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Phoebe Tonkin to Appear in The Affair Season 4, Get Involved With Cole

Phoebe Tonkin to Appear in The Affair Season 4, Get Involved With Cole
Cole’s personal journey in the fourth season of The Affair will put him the path of two very familiar-looking artists.

PHOTOSThe Originals Series Finale Wraps: Klaus, Caroline and More Say Goodbye in Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Phoebe Tonkin (The Originals) and Amy Irving (Alias) will guest-star in an episode of the Showtime drama’s upcoming season, TVLine has learned exclusively. Irving will play Nan Perino, a sculptress from Morro Bay, Calif., with a “mysterious” connection to Cole’s father. Tonkin will play Daphne, Nan’s protégé, who “guides” Cole through his quest for answers.

In addition to The Originals, which returns
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Stayin’ Alive: 40 Years of Saturday Night Fever

  • Cineplex
Stayin’ Alive: 40 Years of Saturday Night FeverStayin’ Alive: 40 Years of Saturday Night FeverKurt Anthony12/15/2017 10:31:00 Am

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, everybody knows Saturday Night Fever!

Strutting into theatres on December 16, 1977, the iconic disco drama celebrates its 40th anniversary today and we’ve got boogie fever!

Directed by John Badham (Dracula, WarGames), Saturday Night Fever was inspired by a New York Magazine article titled “Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night” and went on to become a massive box office success. Shot on a modest budget of $3M, the film has since earned over $237M worldwide!

Starring John Travolta as the groove-shakin’ Tony Manero, Saturday Night Fever served as a breakout role for the talented triple-threat and even earned him a Best Actor nomination at the 1978 Academy Awards.

Of course, there wouldn’t be much dancing without music! One of the best-selling soundtracks of all time,
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Blu-ray Review – Carrie (1976)

Carrie, 1976.

Directed by Brian De Palma.

Starring Sissy Spacek, Nancy Allen, John Travolta, William Katt, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, P.J. Soles, and Betty Buckley.


A shy teenage girl with a domineering religious mother unleashes hell with her telekinetic powers against all those who have wronged her.

On the back of their excellent release of John Carpenter’s The Thing on Blu-ray earlier this year, Arrow Video have yet again delved into the vault of horror classics from notable directors and given Brian De Palma’s 1976 adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie a 4K restoration, presented here in a glorious limited edition featuring some juicy new extras.

Carrie White (Sissy SpacekJFK) is a shy teenage girl without any friends, bullied at school by the other girls and sheltered from the fun of regular teenage life by her overbearing religious mother Margaret (Piper LaurieThe Hustler), who punishes Carrie whenever
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‘The Far Pavilions’ Eyed As Epic 30-Hour, $150M UK/India Co-Production

As part of his official visit to India, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled plans for a $150M UK/India drama co-production of The Far Pavilions, based on the epic novel of British-Indian history by Mm Kaye. The book previously was adapted as HBO's first miniseries in 1984, starring Ben Cross, Amy Irving, Omar Sharif and Christopher Lee. The latest version will consist of 30 hourlong episodes and be produced by Michael Ward and Colin Burrows for Beautiful Bay…
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‘Unsane,’ Steven Soderbergh’s iPhone Horror Movie, Will Arrive in 2018

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‘Unsane,’ Steven Soderbergh’s iPhone Horror Movie, Will Arrive in 2018
Steven Soderbergh already has his next film release lined-up. Always up for experimenting with the medium of film, Logan Lucky director recently shot the horror movie Unsane on an iPhone, and now the film is set for a 2018 release date. The film features Juno Temple, Claire Foy, Amy Irving, Aimee Mullins and Jay Pharoah. After a brief sojourn into […]

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Steven Soderbergh to release his first horror movie, Unsane

Tony Sokol Nov 15, 2017

Modern technology and secret shoots drive Steven Sodenbergh’s first foray into horror with upcoming thriller Unsane.

