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Hugh M. Hefner: A Personal Tribute From Raymond Benson

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Hugh M. Hefner


A Tribute

By Raymond Benson

Raymond Benson with Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.

A true American innovator and icon has left us.

While I would never claim to be one of this brilliant man’s inner circle of close longtime friends or family, I was privileged to know him for nearly three decades. I was a guest at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles on numerous occasions, many times along with my wife and even my son, who first visited when he was eight years old! Hef was always a generous host—kind, warm-hearted, and full of conversation. He also had integrity. His championing of civil rights and First Amendment freedoms is legendary. He gave us the permission to embrace the sexual revolution—and, believe it or not, he was a strong advocate of women’s rights. The women who truly knew him loved him.

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Idris Elba Doesn’t Think He’ll Ever Play James Bond

Not for the first time, British thesp Idris Elba has gone on record to debunk any rumors linking him with the James Bond franchise.

Speculation was rife that The Dark Tower actor would assume the 00 license from Daniel Craig in the not-so-distant future, particularly after the latter appeared to display some hesitancy about returning for the untitled Bond 25. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, though, MGM’s radio silence coupled with Craig’s wry British humor (“I’d rather slit my wrists”) produced something of a storm in a tea cup; after all, the series stalwart has agreed to reprise as Ian Fleming’s gun-toting sleuth one final time.

What’s more, the Powers That Be have already gone ahead and reserved a November 2019 release date for Bond 25, leading to all kinds of rumors about what the next chapter could entail. Last we reported, Yann Demange, Denis Villeneuve
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Rumored James Bond 25 Plot Has Folks Comparing It To Taken

As is the case with the wait that accompanies any entry into the enduring James Bond film franchise, rumors are expected to swirl before Eon Entertainment holds one of their official press conferences that are surrounded by much pageantry. And with 007’s next big screen outing not arriving until November 2019, it could be well over a year before we once again witness such a thing.

Recently, word on the street has consisted of things such as Beyonce being the next big name to lend their pipes to the series’ proud tradition of memorable opening titles themes and, quite frankly, that actually sounds believable. After all, one could argue that the some of the best theme songs of the past have all been recorded by female vocalists.

When it comes to plot, however, that’s where things get a little more iffy. Not long ago, Raymond Benson himself debunked rumors that
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James Bond 25 Story Leaks, Is 007 Really Getting Married?

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James Bond 25 Story Leaks, Is 007 Really Getting Married?
It took forever for Daniel Craig to commit to doing James Bond 25. But he finally did just as summer was coming to an end. The guy didn't want to come back. But he is. And now, we have the first plot details. The surprising story behind this next installment has leaked. And apparently 007 is leaving Her Majesty's Secret Service to tie the knot. But that's not all. Don't think for a minute that Bond is getting ready for domestic bliss and a life of chasing kids in the park.

This tidy rumor comes from Page Six, who aren't exactly known for spread the best of news. This could just be one big fat juicy rumor. But from what we've been hearing, there's a lot of truth in what they're selling today.

James Bond 25 will be Daniel Craig's fifth time out as Bond. And we've been hearing plot
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When Authors Write Movies

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A look at 5 movies that you might not have known were written by famous authors. Sometimes they worked out, sometimes they did not.

Writing a movie can be a lot different from writing a book. Unlike a movie script, a novel is freeform. The author can take any style or format they would like to convey their ideas. A script, on the other hand, has to be able to be interpreted by the actors, filmmakers, and the audience. Therefore, it is typically structured in a certain way to help people working on the movie do their job and people watching the movie comprehend what is happening. Furthermore, a major difference between writing novels and movies is that movies are (mostly) restricted to the visual realm. It’s not easy to show audiences what characters are thinking, which severely limits plot and character development techniques. Overall, there are unique challenges to
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"James Bond: Moneypenny"

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Producers of the "James Bond" movies "...have caught 'Universe Fever' and would love to explore other corners of the 'Bond' franchise, simultaneously" including spin-offs based on 'MI6' Agent 'Moneypenny' and 'CIA agent' "Felix Leiter":

Dynamite Entertainment's "James Bond: Moneypenny" is written by Jody Hauser and illustrated by Jacob Engler, with a cover by Tula Lotay:

"...in this never-before-told mission starring 'Moneypenny', the friend of 'James Bond' and former 'MI6' field agent and bodyguard of 'M'...

"...follows her on a routine protection mission, when she stumbles upon a complicated assassination plot...

"...that bears a startling resemblance to a terrorist attack from her childhood.

"Can Moneypenny call upon her secret agent skills to stop the plot...?"

Dynamite Entertainment's "James Bond: Felix Leiter" #1,  is written by James Robinson and illustrated by Aaron Campbell, with covers by Mike Perkins and Gabriel Hardman.

"...this 'James Bond' spin-off highlighting the '007' American counterpart,
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"James Bond: Kill Chain"

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Following up on actor Daniel Craig confirming he will play Ian Fleming's ''James Bond' for the fifth time, Dynamite Entertainment's "James Bond: Kill Chain" #2, written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Luca Casalanguida, with a cover by Greg Smallwood, is now available:

"...as tensions rise between 'MI6' and the 'CIA', 'James Bond' investigates the death of a fellow agent. 

