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  • (1975) "Chicago," a musical comedy. Book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse. Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb. Based on the play "Chicago" by Maurine Dallas Watkins. Musical Director: Stanley Lebowsky. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns. Dance arrangements by Peter Howard. Choreographed by Bob Fosse. Assistant Choreographer: Tony Stevens. Scenic Design by Tony Walton. Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt. Lighting Design by Jules Fisher. Sound Design by Abe Jacob. Hair Design by Romaine Green. Assistant Scenic Design: John Kasarda. Directed by Bob Fosse. 46th Street Theatre: 3 Jun 1975- 27 Aug 1977 (936 performances + 24 previews that began on 12 May 1975). Cast: Jerry Orbach (as "Billy Flynn"), Chita Rivera (as "Velma Kelly"), Gwen Verdon (as "Roxie Hart"), Barney Martin (as "Amos Hart"), Mary McCarty (as "Matron"), M. O'Haughey (as "Mary Sunshine"), Candy Brown (as "June"), Hank Brunjes (as "Dance Alternate"), Christopher Chadman (as "Fred Casely"), Cheryl Clark (as "Liz"), Graciela Daniele (as "Hunyak"), Gene Foote (as "Aaron"), Gary Gendell (as "Court Clerk"), Richard Korthaze (as "Sergeant Fogarty"), Michon Peacock (as "Annie"), Charlene Ryan (as "Go-To-Hell-Kitty"), Ron Schwinn (as "Judge"), Paul Solen (as "Harry"), Pamela Sousa (as "Mona"), Monica Tiller (as "Dance Alternate"), Michael Vita (as "Martin Harrison"). Standbys: Marsha Bagwell (as "Mary Sunshine/Matron"), Lenora Nemetz (as "Roxie Hart"). Understudies: Richard Korthaze (as "Amos Hart"), Michon Peacock (as "Velma Kelly"). Replacement actors during production run: Mace Barrett, Joan Bell (as "Annie") [from 10 May 1976- ?], Georgia Creighton (as "Matron") [from Jul 1977- ?], Rex Everhart (as "Amos Hart") [from 20 Feb 1976- ?], Fern Fitzgerald (as "Go-To-Hell-Kitty"), Richard Korthaze (as "Amos Hart") [from Aug 1977- ?], Debra Lyman (as "Mona"), Peter Marinos (as "Mary Sunshine") [from 17 May 1976- ?], Liza Minnelli (as "Roxie Hart"), [from 8 Aug 1975- 13 Sep 1975], Lenora Nemetz (as "Roxie Hart") [from 30 Jul 1975- ?], (and as "Velma Kelly") [from 28 Jul 1976- ?], Gena Ramsel (as "Go-To-Hell-Kitty"), Alaina Reed (as "Matron") [from 10 Jan 1977- 13 Jul 1977], Ann Reinking (as "Roxie Hart") [from 7 Feb 1977- ?], Gwen Verdon (as "Roxie Hart") [from 15 Sep 1975 - ?]. Standbys: Elaine Cancilla (as "Velma Kelly"), Steve Elmore (as "Billy Flynn"), Peter Marinos (as "Mary Sunshine"), Candace Tovar (as "Roxie Hart"). Produced by Robert Fryer and James Cresson. Produced in association with Martin Richards, Joseph Harris and Ira Bernstein. Note: Filmed as Chicago (2002).