Steven Soderbergh loves his new iPhone so much he shot a whole movie on it. The director of Traffic, Erin Brockovich, Ocean’s Eleven and Side Effects will self-distribute his first horror movie Unsane through his Fingerprint Releasing via Bleecker Street, the same team that brought his crime drama Logan Lucky to cinemas earlier this year. The screenplay was witten by Jonathan Bernstein and James Greer.

Unsane tells the story of a young woman who “is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear — but is it real or is it a product of her delusion?”

Unsane stars Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Juno Temple, Aimee Mullins, Amy Irving, and Jay Pharoah, who described the film as a "reality-horror type" of movie, similar to Jordan Peele’s Get Out.
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March 2018 Release Date Revealed for Steven Soderbergh’s New Horror Film Reportedly Shot on an iPhone

  • DailyDead
In the age of modern technology, many people have the resources to pick up a camera and go shoot a movie, but with his new movie Unsane, Steven Soderbergh is going to prove that many of us are already walking around with our own moviemaking device.

EW reports that a March 23rd release date has been announced for Soderbergh's new film Unsane, which was reportedly filmed entirely with an iPhone. The movie will debut through Soderbergh's Fingerprint Releasing via Bleecker Street. Soderbergh directed from a screenplay written by Jonathan Bernstein and James Greer.

According to EW, Unsane tells the story of a "young woman who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear — but is it real or is it a product of her delusion?”

The movie stars Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah, Juno Temple, Aimee Mullins, and Amy Irving, with co-star
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Steven Soderbergh’s Horror Film ‘Unsane’ Dated for 2018 Release

Much like this year’s Logan Lucky, Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven, Side Effects) is self-distributing his next movie, a horror film titled Unsane. Via THR today, Soderbergh will distribute Unsane through his Fingerprint Releasing via Bleecker Street on March 23, 2018. Claire Foy, Juno Temple (pictured above), Jay Pharaoh, Joshua Leonard, Aimee Mullins and Amy Irving star in the thriller, […]
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Steven Soderbergh's Horror Pic 'Unsane' Gets March 2018 Release Date

Steven Soderbergh's Horror Pic 'Unsane' Gets March 2018 Release Date
Steven Soderbergh is nearly ready to unveil his next movie.

The director's next project, Unsane, will be released on March 23. He will self-distribute the film through his Fingerprint Releasing via Bleecker Street — the same strategy he used for his ensemble crime title Logan Lucky earlier this year.

Unsane will open opposite the wide releases of Paramount’s animated sequel Sherlock Gnomes, Johnny Knoxville comedy Action Point and the Legendary/Universal sequel Pacific Rim Uprising. Fox Searchlight’s Wes Anderson film Isle of Dogs is also debuting in a limited release.

The horror pic — starring Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharaoh, Juno Temple, Aimee Mullins and Amy Irving...
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10 Horror Movie Reboots Gone Horribly Wrong

10 Horror Movie Reboots Gone Horribly Wrong
Oh, horror movies. Market research showed that more people knew the phrase Texas Chainsaw Massacre than the number of people who had seen it or even knew what it was about. So you know what that means! Reboot time! Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with rebooting a popular film and/or franchise. But there's also no rule that says they have to be bad. Nevertheless, crappy remakes keep plaguing horror fans. We're looking at 10 horror movie reboots that went horribly wrong.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is easily one of the scariest movies of all time, no question. Loosely based on true events, put together in the early '70s on a shoestring budget, this thing played like some sorta snuff film. It's chilling. It's such a great horror film that once the sequels stopped coming, Hollywood tried to reboot it not once, but twice.
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Amy Irving, Helen Slater, and Zhu Zhu to Star in Ann Hu’s “Confetti”

Zhu Zhu in “Marco Polo”: Phil Bray

Shadow Magic” director Ann Hu has tapped Amy Irving (“Alias”), Helen Slater (“Supergirl”), Zhu Zhu (“Marco Polo”), and newcomer Harmonie Zhu to star in her next film, “Confetti.” According to a press release, the U.S./Chinese co-production is the story of a mother and daughter who suffer from the same learning disability. Principal photography has already kicked off in New York City and will move to China early next year.

