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Other Works

  • (2001) Narrated "transit transit", a special one-year-later retrospective on how NYC's transit workers responded to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01.
  • Narration for numerous United Negro College Fund public service announcements.
  • Music DVD: "Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Ghost of Christmas" playing "The Caretaker".
  • (12/27/64) Appeared in the religious program, "Eternal Light" in the episode "The Alibi" compromised of a scene from Paddy Chayefsky's play "Marty", an original vignette by Davis and photos from Edward Steichen's "The Family of Man".
  • (1946) Stage: Appeared in "Jeb" on Broadway.
  • (1948) Stage: Appeared in "The Leading Lady" on Broadway.
  • (1949) Stage: Appeared (as "Stewart") in "The Smile of the World" on Broadway. Written / Directed by Garson Kanin. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Donald Oenslager. Costume Design by Forrest Thayer and Mainbocher. Lyceum Theatre: 12 Jan 1949-15 Jan 1949 (5 performances). Cast: Ruby Dee (as "Evelyn"), Elizabeth Dewing (as "Mrs. Boros"), Ruth Gordon (as "Sara Boulting"), Sam Jackson (as "Petey"), Otto Kruger (as "Justice Reuben Boulting"), Boris Marshalov (as "Josef Boros"), Laura Pierpont (as "Alice Widmayer"), Warren Stevens (as "Sam Fenn"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • (1950) Stage Play: The Wisteria Trees. Drama. Written by Joshua Logan. Based on "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov. Lighting and Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Musical arrangements by Lehman Engel. Directed by Joshua Logan. Martin Beck Theatre: 29 Mar 1950- 16 Sep 1950 (165 performances). Cast: Helen Hayes, Walter Abel, Peggy Conklin, Kent Smith, Alonzo Bozan (as "Scott"), Georgia Burke, Vinie Burrows, Patsy Carol, Ossie Davis (as "Jacques"), Patricia DeCoursey, Maurice Ellis, Reri Grist, Ellen Cobb-Hill, Bethel Leslie (as "Antoinette"), Emory S. Richardson, Ralph Robertson Jr., Maude Simmons, G. Albert Smith (as "Bowman Witherspoon"), Kitty Snapper, Elisa Toca, Irene Treadwill, Mary Vallee, Bentley Wallace, Douglas Watson, Duke Williams. Produced by Leland Hayward and Joshua Logan.
  • Stage: Appeared on Broadway in "The Royal Family".
  • Stage: Appeared in "The Green Pastures" on Broadway.
  • Stage: Appeared in "Remains to be Seen" on Broadway.
  • Stage: Appeared in "Touchstone" on Broadway.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Jacques") in "The Wisteria Trees" on Broadway. Drama (revival). Written by Joshua Logan. Based on the "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov. Music Selected / Arranged By Max Marlin. Scenic Design by Herbert Gahagan. Costume Design by Lucinda Ballard. General Costume Director: Grace Houston; Lighting Design by Feder. Directed by John Stix. City Center: 2 Feb 1955-13 Feb 1955 (15 performances). Cast: Jonelle Allen (as "Little Miss Lucy"), Linda Berlin (as "Party Guest"), Alonzo Bozan (as "Scott"; final Broadway role), Patty Burke (as "Child"), Jarmila Daubek (as "Party Guest"), Evelyn Davis (as "Cassie"), Philip Dean (as "Servant"), David Eliot (as "Party Guest"), Maurice Ellis (as "Henry Arthur Henry"), Bramwell Fletcher (as "Gavin Leon Andree"), Frances Foster (as "Dolly May"), Will Geer (as "Bowman Witherspoon"), Helen Hayes (as "Lucy Andree Ransdell"), Hilda Haynes (as "Servant"), Keith Kirby (as "Party Guest"), Alison Landor (as "Party Guest"), Lily Lodge (as "Party Guest"), Walter Matthau (as "Yancy Loper"), Warren Oates (as "Party Guest"; only Broadway role), Ella Raines (as "Martha"), Cliff Robertson (as "Peter Whitfield"), Brook Seawell (as "Gracie"), Lois Smith (as "Antoinette"), Christopher Snell (as "Frankie"), Jackson Young (as "Party Guest"). Produced by New York City Theatre Company.
