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  • Album: "And Awaaay We Go!" released in 1954, featuring Gleason's only vocal performances.
  • He could neither read or write music on paper, but he hired his own studio orchestra and orchestrators and composed melodies by either humming or picking the tune with one finger on a piano. In that manner he released over 20 albums on Capitol Records, often with Bobby Hackett as featured trumpet soloist, between 1953 and 1969. On his first release, he agreed to personally assume the risk of loss, but the album ("Music for Lovers Only") sold over 500,000 copies, 440,000 copies over the break-even point. One album ("Lonesome Echo") used art by Salvador Dalí.
  • TV commercial: MasterCard (1986)
  • (1959) Stage Play: Take Me Along. Musical comedy. Book by Joseph Stein and Robert Russell. Based on the play "Ah, Wilderness" by Eugene O'Neill. Music by Bob Merrill. Lyrics by Bob Merrill. Musical Director: Lehman Engel. Vocal arrangements by Lehman Engel. Ballet and incidental music by Laurence Rosenthal. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Choreographed by Onna White. Directed by Peter Glenville. Shubert Theatre: 22 Oct 1959- 17 Dec 1960 (448 performances). Cast: Jackie Gleason (as "Sid Davis, Essie's brother"), Eileen Herlie (as "Lily Miller, Nat's sister"), Walter Pidgeon (as "Nat Miller, editor of the Centerville Globe"), Una Merkel (as "Essie Miller, Nat's wife"), Robert Morse (as "Richard Miller, Nat's younger son"), Nicole Barth (as "Townswoman"), Alvin Beam (as "Townsman"), Chad Block (as "Townsman"), Charles Bolender (as "The Beardsley Dwarf"), Frank Borgman (as "Townsman"), Renee Byrns (as "Townswoman"), John Carter (as "Townsman"), Jack Collins (as "Bartender"), Peter Conlow (as "Wint, Arthur's friend"), Lyn Connorty (as "Townswoman"), James Cresson (as "Arthur Miller, Richard's older bother, at Yale") [Broadway debut], Barbara Doherty (as "Townswoman"), Katia Geleznova (as "Townswoman"), Arlene Golonka (as "Belle/a traveling artiste for hire"), Luke Halpin (as "Tommy Miller"), Valerie Harper (as "Lady Entertainer/Townswoman"), Lee Howard (as "Patron of the bar/Townsman"), Diana Hunter (as "Lady Entertainer/Townswoman"), Jack Konzal (as "Patron of the bar/Townsman"), Elna Laun (as "Patron of the bar/Townswoman"), Paula Lloyd (as "Patron of the bar/Camille/Townswoman"), Susan Luckey (as "Muriel Macomber, Macomber's daughter and friend to Richard"), Nancy Lynch (as "Townswoman"), Bill McDonald (as "The Salesman/Townsman"), Rae McLean (as "Salome/Lady Entertainer/Townswoman"), Henry Michel (as "Townsman"), Fred Miller (as "David Macomber, dry goods store owner"), Jack Murray (as "Townsman"), John Nola (as "Townsman"), Zeme North (as "Mildred Miller, the youngest Miller"), Janice Painchaud (as "Patron of the bar/Townswoman"), Rusty Parker (as "Townsman"), Bill Richards (as "Townsman"), Harry Lee Rogers (as "Townsman"), Bill Starr (as "Townsman"), Walter Strauss (as "Townsman"), Jimmy Tarbutton (as "Townsman"), Pat Tolson (as "Patron of the bar/Townsman"), Gene Varrone (as "The Drunk/Townsman"), Marc West (as "Townsman"). Standbys: Dort Clark (as "Sid Davis"), Ruth Warrick (as "Essie Miller/Lily Miller"). Replacement actors: Nicole Barth (as "Lady Entertainer"), Alvin Beam (as "Patron of the bar"), William Bendix (as "Sid Davis") [final Broadway role], Sidney Blackmer (as "Nat Miller"), Frank Borgman (as "Bartender"), Doris Dalton (as "Essie Miller"), Diana Hunter (as "Patron of the bar"), Julie Marlow (as "Townswoman"), Patricia Mount (as "Mildred Miller"), Michael O'Shaughnessy (as "Townsman"), Rusty Parker (as "Tommy Miller"), Bill Richards (as "Bartender"), Ron Schwinn (as "Townsman") [from Sep 1960- ?]. Understudies: Renee Byrns (as "Belle"), Jack Collins (as "Sid Davis"), Barbara Doherty (as "Mildred Miller"), Frank Dudley (as "Bartender"), Henry Michel (as "Nat Miller"), Patricia Mount (as "Muriel Macomber"), Michael O'Shaughnessy (as "Tommy Miller"), Rusty Parker (as "Tommy Miller"). Produced by David Merrick. Note: This was not a stage version of the 1948 musical film Summer Holiday (1948), which also had been based on O'Neill's play.