Seven-year-old Meimei Chen (Harmonie Zhu) “is considered a strange and dumb girl, an outcast in her school and community. What no one recognizes, however, is that Meimei possesses a gift waiting to be unlocked,” the press release summarizes. “When her mother, Lan (Zhu Zhu), the wife of a Chinese tailor, learns that Meimei suffers the same learning disability as she does, she will stop at nothing to reverse her daughter’s fate, even if it takes her to the other side of the world and New York City.”

The Oscar-nominated Irving will take on the role of Helen, Meimei and Lan’s host in the United States. Slater will play an administrator at Meimei’s school.

Jagman Productions’ Josh Green and Dragon Films’ Zhuo Shun Guo are producing “Confetti.” Han Sanping, Hu’s frequent collaborator, will serve as exec producer.

Hu made her directorial debut with “Shadow Magic,” a story about a couple who fall in love as they learn to make films in 1902 Beijing. The film won the Chinese Academy Award as well as the Presidential Award in China for Best Film. Hu’s follow-up film, the 1948-set “Beauty Remains,” is about two sisters who fall for the same man.

Amy Irving, Helen Slater, and Zhu Zhu to Star in Ann Hu’s “Confetti” was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Zhu Zhu, Amy Irving, Helen Slater Set In Ann Hu’s U.S./Chinese Co-Production ‘Confetti’

Exclusive: Chinese actress/singer Zhu Zhu, Amy Irving, Helen Slater and newcomer Harmonie Zhu have been set in Ann Hu’s U.S./Chinese co-production Confetti. The indie film will be produced by Jagman Productions’ Josh Green and Dragon Films’ Zhuo Shun Guo. Principal photography has begun in New York; they will travel to China in early 2018 to shoot there. The film reunites Hu with Zhuo and the film’s executive producer Han Sanping. It was Han who served as a producer on…
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October Horrors 2017 Day 15 – Carrie (1976)

Carrie, 1976.

Directed by Brian De Palma.

Starring Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Nancy Allen, William Katt, Amy Irving and John Travolta.


Carrie White is a shy teenager who endures a daily ritual of bullying from her classmates who torment her mercilessly at school, while also being subjective to repeated abuse from her religious fanatic of a mother. However, unbeknownst to everyone else, Carrie possesses telekinetic abilities which are rapidly growing in power, abilities that she ultimately unleashes to reap vengeance against the world that has long mocked and belittled her.

Did you know that Stephen King has had over 100 of his works adapted for film and television?

With a career as long and successful as King’s you’d expect that a few of his books and stories would have been made into films and TV shows, but over 100 is just unreal. I think only Shakespeare beats him in terms of screen adaptations.
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New York Film Review: ‘Spielberg’

New York Film Review: ‘Spielberg’
It’s never been an all-out love-him-or-hate-him thing — though you can always find a cinephile purist or two to grouse about him, with a fervor as irrational as it is intense. That said, there’s an undeniable Beatles-person-vs.-Stones-person quality to the following debate: Either you think that Steven Spielberg is a genius, that he’s created an array of films — not just the early ones — that are suffused with a transporting vision, with a flow of feeling and a camera-eye intuition unique in the history of cinema; or you think that Spielberg is a gifted fabulist trickster with more flash than depth, the kind of brilliant but ultimately facile entertainer who deserves to be called things like “manipulative,” “sentimental,” “crowd-pleasing,” and — yes — “shallow.”

