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Print Biographies (14)

Fred Goodman. The Mansion on the Hill: Dylan, Young, Geffen, Springsteen and the Collision of Rock and Commerce. New York: Times Books, 1997.
Bob Dylan. Chronicles: Volume One. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2002. ISBN 0743228154
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Bob Dylan Revisted: 13 Graphic Interpretations of Bob Dylan's Songs. New York: W.W. Norton Co., . ISBN 9780393076172

Film Biographies (6)

Portrayals (2)

Interviews (7)

AARP The Magazine (US) February 2015, Vol. 58, Iss. 2C, pg. 22-24+26+28+30, by: Robert Love, "Bob Dylan Does the American Songbook His Way (what else would you expect?)"
The Times (GB) April 6 2009, by: Bill Flanagan, "Bob Dylan on Barack Obama, Ulysses Grant and American Civil War ghosts"
Uncut (GB) February 2006, Iss. 105, pg. 40-41, "'You Name It, I'll Protest It': Back in '66, Dylan loved to tease and taunt the hapless British music journos"
Humo (BE) September 25 2001, Iss. 3186, pg. 202-204, by: Christoph Dallach, "Patina goes platina: de blues volgens Bob Dylan"
Rolling Stone (US) November 5 1987, Iss. 512, pg. 301-303, by: Kurt Loder, "Bob Dylan"
Playboy (US) March 1978, Vol. 25, Iss. 3, pg. 61-90, by: Ron Rosenbaum, "Playboy Interview: Bob Dylan"
Rolling Stone (US) January 26 1978, Iss. 257, by: Jonathan Cott, "The Rolling Stone Interview"

Articles (120)

