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Print Biographies (32)

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Film Biographies (5)

Portrayals (8)

Interviews (434)

Sunday Post (GB) February 18 2017, by: Bernard Bale, "This is going to be such a great year for country music, says Dolly Parton"
Vanity Fair (US) January 19 2017, by: Kenzie Bryant, "Dolly Parton on Those Tattoos and One Macabre Fan Gift: The country singer keeps getting older, but the fans who worship her stay the same age."
Vogue (US) January 19 2017, by: Mackenzie Wagoner, "The Dolly Parton Beauty Rules! Straight From the Queen of Country's Own Mouth"
Curve Magazine (US) January 3 2017, by: Merryn Johns, "Dolly Parton, Pure And Simple: Her latest solo album sends out a message of love."
The Tennessean (US) January 1 2017, by: Tennessean Editorial Board, "3 questions for Dolly Parton on Sevier County wildfire"
Pensacola News Journal (US) November 26 2016, by: Julio Diaz, "Q&A: Dolly Parton keeps it 'Pure and Simple'"
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TV Guide (US) November 21 2016, Vol. 64, Iss. 48, pg. 28-29, by: Ileane Rudolph, "Dolly's True Colors: After her ratings-busting Coat of Many Colors last season, Dolly Parton chats with us about its sequel and her whirlwind year"
American Songwriter (US) November 2016, by: Brittney McKenna, "Dolly Parton: American Hustler She's the most decorated female singer in the history of country music. And she has no plans of slowing down."
The Toronto Star (CA) June 13 2016, by: Robin King, "Dolly Parton on Orlando shooting, Donald Trump and why she hasn't worked with Jack White (yet)"
The Tennessean (US) June 13 2016, by: Staff Writer, "Lightning Rod coaster opens at Dollywood"
Billboard (US) June 13 2016, by: Karen Bliss, "Dolly Parton on Orlando Nightclub Shooting: 'We Should Just Love One Another a Little More'"
The Canadian Press (CA) June 13 2016, by: David Friend, "Dolly Parton makes time for stops in rural Canada on North American tour"
The Plain Dealer (US) June 6 2016, by: Chuck Yarborough, "Dolly Parton brings new and old music to Hard Rock Rocksino"
Greensboro News & Record (US) June 2 2016, by: Grant Britt, "Dolly Parton's latest tour centers on home and family"
Winston-Salem Journal (US) June 2 2016, by: Lynn Felder, "Dolly Parton keeps it 'Pure & Simple'"
Variety (US) June 1 2016, by: Rob Owen, "Dolly Parton Talks 'Coat of Many Colors,' Sequels and Broadway"
People Magazine (US) May 27 2016, by: Eileen Finan, "Dolly Parton on Why She Doesn't Leave Home Without Her Comfort Food - And How She Still Fits Into Those 'Tight-Ass' Costumes"
Entertainment Weekly (US) May 26 2016, by: Madison Vain, "Dolly Parton previews massive summer tour 'I decided that I was going to take the chance and see if people really wanted to see me,' the legend says of her 60-date trek."
ABC News (US) May 26 2016, by: Stephen Hubbard, "Dolly Parton and Her Husband Carl Dean Are 'Proud' of Their 50-Year Marriage"
Knoxville News Sentinel (US) May 23 2016, by: Ali James, "Dolly opens her newest attraction: Lumberjack Adventure"
Paper (US) April 25 2016, by: Ilana Kaplan, "Dolly Parton Talks Her New Tour, Bucket List and Secrets for Staying Young"
NASH Country Weekly (US) April 4 2016, Vol. 23, Iss. 14, pg. 40-45, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton: "I Don't Ever Want to Stop" - The 70-year-old Superstar Gets Candid About Her New Double Album. 60-Plus Tour Dates and 50 Years of Marriage"
The Tennessean (US) April 1 2016, by: Watts, Cindy, "Dolly Parton wears coat of many talents"
ReMind Magazine (US) April 2016, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton: Down Home Country"
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NASH Country Weekly (US) December 14 2015, Vol. 22, Iss. 50, pg. 40-45, by: Staff Writer, "Growing Up Dolly! Dolly Parton Showcases Her Colorful Childhood in Made-for-TV Movie"
Parade (US) December 6 2015, pg. 4-6, by: Beverly Keel, "Hello, Dolly!"