  • (1949) Stage Play: Along Fifth Avenue. Musical revue. Music by Gordon Jenkins. Sketches by Charles Sherman and Nat Hiken. Lyrics by Tom Adair. Additional music by Richard Stutz, Milton Pascal and Nat Hiken. Additional lyrics by Richard Stutz, Milton Pascal and Nat Hiken. Musical Director: Irving Actman. Musical and Vocal Arrangements by Gordon Jenkins. Musical Staging by Robert Sidney. Additional direction by Charles Friedman. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by David Ffolkes. Lighting Design by Peggy Clark. Assistant to Mr. Ffolkes: Frank Thompson. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Imperial Theatre from 21 Feb 1949- close): 13 Jan 1949- 18 Jun 1949 (180 performances. Cast: Nancy Walker (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Miss Herkimer, Sweet Surrender/"Santo Dinero" Performer/Counter Girl, What's in the Middle?/"Chant D'Amour" Singer/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Daisy, Murder on Fifth Avenue/"If This Is Glamour!" Singer"), Carol Bruce (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/"The Best Time of Day" Singer/First Couple, I Love Love in New York/"Weep No More" Singer/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Girl in "Call It Applefritters"/Mrs. Ashton, Murder on Fifth Avenue"), Jackie Gleason (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Patient, The Fifth Avenue Label/The Fugitive, The Fugitive From Fifth Avenue/Customer, What's in the Middle?/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Inspector Mahoney, Murder on Fifth Avenue"), Hank Ladd (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Gentleman, Mr. Rockefeller Builds His Dream House/Boy in "Call It Applefritters"), Ted Allison (as "Model, The Fifth Avenue Label/Legionnaire, The Fugitive From Fifth Avenue/Butler, Murder on Fifth Avenue"), Harry Asmus (as Boy in "A Window on the Avenue", A Window on the Avenue/Man, Skyscraper Blues, Boy in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Franca Baldwin (as "Young Girl, Skyscraper Blues/Girl in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Dick Bernie (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Mr. Higgins, Sweet Surrender/Doctor, The Fifth Avenue Label/Legionnaire, The Fugitive From Fifth Avenue/Other Customer, What's in the Middle?/Detective, Murder on Fifth Avenue"), Judyth Burroughs (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Pam, A Trip Doesn't Care at All"), Ted Cappy (as "Dancer"), Tessie Carrano (as "Street Walker, Skyscraper Blues/Dancer/Trio, Vacation in the Store"), Leonard Claret (as "Other Customer, What's in the Middle?/Singer"), Joan Coburn (as "Singer"), John Coy (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Second Couple, I Love Love in New York/Hoofer, Challenge/"Vacation in the Store" Performer"), Robert De Voye (as "Dancer,") Dante Di Paolo (as "The Best Time of Day" Singer/Man, Skyscraper Blues/Boy in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Cece Eames (as "Dancer"), Viola Essen (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Girl in "Skyscraper Blues"/"Santo Dinero" Performer/Ballerina, Challenge"), Shellie Farrell (as Girl in "A Window on the Avenue", Window on the Avenue/Young Girl, Skyscraper Blues/Girl in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Virginia Gorski (as "Fifth Avenue" Singer/Second Couple, I Love Love in New York/"Vacation in the Store" Performer"), Gloria Hayden (as "Trio,Vacation in the Store/Singer"), Marian Horosko (as Girl in "A Window on the Avenue", A Window on the Avenue/Lover, Skyscraper Blues/Girl in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Gretchen Houser (as Girl in "A Window on the Avenue", A Window on the Avenue/Street Walker, Skyscraper Blues/Girl in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), George S. Irving (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Mr. Farquarhar, Sweet Surrender/Insurance Adjuster, The Fifth Avenue Label/Legionnaire, The Fugitive From Fifth Avenue/Manager, What's in the Middle?