently, as well as an exclusive clip giving viewers an inside look into a day in the life of Wilmer Valderrama.

Read More: ‘Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich:’ This ‘New Take’ on the Horror Series Will Star Thomas Lennon and Udo Kier

“Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow” is an original six-episode series that is funny and edgy, “starring 3D-printed puppets and celebrities telling their untold wildest adventures, while the marionette puppets re-enact them,” according to Fuse’s official release. The series features the stories of celebrities including Joe Jonas, Lil Jon, Terry Crews, Amber Rose, and executive producer Wilmer Valderrama himself.

In addition to the series premiere, on Monday, July 11 Los Angeles residents will get a chance to interact with a »

- Gabrielle Kiss

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Crypt of Curiosities: The Cinematic Carnage of the M.D. Geist Anime Duology

23 June 2017 10:23 AM, PDT | DailyDead | See recent DailyDead news »

You know what doesn’t get enough love in the horror community? Weird, gory anime. Sure, everyone digs Akira, and it’s possible to find a few discussions about the brilliant dark fantasy series Berserk in some circles, but I’ve always been interested in the little guys, the weird, unloved Ova (original video animation) schlock of the ’80s and ’90s—the Future War 198Xs and Black Magic M-66s of the world, unsung and unloved pieces of vibrant genre fiction that never get their dues. Naturally, I plan to fix that on the Crypt of Curiosities, starting with an off-the-wall duology of cinematic carnage that I adore and despise in equal measure: M.D. Geist.

M.D. Geist is the story of, well, M.D. Geist (voiced by the legendary Norio Wakamoto), a maverick M.D.S. (Most Dangerous Soldier) who was literally launched into space after his superior officers found it impossible to control his violent nature. Years later, he finally crash lands on the planet Jerra, a devastated wasteland plagued by violent marauders and warring armies. Now, back on the ground and with a lust for blood, he has one mission and one mission only: kill as much as he can, as violently as he can, until there’s nothing left to fight, living or otherwise.

As you can probably guess, M.D. Geist isn’t exactly what one would call a ‘nuanced’ story. Geist himself doesn’t have a single semblance of personality outside of his love of violence, and in a way, this single-minded nature creates a very distinct character in and of itself. Even when Vaiya (Fumi Hirano, voice of the iconic Lum from Urusei Yatsura), the lovely queen of a wasteland-roaming mercenary company names him their leader and throws herself at him in bed, Geist does little more than swat her body away. He isn’t looking for romance, or forging a relationship of any sort with anybody alive. He is one hundred percent devoted to killing and nothing else, making him less man and more of a flesh and blood avatar of death—destruction taking the form of a six-foot-something with golden hair and cool shades.

Of course, Geist’s one-track rage wouldn’t be notable if the rest of the cast were equally as driven by animalistic ID. While none of them are very well fleshed out, most of the supporting cast is at least recognizably human and sympathetic in their own ways, and all of them pay the price for it. While plenty of action films love killing off a good chunk of their cast, M.D. Geist turns it into a spectacle, inviting audiences to cheer rather than cry as every mildly sympathetic character around gets shot, stabbed, or mutilated at every turn. It almost feels like particularly cruel irony at times, with Vaiya falling madly in love with Geist and soldiers throwing themselves to die on the front lines.

As if the violence wasn’t brutal enough on paper, it appears the entire animation budget went into making the carnage as horrifying as possible, creating some of the most beautiful, absurd gore in anime history. However, when people aren’t bursting into various shades of reds and pinks, the animation is more than a little rough, with character movements lacking the fluidity found in the likes of contemporaries such as Angel’s Egg, Riding Bean, or Dominion: Tank Police, and every character design sans Geist’s magnificent suit of pitch-black power armor does look a bit like rejected Fist of the North Star characters, but the look of the characters clearly isn’t what M.D. Geist’s art is focused on.

No, that’s all devoted to the future tech: the tanks, the aircraft, the towering mecha, the big-ass guns. It’s clear that series co-director and mechanical designer Kôichi Ôhata prefers designer robots to human characters, and nowhere is that more apparent than the finale, when Geist briefly teams up with his former supporting officer, Colonel Krutes (Unshô Ishizuka), and his young, naïve troops to go raid the Brain Palace, a massive structure containing a ticking doomsday device known as the Death Force. The Death Force is, for lack of a better comparison, Skynet on steroids, indiscriminate hunter-killer bots that don’t think and don’t feel—their only purpose is to kill and kill and kill until there’s nothing left living on Jerra. Sound familiar?