"Someone is smuggling military-grade weapons to European neo-fascists, through an arms pipeline stretching from the gutters of Munich to the upper echelons of Swiss high society. The trail will lead '007' to an old friend, a deadly betrayal, and an enigmatic art connoisseur named 'Chantal Chevalier'..."

Dynamite Entertainment's "James Bond: Kill Chain" #1, is written by Diggle and illustrated by Casalanguida, with covers by Smallwood, Juan Doe, and Casalanguida.

"...when a counterespionage operation in Rotterdam goes catastrophically wrong, 'James Bond' finds himself in the crosshairs of a plot to smash 'Nato'.
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Top Ten Movie Franchises Based on Books

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For as long as there have been movies, there have been movies based on books. This is a look at the best movie franchises that are either based on a book or several books.

It’s one thing to have a movie that is based on a book. It happens all the time. It’s more rare to have an entire franchise of films based on a book or set of books. Over the last two decades, it seems like we have been seeing more and more franchises emerge that are based on books. This seems to be happening for a few reasons. First, Hollywood is more than ever looking for established properties on which to base films. Book, have been and always will be one of the best established properties for a movie to be based upon. Second, if the books have a big following, chances are that the
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Daniel Craig Confirms That He Will Return As James Bond

After months of speculation and back and forth, Daniel Craig has officially announced that he will return as James Bond. Daniel Craig, the sixth actor to play the role of Ian Fleming’s 007, finally put rumours to rest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he announced that he will reprise his role in […]
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Daniel Craig Confirms His Return For Bond 25

It’s been the most frustrating ‘will he or won’t he?’ debate of the last several years, but tonight, it appears that it’s at an end. Daniel Craig has finally confirmed that he’ll be back for Bond 25. The actor appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert a few hours ago where he told the talk show host that he’ll be returning for one more round as 007, though wouldn’t give any other details as to what we can expect from his final outing as the iconic character.

This announcement is a bit surprising, as it comes only several hours after Craig played coy about suiting up as Bond again when asked about it during an interview with a Boston radio station. In case you missed it, he said the following when questioned on if he’d be signing on for Bond 25:

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Raymond Benson Shoots Down Recent James Bond 25 Rumors

Not having seen our favorite super spy grace cinemas since late 2015, moviegoers such as myself couldn’t help but become excited upon hearing last week’s news stating that the next entry in the enduring James Bond franchise has been slated for November of 2019. With that, it’s only expected that plot details emerge in due time.

Naturally, it didn’t go unnoticed when reports surfaced yesterday stating that said film is set to be based on Raymond Benson’s novel Never Dream of Dying, and that the studio supposedly thought it would serve as a fine followup to Spectre. And seeing as how Benson has built quite the reputation for himself in the spy genre having written not only Bond novels, but also ones pertaining to Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell (the latter was done under the pen name of “David Michaels,” one shared by several authors who
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Exclusive: Halle Berry Isn't Sure There Should Be a Female James Bond: 'That Series Is Steeped in History'

Exclusive: Halle Berry Isn't Sure There Should Be a Female James Bond: 'That Series Is Steeped in History'
Halle Berry thinks women deserve a new Bond character all their own.

The Kidnap star talked to Et's Kevin Frazier at the premiere of her new thriller, where she responded to the idea floated by Chris Hemsworth that Charlize Theron should play the next 007 by basically saying -- who needs to retread?

Exclusive: Charlize Theron Reacts to Chris Hemsworth Saying She Should Play 007: 'Thanks, Dude!'

"I want [women] to be tough but I don't know if Bond should be a woman," the 50-year-old actress admitted. "I mean, that series is steeped in history, you know Ian Fleming's stories. I don't think you can change Bond to a woman."

"We can create a new Bond character that's a woman, and give her a new name, based on that theory, but I don't know if bond should be a woman," she explained.

Exclusive: Halle Berry Reveals Scary Story of Almost Losing Daughter Nahla in a Store

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Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Coy When Asked About James Bond Role

For all of the excitement generated by this week’s announcement, one in which MGM and Eon slated the so-far untitled Bond 25 for a November 2019 release, the long-standing ‘will he, won’t he?’ debate surrounding Daniel Craig’s future as James Bond – or lack thereof – continues to rage online.

Having portrayed Ian Fleming’s super-spy four times already (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre), all signs currently point to Craig returning as Bond for one last outing. The British actor still has a two-picture contract to fulfill, after all, and though there has been much back-and-forth regarding his commitment to MGM’s flagship franchise – Kingsman: The Golden Circle star Mark Strong even went on record to claim that Daniel Craig was ready to retire his license to kill following the less-than-stellar Spectre – a few days back we heard that the actor had decided to reprise the role one final time.
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Review: In Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron Breaks the Glass Ceiling By Punching Through the Berlin Wall

I love a good espionage thriller, and what better setting than the fifty year Cold War between the Western democracies and their deadly enemies in the Communist East? This underground conflict has bred some of the most magnificent films of the last fifty years, not only through individual flashes of brilliance like The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, but most famously the longest running continuous film series out there, the adaptations of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels. It's no wonder that filmmakers continue to go back to that well, as it's an easy place to imagine a world of spies and assassins that very few people actually saw. There is a magnificent amount of artistic license afforded Cold War films becauase there is...