  • (1980) "42nd Street," a musical comedy. Music by Harry Warren. Lyrics by Al Dubin. Lead Ins and Crossovers by Michael Stewart, Mark Bramble and Bradford Ropes [posthumous credit]. Based on the novel by Bradford Ropes. Musical Director: John Lesko. Vocal arrangements by John Lesko. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Donald Johnston. Additional lyrics by Johnny Mercer and Mort Dixon. Choreographed and directed by Gower Champion. Winter Garden Theatre (moved to The Majestic Theatre from 30 Mar 1981 to 5 Apr 1987, then moved to The St. James Theatre from 7 Apr 1987 to close): 25 Aug 1980- 8 Jan 1989 (3486 performances + 6 previews). Cast: Jerry Orbach (as "Julian Marsh"), Tammy Grimes (as "Dorothy Brock"), Wanda Richert (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Carole Banninger, Steve Belin, Robin Black, Joel Blum, Joseph Bova, Mary Cadorette, Danny Carroll, Robert Colston, James Congdon, Carole Cook, Don Crabtree, Ronny DeVito, Denise DiRenzo, Mark Dovey, Rob Draper, Brandt Edwards, Jon Engstrom, Sharon Ferrol, Cathy Greco, Dawn Herbert, Christine Jacobsen, Jeri Kansas, Ginny King, Terri Ann Kundrat, Shan Martin, Beth McVey, Maureen Mellon, Sandra Menhart, Bill Nabel, Stan Page, Tony Parise, Don Percassi, Jean Preece, Karen Prunczik, Lee Roy Reams, Vicki Regan, Lars Rosager, Linda Sabatelli, Nikki Sahagen, Ron Schwinn, Yveline Semeria, Alison Sherve, Robin Stephens, David Storey, Karen Tamburrelli. Replacement cast during show's long run included: Gail Benedict (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Peggy Cass (as "Maggie Jones"), Don Chastain, Clare Leach, Millicent Martin (as "Dorothy Brock"), Barry Nelson (as "Julian Marsh"), Jamie Ross (as "Julian Marsh"), Cathy Wydner (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Karen Ziemba (as "Peggy Sawyer"). Produced by David Merrick.
  • (1968) "Promises, Promises," a musical comedy. Book by Neil Simon. Based on the film "The Apartment" by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond. Music by Burt Bacharach. Lyrics by Hal David. Musical Director: Harold Wheeler. Dance arrangements by Harold Wheeler. Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. Choreographed by Michael Bennett. Assistant Choreographer: Bob Avian. Directed by Robert Moore. Shubert Theatre: 1 Dec 1968- 1 Jan 1972 (1281 performances + 7 previews). Cast: Jill O'Hara (as "Fran Kubelik"), Jerry Orbach (as "Chuck Baxter"), A. Larry Haines (as "Dr. Dreyfuss"), Edward Winter (as "J.D. Sheldrake"), Barbara Alston (as "Intern's Date"), Adrienne Angel (as "Sylvia Gilhooley"), Rod Barry (as "New Young Executive/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Carole Bishop (as "Company Nurse/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Kelly Britt (as "Orchestra Voice"), Gene Cooper (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Graciela Daniele (as "Clancy's Employee/Intern's Date"), Bob Fitch (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Margot Hanson (as "Orchestra Voice"), Betsy Haug (as "Dining Room Hostess/Clancy's Employee"), Ken Howard (as "Bartender Eddie/Karl Kubelik"), Neil Jones (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Baayork Lee (as "Lum Ding Hostess/Miss Wong"), Debra Lyman (as "Swing Dancer"), Bettye McCormick (as "Orchestra Voice"), Donna McKechnie (as "Vivien Della Hoya"), Marian Mercer (as "Marge MacDougall"), Vince O'Brien (as "Mr. Eichelberger"), Rita O'Connor (as "Dentist's Nurse/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Gerry O'Hara (as "Company Doctor/Intern"), Dick O'Neill (as "Jesse Vanderhof"), Kay Oslin (as "Helen Sheldrake"), Scott Pearson (as "Waiter/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Paul Reed (as "Mr. Dobitch"), Margo Sappington (as "Miss Polanski/Clancy's Employee"), Michael Shawn (as "Intern/Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Norman Shelly (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Ilona Simon (as "Orchestra Voice"), Millie Slavin (as "Peggy Olson"), Julane Stites (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Don Stomsvik (as "Swing Dancer"), Melissa Stoneburn (as "Clancy's Lounge Patron"), Michael Vita (as "Madison Square Garden Attendant/Bartender Eugene"). Standby: Peter Lombard (as "Chuck Baxter/J.D. Sheldrake"). Understudies: Kelly Britt (as "Marge MacDougall"), Bob Fitch (as "Mr. Kirkeby"), Rita O'Connor (as "Peggy Olson"), Dick O'Neill (as "Mr. Dobitch"), Margo Sappington (as "Fran Kubelik"), Norman Shelly (as "Dr. Dreyfuss"), Henry Sutton (as "Jesse Vanderhof/Mr. Eichelberger"), Michael Vita (as "Karl Kubelik"). Produced by David Merrick. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff.