HOLLYWOOD PRESS Weekly (US) April 6 2017, Vol. 2, Iss. 40, pg. 1, by: United Press International (UPI), "Bob Dylan finally picks up Nobel Prize for Literature"
New York Post (US) November 17 2016, Vol. 216, Iss. 2, pg. 4, by: Associated Press, "Dylan to skip Nobel gala"
Los Angeles Times (US) November 14 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 316, pg. A12, by: Editorial staff, "EDITORIALS: Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate"
New York Post (US) November 6 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 357, pg. 18, by: Richard Johnson, "Dylan schemed for Nobel Prize"
New York Post (US) October 29 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 349, pg. 9, by: Reuters, "Dylan changes tune on Nobel"
New York Post (US) October 21 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 341, pg. 19, by: David K. Li, "SO, HOW DOES IT FEEL? Dylan: OK, I won Nobel"
New York Post (US) October 20 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 340, pg. 16, by: Emily Smith, "Page Six: Author calls Dylan 'worst poet alive'"
New York Post (US) October 15 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 334, pg. 8, by: Hardeep Phull, "Don't think twice...this is nice: Lit Nobel for Dylan, our most vivid poet"
New York Post (US) October 15 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 335, pg. 17, by: Eric Fettmann, "FAST TAKES: Artist - Dylan Nobel Shows Books Are Passe"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 15 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 317, pg. A1, A10, by: Mikael Wood, "Tangled up by Nobel? Not Bob Dylan - Songs spoke volumes in Dylan show"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 15 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 317, pg. A11, by: Various readers, "MAILBAG: Bob Dylan to the rescue"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 15 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 317, pg. E1, E4, by: Carolyn Kellogg, "COMMENTARY: A great literary moment...really - Bob Dylan's Nobel marks a new era in storytelling that should be celebrated"
Cleveland Plain Dealer (US) October 15 2016, pg. HA, by: Chuck Yarborough, "Nobel prize award to Bob Dylan is a sore for genius"
New York Post (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 334, pg. 25, by: Jeffrey Blehar, "Don't Think Twice: Yes, Dylan deserves the Nobel"
USA Today (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 35, Iss. 22, pg. 1A-2A, by: Jon Friedman, "At 75, Bob Dylan is busy being born: Nobel honor shows that America's bard speaks to the world"
USA Today (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 35, Iss. 22, pg. 1D, by: Maeve McDermott, "How does it feel? Honor Dylan's Nobel Prize with these songs"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 316, pg. A1, A4, by: Carolyn Kellogg, "A lyrical choice for literature Nobel - Bob Dylan is the first musician to win it"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 316, pg. E1, E12, by: Randy Lewis, "Revolutionary poet: Bob Dylan upended foundations of pop with his literate lyrics - 'The Homer of our time'"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 316, pg. E1, E12, by: Mikael Wood, "Revolutionary poet: A 'brave' choice, professors say"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 316, pg. E12, by: Randell Roberts, "Dylan, in his own Nobel-worthy words"
Philadelphia Inquirer (US) June 5 2015, by: Jared Feldschreiber, "Master of Song Steeped In His Roots and Religion"
Tampa Bay Times (US) April 24 2015, pg. 2B, by: Jay Cridlin, "A humbly low-key show"
AARP The Magazine (US) February 2015, Vol. 58, Iss. 2C, pg. 26-27, by: Bill Flanagan, "The 5-Minute Biography: A crash course on the most influential musician of our time"
Rolling Stone (US) November 20 2014, Iss. 1222, pg. 40-45, by: David Browne, "Bob Dylan's Secret Masterpiece: The Untold Story of 'The Basement Tapes'"
