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Other Works

  • (1926) Stage: Appeared in "The Constant Nymph" on Broadway.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared (as "Lally") in "Lally" on Broadway. Written by Henry Stillman. Directed by John D. Williams. Greenwich Village Theatre: 8 Feb 1927-Apr 1927 (closing date unknown/63 performances). Cast: Patricia Barclay (as "Isolde Lally"), France Bendtsen (as "Malvinski"), Robert Collyer (as "Stravinski Lally"), F.H. Day (as "Cranston Thompson"), Genevieve Dolaro (as "Angelique"), Augusta Durgeon (as "Elizabeth Lally"), Gerald Hamer (as "Archibald Higgins"), Helen Kingstead (as "Brunhilde Lally"), Benedict MacQuarrie (as "Izzyitch"), Reginald Malcolm (as "Ronald Byrde"), Kate McComb (as "Matilda"), Owen Meech (as "Giovanni"), Anne Morrison (as "Judith Montifiori"), Erin O'Brien-Moore (as "Elsa Lally"), Zolya Talma (as "Felicia").
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared in "Out of the Sea" on Broadway. Written by Don Marquis. Directed by Walter Hampden. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: 5 Dec 1927-Dec 1927 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Produced by George C. Tyler.
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared (as "Hdydner" / "Messenger" / Lamparenne") in "Miracle at Verdun", produced on Broadway. Drama. Written by Hans Chlumberg. Translated by Julian Leigh. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. Martin Beck Theatre: 16 Mar 1931-Apr 1931 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Edward Arnold (as "Dr. Paetz"), J.W. Austin (as "Sharpe"), Anthony Baker, Jacob Bleifer, Thomas A. Braidon, George Brant, Hilda Case, Valerie Cossart (as "Dorothy"), Martin Cravath, Alexander Danaroff, Juan De La Cruz, Robert Deviera, Walter Dressel, Miriam Elias, Jules Epailly (as "Remusat, Premier Delcampe"), Shirley Gale (as "Miss Greeley"), Douglas Garden, John Gerard, Caryl Gillin, Lucien Girardin, Germaine Giroux, David Gorcey, Joan Grahn, Joseph Green, Hans Hansen, John Hoyt (credited as John Hoysradt; as "Pillwein" / "French Officer" / "Radio Announcer" / "Jacques"), Alexander Ivo, J. Kunihari, Ari Kutai, Edouard La Roche, Joseph Lazarovici, Con MacSunday, George Magis, Mario Majeroni, Owen Meech, Robert Middlemass (as "Jackson" / "Clarkson"), Michael Rosenberg, Helene Salinger, Francis Schaeger, Sidney Stavro, Marion Stephenson, Akim Tamiroff (as "Roubeau"), Peter Wayne, Crane Whitley (credited as Clem Wilenchick; as "Morel"), Max Willenz, Percy Woodley, Hanaki Yoshiwara, Ali Yousuff, Salvatore Zito. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • Spoken-word album: Recorded Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "Enoch Arden", for Columbia Masterworks records. This version featured a piano accompaniment by Richard Strauss, played by Glenn Gould. It has been released on a Sony Masterworks CD.
  • Spoken-word album (78 rpm): "Noah and the Ark" bible story adapted for children (Capitol Records).
  • (1951) Stage: Appeared (as "Rubashov") in "Darkness at Noon" on Broadway. Drama. Written / directed by Sidney Kingsley. Based on the novel by Arthur Koestler. "Moscow" composed by Dan and Dm. Pokras. Alvin Theatre (moved to The Royale Theatre from 26 Mar 1951 to close): 13 Jan 1951-23 Jun 1951 (186 performances). Cast: Kim Hunter (as "Luba"), Jack Palance (credited as Walter J. Palance; as "Gletkin"), Tony Ancona, Geoffrey Barr, Henry Beckman (as "Pablo"), Philip Coolidge (as "402"), Robert Crozier, Maurice Gosfield, Johnson Hayes, Virginia Howard, Brian Keith (billed as Robert Keith Jr.), Will Kuluva (as "Luigi"), Adams MacDonald, Lois Nettleton (as "Secretary"), Daniel Polis, Herbert Ratner (as "Richard"), Allan Rich, Norman Roland, Alexander Scourby (as "Ivanoff"), Richard Seff. Produced by The Playwrights' Company. Associate Producer: May Kirshner.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Paul Verin") in "The Man Who Reclaimed His Head" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Jean Bart. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. Broadhurst Theatre: 8 Sep 1932-Oct 1932 (closing date unknown/28 performances). Cast: Rita Agostini, Jean Arthur (as "Adele Verin"), Richard Barrows, William Boren, Richard Bowler (as "French Soldier"), Lionel Braham (as "Baron de Montford"), Romaine Callender (as "Fernand Demoncey"), Stuart Casey, Edward T. Colebrook, James J. Coyle, Roger Paul Craig(as "Peddler"), Alexander Cross (as "Charlot" / "Messenger"), Marjorie Dalton, Evelyn Eaton (as "Linette Verin"), Julien Garfield (as "Peddler"), Marshall Hale (as "Maniac"), Daniel Hamilton, Ray Harper, Hester Holm (as "Midinette"), David Hughes, Marie Hunt, Ray Lawrence, Lucille Lortel, Emily Lowry, Burton Mallory, Tucker McGuire (as "Midinette"), Kay Miller, Dennie Moore (as "Chonchon"), Mona Moray (as "Sister Rose"), Robert Neff (as "Spectator"), Allen Nourse (as "Jack" / "Waiter" / "Picard"), Milton Owen (as "Spectator"), Janet Rathbun (as "Mimi" / "Lulu"), C. Ellsworth Smith (as "Gendarme"), Paul Wilson, Carleton Young (as "Curly"). Produced by Arthur Hammerstein and L. Lawrence Weber. NOTE: Filmed as The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934).