/Dr. Brown, Murder on Fifth Avenue"), Louise Kirtland (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble"), Lee Krieger (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Ambulance Driver, The Fifth Avenue Label/Hurdy-gurdy Man, I Love Love in New York/Captain, The Fugitive From Fifth Avenue/"Santo Dinero" Performer/Other Customer, What's in the Middle?/Guide, Mr. Rockefeller Builds His Dream House/"Vacation in the Store" Performer"), Howard Malone (as "Boy in "A Window on the Avenue/Boy in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Joyce Matthews (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Nurse, The Fifth Avenue Label/Assistant Counter Girl, What's in the Middle?/Mrs. Schuyler, Murder on Fifth Avenue"), Candace Montgomery (as "Trio, Vacation in the Store/Singer"), Carol Nelson (as Girl in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Bob Neukum (as "The Best Time of Day" Singer/Singer"), Tina Prescott (as "Trio, Vacation in the Store/Singer"), Dorothy Pyren (as "Singer"), Ken Renner (as "The Best Time of Day" Singer/Model, The Fifth Avenue Label/Singer"), Donald Richards (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/"Skyscraper Blues" Singer/First Couple, I Love Love in New York/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Philip Ashton, Murder on Fifth Avenue/Chris, A Trip Doesn't Care at All"), Janet Sayers (as "Street Walker, Skyscraper Blues/Girl in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Wallace Seibert (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Boy in "A Window on the Avenue"/A Window on the Avenue/Lover, Skyscraper Blues/Boy in "I Love Love in New York"/"Santo Dinero" Performer/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Dancer"), Bert Sheldon (as "The Best Time of Day" Singer/Assistant Manager, What's in the Middle?/Singer"), Zachary Solov (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/Window Dresser, A Window on the Avenue/Boy in "Skyscraper Blues"/Boy in "I Love Love in New York"/"Santo Dinero" Performer/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Dancer"), Walter Stane (as "Model, The Fifth Avenue Label/Man, Skyscraper Blues/Boy in "I Love Love in New York"/Dancer"), Lucille Udovich [credited as Lucille Udovick] (as "Singer"). Replacement actors: during Broadhurst Theatre run: Ted Allison (as "Singer"). During Imperial Theatre run: Franca Baldwin (as "Girl in "A Window on the Avenue"/A Window on the Avenue"), Robert De Voye (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/"Santo Dinero" Performer/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Boy in "A Window on the Avenue"/A Window on the Avenue/Boy in "I Love Love in New York"/Lover, Skyscraper Blues"), Cece Eames (as "Girl in "I Love Love in New York"), Hayes Gordon (as "Fifth Avenue" Ensemble/"Skyscraper Blues" Singer/"Vacation in the Store" Performer/Chris, A Trip Doesn't Care at All/First Couple, I Love Love in New York") [final Broadway role], Betty Kean, Jane Kean, Lee Krieger (as "Philip Ashton, Murder on Fifth Avenue"), Janet Sayers (as "Young Girl, Skyscraper Blues"), Evelyn Ward. Produced by Arthur Lesser.
  • Stage: Appeared in "The Dutchess Misbehaves" on Broadway, 1945. Revue.