Cleveland Plain Dealer (US) November 7 2014, pg. T04-05, by: Chuck Yarborough, "Dylan Hynde Don't Neeed To Talk As Long As They Play"
Jewish Voice New York (US) October 17 2012, by: Jared Feldschreiber, "That Oak Tree's Still Standin': A Review of Bob Dylan's Tempest"
The New York Times (US) August 2 2012, by: David Kinney, "Freewheelin': Bob Dylan, Jonah Lehrer and the Truth"
De Oud Rotterdammer (NL) May 15 2012, by: Dirk Mellema, "Bob Dylan in de Kuip, een stuiptrekking van de jaren zestig"
Classic Rock (GB) December 2011, Iss. 165, pg. 126, by: Rob Hughes, "'Live!': Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Tour rolls ever onward, like an old and growlilng train."
AARP: The Magazine (US) May 2011, Vol. 54, Iss. 3, pg. 50-53+63, by: Larry "Ratso" Sloman, "Forever Young"
Mojo (GB) June 2010, pg. 48 - 55, by: Michael Simmons, "Hiding In Plain Sight"
Asbury Park Press (US) November 15 2009, Vol. 131, Iss. 26, pg. E4, by: Alex Biese, "Art on Art: Book Is a Visual Exploration of Dylan's Poetry"
Le Monde (FR) October 27 2009, pg. 23, by: Véronique Mortaigne, "Hugues Aufray raconte Bob Dylan, son vieil ami, qu'il chante dans son nouvel album"
The New York Times (US) September 17 2009, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,801, pg. C2, by: Dave Itzkoff, "Bob Dylan to Exhibit a Simple Twist of Paint"
The New York Times (US) August 27 2009, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,780, pg. C2, by: Dave Itzkoff, "Sleigh, Lady, Sleigh: A Bob Dylan Christmas Album"
The Guardian (GB) August 17 2009, pg. Main - 20, by: Andrew Clark, "Rambling Bob Dylan raises police suspicions"
Minneapolis Star Tribune (US) May 21 2009, by: Bob von Sternberg, "Camper Bob Dylan's Poem Could Bring in $15,000"
The Independent (GB) May 21 2009, Iss. 7052, pg. 23, by: David Usborne, "Dylan's teenage poem revealed as first cover"
The Independent (GB) April 27 2009, Iss. 7031, pg. 17, by: Andy Gill, "Dylan's times ain't a-changin' [First Night: O2 Arena]"
Minneapolis Star Tribune (US) March 19 2009, by: Paul Walsh, "A Sickening Smell is Blowin' in the Wind From Dylan's Estate"
The Independent (GB) March 18 2009, Iss. 6997, pg. 3, by: Guy Adams, "How did Bob Dylan upset his neighbours? (The answer is blowin' in the wind)"
The Los Angeles Times (US) March 17 2009, by: Bob Pool, "Bob Dylan's Neighbors Sing Outhouse Blues"
Minneapolis Star Tribune (US) March 17 2009, by: Associated Press, "Dylan, The Dead Set to Play 2nd Annual Rothbury Music Festival in Western Michigan"
The New York Times (US) January 29 2009, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,570, pg. C2, by: Dave Itzkoff, "Dylan's 'Wind' Blows Into British Commercial"
The Los Angeles Times (US) January 10 2009, by: Adam Bernstein, "William Zantzinger, Convicted of Killing Hattie Carroll and Denounced in Bob Dylan Song, Dies at 69"
The New York Times (US) January 10 2009, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,551, pg. B8, by: Douglas Martin, "W.D. Zantzinger, Subject of Dylan Song"
St. Paul Pioneer Press (US) November 6 2008, by: Ross Raihala, "Dylan Delivers as Obama Makes the Times 'a-Changin'"
The Orlando Sentinel (US) October 7 2008, by: Jim Abbott, "Bob Dylan's Leftover Tracks Leave Awed Impression"
St. Paul Pioneer Press (US) September 25 2008, by: Ross Raihala, "Dylan Will Play the U on Election Day"
The Los Angeles Times (US) September 5 2008, by: Randy Lewis, "Bob Dylan Brings a Simplified, Still-Rich Palette to Santa Monica"
New York Daily News (US) August 13 2008, by: Jim Farber, "Bob Dylan Does Classics in Brooklyn"
St. Paul Pioneer Press (US) July 30 2008, by: Billboard.com, "Next in Dylan's 'Bootleg Series' Due Oct. 7"
The New York Times (US) June 29 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,356, pg. WK2, by: Adam Liptak, "The Chief Justice, Dylan and the Disappearing Double Negative"
The Independent: Extra (GB) June 10 2008, Iss. 6756, pg. 14 - 15, by: Michael Glover, "Another side of Bob Dylan"