  • (1999) TV commercial for the New York State Lottery (voiceover).
  • (May 3, 1960 - ????) Stage: Appeared (as "El Gallo") in the original Off-Broadway production of "The Fantasticks"
  • (October 10, 1967 - June 8, 1969) Appeared in the original Off-Broadway cast of "Scuba Duba," written by Bruce Jay Friedman, directed by Jacques Levy at the New Theatre, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA.
  • (1995) Audio book: "Death Flight" by Evan Hunter (as Ed McBain). Orbach also recorded numerous other Hunter/McBain titles.
  • (1991) CD: "Beauty and the Beast" original soundtrack.
  • (2002) Print ad: North Shore Animal League.
  • (1999) TV commercial/print ad: TD Waterhouse Group financial services firm
  • (1963) Stage: Appeared (as "Paul Berthalet/Carrot Top/Horrible Henry/Renardo/Margueritte") in "Carnival!" on Broadway. Musical/puppets. Music and lyrics by Bob Merrill. Book by Michael Stewart. Based on material by Helen Deutsch. Originally based upon a book entitled "The Love of Seven Dolls" by Paul Gallico. Musical Director: Saul Schechtman. Vocal arrangements by Saul Schechtman. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Peter Howard. Choreographed and directed by Gower Champion. Associate Choreographer: Gene Bayliss. Imperial Theatre (moved to The Winter Garden Theatre from 20 Dec 1962 to close): 13 Apr 1961-5 Jan 1963 (719 performances + 2 previews). Cast: Anna Maria Alberghetti (as "Lili"), Kaye Ballard (as "The Incomparable Rosalie"), Henry Lascoe, James Mitchell, Pierre Olaf (as "Jacquot"), Christine Bartel, Nicole Barth, C.B. Bernard, Jennifer Billingsley, Martin Brothers, Carvel Carter, Dean Crane, Bob Dixon, Igors Gavon, Anita Gillette, Tony Gomez, Will Lee, Luba Lisa (as "Princess Olga"), Peter Lombard, Iva March, George Marcy, June Meshonek, Bob Murray, Mary Ann Niles, Johnny Nola, Harry Lee Rogers, Beti Seay, Buff Shurr, Paul Sydell, Pat Tolson. Replacement actors: Carla Alberghetti (as "Lili"), Ed Ames (as "Paul Berthalet"), Leni Anders. Produced by David Merrick.
  • (1965) Stage: Appeared (as "Jigger Craigin") in "Carousel" (revival) at Lincoln Center, New York City, NY.
  • For years until the time of his death, held the record for most musical stage performances of any living actor.
