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  • (1963- ). Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1963) Stage Play: Marathon '33. Written by June Havoc. Based on the novel "Early Havoc" by June Havoc. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Costume Design by Noel Taylor. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Music by Conrad Janis and His Tail Gate 5. Entire production under the supervision of Lee Strasberg. Assistant Director: Tim Everett. Directed by June Havoc. ANTA Playhouse: 22 Dec 1963- 1 Feb 1964 (48 performances). Cast: Julie Harris (as "June, a vaudevillian"), Sally Alex (as "Ensemble"), Lee Allen (as "Patsy, marathon Top Banana"), Tom Avera (as "Lusty "One Punch" Hutchinson"), Joe Don Baker (as "Mr. James, floor judge"), Lane Bradbury (as "The Mick, Abe O'Brien's girl"), Dick Bradford (as "Beefy Bancroft, vaudeville acrobat/Joe, Forbes' henchman/Ensemble"), Lonny Chapman (as "Mr. Dankle, dance marathon promoter"), Libby Dean (as "Ida, Red's partner/Melba Marvel"), Olive Deering (as "Eve Adamanski"), Gabriel Dell (as "Al Marciano"), Marcella Dodge (as "Pinky, fancy girl/Ensemble"), Philip Dorian (as "Ensemble"), Tim Everett (as "Abe O'Brien"), Don Fellows (as "Scotty Schwartz"), Will Hare (as "Mr. Forbes, local racketeer boss/Ensemble"), Robert Heller (as "Petrushka Patrick, another vaudeville acrobat/Hinky, sweet man"), Robin Howard (as "Robin Greenaman, Banty Binks' partner"), Conrad Janis (as "Ruddy, band leader and M.C."), Maya Kenin (as "Rita Marimba"), Philip Kenneally (as "Mike, marathon trainer"), Adelaide Klein (as "Mrs. Beckett-Jones, marathon fan"), Janet Luoma (as "Angel, another fancy girl/Ensemble"), Janice Mars (as "Night Club Star/Ensemble"), Peter Masterson (as "Beezer, marathon trainer"), Brooks Morton (as "Banty Binks, a local/Ensemble"), Margret O'Neill (as ""Sugar Hips" Johnson, Lusty Huthinson's dance partner"), Lucille Patton (as "Helen Bazoo, Bozo Bazoo's partner"), Gordon Phillips (as "Mr. Burke, night floor manager/Ensemble"), Patricia Quinn (as "Pearl Schwartz, Scotty Schwartz' wife-partner"), James Rado (as "Ensemble"), Logan Ramsey (as "Schnozz Wilson"), Pat Randall (as "Flo Marciano, Al Marciano's wife-partner"), Doris Roberts (as "Rae Wilson, Schnozz Wilson's wife-partner"), John Strasberg (as "Red, local contestant"), Ralph Waite (as "Ensemble/Minister") [Broadway debut], Iggie Wolfington (as "Bozo Bazoo"). Produced by The Actors Studio.
  • (1964) Stage Play: Blues for Mister Charlie. Written by James Baldwin. Production Design by Feder. Directed by Burgess Meredith. ANTA Playhouse: 23 Apr 1964- 29 Aug 1964 (148 performances + 8 previews that began on 14 Apr 1964). Produced by The Actors Studio.

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