The Times (GB) June 6 2008, by: Alan Jackson, "Bob Dylan: He's Got Everything He Needs, He's an Artist, He Don't Look Back"
The Times (GB) June 5 2008, by: Alan Jackson and David Byers, "Bob Dylan Says Barack Obama Is 'Changin' America"
The Star Tribune (US) May 16 2008, by: Paul Walsh, "Duluth Route Honoring Dylan Reaches Milestone"
The Los Angeles Times (US) May 15 2008, by: Kristina Lindgren, "'A Freewheelin' Life' by Suze Rotolo"
The New York Times (US) May 11 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,307, pg. AR1 & AR26, by: Anthony DeCurtis, "Memoirs of a Girl From the East Country (O.K., Queens)"
The New York Times (US) April 29 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,295, pg. E2, by: Lawrence Van Gelder, "Bob Dylan Joins Baltimore Festival"
The New York Times (US) April 13 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,279, pg. WK3, by: Dave Itzkoff, "Bob Dylan Finally Gets His Pulitzer: His What?"
Contra Costa Times (US) April 8 2008, by: Hillel Italie, "Top Honor Puts Rock Legend Dylan in Class With UC Berkeley Professor"
St. Paul Pioneer Press (US) April 8 2008, by: Hillel Italie, "Bob Dylan Gets a Special Pulitzer Prize"
The Guardian (GB) February 26 2008, by: Sean Michaels, "Dylan gets Jack White to bring Hank Williams to life"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) January 27 2007, by: Keith Miller, "Sad-eyed songster of the Highlands"
The Independent (GB) January 12 2007, Iss. 6315, pg. 11, by: Terry Kirby, "Iconic Dylan portrait recreated in Liverpool"
MOJO (GB) October 2006, Iss. 155, pg. 94-95, by: John Harris, "Justified and Ancient: Dylan may be older and none the wiser when it comes to affairs of the heart, but when he's writing and recording songs, Bob's still on top"
Rolling Stone (US) September 7 2006, Vol. 1, Iss. 1006, pg. 74-80+128, by: Lethem, Jonathan, ""The Genius of Bob Dylan""
World (US) August 19 2006, Vol. 21, Iss. 32, pg. 24-28, by: Arsenio Orteza, "Like a Rolling Stone: Nearly Three Decades of Summers Since 'Slow Train Coming' Captivated New and Old Believers, Reclusive Rock Legend Bob Dylan Surfaces in a New Album This Month and a Revealing Documentary"
The New York Times (US) May 22 2006, by: Janet Maslin, "How Does It Feel? Dylan on Everything, Everything on Dylan"
Rolling Stone (US) May 18 2006, Iss. 1,000, pg. 50, by: Andy Greene, "Bob Coast to Coast"
Rolling Stone (US) May 18 2006, Iss. 1,000, pg. 50, by: Andy Greene, "Dylan on Dylan"
Mojo (GB) May 2006, Iss. 150, pg. 66, "'Mojo 100 Modern Classics': 15) Bob Dylan - 'Love And Theft'"
Mojo (GB) May 2006, Iss. 150, pg. 67, "'Mojo 100 Modern Classics': 04) Bob Dylan - 'Time Out of Mind'"
The Independent (GB) March 23 2006, Iss. 6062, pg. 46-47, by: Liz Thomson, "Dylan in his own words. Love letters, a school essay and the very tambourine that inspired the song: a treasure trove of memorabilia could soon thrill British fans"
The New York Times (US) January 16 2006, by: Colin Moynihan, "The Answers My Friend, Are Written in This Book"
The Times (GB) September 18 2005, by: Bryan Appleyard, "In Bob we trust"
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US) August 29 2005, Vol. 57, Iss. 241, pg. C1+C7, by: Phil Kloer, "Times a changin' for Dylan purists"
The Independent (GB) August 12 2005, by: Tim Cumming, "The unseen Bob Dylan"
Erga kai imeres (GR) July 30 2005, Iss. 29, pg. 14, by: Sergios Sofikitis, "Kalitera gimnos i vassilias?"
Uncut (GB) July 2005, Iss. 98, pg. 150, by: Nigel Williamson, "Can't stop the rock: Fitting history, analysis and tribute to Dylan's finest six minutes (and six seconds)"
Le Soir (BE) May 10 2005, pg. 25, "Les mémoires de Bob Dylan en français"
Mojo (GB) February 2005, Iss. 135, pg. 64-67+69-71+73-75, by: Ben Edmonds, "Revolution in his Head"
The Miami Herald (US) January 25 2005, by: Jeff Baenen, "Old Dylan Tape Has Home"
The Independent (GB) November 19 2004, Iss. 5645, pg. 25, "Dylan's 'Rolling Stone' tops greatest songs chart"