  • (1977) TV commercial: Chevrolet
  • (1966) "Annie Get Your Gun," a musical comedy (revival). Music by Irving Berlin. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Dance arrangements by Dick DeBenedictis. Musical Director: Jonathan Anderson. Dances and production numbers staged by Danny Daniels. Directed by Jack Sydow. Broadway Theatre: 21 Sep 1966- 26 Nov 1966 (78 performances). Cast: Ethel Merman (as "Annie Oakley"), Bruce Yarnell (as "Frank Butler"), Harry Bellaver (as "Chief Sitting Bull"), Jack Dabdoub (as "Major Gordon Lillie/Pawnee Bill"), Jerry Orbach (as "Charlie Davenport"), Rufus Smith (as "Col. Wm. F. Cody/Buffalo Bill"), Benay Venuta (as "Dolly Tate"), Kenny Adams (as "Singer"), Bobbi Baird (as "Mrs. Percy Ferguson/Singer"), Diana Banks (as "Shy Girl/Dancer"), Bjarne Buchtrup (as "Dancer"), Chrysten Carroll (as "Singer"), Lynn Carroll (as "Mrs. Ernest Henderson/Singer"), Ronn Carroll (as "Foster Wilson/Mr. Schuyler Adams"), Tony Catanzaro (as "Wild Horse/Ceremonial Dancer"), Donna Conforti (as "Nellie/Annie's Sister"), Audrey Dearden (as "Singer"), Frank Derbas (as "Dancer"), Joanne DiVito (as "Dancer"), John Dorrin (as "Mac"), Property Man/Mr. Clay/Singer"), Lynn Dovel (as "Singer"), Carolyn Dyer (as "Dancer"), Mary Falconer (as "Mrs. Little Horse/Sylvia Potter-Porter/Singer"), Rozann Ford (as "Dancer"), Ronn Forella (as "Dancer"), David Forssen (as "Waiter/Singer"), Beno Foster (as "Porter/Singer"), Marcelo Gamboa (as "Dancer"), Patricia Hall (as "Mrs. Schyler Adams/Singer"), Barbara Hancock (as "Dancer"), Walt Hunter (as "Pawnee's Messenger/Mr. T.L.C. Keeler/Singer"), Gary Jendell (as "Yellow Foot/Dancer"), Daniel Joel (as "Dancer"), Ben Laney (as "Major Domo/Singer"), Ruth Lawrence (as "Dancer"), Jim Lynn (as "Conductor/Singer"), David Manning (as "Little Jake/Annie's Brother"), Brynar Mehl (as "Iron Tail/Dancer"), Deanna Melody (as "Little Girl"), Florence Mercer (as "Singer"), Gene Myers (as "Dancer"), Kuniko Narai (as "Mrs. Yellow Foot/Dancer "), Marc Rowan (as "Dr. Percy Ferguson/Singer"), Eva Marie Sage (as "Mrs. Black Tooth/Dancer"), Jeffrey Scott (as "Little Boy/Indian Boy"), Holly Sherwood (as "Minnie/Annie's Sister"), Grant Spradling (as "Mr. Ernest Henderson/Singer"), Jeanne Tanzy (as "Jessie, Annie's Sister"), Evelyn Taylor (as "Dancer"), Susan Terry (as "Singer"). Produced by Music Theater of Lincoln Center (Richard Rodgers: president and producing director).
  • (November 1982) He acted in Harry Warren and Al Dubin's musical, "42nd Street," at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway in New York City with Millicent Martin in the cast. Directed by Gower Champion.
  • (1963) Album: "Off Broadway," MGM Records
  • (October 9, 1972 - May 19, 1973) "6 Rms Riv Vu," an original comedy; written by Bob Randall; directed by Edwin Sherin; with Jane Alexander (as Anne Miller); Jerry Orbach (as Paul Friedman); Francine Beers (as The Woman in 4-A); Ron Harper (as Richard Miller); Jennifer Warren (as Janet Friedman); F. Murray Abraham (as The Expectant Father); José Ocasio (as Jose Ocasio) (as Superintendent); Anna Shaler (as The Pregnant Woman); and Donegan Smith (as The Expectant Father); on Broadway at the Helen Hayes Theatre (October 9, 1972 - January 27, 1973) and the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (January 30, 1973 - May 19, 1973), Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. (256 performances, including 9 previews beginning October 9, 1972.)
  • (1973) He acted in Bob Randall's play, 6RMS RIV VU," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Marcia Rodd in the cast.
  • (February 25, 1978) He played Billy Flynn in Maurine Dallas Watkins' story, "Chicago," in a musical at the Blackstone Theater in Chicago, Illinois with Penny Worth (Roxie Hart); Carolyn Kirsch (Velma) and Haskell Gordon (Roxie's husband) in the cast. Bob Fosse was director and choreographer. John Kander and Fred Ebb were composers. Patricia Zipprodt was costume designer.
  • (January 2, 1978) He acted in John Kander and Fred Ebb's musical, "Chicago," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Bob Fosse was director.
  • (August 1973) He acted in Bob Randall's play, "6 RMs Riv Vu," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Marcia Rodd in the cast.

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