Live Happy Magazine (US) December 2015, by: Deborah Evans Price, "The Joy of Being Dolly Parton"
Country Weekly (US) June 1 2015, Vol. 22, Iss. 22, pg. 44-49, by: Staff Writer, "Precious Memories: Dolly Parton Looks Back at 30 Years of Dollywood"
Country Weekly (US) December 22 2014, Vol. 21, Iss. 51, pg. 44-49, by: Tammy Ragusa, "A Holly Dolly Christmas: Dolly Parton Shares Holiday Traditions and Plans For The New Year"
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Country Woman Magazine (US) August 2014, by: Sharon Selz, "Country Music Legend Dolly Parton: Country music legend Dolly Parton talks faith, family, dreams and staying true to her roots."
Hot Press (IE) July 29 2014, by: Edwin McFee, "Dolly Parton Interview - Dolly Mixture: Just before Dolly Parton wrapped up her hugely-successful world tour, Edwin McFee donned his best cowboy hat and met the music icon to talk town tramps, doggie adoptions, dance albums, miming and lots more..."
The Guardian (GB) July 24 2014, by: Rebecca Nicholson, "Dolly Parton: 'I've seen my songs slaughtered pretty good' The Queen of Country on people - amateur and professional - singing her classics, being the toast of Glastonbury and who should play her in the biopic she's planning"
Challenge Magazine (US) July 2014, Vol. 10, Iss. 7, pg. 22-30, by: Pam Windsor, "Dolly"
Country Music People (GB) July 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton!"
Uncut (GB) July 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton: "How in hell did I get all that done?""
The Radio Times (GB) June 28 2014, by: Lily Allen, "- When Dolly Parton met Lily Allen - they're both playing Glastonbury but they've got so much more in common than just that..."
American Songwriter (US) June 23 2014, by: Skip Matheny, "Drinks With: Dolly Parton"
Dallas Voice (US) June 20 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Good golly, Miss Dolly!: Dolly Parton on her boobs, drag queens and her diva legend"
The Telegraph (GB) June 14 2014, by: Helen Brown, "Dolly Parton interview: Miley Cyrus? She's just like Shirley Temple: Dolly Parton talks to Helen Brown about hard livin', Glastonbury and her god-daughter Miley Cyrus"
Songwriter Universe (US) June 2 2014, by: Bill Conger, "Dolly Parton Talks About Her New Album Blue Smoke, Her New Duets, And Her Songwriting"
BUST Magazine (US) June 2014, by: Lisa Butterworth, "All Dolled Up Our cups runneth over with love for Dolly Parton-country music's BUST-iest badass."
