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  • (1938 - 1970) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1938) Stage Play: Sing Out the News. Musical revue. Music by Harold Rome. Lyrics by Harold Rome. Sketches by Charles Friedman (who also directed). Uncredited book doctoring by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. Ballet music by Will Irwin. Musical Director: Max Meth. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Choreographed by Ned McGurn, Dave Gould and Charles Walters. "Peace and the Diplomat" staged by Charles Walters, Music Box Theatre: 24 Sep 1938- 7 Jan 1939 (105 performances). Cast included: June Allyson (as "Time-The Present", "The Performer", "Class of 1938 / Minstrels") [Broadway debut], Bruce Barclay, John Barry, Add Bates, John Benton, Daisy Bernier, The Boys of Today, Ethel Brown, Lillyn Brown, Sibol Cain, Warren Coleman, Traverse Crawford, Fred Deming, Elizabeth Dozier, R. Dupler, Eleanor Eberle, Sally Ellis, Joey Faye, The Floradora Girls, Dorothy Fox, Miriam Franklin, Jane Fraser, Joel Friend, Chick Gagnon, Ortho Gaines, Ed Galloway, Will Geer, Rosalind Gordon, Ray Harrison, Ben Holmes, Richard Huey, Rex Ingram, Cecil Jackson, Georgia Jarvis, George Jones Jr., Gus Jones, Charles Lawrence, Kathryn Lazell, Thelma Lee, Carrington Lewis, Harry Lewis, Lewis and Van, James Lillard, Christina Lind, Leslie Litomy, Philip Loeb, Michael Loring, Henrietta Lovelace, Jimmy Lydon, Shirley Macy, Wanda Macy, Ginger Manners, Elizabeth McDowell, Estelle McDowell, Sadie McGill, Elmaurice Miller, Tomas Mitchell, Michael Moore, Fred Nay, B. Norris, Bernard Pearce, Jean Peters, Jackie Petty, Burton Pierce, Ethel Remey, Bruce Rogers, Ben Ross, Hazel Scott, Hiram Sherman, Maude Simmons, Edwin Smith, Herbert Sumpter, Grant Thomas, Sonny Timmons, Allen Tinney, William Tinney, The Virginians, Ben Walles, Mary Jane Walsh, Howard Warriner, Clarence Wheeler, Madelyn White, Louie Williams, Lucille Williams, Musa Williams, Mae Williamson, Maud Williamson, Lucille Wilson, Howard Woodford. Produced by Max Gordon, in association with George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart.
  • (1939) Stage Play: Very Warm for May. Musical comedy. Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Music arranged by Russell Bennett. Book by Oscar Hammerstein II. Music orchestrated by Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Choreographed by Albertina Rasch and Harry Losee. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Vincente Minnelli. Directed by Vincente Minnelli. Alvin Theatre: 17 Nov 1939- 6 Jan 1940 (59 performances). Cast: June Allyson (as "June"), Dolores Anderson (as "Dolores"), Eve Arden (as "Winnie Spofford"), Maxine Barrat (as "Honey"), Seldon Bennett (as "Schlesinger"), Beulah Blake (as "Beulah"), Helen Bliss (as "Helen"), Donald Brian (as "William Graham"), Virginia Card (as "Miss Wasserman"), Peter Chambers (as "Mr. Magee"), Andre Charise (as "Andre"), William Collins (as "Bill"), Sally Craven (as "Sally"), Milton DeLugg (as "O'Cedar/Accordion"), Helen Donovan (as "Helen II"), Eleanor Eberle (as "Eleanor"), Frank Egan (as "Mr. Pratt"), Vera-Ellen (as "Susan"), Bruce Evans (as "Electrician"), Marshal Fisher (as "Marshal/Guitar"), Miriam Franklyn (as "Miriam"), Kate Friedlich (as "Sylvia"), Ralph Hansell (as "Ralph/Drums"), Claire Harvey (as "Claire"), Louis Hightower (as "Louis") [Broadway debut], Avon Long (as "Jackson"), Walter Long (as "Walter"), Don Loper (as "Smoothy Watson"), Ethel Lynn (as "Ethel"), Matt Malneck (as "Alvin/Violin"), Charles Marlowe (as "Homer/Trumpet"), Ray Mayer (as "Kenny"), Grace McDonald (as "May Graham"), Len Mence (as "Beamish"), Frances Mercer (as "Liz Spofford") [Broadway debut], Rudy Miller (as "Rudy"), Russ Morhoff (as "Russ/Bass"), Kay Picture (as "Miss Hyde"), Jean Plummer (as "Jean/Piano"), Marie Louise Quevli (as "Alice"), Richard Quine (as "Sonny Spofford"), Joseph Quintile (as "Joseph/Harp"), Pamela Randell (as "Pam"), Jack Seymour (as "Jack"), Robert Shackleton (as "Raymond Sibley") [Broadway debut], Hollace Shaw (as "Carroll"), Hiram Sherman (as "Ogdon Quiler"), Max Showalter (as "Lowell Pennyfeather"), Ralph Stuart (as "Charles"), Evelyn Thawl (as "Jane"), Webb Tilton (as "Webb"), William Torpey (as "Jethro Hancock"), Jack Whiting (as "Johnny Graham"), Jack Wilson (as "Peter"), Billie Wirth (as "Billie"). Produced by Max Gordon.