  • (1934) Stage: Appeared (as "Nathan G. Robin") in "They Shall Not Die" on Broadway. Drama. Written by John Wexley. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Philip Moeller. Royale Theatre: 21 Feb 1934-Apr 1934 (closing date unknown/62 performances). Cast: Carroll Ashburn (as "Mr. Lawrence" / "Lowery"), St. Clair Bayfield, Irene Bevans, Alfred Brown, Teddy Browne, Georgia Burke, Orrin Burke, George A. Cameron, George Carroll, George Christie, K. Browne Cooke, Leo Curley, Angus Duncan, Carl Eckstrom (as "Circuit Solicitor Slade"; final Broadway role), Tom Ewell (as "Red" / "Young Man"; Broadway debut), Jack Flynn, Ross Forrester, Catherine Francis, Vallejo Gantner, Ruth Gordon (as "Lucy Wells"), Anthony Douglas Gregory, Marshall Hale, Bryant Hall, Thurston Hall (as "Judge"), George R. Hayes, Charles Henderson, Harry Hermsen, Fred Herrick, Eddie Hodge (as "Killian" / "Ensemble"), Lawrence M. Hurdle, William Jackson, Dean Jagger (as "Russell Evans"), Alexander Jones, John L. Kearney, Louis John Latzer, Robert J. Lawrence, William Lynn, William H. Malone, Edward Mann, George C. Mantell, Phil S. Michaels, Fred Miller, Grace Mills, Hale Norcross (as "Luther Blakely"), William Norton, Betty Oakwood, Frederick Persson, Frank Phillips, Robert D. Phillips, Robert Porterfield, Hugh Rennie (as "Smith" / "Johnny"), Bob Ross, Dorothy E. Ryan, Edward Ryan Jr., Erskine Sanford, Ralph Sanford, Cecil Scott, Joseph Scott, Joseph Smalls, Ben Smith, C. Ellsworth Smith, Al Stokes, Jack Stone, Jerome Sylvon, Ralph Theodore (as "Sheriff Wren"), Robert Thomsen, Derek Trent, Grafton Trew (as "Warner"), Allan Vaughan, Ben Vivian, Linda Watkins, Charles Wellesley, Albert West, Helen Westley (as "Mrs. Wells"), John Wheeler, Frank Wilson, Frank Woodruff, James Young. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Dobelle") in "The Moon in the Yellow River" on Broadway. Written by 'Denis Johnston' (qav). Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 29 Feb 1932-Apr 1932 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Wylie Adams (as "Larry"), Egon Brecher (as "Tausch"), Gertrude Flynn (as "Blanaid"), William Harrigan, Henry Hull (as "Darrell Blake"), Alma Kruger (as "Aunt Columba"), Barry Macollum, John Daly Murphy (as "Capt. Potts"), Edward Nannery (as "George"), John O'Connor, Desmond O'Donnovan, Paul Stevenson, Josephine Williams. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared in Richard B. Sheridan's play, "The Rivals", at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London, England, with Nigel Playfair, Miles Malleson, Isabel Jeans, Angela Baddeley and Dorothy Green in the cast.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Wang Lung") in "The Good Earth" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Owen Davis and Donald Davis. Based on the novel by Pearl S. Buck. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 17 Oct 1932-Dec 1932 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Harry Barfoot (as "Priest from the Temple of Buddha"), Homer Barton (as "The Gatekeeper of the House of Hwang. The Rich Man"), Conrad Cantzen (as "A Peach Vendor, Another Poor Man"), Harry M. Cooke, Jack Daniels, Marel Foster, Clyde Franklin, William Franklin, Freddy Goodrow, Sydney Greenstreet (as "Wang Lung's Uncle"), Joan Hathaway, Albert Hayes, Helen Hoy, A. Francis Karll, Geraldine Kay, Donald MacMillan, Kate Morgan, Nola Napoli, Alla Nazimova (as "O-Lan"), Sabene Newmark, M.W. Rale, Jessie Ralph (as "Wang Lung's Aunt"), Mark Schweid, Vincent Sherman (as "Stranger" / "A Young Speaker"), Harold Thomas, Henry Travers (as "Wang Lung's Father"), Harry Wood, Marjorie Wood, Philip Wood. Produced by The Theatre Guild. NOTE: Filmed as The Good Earth (1937)).