The Dallas Morning News (US) May 27 2014, by: Robert Wilonsky, "Dolly Parton talks big hair, covering Bon Jovi before WinStar shows"
Lexington Herald-Leader (US) May 23 2014, by: Walter Tunis, "Dolly Parton says creating new songs will never lose its thrill"
Tulsa World (US) May 22 2014, by: Jerry Wofford, "Dolly Parton returns to Tulsa for two-show run"
PopMatters (US) May 20 2014, by: Jonathan Sanders, "You Can't Make Old Friends: An Interview with Dolly Parton"
Country Weekly (US) May 19 2014, Vol. 21, Iss. 20, pg. 44-49, by: Joseph Hudak, "Like a Rock: Dolly Parton is as timeless as the Smokies on her new album, Blue Smoke"
Closer (US) May 19 2014, Vol. 2, Iss. 20, pg. 28-31, by: Staff Writer, "Queen of Country: Dolly Parton shines a light on her rarely seen husband and sings the praises of their unconventional relationship"
NewsOK (US) May 16 2014, by: Brandy McDonnell, "Dolly Parton continues to sizzle with new album, world tour"
The Tennessean (US) May 16 2014, by: Cindy Watts, "Dolly Parton prepares for overseas shows"
Yahoo! Travel (US) May 15 2014, by: Kathryn O'Shea-Evans, "Dolly Parton Gets a New 9 to 5 - In the Hotel Biz"
Associated Press (US) May 15 2014, by: Chris Talbott, "Dolly talks Miley, remaining true to yourself"
The Globe and Mail (CA) May 14 2014, by: Brad Wheeler, "Dolly Parton still singing her heart out with album number 42"
Los Angeles Times (US) May 14 2014, by: Randy Lewis, "Dolly Parton covers a lot of ground on 'Blue Smoke' and beyond"
Billboard Magazine (US) May 13 2014, by: Chuck Dauphin, "Dolly Parton Talks 'Blue' Album, Gay Fans and Willie Nelson's 'Dork' Days"
People (US) May 12 2014, by: Eileen Finan, "Dolly Parton: I'd Like to Disappear Into a Film Role"
US Weekly (US) May 12 2014, by: Ian Drew, "Dolly Parton on Her Goddaughter Miley Cyrus and Why Her Husband Doesn't Like Her Music"
Digital Journal (US) May 12 2014, by: Markos Papadatos, "Dolly Parton talks new album 'Blue Smoke' and musical career"
The Bath Chronicle (GB) May 11 2014, by: ChronReports, "From Dollywood to Glastonbury...Dolly Parton prepares for festival debut"
Salon (US) May 10 2014, by: Dina Gachman, "Dolly Parton on Elvis and Willie Nelson: "I still play like a child""
Entertainment Weekly (US) May 9 2014, by: Mandi Bierly, "Dolly Parton explains her new gospel cover of Bon Jovi's 'Lay Your Hands on Me' (you read that right!)"
The Belfast Telegraph (IE) May 8 2014, by: Andy Welch, "Hello Dolly Parton! So, what concert is she feeling nervous about?"
Western Morning News (GB) May 8 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly's planning to bring some Nashville weather to Glastonbury"
Rolling Stone (US) May 8 2014, Iss. 1208, by: Staff Writer, "Still Dolly After All These Years: Country queen shares her wisdom on Miley, marriage and asking Willie for weed"
Pride Source (US) May 6 2014, Iss. 2218, by: Chris Azzopardi, "Q&A: Dolly Parton On Lesbian Wedding Rumors & Boob Advice, Says Drag Name Is 'P. Titty'"
Smashing Interviews Magazine (US) May 1 2014, by: Melissa Parker, "Dolly Parton Interview: "When I Feel That Energy Coming Back, It Just Goes Through Me like Fire""
The Marietta Daily Journal (US) May 1 2014, by: Jon Gillooly, "Hello Dolly!"
Nashville Lifestyles Magazine (US) May 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton: An Exclusive with Nashville's Original Crossover Artist"
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London Evening Standard (GB) April 29 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton dreams of a duet with the Boss"
The Mail on Sunday (GB) April 27 2014, by: Sarfraz Manzoor, "'I'm a working girl. I like waking up early and going to the 24-hour supermarket with my husband': An unforgettable audience with Dolly Parton"
Belfast Telegraph (IE) April 27 2014, by: Staff Writer, "High heels for Dolly at Glastonbury"
The Times Of India (IN) April 20 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Depression runs in my family: Dolly Parton"
The Daily Express (GB) April 19 2014, by: Emma Kelly, "'There are times you don't want to get up' Dolly Parton reveals depression worries: Dolly Parton has spoken about depression, admitting that she is worried about the illness creeping into her life."