The Guardian (GB) November 19 2004, Iss. 49204, pg. 13, by: Martin Wainwright, "One upon a time you dressed so fine... 60s anthem named rock's greatest"
The Toronto Sun (CA) October 6 2004, pg. 50, by: Larry McShane, "Subterranean Bob Dylan"
USA Today (US) October 5 2004, by: Edna Gundersen, "Dylan Chronicles His Journey"
The New York Times (US) October 5 2004, by: Janet Maslin, "So You Thought You Knew Dylan? Hah!"
Newsweek (US) October 4 2004, Vol. CXLIV, Iss. 14, pg. 48-51, by: David Gates, "The Book of Bob"
Vimagazino (GR) October 3 2004, Iss. 207, pg. 26, by: Konstandinos Zahopoulos, "Oh mercy"
The Washington Times (US) September 27 2004, by: Agence France-Presse, "Dylan Memoir Shows Singer as Unwilling Rebel"
The Times (GB) June 24 2004, Iss. 68110, pg. 5, by: Magnus Linklater, "Dr Dylan picks up another award"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) June 24 2004, Iss. 46355, pg. 10, by: Hugh Davies, "Time passes slowly for leather-booted Dr Dylan"
International Herald Tribune (US) July 2 2003, Iss. 37422, pg. 10, by: Mike Zwerin, "The gospel truth about Dylan"
Q (GB) May 2002, Iss. 190, pg. 56-58, by: John Harris, "The Myths & Legends of Bob Dylan"
Pop & Rock (GR) December 2001, Iss. 236, pg. 100, by: Manolis Kilismanis, "I istoria tou rock en ti genessi tou,kefaleo iv-i mipos i?"
Vimagazino (GR) October 28 2001, Iss. 55, pg. 50-52, by: Makis Milatos, "O gerolikos epistrefei"
Mojo (GB) November 2000, Iss. 84, pg. 86-87, "Songs from under the floorboards: Dylan, The Band and the making of The Basement Tapes."
Mojo (GB) November 2000, Iss. 84, pg. 136-140, by: Andy Gill, "Bob Dylan: September UK Tour"
Göteborgs-Posten (SE) May 14 2000, pg. 50, by: Mikael van Reis, "Livet i Dylans sånger"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) November 20 1999, by: Michael Gray, "Minnesota: Bob Dylan's back pages"
Newsweek (US) June 28 1999, pg. 61, by: Al Kooper, "Bob Dylan Goes Electric"
Entertainment Weekly (US) September 26 1998, Vol. 1, Iss. 398, pg. 88, by: David Hajdu, "Encore: Bob Dylan's Big Break"
The New York Times (US) December 8 1997, by: Rick Lyman, "A Wind of Gratitude Blows Through the Performing Arts"
NME (GB) June 7 1997, pg. 8, "Dylan seriously ill"
SPIN (US) January 1989, Vol. 4, Iss. 10, pg. 16, by: Bob Mack, "Bob D Schlepped Here"
CREEM (US) November 1987, Vol. 19, Iss. 3, pg. 49, by: Roy Trakin, "Dead On Dead: Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead, Anaheim Stadium (July 26, 1987)"
Rolling Stone (US) October 22 1987, Iss. 511, pg. 15, by: Kurt Loder, "Dylan stirs controversy in Israel"
Creem (US) November 1986, Iss. 219, pg. 50, by: Kevin Knapp, "Grumpy Mofo: The Concept"
Rolling Stone (US) September 11 1986, Iss. 482, pg. 10, by: Mark Coleman, "'Random Notes': Dylan Raps - Bob meets Kurtis Blow"
The Times (GB) June 23 1984, pg. 6, by: Richard Williams, "On common ground"
The Times (GB) June 16 1978, pg. The Arts 9, by: Ned Chaillet, "Bob Dylan Earls Court"
Violent World (US) August 1977, Vol. 1, Iss. 4, pg. 3, by: staff, "Cult-Hero Accused of Wife-Beating"
Creem (US) December 1975, Vol. 8, Iss. 7, pg. 18+20, by: Bruno Stein, "'The Beat Goes On:' Dylan Rides a Hurricane"
Gallery (US) May 1974, Vol. 2, Iss. 6, by: Steve Ditlea, "Dylan Revisited"
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The Times (GB) May 27 1966, pg. The Arts 7, by: Frederick Carter, "The better half of Bob Dylan"

Pictorials (2)

De Oud Rotterdammer (NL) May 15 2012, by: Source: bobdylaninnederland.blogspot.com, "Bob Dylan (part of article)"
The Independent Arts & Books (GB) October 31 2008, Iss. 6890, pg. 24 - 25, by: Charlotte Cripps, "'He trusted me so he would try anything' Jerry Schatzberg, photographer on Bob Dylan"

Magazine Covers (34)

Los Angeles Times (US) October 14 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 316
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