This link between Geist and the apocalypse is particularly prevalent in the last five minutes—and yes, I will be discussing the ending of M.D. Geist, because to be honest, it’s the ending that really makes the whole movie such a fascinating example of pessimistic genre films. Colonel Krutes leaves Geist for dead at the hands of an ultra-powerful security robot, and uses this opportunity to shut off the Death Force once and for all. Unfortunately for him, Geist isn’t as dead as he hoped—the M.D.S. strides into the room, grabs him by his head, and squeezes until it explodes, sending red goop and stray eyeballs flying across the room. And then Geist does the unthinkable. He turns the Death Force back on.

This is, without a doubt, the single most defining moment of M.D. Geist. Not only does it solidify every monstrous take the viewer may have had of the anti-hero, it solidifies where the film’s priorities lie. Not with humanity. Not with the people of Jerra. Not with concepts like “taste” or “satisfying narratives.” M.D. Geist is the sort of film that exists for one reason and one reason only: to give you as much wanton death, violence, and desolation as you can stand and then some—standards be damned. Naturally, this sort of film got a sequel.

M.D. Geist II: Death Force may take place less than a year after the insane ending to M.D. Geist, but in the real world, fans(?) didn’t get M.D. Geist II until 1996, ten years after the release of the first film. As the title suggests, Death Force follows Jerra after the activation of the Death Force, and as promised, they’ve almost entirely exterminated the planet’s human population. The remnants of humanity live under the iron grip of Krauser (Takumi Yamazaki), who just so happens to be an M.D.S. himself. Geist, naturally, is still roaming the wastelands, but a choice encounter puts him on the warpath against Krauser, and, along with him, the remnants of humanity.

If you thought M.D. Geist was grim (it was), M.D. Geist II: Death Force is an apocalyptically bleak movie. While the first film was more of a gory rollercoaster ride, M.D. Geist II: Death Force tries to put more focus on its honestly terrible villain (he has all of the presence of a plastic bag), which really drags the whole thing down. Thankfully, Geist is even more imposing than ever, and he even picks up a killer set of metal wings for Death Force’s explosive finale.

Unfortunately, the combat in M.D. Geist II: Death Force is far more infrequent than the first title, with only the opening, ending, and a brief sequence in the middle delivering the same high-octane thrills seen in M.D. Geist. The lack of fun action isn’t helped by the new art style, which gives the cast a new angular design that doesn’t quite suit the world.

On the plus side, M.D. Geist II actually shows the titular death force in full, and as expected, all of the detail goes into making the killer robots look as equally awesome and creepy as possible. While it’s unfortunate that they get sidelined in favor of human conflict, all of their appearances are among the best-drawn sequences in the movie, only second to an amazing hallucination of a massive skeleton in Geist’s armor (which may as well be the single coolest image from anything ever).

While M.D. Geist II can’t quite stack up to the crazed majesty of its predecessor, it still has its fair share of highlights. While the aforementioned battle sequences are great, the final showdown with Krauser is among the best moments in the duology—it’s a chance for Geist to finally go toe to toe with someone on his level, and the results are as brutal and messy as possible. And, much like M.D. Geist, the movie ends on a real shocker, this time climaxing with Krauser’s downfall coming in the form of him murdering a kid, and Geist using his brief moment of hesitation to take him out.

It’s an utterly terrifying ending for multiple reasons, the most important being that the thing that brings the villain down is that he’s only a sliver more human than the “hero,” who by the end of M.D. Geist II: Death Force, has successfully exterminated the human race with his driven lust for blood. It’s a truly crude, monstrous ending for the series—but then again, how else could something like M.D. Geist end? In almost any other film, the crushing consequences of Geist’s rampage could be read as a critique of the “collateral damage be damned” attitude of many action films, but it’s clear that the Geist franchise isn’t condemning it at all. It’s the cinematic equivalent of an edgy 14-year-old’s violent drawings in notebook margins—carnage for the sake of fun.

