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  • (1989) Music video: Appeared in Aerosmith's "Janie's Got A Gun".
  • (1965) Stage: Appeared (as "Alice Van Guilder, daughter of Mathilde and Lucius Van Guilder") in "Drat! The Cat!" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Milton Schafer. Book and lyrics by Ira Levin. Musical Director and Vocal Arrangements by Herbert Grossman. Music orchestrated by Hershy Kay and Clare Grundman. Dance music by Genevieve Pitot. Choreographic associate: James Moore. Choreographed and directed by Joe Layton. Martin Beck Theatre: 10 Oct 1965-23 Oct 1965 (8 performances + 11 previews). Cast: Jeri Barto, Leo Bloom, Lillian Bozinoff, Jane Connell, Jacque Dean, Mariana Doro, Charles Durning (as "Pincer, Superintendant of Police"), Sandy Ellen, Ralph Farnworth, Jack Fletcher, Ian Garry, David Gold, Elliott Gould (as "Bob Purefoy, the Purefoy's son, a patrolman"), Margery Gray, Marian Haraldson, Beth Howland, Barney Johnston, Al Lanti, Lu Leonard, William Lutz, Nancy Lynch, George Marcy, Carmen Morales, Larry Moss, Harry Naughton, Ron Paré, James Powers, Dan Siretta, Alfred Spindleman, Bill Starr, Gene Varrone, Meg Walter, Mary Zahn. Produced by Jerry Adler and Norman Rosemont.
  • (August 1973 - October 1973) Stage: Appeared (as "Scarlett O'Hara") in of "Gone With the Wind". Musical. Padua Hills Theatre, CA.
  • Audiobook: Narrated "The Scarlet Letter" audiobook.
  • (1996 - 1997) Stage: Appears in "Dream: the Johnny Mercer Musical Revue" on Broadway and in company tour of Nashville, TN.
  • Footage of Warren screen testing for the role of Lois Lane is included in the special DVD release of Superman (1978).
  • (1986) Music video: Appeared in Bob Seger's video "American Storm"
  • Stage: Appeared in "Metamorphosis", off-Broadway.
  • (1963) Stage Play: 110 in the Shade. Musical. Book by N. Richard Nash. Music by Harvey Schmidt. Lyrics by Tom Jones. Based on the play "The Rainmaker" by N. Richard Nash. Musical Director: Don Pippin. Music orchestrated by Hershy Kay. Dance arrangements by William Goldenberg. Vocal arrangements by Robert DeCormier. Assistant Musical Dir.: Frederick Vogelgesang. Assistant to Mr. Kay: Bill Stegmeyer. Choreographed by Agnes de Mille. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Directed by Joseph Anthony. Broadhurst Theatre: 24 Oct 1963- 8 Aug 1964 (330 performances + 2 previews that began on 23 Oct 1963). Cast: Stephen Douglass (as "File"), Robert Horton (as "Bill Starbuck"), Inga Swenson (as "Lizzie Curry"), George Church (as "Toby"), Will Geer (as "H.C. Curry"), Steve Roland (as "Noah Curry"), Scooter Teague (as "Jimmy Curry"), Lesley Ann Warren [credited as Lesley Warren] (as "Snookie") [Broadway debut], Don Atkinson (as "Townsperson"), Barbara Bossert (as "Townsperson"), Lynne Broadbent (as "Townsperson"), Don Crabtree (as "Geshy Toops"), Gretchen Cryer (as "Townsperson"), Dori Davis (as "Townsperson"), Diane Deering (as "Mrs. Jensen/Townsperson"), Frank Derbas (as "Townsperson"), Jerry Dodge (as "Gil Demby/Townsperson"), Renee Dudley (as "Belinda"), Clifford Fearl (as "Townsperson"), Leslie Franzos (as "Olive Barrow/Townsperson"), Ben Gillespie (as "Townsperson"), Loren Hightower (as "Wally Skacks, III/Townsperson"), Carolyn Kemp (as "Townsperson"), Lucia Lambert (as "Townsperson"), Urylee Leonardos (as "Townsperson"), Paula Lloyd (as "Townsperson"), David London (as "Townsperson"), Vernon Lusby (as "Bo Dollivan/Townsperson"), Carl Nicholas (as "Wally Skacks/Townsperson"), Stan Page (as "Townsperson"), Seth Riggs (as "Phil Mackey"), Donna Sanders (as "Townsperson"), Robert Shepard (as "Mr. Curtis"), Evelyn Taylor (as "Maurine Toops/Townsperson"), Esther Villavicencio (as "Townsperson"), Christopher Votos (as "Tommy"), Arthur Whitfield (as "Townsperson"), Florence Willson (as "Townsperson"). Standbys: Joan Fagan (as "Lizzie Curry") and Seth Riggs (as "Bill Starbuck"). Understudies: Don Crabtree (as "Noah Curry"), Jerry Dodge (as "Jimmy Curry"), Vernon Lusby (as "Toby"), Carl Nicholas (as "Toby"), Stan Page (as "File"), Robert Shepard (as "H.C. Curry") and Florence Willson (as "Snookie"). Replacement actors: Bob Bishop (as "Wally Skacks, III"), Dori Davis (as "Hannah"), Joan Fagan (as "Lizzie Curry") [from 23 Apr 1964- ?], Robert Spelvin (as "Mr. Curtis"), Arthur Whitfield (as "Gil Demby"). Produced by David Merrick. Produced with the cooperation of Rainbow Ventures Inc. Notes: (1) Previously filmed by Hal Wallis Productions [distributed by Paramount Pictures] as The Rainmaker (1956), an adaption of this was produced for Dutch TV in 1966 and an impressive US TV adaption in 1982 directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Tommy Lee Jones and James Cromwell. (2) Ms. Warren won "Most Promising Newcomer" award.
  • Stage: Appeared in "Three Penny Opera", off-Broadway.
  • (1971) Unsold pilot: Appeared in a pilot for a western series, "Cat Ballou", based on the film Cat Ballou (1965).

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