If you’re in the latter camp, then you probably won’t respond much to “Spielberg,” an unabashedly admiring two-hour-and-27-minute documentary portrait of the man and (mostly) his movies that premiered tonight
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Scores On Screen. Telekinetic Tunes: Pino Donaggio’s Score for Brian De Palma’s "Carrie"

  • MUBI
High school girls are cheering, yelling, laughing as they take part in a game of volleyball, an everyday scene that could be taking place in any high school, anywhere. The girls are seemingly confident; strong and resilient. That is, all the girls bar one, whom we soon learn is named Carrie (Sissy Spacek). After she misses a shot that causes her team to forfeit the match, a chorus of defeated whines erupts and the girls reprimand Carrie en route to the locker room. “Look at her. Just standing there!” Such is their disdain for her very existence. One girl who is especially disgusted by the Carrie’s presence even turns back and glares at her, spitting aggressively, “You eat shit!” Before we have time to process the words directed at Carrie, or to speculate as to the girls’ reasons for them, the voices of her angry teammates and the mood
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Awfully Good Movies - The Rage: Carrie 2 (Video)

  • JoBlo
The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) Director: Katt Shea Stars: Emily Bergl, Jason London, Amy Irving This weekend, audiences will face their nightmares with Pennywise the Clown and the cinematic remake of Stephen King’s It, so since this version of Stephen King’s classic book is getting spread over two movies, Awfully Good Movies is looking at another Part 2 to a King... Read More...
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1941: A Great Comedy For Slim Pickens Day

On Monday, August 28, 2017, Turner Classic Movies will devote an entire day of their “Summer Under the Stars” series to the late, great Louis Burton Lindley Jr. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, well, then just picture the fella riding the bomb like a buckin’ bronco at the end of Dr. Strangelove…, or the racist taskmaster heading up the railroad gang in Blazing Saddles, or the doomed Sheriff Baker, who gets one of the loveliest, most heartbreaking sendoffs in movie history in Sam Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

Lindley joined the rodeo circuit when he was 13 and soon picked up the name that would follow him throughout the length of his professional career, in rodeo and in movies & TV. One of the rodeo vets got a look at the lank newcomer and told him, “Slim pickin’s. That’s all you’re gonna get in this rodeo.
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After Soderbergh: See the Top 10 Box Office Track Records of Classic Indie Filmmakers

  • Indiewire
After Soderbergh: See the Top 10 Box Office Track Records of Classic Indie Filmmakers
In a career that began with “sex lies and videotape” in 1989, “Logan Lucky” is Steven Soderbergh’s 26th theatrical release. It will extend his record as the top-grossing American director to come out of the independent scene in its formative years — a period we’ll define as 1975 (Joan Micklin Silver’s “Hester Street”) through 1992 (Quentin Tarantino’s debut, “Reservoir Dogs”).

To be clear, Soderbergh’s an outlier; his billion-dollar box office dwarfs every other indie filmmaker. However, looking at the performance of his contemporaries who got their start in that indie film movement, you may be surprised at who’s on the list. (Note: “Outside wide release” means less than 1,000 screens. Also, the list doesn’t include directors like Sam Raimi and Abel Ferrara, who have independent roots but were not discovered via the film festival/arthouse pathway, or Alan Rudolph, another significant ’80s figure; he started in horror films in the early ’70s.
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‘Marvin’s Room’ Broadway Review: Lili Taylor Earns Major Feels as Caregiver Who Needs Care Herself

‘Marvin’s Room’ Broadway Review: Lili Taylor Earns Major Feels as Caregiver Who Needs Care Herself
It’s been two decades since Lili Taylor’s first and last appearance on Broadway — in a production of “The Three Sisters” featuring Amy Irving, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Calista Flockhart and Billy Crudup — and how we’ve missed her. Taylor has done solid, understated work in movies like “I Shot Andy Warhol” and “Brooklyn’s Finest” and TV shows like ABC’s canceled-too-soon “American Crime.” And she brings that almost visceral sense of empathy to a heartfelt revival of “Marvin’s Room,” Scott McPherson’s elegiac 1991 drama that opened Thursday at Roundabout’s American Airlines Theatre on Broadway. Taylor plays Bessie,
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