And that brings us to the core of M.D. Geist as a whole. If there’s one thing anyone can take from the story (ha) of the M.D. Geist duology, it’s that, much like its villainous protagonist, it hates people. From the brutal set piece on an airship that kicks off M.D. Geist to the horrific child murder that punctuates M.D. Geist II: Death Force, both films show a blatant disregard and even dislike for human life, using everyone from the most fiendish of villains to the most innocent of children as another excuse to portray increasingly nasty violence. In many ways, the Geist films feel like a rough preview of things to come, a sneak peak at the hedonistic carnage seen in the films of Michael Bay and Robert Rodriguez (well, Machete-era Rodriguez), where the plot is little more than an excuse to show countless bodies meeting a grisly end. It is animated violence at its most exuberant, pumped with enough guts, gore, and gunfire to be constantly kinetic, to the point of overwhelming the average viewer within minutes of its unhinged combat sequences.

But the fact of the matter is that the M.D. Geist duology doesn’t care what viewers think. It doesn’t care what basic storytelling standards think. It’s an unhinged work of vulgar art that actively spits in the face of structure, consistency, character, and taste with an unbridled ferocity rarely seen this side of ’80s Italian schlock. Unrelentingly unpleasant from start to finish, it’s a duology that cannot decide between being off-the-wall fun or horrifically unwatchable, with only white-hot misanthropy tying it together. You’ll either love them or you’ll hate them (and to be honest, I often fluctuate between both at the drop of a hat), but either way, there’s no denying that they’re worth a watch.

[Note: Select images courtesy of aniSearch.]

The post Crypt of Curiosities: The Cinematic Carnage of the M.D. Geist Anime Duology appeared first on Daily Dead. »

- Perry Ruhland

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Neve Campbell Teams with The Rock in Skyscraper

22 June 2017 2:44 PM, PDT | MovieWeb | See recent MovieWeb news »

With a release date already set, Universal and Legendary have found the next cast member to star alongside Dwayne Johnson in their action-thriller Skyscraper, with Neve Campbell joining the cast. No details have been given for her character at this time, but it's possible that the actress could be playing the wife of Dwayne Johnson's Will Ford. Story details released in March revealed that Will Ford is trying to rescue his family in what was thought to be the safest building in the world.

Deadline broke the news today, although they don't have more on the character or the story. Dwayne Johnson's Will Ford is a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran, who now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in China he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he's been framed for it. Will has become a wanted man who must go on the run, find those responsible and clear his name, while also rescuing his family who is trapped inside the building... above the fire line.

We first reported on this Dwayne Johnson action-thriller in May 2016, when Legendary emerged victorious in a bidding war for writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber's script, which the studio reportedly shelled out a whopping $3 million for. The story is said to be in the same vein as the 1970s classic The Towering Inferno, and this story is even more timely than ever now. Earlier this month, a fire blazed through Greenfell Tower, a 24-story high-rise apartment building in London, which left more than 79 people presumed dead or missing after the blaze. It remains to be seen if this real-life story will have any impact on this fictional thriller.

Production will begin in August, with Universal and Legendary already setting a July 13, 2018 date, setting it in the midst of a competitive summer movie season. Skyscraper will open against the animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 3 and the horror spin-off The Nun. Arriving a week earlier on July 6, 2018 is Marvel's highly-anticipated Ant-Man and the Wasp, which will also start production soon, and Lionsgate's action-comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me. Opening a week after Skyscraper on July 20, 2018 is 20th Century Fox's long-gestating Alita: Battle Angel from director Robert Rodriguez and Universal's musical sequel Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Rawson Marshall Thurber is directing Skyscraper from his own script, with this project reuniting him and "The Rock" after their action-comedy Central Intelligence, which earned $216.9 million worldwide from a $50 million budget. Dwayne Johnson is currently shooting his video game adaptation Rampage, and it seems likely that he'll move directly from that project to Skyscraper. Neve Campbell can currently be seen on Netflix's hit series House of Cards, where she plays Leann Harvey. With production beginning in just a few months on Skyscraper, we should be hearing about more casting additions soon. »

- MovieWeb

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Hugh Jackman, Colin Firth, 'Avatar' and 'Deadpool 2' Give Firepower to Fox's CineEurope Show

20 June 2017 4:01 PM, PDT | The Hollywood Reporter - Movie News | See recent The Hollywood Reporter - Movie News news »

New CEO Stacey Snider opened up a 20th Century Fox's presentation at CineEurope that cranked the trade show's on-stage talent up several notches.

