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  • (1920) Stage: Appeared (as "Hon. Sir Calverton Shiplay"; Broadway debut) in "Just Suppose" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by A.E. Thomas. Henry Miller's Theatre: 1 Nov 1920-Jan 1921 (closing date unknown/88 performances). Cast: Patricia Collinge (as "Linda Lee Stafford"), Laurence Eddinger, William Keighley (as "Montgomery Warren"), Fred Kerr, Geoffrey Kerr, George Pauncefort, Mrs. Thomas Whiffen (as "Mrs. Carter Stafford").
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Roddy") in "The Wren" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Booth Tarkington. Directed by Howard Lindsay. Gaiety Theatre: 10 Oct 1921-Oct 1921 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Marion Abbott (as "Mrs. Freehart"), Pauline Armitage (as "Mrs. Frazee"), George Fawcett (as "Cap'n Olds"), John Flood (as "Frazee"), Helen Hayes (as "Seeby"), Sam Reed (as "Francis"). Produced by George C. Tyler and Abraham L. Erlanger.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Percy Sturgess") in "Danger". Drama. Book by Cosmo Hamilton. Directed / produced by Carle E. Carleton [earliest Broadway credit]. 39th Street Theatre: 22 Dec 1921-Feb 1922 (closing date unknown/79 performances). Cast: Marie Goff (as "Mrs. Scorrier"), Ruth Hammond (as "Elizabeth"), Stapleton Kent (as "Albert"), Gilda Leary (as "Mrs. Sturgess"), Kathlene MacDonell (as "Mary Hubbard"), Knox Orde (as "Hon. Algernon Meakin, M.P."), H.B. Warner (as "John Fitzroy Scorrier").
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared (as "Oliver Blayde Conway") in "The Truth About Blayds" on Broadway. Comedy/tragedy. Written by A.A. Milne. Directed by Winthrop Ames. Booth Theatre: 14 Mar 1922-Jun 1922 (closing date unknown/108 performances). Cast: Alexandra Carlisle (as "Isobel"), Gilbert Emery (as "A.L. Royce"), Vane Featherston (as "Marion Blayds-Conway"), Mary Gayley (as "Parsons"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "William Blayds-Conway"), O.P. Heggie (as "Oliver Blayds'), Frieda Inescort' (as "Septima Blayds-Conway"; Broadway debut]. Produced by Guthrie McClintic.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared (as "Jerry Middleton") in "A Serpent's Tooth" on Broadway. Written by Arthur Richman. Directed by Robert Milton. Little Theatre: 24 Aug 1922-Sep 1922 (closing date unknown/36 performances). Cast: W. Graham Browne (as "Morgan Trendell"), John Clements (as "A Caterer"), Howard Freeman (as "Bert Boyd"; Broadway debut], Robert Lowe (as "Percival Faraday"), Ann Merrick (as "Janet Trendell"), Anne Sutherland (as "Mildred Sherwood"), Marie Tempest (as "Alice Middleton"), Josephine Williams (as "Fanny"). Produced by John Golden.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared in "The Romantic Age" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared in "The Lady Cristilinda" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared in "Anything Might Happen" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared (as "Hon. Williiam Tatham") in "Aren't We All?" on Broadway. Romantic comedy. Written by Frederick Lonsdale. Directed by Hugh Ford. Gaiety Theatre: 21 May 1923-Jun 1923 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Harry Ashford (as "Rev. Ernest Lynton"), Roberta Beatty (as "Kitty Lake"), F. Gatenby Bell (as "Roberts"), Denis Gurney (as "Arthur Wells"), Cyril Maude (as "Lord Grenham"), Geoffrey Millar (as "John Willocks"), Marguerite St. John (as "Hon. Mrs. Ernest Lynton"), George Tawde (as "Morton"), Alma Tell (as "Margot Tatham"), Mabel Terry-Lewis (as "Lady Frinton"), Jack Whiting (as "Martin Steele"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham. NOTE: Filmed as Aren't We All? (1932).