Business Standard (GB) April 19 2014, by: ANI - News, "Dolly Parton opens up about battle with depression"
Irish Independent (IE) April 19 2014, by: Brian O'Reilly, "'I need to murder Hannah Montana' - Dolly Parton 'worried' about god daughter Miley Cyrus"
The Mirror (GB) April 18 2014, by: Tom Bryant, ""Depression runs in my family - I see why people want to kill themselves" Dolly Parton's battle with blues"
Detroit Free Press (US) April 18 2014, by: Cindy Watts, "Jack White pays Dolly Parton's bill at Nashville restaurant"
ADWEEK (US) April 10 2014, by: Tony Case, "Dolly Parton Just Said No to Another Playboy Cover: Wearing the bunny costume once was plenty"
American Adventure (US) March 29 2014, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton's Home Away From Home Queen of country music Dolly Parton sits down with Mediaplanet to talk about her love of travel."
Country Update (AU) January 27 2014, Iss. 71, by: Denise Torenbeek, "Blue Smoke Tour - Welcome Back Dolly"
The West Austrailian (AU) January 13 2014, by: Simon Collins, "Dolly is queen of country"
Birmingham Mail (GB) January 10 2014, by: Marion McMullen, "First lady of country Dolly Parton heads for the Midlands"
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The New Zealand Herald (NZ) December 23 2013, by: Paula Yeoman, "Dolly Parton: Here she comes again"
Las Vegas Magazine (US) December 22 2013, by: Jorge Labrador, "Dolly Parton: Country icon is back in the spotlight"
The Times (GB) December 14 2013, by: Rhys Blakely, "Dolly Parton, First Lady of country music, on her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus"
The Big Issue (GB) December 9 2013, Iss. 1081, "DOLLY PARTON INTERVIEW: "I HAVE A WIG BESIDE MY BED IN CASE OF EARTHQUAKES": Queen of country Dolly Parton talks Christmas with the family, touring necessities and her unusual choice of Halloween costume"
Country Weekly (US) November 25 2013, Vol. 20, Iss. 47, pg. 30-35, by: Joseph Hudak, "30 Years after "Islands in the Stream," Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton are...Reunited!"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 29 2013, by: Randy Lewis, "Dolly Parton talks 'Blue Smoke' album, tour, Imagination Library"
Knoxville News-Sentinel (US) August 22 2013, by: Ed Marcum, "Dollywood plans $300M expansion"
USA Today (US) August 21 2013, by: Cindy Watts, The (Nashville) Tennessean, "Dollywood launching $300M expansion: The 10-year plan for the theme park includes a family-friendly roller coaster and a 300-room, 100-acre resort."
The Mountain Press (US) August 21 2013, by: Kenneth Burns, "Dolly Parton imagined a Dollywood resort from the beginning: "This is just our first stop""
Associated Press (US) August 21 2013, by: Randall Dickerson, "Dollywood to build resort, add shows and rides"
Knoxville News-Sentinel (US) May 24 2013, by: Wayne Bledsoe, "Songwriting 101: Dolly Parton discusses the art of song"
Knoxville News-Sentinel (US) May 23 2013, by: Wayne Bledsoe, "'My People': No matter how far she goes Dolly Parton never strays far from home"
The Mountain Press (US) March 25 2013, by: Kenneth Burns, "Dolly Parton envisions resort and talks Dollywood"
The Mountain Press (US) March 23 2013, by: Robbie Hargett, "Parton opens new Dollywood season with an international flair"
The Mountain Press (US) March 23 2013, by: Robbie Hargett, "Dolly honors her uncle with display at Dollywood museum"
Knoxville News-Sentinel (US) March 23 2013, by: Wayne Bledsoe, "Parton's people: Dolly Parton, fans and family celebrate new Dollywood season"
Chicago Sun-Times (US) January 7 2013, by: Cindy Pearlman, "Dolly Parton talks dreams in new rags-to-riches book"
Healthy Aging (US) January 2013, by: Staff Writer, "Dolly Parton Invites You to Dream More"
New York Daily News (US) December 17 2012, by: Sherryl Connelly, "Hello, Dolly! Parton gets a lot off her chest in 'Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You': Country music star's book is upfront about her career, cosmetic surgery and sex life"
The Miami Herald (US) December 16 2012, by: Howard Cohen, "Dolly Parton wants to be known for books, not looks"
Denver Post (US) December 16 2012, by: John Wenzel, "Dolly Parton continues to dream big in new book"
The Tennessean (US) November 30 2012, by: Peter Cooper, "Dolly Parton shares life lessons in new book"
Hartford Courant (US) November 30 2012, by: MaryEllen Fillo, "Dolly Parton Talks About Her New Book, Her New Perfume And The Gay Rumors"
Reuters (US) November 30 2012, by: Christine Kearney, editing by Jill Serjeant and Carol Bishopric, "Dolly Parton talks dreams, love, plastic surgery"
Forbes (US) November 29 2012, by: Dan Schawbel, "Dolly Parton: Her Personal Philosophy, Life Obstacles and Best Advice"
USA Today (US) November 26 2012, by: Craig Wilson, "Dolly Parton continues to dream her dream: The country music legend says you need to celebrate the dreamer in you, and she tells you how in her new book 'Dream More.'"