The likes of Colin Firth, Hugh Jackman, Kenneth Branagh, Matthew Vaughn and Robert Rodriguez dropped in to introduce their latest wares to the audience in Barcelona Tuesday, while some major projects were given exclusive sneak peeks.  

Vaughn and Firth were on hand to discuss Kingsman: The Golden Circle, with the director offering three high-octane clips from the comedy/spy-actioner, two of which were also shown last month during Fox's »

- Alex Ritman

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Grindhouse’s Biggest Hits: See the Era’s Craziest Posters

19 June 2017 11:14 AM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Exploitation movies have been a staple of the film scene since the 1930s, and sleazy, risk-taking cinemas in New York City and other urban pockets reveled in screening these wild tales. Grindhouse titles encompass a litany of boundary-pushing genres, including Westerns, creature features, biker films, sex romps and Blaxploitation classics. While some lesser works haven’t stood the test of time from the ’70s and ’80s, many are bona-fide classics, including “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” “Pink Flamingos” and “Foxy Brown.”

Read More: ‘Blood Drive’ Trailer Revs Up for Gory Grindhouse Good Times — Watch

Repopularized by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s 2007 cult double feature “Grindhouse,” a new generation of genre enthusiasts have been intrigued by the aesthetic. One of the touchstones of these films are insane posters that tease viewers with promises of blood, gore, sex, nudity and badass characters. Whether hand-drawn or designed by a bold and creative graphic artist, »

- William Earl

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The 50 Most Insane, Blood-Soaked, and Nsfw Grindhouse Movie Posters

19 June 2017 11:13 AM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

From slashers to revenge tales, here’s the wildest art from a no-holds-barred era of cinema.

Related storiesGrindhouse's Biggest Hits: See the Era's Craziest PostersQuentin Tarantino Reveals He Was Offered 'Green Lantern,' Says Spielberg Gave Him Career Advice After 'Grindhouse'Robert Rodriguez Reveals His Pre-Expendables Idea For 'Grindhouse,' 'Three The Hard Way' »

- William Earl

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TV Hijacks Film Fests for High-Profile Bows

12 June 2017 10:15 AM, PDT | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

As rival top-tier film festivals across the globe began to program episodic television, Cannes’ artistic director Thierry Fremaux remained a notable holdout — until recently.

Earlier this year, he relented and invited David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” TV reboot and Jane Campion’s “Top of the Lake 2: China Girl” to the Croisette for special screenings, the former with full red-carpet treatment. In April, Fremaux explained to Variety that while he is “not a big fan of series,” he justified the inclusion of Campion and Lynch as auteurs who are experimenting with “new narrative means.”

“Cinema remains a singular art, and we want to emphasize this while keeping our eyes open on the world that surrounds it,” Fremaux says. “And this world is more and more about TV series and virtual reality.”

Fremaux’s desire to keep the “film” in “film festival” was admirable, but possibly futile. Sundance, Toronto, Tribeca, South by Southwest, Berlin »

- Addie Morfoot

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Needle in a [Comic] Haystack #3: ‘Grindhouse’

8 June 2017 6:01 AM, PDT | Blogomatic3000 | See recent Blogomatic3000 news »

Hi! Welcome back to the Needle in a [Comic] Haystack, where I tell you all about the incredible and awesome comics you’re missing out on because there is a literal ocean of them. Today we’re going to deal with a series written by Alex De Campi, with art by a bunch of different artists, called Grindhouse.

Do you remember the old grindhouse movies? They were blackspoiltation films, women-in-prisons flicks — things that were titillating, slapped together, and, well, very grindhouse-y. People have tried to emulate these old movies for years, most of the time not doing a very good job. Perhaps the most famous example of this was the Grindhouse Double Feature by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. That’s another part of Grindhouse flicks – most of them were double features.

Which brings us to De Campi’s excellent series. You might recognize the writer. She’s done tons of comics: No Mercy, »

- Tara Marie

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TNT’s Snowpiercer TV Series Pilot Episode Adds Jennifer Connelly to the Cast

7 June 2017 1:49 PM, PDT | DailyDead | See recent DailyDead news »

Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange, the upcoming Locke & Key pilot episode) and Daveed Diggs (Hamilton) now have some company aboard the arctic train in TNT's Snowpiercer. A few weeks after the director and actor, respectively, joined the pilot episode adaptation of Bong Joon Ho’s film of the same name, Jennifer Connelly has now joined the cast as Melanie Cavill, the "Voice of the Train."