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared (as "Cicero") in "Jamaica" on Broadway. Musical. Book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy. Music by Harold Arlen. Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Musical Direction, Continuity / Vocals by Lehman Engel. Dance Music / Additional Vocals by Peter Matz. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Choreographed by Jack Cole. Production Stage Manager: Neil Hartley. Stage Manager: Charles Blackwell. Directed by Robert Lewis. Imperial Theatre: 31 Oct 1957-11 Apr 1959 (555 performances). Cast: Lena Horne (as "Savannah"), Ricardo Montalban (as "Koli"), Adelaide Hall, Josephine Premice, Joe Adams, Alvin Ailey, Ethel Ayler, Adelaide Boatner, George Boreland, Hugh Bryant, Herb Coleman, Jayne Craddock, Hugh Dilworth, Norma Donaldson, Patricia Dunn, Doris Galiber, Frank Glass, Harold Gordon, Lavinia Hamilton, Sandra Hinton, Nat Horne, Albert Johnson, Chailendra Jones, Cristyne Lawson, Tony Martinez, Audrey Mason, Jim McMillan, Charles Moore, Sally Neal, Pearl Reynolds, Erik Rhodes (as "The Governor"), Allen Richards, Augustine Rios, Alan Shayne, Christine Spencer, Carolyn Stanford, Claude Thompson, Roy Thompson, Ben Vargas, Jacqueline Walcott, James E. Wall, Billy Wilson, Barbara Wright, Michael Wright. Understudies: Ethel Ayler (as "Savannah"), Charles Blackwell ("Joe Nashua"), Adelaide Boatner (as "Grandma Obeah"), Hugh Bryant (as "Koli, Radio Announcer"), Virginia Capers (as "Grandma Obeah"), Herb Coleman (as "Quico"), Alan Shayne (as "Koli, The Governor"), Roy Thompson (as "Joe Nashua"), Jacqueline Walcott (as "Ginger"), James E. Wall (as "Cicero"). Produced by David Merrick. NOTE: Davis was nominated for a Tony Award as Best Supporting Actor in a Musical.
  • Stage: Appeared in "A Raisin in the Sun" on Broadway.
  • (1961) Stage: Wrote / appeared (as "Purlie Victorious"; Broadway debut) in "Purlie Victorious" on Broadway. Comedy. Directed by Howard Da Silva. Cort Theatre (moved to The Longacre Theatre from 20 Nov 1961-13 May 1962): 28 Sep 1961-13 May 1962 (261 performances). Cast: Ruby Dee (as "Lutiebell Gussie Mae Jenkins"), Sorrell Booke (as "Ol' Cap'n Cotchipee"), Godfrey Cambridge (credited as Godfrey M. Cambridge; as "Gitlow Judson"), Alan Alda (as "Charley Cotchipee"), Roger C. Carmel (as "The Deputy"), Ci Herzog (as "The Sheriff"), Helen Martin (as "Missy Judson"), Beah Richards (as "Idella Landy"). Understudies: Gail Fisher (as "Lutiebell Gussie Mae Jenkins"; Broadway debut), Gloria Foster (as "Idella Landy" / "Missy Judson"), Michael Lord (as "Charley Cotchipee" / "The Deputy"), John Sillings (as "The Sheriff"), Mel Stewart (as "Gitlow Judson" / "Purlie Victorious Judson") and Mervyn Williams (as "Ol' Cap'n Cotchipee"). NOTE: Filmed as Gone Are the Days! (1963)
  • (1965) l Stage: Appeared (as "Johannes") in "The Zulu and the Zayda" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by Howard Da Silva and Felix Leon. Music lyrics by Harold Rome. Based on a story by Dan Jacobson. Music orchestrated by Meyer Kupferman. Scenic Design . Lighting Design by William Eckart and Jean Eckart. Directed by Dore Schary. Cort Theatre: 10 Nov 1965-16 Apr 1966 (179 performances + 24 previews that began on 18 Oct 1965). Cast: Norman Barrs (as "Tommy Layton"), Sarah Cunningham (as "Helen Grossman"), Peter De Anda (as "Peter"), Louis Gossett Jr. (as "Paulus"), Ed Hall (as "William"), Robert Hewitt (as "Groenwald"), James Higgins (as "Koofer"), Max Jacobs (as "Dyckboom"), John Randolph Jones (as "Eric"), Sandra Kent (as "Woman with Baby Carriage/Nurse"), Yaphet Kotto (as "John") [Broadway debut], Sholom Ludvinsky (as "Mourner"), David Mogck (as "Policeman"), Charles Moore (as "Mr. Lamene"), John Pleshette (as "David Grossman") [Broadway debut], Joe Silver (as "Harry Grossman"), Menasha Skulnik (as "Zayda"), Christine Spencer (as "Joan"), Ella Thompson (as "Mrs. Lamene"), Phil Vandervort (as "Arthur Grossman"). Understudies: Sandra Kent (as "Helen Grossman"), Charles Moore (as "Peter" / "William") and Ella Thompson (as "Joan"). Replacement actors: Salem Ludwig (as "Mourner"), Leslie Redford (as "Tommy Layton"). Understudies: Ed Hall (as "Johannes"), Yaphet Kotto (as "Paulus"), Salem Ludwig (as "Harry Grossman" / "Zayda"). Produced by Dore Schary and Theodore Mann.