  • Higher and Higher (1940). Comedy. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Material by Gladys Hurlbut and Joshua Logan (who also directed). Based on an idea by Irving Pincus. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Choreographed by Robert Alton. Shubert Theatre: 4 Apr 1940- 15 Jun 1940 (84 performances). Cast: June Allyson (as "[Higher and Higher Specialty Girl"), Ted Adair, Irene Austin, Jane Ball, Robert Chisholm, Eva Condon, Ronnie Cunningham, Sigrid Dagnie, Lee Dixon, Kay Duncan, Eleanor Eberle, Marta Eggert, Vera-Ellen, Leif Erickson, Cliff Ferre, Janet Fox, Miriam Franklin, William Geery, Joseph Granville, George Griffith, Jack Haley (as "Zachary Ash"), Bunnie Hightower, Louis Hightower, Gloria Hope, Marguerite James, Michael Moore, Richard Moore, Marie Nash, Frederic Nay, Fin Olsen, Kay Picture, Burton Pierce, Marie Louise Quevli, Jane Richardson, Harry Rogue, Shirley Ross, Joseph Scandur, Jack Seymour, Robert Shanley, Hollace Shaw, Billy Skipper Jr., Hilda Spong (as "Miss Whiffen"), Lyda Sue, Carl Trees, Jack Whitney, Billie Worth. Produced by Dwight Wiman.
  • Panama Hattie (1940). Musical comedy.
  • Best Foot Forward (1941). Musical. Book by John Cecil Holm. Music and lyrics by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. Music orchestrated by Don Walker and Hans Spialek. Overture by Robert Russell Bennett. Scenic / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Miles White. Choreographed by Gene Kelly. Produced and directed by George Abbott. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 1 Oct 1941- 4 Jul 1942 (326 performances). Cast: Buddy Allen, June Allyson (as "Minerva"), Van Atkins, John Balian, Wilbur Baron, Eileen Barton, Kenneth Bowers, Frances Bryan, Kenneth Buffett, Maureen Cannon, Marianne Cude, Danny Daniels, Richard Dick, Tommy Dix, Stanley Donen (as "Ensemble / Dancing Boy"), Dorothy Eden, Peggy Anne Ellis, Bee Farnum, Mary Ganley, Harvey Gould, Barbara Grant, Robert Griffith, Ann Guier, Kay Guier, Bobby Harrell, Roger Hewlett, Rhoda Hoffman, Carol Horton, Beverly Hosier, Gil Johnson, Jack Jordan Jr., Perry Jubelirer, Terry Kelly, Rosemary Lane (as "Gale Joy"), Stuart Langley, Norma Lehn, Eugene Martin, Marty May, Betty McCloskey, Elaine Miller, Betty Anne Nyman, Billy Parsons, Kaye Popp, Penny Porter, Lee Roberts, Renee Rochelle, Marilyn Ross, Rosemary Schaefer, Rose Marie Schiller, Victoria Schools, Audrey Sperling, George Staisey, Gil Stratton Jr., Buddy Styles, Lenore Thomas, Elmer Vernon, Nancy Walker (as "Blind Date"; Broadway debut), Fleming Ward (as "Dr. Reeber"), Art Williams, Lou Wills Jr., Doris York, Vincent York.
  • (2/13/50) Radio: Appeared in a "Lux Radio Theatre" production of "The Stratton Story".
  • "General Motors Fiftieth Anniversary Show", as Guest (17 November 1957).
  • (1980s) TV commercials: Wilson's Stores.
  • (1985 - 2000) Print ads, radio & TV commercials for Depend Absorbent Incontinence Undergarments.
  • (December 27, 1971) She acted in Vincent Youmans, Emil Nyitray, Frank Mandel, and Otto Harbach,'s musical, "No, No Nanette," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Dennis Day, Karen Crossley, Rita Abrams, Melanie Clement, and Denise Hefner in the cast.
  • (1965) She acted in Carolyn Green's play, "Janus," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Scott McKay and Imogene Coca in the cast. Alfred De Liagre Jr. was director.

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