Press Release (via The Futon Critic): Turner's TNT has cast Jennifer Connelly, who earned an Oscar(R) for her performance in A Beautiful Mind, to star in the network's drama pilot Snowpiercer. She joins Tony Award(R) winner Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Black-ish) in the futuristic thriller, which will be directed by Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange). Based on the acclaimed movie of the same name, Snowpiercer is a co-production of Tomorrow Studios and Turner's Studio T, along with Cj Entertainment. The project is being executive-produced by writer-showrunner Josh Friedman (Avatar 4, »

- Derek Anderson

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Sin City To Make Its Way To Television

2 June 2017 5:00 AM, PDT | LRMonline.com | See recent LRM Online news »

Deadline is reporting that The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films, owned by the Weinstein Brothers, are developing Sin City for television. Writer Glen Mazzara, who's credits include The Shield and The Walking Dead is the showrunner with Len Wiseman, director of Underworld and producer of television shows such as Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow, set to produce. According to the article, the show is set to be a departure from the films, introducing new characters and storylines to the Sin City mythos.

The original Sin City, directed by legendary film director Robert Rodriguez, was a tour de force. While tackling some of the same material Rodriguez used in previous films, visually it was nothing like he ever did before. It was the closest we will probably ever see a movie that films a comic book panel for panel. The sequel, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, was good but lacked »

- Tim Jousma

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"Sin City" The TV Series

1 June 2017 7:16 PM, PDT | SneakPeek | See recent SneakPeek news »

According to reports, TWC/Dimension, writer Glen Mazzara ("The Walking Dead") and producer/director Len Wiseman ("Underworld"), will create a new live-action TV series, adapting Frank Miller's surreal, "Sin City" graphic novels:

The original "Sin City" 'neo-noir' comics debuted in "Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special" (April, 1991), followed by Dark Horse Presents #51–62, May 1991- June 1992, as "Sin City", serialized in thirteen parts. 

A film adaptation of "Sin City", co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, was released April 1, 2005. The sequel, "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For", was released August 22, 2014.

"...'Basin City', aka 'Sin City' in the American west, is hot and arid. A major river runs through the city, which has an extensive waterfront. 

"Usually twice a year, a major downpour comes, and the city is prone to heavy snowfall in the winter. Desert lizards and palm trees are common, while tar pits, desert areas, mountain »

- Michael Stevens

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Frank Miller’s Sin City to be adapted into a TV Series

1 June 2017 5:26 AM, PDT | HeyUGuys.co.uk | See recent HeyUGuys news »

Author: Zehra Phelan

Sin City: The TV Show is coming to a screen near you! A reboot of Frank Miller’s comic book series which lives under the dark umbrella of Sin City, is getting a fresh new make-over which differs from the big screen adaptations, in the form of a TV series from TWC/Dimension with a little help from the Weinstein Company.

Related: Sin City News

Staying close to the premise of the wonderfully animated comic series, The Walking Dead and The Omen showrunner, Glen Mazzara has been recruited to tackle writing the series which will be directed by Len Wiseman, a man who has produced series such as Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow and helmed Underworld.

Also on board is Stephen L’Heureux (Sin City: A Dame To Kill For) overseeing this and will act as the producer with Miller, Mazzara, Wiseman and Bob & Harvey Weinstein.

Frank Miller »

- Zehra Phelan

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Sin City is being developed into a TV series

1 June 2017 2:30 AM, PDT | The Hollywood News | See recent The Hollywood News news »

Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel series Sin City is getting the TV treatment. The new show is being developed by The Weinstein Company’s Dimension TV arm which is currently without a network, but many are said to be circling.

The new TV series will have Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead, The Shield) as its showrunner and Len Wiseman (Die Hard 4.0 and Underworld) will direct the pilot.

The original comic books have been adapted into two movies by Robert Rodriguez; in 2005 and then again in 2014 with a sequel – Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

The new series is set to introduce new characters as well as bring some of those from the original source to the small screen. More news as we get it.

The post Sin City is being developed into a TV series appeared first on The Hollywood News. »

- Paul Heath

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Godzilla vs Kong director revealed, Wonder Woman tracking huge opening, Sin City TV show and more – Daily News Roundup

1 June 2017 12:03 AM, PDT | Flickeringmyth | See recent Flickeringmyth news »

Let Them Fight

With Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures putting all of the pieces in place for their MonsterVerse, the studios announced yesterday that Adam Wingard (The Guest) will be helming the monster duel Godzilla vs. Kong. Wingard directed last year’s Blair Witch and has also helmed the Netflix live-action adaptation of Death Note. Read more here.