  • (1944) Stage Play: Follow the Girls. Musical comedy. Book by Guy Bolton and Eddie Davis. Additional text by Fred Thompson. Music and lyrics by Dan Shapiro, Milton Pascal and Phil Charig. Music orchestrated by Joe Glover, Charles L. Cooke, Van Cleve, Walter Paul, Bob Haggart, Julian Work, Geo. Leeman, Ernie Watson, Cornell Tannassy and Henry Cowen. Vocal arrangements by Robert Tucker (billed as "Bobby Tucker"). Dances and Ensembles by Catherine Littlefield. Entire production devised and directed by Harry Delmar. New Century Theatre (moved to The 44th Street Theatre from 12 Jun 1944- 2 Jun 1945, then moved to The Broadhurst Theatre from 4 Jun 1945 close): 8 Apr 1944- 18 May 1946 (888 performances). Cast: Gertrude Niesen (as "Bubbles LaMarr"), Jackie Gleason (as "Goofy Gale"), Tim Herbert (as "Spud Doolittle"), Val Valentinoff (as "Sailor Val/Felix Charrel"), Buster West (as "Dinky Riley"), Danny Aiello (as "Dancing Boy"), Norma Amigo (as "Showgirl"), Roy Andrews, Al Bahr, Irina Baranova (as "Anna Viskinova"), Francois Brouillard (as "Anna Viskinova"), Charles Conaway Jr. (as "Marine"), Virginia Conrad (as "Dancing Girl"), Kay Crespi (as "Showgirl"), Lee Davis, The Di Gatanos, Bob Emmett, Toni Gilman (as "Phyllis Brent"), Ernest Goodheart, Ray Hamilton, Virginia Harriot, Richard Harvey, Walter Hastings, Bill Herne, Ruth Joseph (as "Showgirl"), Dorothy Keller, Terry Kelly (as "1st Girl Fan/Dancing Girl"), Bernard Kovler (as "Singer"), Frank Kreig (as "Seaman Pennywhistle/Archie Smith"), Erik Kristen (as "Dancing Boy"), George Lambrose (as "Singer"), Kathryn Lazell (as "Cigarette Girl"), Larry Lieberman (as "Singer"), Walter Long (as "Captain Hawkins"), Rae MacGregor (as "2nd Girl Fan/Dancing Girl"), Charles Martin (as "Singer"), Patricia Martin (as "Dancing Girl"), Lee Mayer (as "Dancing Girl"), Larry Mayo (as "Singer"), Don Miraglia (as "Dancing Boy"), Lillian Moore (as "Dancing Girl"), Merritta Moore (as "Dancing Girl"), Joan Myles (as "Showgirl"), Nancy Newton (as "Dancing Girl"), John O'Neil, Dell Parker, Frank Parker (as "Bob Monroe"), Mitzi Perry (as "Dancing Girl"), Sherri Phillips (as "Dancing Girl"), Ben Piazza, Dorothea Pinto (as "Showgirl"), David Pullman, Arthur Randy (as "Dancing Boy"), Ruth Rathbun (as "Dancing Girl"), Ruthe Reid, Herbert Ross (as "Dancing Boy"), Renee Russell (as "Dancing Girl"), Edna Ryan (as "Dancing Girl"), George Sabo (as "Dancing Boy"), June Sitarr (as "Showgirl"), George Spaulding (as "Officer Flanagan"), Geraldine Stroock (as "Catherine Pepburn"), Bill Tabbert (as "Yokel Sailor/Singer"), Henry Tatler (as "Dancing Boy"), Robert Thomas (as "Singer"), Ken Tibbetts (as "Dancing Boy"), Frank Touhey (as "Singer"), Robert Tower (as "Dan Daley"), Myra Weldon (as "Dancing Girl"), Dorothy Wygal (as "Showgirl"). Produced by David L. Wolper in association with Albert Borde.