[Read the whole post on screenanarchy.com...]
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How James Bond 25 could reinvent the franchise

Mark Harrison Jul 26, 2017

James Bond 25 will arrive in November 2019. Eon Productions still has much to consider...

This feature contains spoilers for Spectre.

It was announced this week that James Bond Will Return in November 2019, for the 25th movie in the series. After the box office reception and subsequent backlash against the previous film, 2015's Spectre, there has been much speculation about the next film taking on a radically different approach, from casting to storytelling.

The signs strongly point towards Daniel Craig reprising his role for a fifth time, according to a report in the Mirror earlier this month and a recent confirmation in the New York Times that his return was “a done deal”. Despite Craig's much repeated quote about slashing his wrists rather than returning, which the actor has since put down to being overtired by the junket schedule, it certainly looks like he's coming back for one last go.
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He’s Back! Daniel Craig Will Return to James Bond for Fifth Time: Report

  • PEOPLE.com
He’s Back! Daniel Craig Will Return to James Bond for Fifth Time: Report
Once saying that he would rather “slash his wrists” then play James Bond again, British actor Daniel Craig is reportedly stepping back into 007s’s shoes.

The 49-year-old actor will once again play Ian Fleming’s iconic secret service agent, The New York Times reported, in Bond’s upcoming big screen outing — set to hit theaters November 8, 2019.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have written the last six Bond installments, will once again write this film — as previously reported. It will be the 25th officially outing of the character on the big screen.

Reps for Craig and the film had no comment to People.
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James Bond 25 finally gets a release date; Daniel Craig expected to return

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Josh Wilding

The future of the James Bond franchise has seemingly been in doubt for well over a year now. While the iconic Ian Fleming creation returning to the big screen was inevitable, conflicting reports about Daniel Craig’s involvement has left us all scratching our heads.

Well, what we do now know is that James Bond will return on November 8th, 2019 in Us cinemas, with an earlier release scheduled for the UK as has become the norm recently.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are returning to pen the screenplay after working together on Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will once again produce so, behind the scenes, things remain much the same.

There’s currently no word on a director but considering the fact Sam Mendes was reluctant to return for the last instalment (which was nowhere near as successful
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How ‘Planet of the Apes’ Started Hollywood’s Franchise Obsession

  • Indiewire
How ‘Planet of the Apes’ Started Hollywood’s Franchise Obsession
If Matt Reeves’ much-anticipated “War on the Planet of the Apes” (20th Century Fox) opens Friday to an expected $70 million or more, that would put it ahead (in domestic returns at least) of such recent high altitude-franchise stumbles as “Alien: Covenant,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and “Transformers.”

Several factors contribute to the elevated respect for the series, going back almost half a century to when the first film, never intended as anything other than a standalone, became a surprise success in 1968.

Let’s track some curious highlights on the unusual trajectory that brings us to the ninth entry in the longest running English-language film series other than James Bond:

The Genesis Was a Stand-Alone Novel

Pierre Boule was well-known for the World War II novel “The Bridge on the River Kwai” which became a David Lean Best Picture winner and massive worldwide hit in the late 1950s.
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Newswire: Blake Lively to pack heat in a new assassin movie from James Bond producers

  • The AV Club
Continuing to dance around the the possibility of a female James Bond by making movies that fit that description in practice but not in name, Variety reports that Blake Lively is going the way of Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie and playing a not-quite-007 role in an upcoming spy thriller. This particular project even has the pedigree of a Bond film thanks to producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, who have been in charge of steering the Bond ship since 1995’s Golden Eye.

But rather than Ian Fleming’s novels, this particular project will be based on British author Mark Burnell’s Stephanie Patrick books, a four-part series detailing the adventures of a college-aged woman who gets sucked into clandestine assassin agency Magenta House after her whole family dies in a plane crash. Far from the pampered ”It Girl” she became famous for playing on Gossip Girl, Lively ...
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Roger Moore’s James Bond: appreciating the raised eyebrow

Tim George Jul 10, 2017

An appreciation of the late Roger Moore, and his importance to the James Bond series...

It took me a long time to realise this but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense: Roger Moore is the most important actor to play James Bond. For while Sean Connery created the icon, Roger Moore is the reason why we are still trotting out to the cinema. This premise might sound like sacrilege.

See related Matt Reeves interview: War For The Planet Of The Apes Matt Reeves interview: Dawn, Andy Serkis and blockbuster filmmaking War For The Planet Of The Apes review Andy Serkis interview: War For The Planet Of The Apes

As I’ve gotten older, and four movies into Daniel Craig’s tenure, my thinking has shifted considerably. Whereas I used to wish that the movies followed the books, I’ve finally recognised that
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