  • (1924) Stage: Appeared in "Outward Bound" on Broadway. Drama.
  • (1924) Stage: Appeared in "The Werewolf" on Broaway. Comedy.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared (as "Mr. Preen") in "Shall We Join the Ladies?" on Broadway. Mystery. Written by J.M. Barrie. Directed by Frank Reicher. Empire Theatre: 13 Jan 1925-Feb 1925 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: Grace Ade (as "Miss Isit"), Maud Andrew (as "Miss Valie"), Ilka Chase (as "Mrs. Castro"), Shirley Gale (as "Lady Wrathie"), Denis Gurney (as "Mr. Gourlay"), Mary Heberden (as "Lucy, the Maid"), A.P. Kaye (as "Sam Smith"), Margaret Lawrence (as "Lady Jane Raye"), Vera Fuller Mellish (as "Mrs. Bland"), Henry Mowbray (as "Capt. Jennings"), Robert Noble (as "Dolphin"), Harry Plimmer (as "Sir Joseph Wrathie"), Jane Saville (as "Mrs. Preen"), George Short (as "Policeman"), Lyonel Watts (as "Mr. Valie"). Produced by Charles Frohman Inc.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared in "Isabel" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared in "The Green Hat" on Broadway.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared in "Her Cardboard Lover" on Broadway.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared in "Murray Hill" on Broadway. Farce.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared in "Escape" on Broadway.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Josef") in "Candle Light" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Siegfried Geyer. Book adapted by P.G. Wodehouse. Directed / produced by Gilbert Miller. Empire Theatre: 30 Sep 1929-Jan 1930 (closing date unknown/128performances). Cast: Jack Carlton (as "Koeppke"), Robert English (as "Baron Von Rischenheim"), Gertrude Lawrence (as "Marie"), Reginald Owen (as "Prince Rudolf Haseldorf-Schlobitten"), Ralph Roberts (as "A Waiter"), Betty Schuster (as "Baroness Von Rischenheim"), Rita Vale (as "Liserl").
  • (1929) Stage: Co-directed (w/Gilbert Miller) / appeared (as "Peter Stanish") in "Berkeley Square" on Broadway. Drama. Written by John L. Balderston, suggested by "The Sense of the Past" by Henry James. Lyceum Theatre: 4 Nov 1929-May 1930 (closing date unknown/229 performances). Cast: Lucy Beaumont, June English, Ann Freshman, Margalo Gillmore (as "Helen Pettigrew"), Brian Gilmour, Robert Greig (as "H.R.H. The Duke of Cumberland"), Irene Howard, Alice John (as "The Lady Anne Pettigrew"), Tarver Penna, Louise Prussing, Charles Romano, Valerie Taylor, Henry Warwick, Fritz Williams. Replacement actors: Edward Fielding (as "The Ambassador"), Willa Grey (as "Marjorie Frant"). Produced by Gilbert Miller and Leslie Howard. Theatre Owned and Operated by New Lyceum Theatre Co. (Daniel Frohman, President). Theatre Leased and Managed by Charles Frohman Inc. and David Belasco. NOTE Filmed as Berkeley Square (1933).
  • (1930) Stage: Appeared in "Out of a Blue Sky" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1932 Stage: Appeared (as "Tom Collier") in / co-produced (w/Gilbert Miller, who also directed) "The Animal Kingdom" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Philip Barry. Broadhurst Theatre: 12 Jan 1932-Jun 19 (closing date unknown/183 performances). Cast: Lora Baxter (as "Cecelia Henry"), Ilka Chase (as "Grace Macomber"), Frederick Forrester (as "Rufus Collier"), Frances Fuller (as "Daisy Sage"), William Gargan (as "Richard Regan"), Betty Lynne (as "Franc Schmidt"), G. Albert Smith (as "Owen Arthur"), Harvey Stephens (as "Joe Fisk"). Produced by Gilbert Miller and Leslie Howard. NOTE: Filmed as The Animal Kingdom (1932).
