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Print Biographies (20)

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Portrayals (21)

Interviews (1)

Mon Film (FR) January 28 1948, Iss. No. 76, pg. 8 - 9, by: Paule Marguy, "Laurel & Hardy sont des maris heureux"

Articles (9)

Classic Images (US) December 1989, Iss. 174, pg. C22-C23, by: Bo Berglund, "Addition to the Oliver Hardy Filmography"
Reader's Digest (US) September 1988, pg. 149-152, by: Ray Bradbury, "The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair"
Variety (US) August 14 1957, pg. 63:1, "Oliver Hardy"
New York Times (US) August 8 1957, pg. 23:4, "Oliver Hardy of Film Team Dies; Co-Star of 200 Slapstick Movies; Portly Master of the Withering Look and 'Slow Burn'--Features Popular on TV"
The London Times (GB) August 8 1957, pg. 8:5, "Oliver Hardy"
Motion Picture World (US) December 17 1921, pg. 829, "Hardy Married"
Moving Picture World (US) December 17 1921, pg. 829, "Hardy Married (m. Myrtle Reeves)"
Moving Picture World (US) October 20 1917, pg. 405, "He Wants His Pound of Flesh"
Moving Picture World (US) December 4 1915, pg. 1862, "'Babe' Hardy, Vim Fat Man"

Pictorials (1)

Jeunesse Cinéma (FR) August 1965, Iss. 92, pg. 45, "Le musée du rire"

Magazine Covers (4)

arte TV Magazin (DE) December 2004, Iss. 12
Films in Review (US) October 1993, Vol. XLIV, Iss. 9/10
Veronica (NL) November 4 1978, Iss. 45
Mein Film (AT) November 1948, Iss. 47

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