  • Keep Off the Grass (1940). Musical comedy/revue. Music by Jimmy McHugh. Lyrics by Al Dubin and Howard Dietz. Sketches by Mort Lewis, Parke Levy, Alan Lipscott, S. Jay Kaufman and Panama & Frank. Music orchestrated by [error] and Don Walker. Vocal arrangements by Anthony R. Morelli. Miss O'Brien's arrangements by Arthur Wilson. Scenic Design by Nat Karson. Costume Design by Nat Karson. Stage Directed by Frederick De Cordova. Book directed by Edward Duryea Dowling. Choreographed by George Balanchine. Broadhurst Theatre: 23 May 1940- 29 Jun 1940 (44 performances). Cast: Larry Adler (as "The Old Park Bench" Singer/"Toscanini, Stokowski and Me" Assistant"), Ray Arnett, Billie Bernice, Mimi Berry, Blondie (as "Dorothy Thompson/Misinformation, Please"), Peanuts Bohn, Ray Bolger (as "Crazy as a Loon" Singer/Dancer/Thirsty Man/The Fountain/"A Latin Tune, A Manhattan Moon, and You Singer/"A Latin Tune, A Manhattan Moon, and You Dancer/"Rhett, Scarlett & Ashley" Singer/"Old Jitterbug" Singer/"Old Jitterbug" Dancer/"Raffles" Dancer/The Tiger/Hormones/"This is Winter" Dancer"), Betty Bruce, Virginia Burke, Martha Burnett, Imogen Carpenter, Ilka Chase (as "She/Romantique/Thirsty Woman/The Fountain/Juliet/Shakespeare's-A-Poppin/"Rhett, Scarlett & Ashley" Singer/Art Lover/Museum Piece"), Gloria Clare, Harriet Clarke, John Coy, Margie Dale, Maude Davis, Bela de Tuscan, Joanna de Tuscan, Fred Deming, Helen Devlin, Henry Dick, La Motte Dodson, Jimmy Durante (as "Dr. Kildare/The Tree Doctor/The Fugitive/A Fugitive From Esquire/Clifton Fadiman/Misinformation,Please/McSwindle/Shakespeare's-A-Poppin/"Rhett, Scarlett & Ashley" Singer/Guide/Museum Piece/"Toscanini, Stokowski and Me" Conductor/Mulligan/Hormones"), Hugh Ellsworth, Esta Elman, Jane Froman, Gloria Gaffey, Peggy Gallimore, Jackie Gleason (as "The Cabby's Serenade" Singer/Dr. Christian/The Tree Doctor/The Cop/The Fountain/The Valet/A Fugitive From Esquire/"The Old Park Bench" Singer/Tybalt/Shakespeare's-A-Poppin/Art Lover/Museum Piece/"Toscanini, Stokowski and Me" Assistant/A Salesman/Hormones"), Jiggs (as "F.P.A./Misinformation, Please"), Emmett Kelly (as "The Cabby's Serenade" Singer/"The Old Park Bench" Singer/Art Lover/Museum Piece/La Motte Dodson's Monkeys Performer"), Ann Lass, Lynn Lawrence, June Le Roy, 'Jose Limon' (as "Performer"), Peggy Littlejohn, Louie (as "Oscar Levant/Misinformation, Please"), Lois Martin, Mary Joan Martin, John McAuley, Margery Moore, Hal Neiman, Virginia O'Brien, Sunnie O'Dea, Patsy (as "Ann Sheridan/Misinformation, Please"), Percy (as "Gypsy Rose Lee"), Jane Gray Petri, Nan Rae, Jerry Robbins (as "Dancing Young Man"), Robert Shackleton, Jerry Shepherd, Bob Sidney, Jane Starner, Aileen Stone, Sylvia Stone, Arnold Saint Subber (as "Bootblack/The Fountain/Art Lover"), Frances Tannehill (as "Park Stroller/The Fountain/Bird Lover/Birds/The Morelli Singers"), Lee Tannen, The Toreadors, Daphne Vane, Sid Walker, Mimi Walthers, Don Weissmuller. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • Stage: Appeared in the Broadway and touring versions of "Sly Fox" by Larry Gelbart, late 1970s / early 1980s.
  • Album: "Music for Lovers Only"
  • Album: "Lonesome Echo"
  • (November 2, 1942) He acted in Nat Perrin's play, "Hellzapoppin'," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.

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