  • (1932) Stage: Co-directed (w/William A. Brady, who also produced) "We Are No Longer Children". Written by Léopold Marchand. Book adapted by Ilka Chase and William B. Murray. Booth Theatre: 1 Mar 1932-Apr 1932 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Walter Bonn (as "La Vattier"), Diane Bori [credited as Diana Bori; as "Maid"; Broadway debut), Spring Byington (as "Lisa Duval"), George Dill (as "A Man from the Provinces"), Gertrude Fowler (as "Mariette"), Geoffrey Kerr (as "Jean Servin"), Freya Leigh (as "Cecile Breton"), Edward Mendelssohn (as "Waiter"), Frederick Roland (as "Aristide Breton"), Harold Vermilyea (as "Paul Verdier"), June Walker (as "Roberte"), Wallace Widdicombe [credited as Wallace Widdecombe] (as "Count de Moreau"), H.N. Worth (as "Pierre").
  • (1935) Stage: Appeared (as "Alan Soules") / co-produced (w/Gilbert Miller, in association w/Arthur Hopkins, who also directed) "The Petrified Forest) on Broadway. Drama. Written by Robert E. Sherwood. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey'. Broadhurst Theatre: 7 Jan 1935-Jun 1935 (closing date unknown/197 performances). Cast: John Alexander, Humphrey Bogart (as "Duke Mantee"), Milo Boulton, Charles Dow Clark, Peggy Conklin, Guy Conradi, Aloysius Cunningham, James Doody, Tom Fadden, Ross Hertz (as "Jackie"), Robert Hudson, Eugene Keith, Esther Leeming, Frank Milan, Robert Porterfield (as "Herb"), Harry Sherwin, Blanche Sweet, Slim Thompson, Frank Tweddell, Walter Vonnegut. NOTE: Leslie Howard would insist that Bogart be retained in the role of Duke Mantee when sold to Warner Brothers for its hit 1936 film adaptation, The Petrified Forest (1936).
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared in "Elizabeth Sleeps Out" on Broadway. Comedy (revival).
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared in (as "Hamlet"; final Broadway appearance)) / produced / co-directed (w/John Houseman) "Hamlet" on Broadway. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Incidental music by Virgil Thomson. Musical Direction by Hugh Davis. Imperial Theatre: 10 Nov 1936-Dec 1936 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: Gay Adams, Wesley Addy (as "Marcellus, Officer"), Joan Adrian, John Barclay, Daphne Bayne, Bourn Blood, Richard Cameron, Albert Carroll, Richard Clayton, Clifford Evans, Paul Foster, Eugene Francis, Paul Genge, Denis Green, James Hayes, Janet Hill, Joseph Holland, George Ingham, Paul Jones, Stanley Lathbury, Henry Leonard, Eric Mansfield, Aubrey Mather, Mary Meyer, Hugh Norton, Richard Ogden, Winston O'Keefe (as "Guildenstern, Courtier"), John Parrish, Tileston Perry, Madelyn Phillips, Edward Potter, Keith Randall, Herbert Ranson, Alexander Scourby (as "Player King"), Mary Servoss (as "Gertrude, Queen of Denmark and mother to Hamlet"), Mary Shower, Toni Sorel, Hope Spingarn, Pamela Stanley, Philip Sudana, Daphne Sylva, Vernon Tanner, George Volk, Wilfrid Walter, O.Z. Whitehead (as "Second Gravedigger"), Arthur Zwerling.
  • (1212/38) Radio: Appeared (as "Sir Percy Blakeney") in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "The Scarlet Pimpernel".
  • (12/25/26) Stage: Appeared in "The Green Hat" at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Katharine Cornell in the cast.
  • (12/15/30) Stage: Appeared in John L. Balderston's play, "Berkeley Square," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (1/4/32) Stage: Appeared in Philip Barry's play, "Animal Kingdom," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (1/3/37) Stage: Appeared in William Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (12/9/34) Radio: Appeared (as "Peter Standish") in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "Berkeley Square".

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