Live, Die, Repeat, End.

Announced a couple of weeks ago, it seems as though the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow – Live Die Repeat and Repeat – will conclude the franchise. “I think what people tend to do with sequels is they just make them bigger,” Doug Liman said. “I see this as a two-movie franchise; there’s the completion of the story we set up in the first movie and the relationships between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt—because, remember, at the end of the first movie, she doesn’t know who he »

- Luke Owen

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Frank Miller's Sin City to get the TV reboot from Glen Mazzara & Len Wiseman

31 May 2017 4:23 PM, PDT | JoBlo.com | See recent JoBlo news »

Although Robert Rodriguez's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For seemingly killed off the franchise several years ago when it was called a major box-office failure, the rumours of the demise of Sin City has been greatly exaggerated. According to Deadline, Frank Miller's series will be resurrected as a TV show from Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead) and Len Wiseman (Live Free Or Die Hard). It's... Read More »

- Kevin Fraser

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‘Sin City’ TV Show Coming From Len Wiseman and Former ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner

31 May 2017 4:00 PM, PDT | Slash Film | See recent Slash Film news »

Back in 2013, The Weinstein Company expressed interest in bringing the world of Sin City to the small screen. They wanted the show to involve the series’ creator, Frank Miller, and the films’ co-director, Robert Rodriguez. However, they’re not involved in the Sin City show now in development – director Len Wiseman (Underworld) and showrunner Glen Mazzara (The Shield) are behind the reboot. Below, learn more […]

The post ‘Sin City’ TV Show Coming From Len Wiseman and Former ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner appeared first on /Film. »

- Jack Giroux

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Sin City TV show in the works

31 May 2017 3:17 PM, PDT | Den of Geek | See recent Den of Geek news »

Chris Longo Jun 1, 2017

Frank Miller is shopping Sin City to TV networks. They're lining up for it, apparently...

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez turned Miller’s graphic novel Sin City into stylish noir for the silver screen over a decade ago, but would a television series be A Show To Kill For?

Networks hungry for old IP seem to think so. Deadline reports that suitors are lining up for a Sin City television adaptation, one that would introduce new characters in that universe. 

No network is officially on board yet, but it can only be a matter of time. It's easy to imagine this being a big blockbuster of a show.

The project has picked up steam now that it has Bob and Harvey WeinsteinLen Wiseman (Total Recall), and The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara behind it.

Mazzura, whose credits also include The Shield and The Omen, is set to write. »

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‘Sin City’ TV Reboot In The Works

31 May 2017 1:57 PM, PDT | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Sin City” has always been a bit of a strange case. The first film, released in 2005, was a big hit. Audiences loved the stylized aesthetic that brought the frames of Frank Miller‘s comic to vivid life, with the help of Robert Rodriguez‘s clever use of green screen, which gave everything an extremely heightened, noir look. However, interest in that style quickly dropped off. When Miller ventured on his own and directed “The Spirit” in 2008, the result missed with critics and audiences, and when “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” dropped in 2014, it played like almost a creaky relic from another time.

Continue reading ‘Sin City’ TV Reboot In The Works at The Playlist. »

- Kevin Jagernauth

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Glen Mazzara and Len Wiseman Developing Sin City TV Series

31 May 2017 1:09 PM, PDT | DailyDead | See recent DailyDead news »

We've seen Frank Miller's Sin City comic books come to life on the big screen in the 2005 and 2014 film adaptations that Miller co-directed with Robert Rodriguez, but now a TV series adaptation is in the works at The Weinstein Company (TWC) / Dimension, with two big names working on the project.

According to Deadline, Glen Mazzara is writing a TV series adaptation of the Sin City Dark Horse comics, with Len Wiseman set to direct. Stephen L’Heureux (whose producing credits include Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) is on board the series as a producer, along with Miller, Mazzara, Wiseman, Bob Weinstein, and Harvey Weinstein.

Deadline reports that although the TV series is expected to follow Miller's comics, it will also feature new characters and stories against the neo-noir backdrop of Sin City, all while being a "far departure from the films."

The crime-ridden setting of Sin City is a gritty one, »

- Derek Anderson

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