  • (9/27/23-2/24) Stage: Appeared in Ian Hicks' and Seymour Hay's play "Good Luck", at the Drury Lane Theatre in London, England, with Edmund Gwenn, Ellis Jeffreys, Julian Royce, Charles W. Somerset and Joyce Carey in the cast.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared in "The Game of Love and Death", produced on Broadway. Drama. Written by Romain Rolland. translated by Eleanor Stimson Brooks. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. Guild Theatre: 15 Nov 1929-Jan 1930 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: Alice Brady (as "Sophie de Courvoisier"), Frank Conroy (as "Jerome de Courvoisier"), Clinton Corwin (as "Other in the Play"), Frank De Silva (as "Other in the Play"), William Earle (as "Doucin"; final Broadway role_, Paul Farber (as "Other in the Play"), Henry Fonda (as "Other in the Play"; Broadway debut), Anita Fugazy (as "Chloris Soucy"), Leopoldo Gutierrez (as "Other in the Play"), Charles Henderson (as "Crapart"), Daniel Joseph (as "Other in the Play"), Lizbeth Kennedy (as "Peau d'Ane"), Otto Kruger (as "Claude Vallee"), P. Lapouchin (as "Other in the Play"), Charles C. Leatherbee (as "Other in the Play"), Hughie Mack (as "Other in the Play"), Robert Norton (as "Timoleon"), Sidney Paxton (as "Denis Bayot"), Frank Petrie (as "Fifer"), Katherine Randolph (as "Other in the Play"), Lionel Stander (as "Other in the Play"), Laura Straub (as "Lodoiska Cerizier"), Mike Wagman (as "Other in the Play"), J.E. Whiffen (as "Other in the Play"), Alan Willey (as "Horace Bouchet"), Kitty Wilson (as "Other in the Play"), Irwin Young (as "Drummer"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1900) Stage: Appeared (as "Street Urchin") in "Sweet Nell of Old Drury" at the Haymarket Theatre, London, England.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Joe Villim") in "The Camel Through the Needle's Eye" on Broadway. Written by Frantisek Langer. Material adapted by / Directed by Philip Moeller. Martin Beck Theatre: 15 Apr 1929-Oct 1929 (closing date unknown/196 performances). Cast: Elliot Cabot, Morris Carnovsky (as "Andrejs"), Catherine Doucet (as "Lady"), Miriam Hopkins (as "Susi Pesta"), Mary Kennedy, Joseph Kilgour (as "Bezchyba"), Henry Travers (as "Mr. Pesta"), Helen Westley (as "Mrs. Pesta"), Norman Williams. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "First Prisoner") in "Karl and Anna" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Leonhard Frank. Translated by 'Ruth Langner' (qav). Directed by Philip Moeller. Guild Theatre: 7 Oct 1929-Nov 1929 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Herbert J. Biberman (as "Sister's Husband"), Alice Brady (as "Anna"), Frank Conroy (as "Richard"), Larry Fletcher (as "Sister's Husband"), Ruth Hammond (as "Marie"), Otto Kruger (as "Karl"), Charles C. Leatherbee (as "A Guard"), Philip Leigh (as "Second Prisoner"), Robert Norton (as "Another Guard"), Gale Sondergaard (as "Marie's Sister"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1954) Stage: Appeared (as "Sir Claude Mulhammer") in "The Confidential Clerk" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by T.S. Eliot. Scenic Design / Costume Design by Paul Morrison. Directed by E. Martin Browne. Morosco Theatre: 11 Feb 1954-22 May 1954 (117 performances). Cast: Ina Claire (as "Lady Elizabeth Mulhammer"; final Broadway role), Joan Greenwood (as "Lucasta Angel"), Newton Blick (as "Eggerson"), Aline MacMahon (as "Mrs. Guzzard"), Richard Newton (as "B. Kaghan"), Douglas Watson (as "Colby Simpkins"). Produced by Henry Sherek and The Producers Theatre.
  • (1949) Radio: Appeared in "The Horn Blows at Midnight" on "The Ford Radio Theater".
  • Spoken-word album (78 rpm): "The Story of Jesus", bible story adapted for children (Capitol Records).
  • (1955) Spoken-word album: "The Bible Speaks to Children", compilation of his other two spoken-word albums (Capitol Records).
  • (1/26/42) Radio: Appeared (as "Mr. Jordan") in a "Lux Radio Theatre" broadcast of "Here Comes Mr. Jordan".
  • (1926) Teacher at Royal Academy of DRamatic Arts.
  • (1902) Made his first stage appearance at age 11 in "Sweet Nell of Old Drury."
  • (1913) Made American stage debut as part of a British repertory stage company as an actor and manager.

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