  • (1986) Stage: Appeared (as "Marley's Ghost") in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" at the Marriott Marquis Theater, which also featured F. Murray Abraham, June Havoc, Rex Smith, Carole Shelley, MacIntyre Dixon and Jean Marsh.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "A Lieutenant"; replacement actor) in "No Time for Sergants" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Ira Levin. Adapted from the novel by Mac Hyman. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Directed by 'Morton Da Costa'. Alvin Theatre: 20 Oct 1955-14 Sep 1957 (796 performances). Cast: Carl Albertson (as "Inductee" / "Lt. Gardella" / "Co-Pilot"), Royal Beal (as "Gen. Pollard"), Floyd Buckley (as "Pa Stockdale"), Maree Dow (as "Rosabelle" / "Cigarette Girl" / "A Nurse"), Rex Everhart (as "A Colonel" / "Lt. Abel"), Howard Freeman (as "Gen. Bush"), Hazen Gifford (as "Lt. Bridges" / "Pilot"), Andy Griffith (as "Will Stockdale"; Broadway debut), William Hinnant (as "Lt. Cover" / "Navigator"), Earle Hyman (as "A Lieutennant"), Ray Johnson (as "Classification Corporal" / "Aide to Gen. Pollard"), Edmund Johnston (as "Lt. Baker"), Arthur P. Keegan (as "An Infantryman" / "Inductee"), Don Knotts (as "Preacher" / "Corporal, Manual Dexterity"; Broadway debut), Myron McCormick (as "Sgt. King"), Roddy McDowall (as "Ben Whitledge"), Robert McQuade (as "Inductee"), James Millhollin (as "A Psychiatrist"; Broadway debut), Wynn Pearce (as "Capt. Charles"; Broadway debut), Inductee, Ed Peck (as "A Captain"), Jules Racine (as "Inductee" / "Air Policeman"), Cecil Rutherford (as "Inductee" / "Lt. Kendall" / "Engineer"), Michael Thoma (as "Bus Driver"), O. Tolbert-Hewitt (as "Draft Man" / "A Senator"), Robert Webber (as "Irvin Blanchard"), Van Williams (as "Inductee"). Replacement actors: Louis Beachner (as "Ben Whitledge"), Jack Collins (as "A Senator" / "Draft Man"), Rex Everhart (as "Sgt. King"), Eric Fleming (as "Irvin Blanchard"), Will Geer (as "Pa Stockdale"), Charles Hohman (as "Will Stockdale"), Arte Johnson (as "Ben Whitledge"), Ray Johnson (as "A Colonel" / "Inductee" / "Lt. Abel"), Vincent Lynne (as "Lt. Cover" / "Navigator"), Robert McQuade (as "Classification Corporal"), William Mullaney (as "Corporal, Manual Dexterity" / "Preacher"), Karl K. Redcoff (as "Lt. Baker"), Alfred Sander (as "A Captain"), Elwood Smith (as "A Lieutennant"), Elwood Thompson (as "A Lieutenant"), John Topa (as "A Senator"), J. Robert Victor (as "Inductee" / "Lt. Gardella" / Co-Pilot"), Van Williams (as "Aide to Gen. Pollard"). Produced by Maurice Evans. Produced in association with Emmett Rogers. NOTES: (1) Griffith was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor. (2) Filmed as No Time for Sergeants (1958), No Time for Sergeants (1964).
  • (10/28/46) Stage: Appeared in Philip Yordan's play, "Anna Lucasta," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Ruby Dee in the cast.
  • (2/14/72) Stage: Wrote (w/Philip Rose, Peter Udell) "Purlie," performed at the Hanna Theater in Cleveland, OH, with Robert Guillaume in the cast.

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