Edinburgh Evening News (GB) November 22 2012, by: Liam Rudden, "Dolly Parton talks about her new hit musical '9 To 5'"
Vanity Fair (US) November 2012, by: Illustration by Risko, "The Proust Questionnaire: Dolly Parton Poised to publish a new book, Dream More, the country-music powerhouse ponders baked potatoes, Snow White, and that trademark mouth."
The Daily Star (GB) October 21 2012, by: Ed Gleave, "Dolly Parton Rakes in Millions From Whitney Houston Royalties"
Manchester Evening News (GB) October 16 2012, by: Dianne Bourne, "Dolly Parton: I have to work hard to be a good boss"
Glamour (GB) June 28 2012, by: Jenn Selby, "Dolly Parton: The country queen on renting boys, working with Adele and starring opposite Queen Latifah in her new feel-good musical movie, Joyful Noise..."
Daily Mail (GB) June 21 2012, by: Lina Das, "The gospel according to Dolly: Don't have children if you want to stay married, flirt like crazy... and NEVER forget your make-up."
WHOA Magazine for Women (US) June 2012, pg. 10-13, by: Michelle Cox, "Dolly Parton: her story - His Glory: From a Mountain Cabin to an International Stage"
Country Weekly (US) January 30 2012, Vol. 19, Iss. 5, pg. 30-35, by: Melinda Newman, "Joyful Noise: Dolly Parton may not feel comfortable dancing on screen, but she finally found a movie role that she can sink her nails into."
New York Daily News (US) January 9 2012, by: Joyce Chen, "Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah make 'Joyful Noise' about working together on new movie: Stars may battle in the film, but offscreen they get along famously"
Toronto Sun (CA) January 8 2012, by: Jim Slotek, "Parton, Latifah a 'Joyful' team"
Boston Herald (US) January 8 2012, by: Stephen Schaefer, "'Noise' maker Dolly Parton sings praises of her 'Joyful' new role"
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Entertainment Weekly (US) January 6 2012, by: Anthony Breznican, "The Gospel According to Dolly and Latifah"
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V Magazine (US) January 2012, Iss. 75, by: Derek Blasberg, "Dolly by Derek (When Dreams Come True)"
Redbook (US) January 2012, by: Marisa Fox, "Hello Dolly...and Latifah!: Oy, it's January. So we called on the wisest and funniest women we know, stars of this month's Joyful Noise, for some instant uplift. Dispense as needed."
The Quietus (GB) August 30 2011, by: Jude Rogers, "The Liberty Belle - Dolly Parton Speaks"
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Metro (GB) August 14 2011, by: Arwa Haider, "Dolly Parton: I'm my own boss, so I'm the only one I tell to kiss my ass"
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Access Atlanta (US) July 21 2011, by: Jon Waterhouse, "Dolly Parton talks movie, songwriting and new CD"
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Daily Herald (US) July 19 2011, by: Laura Stewart, "Parton's Better Day tour aims for the uplifting"
Dallas Observer (US) July 19 2011, by: Sophia Dembling, "Listomania: The Best Lesser Known Dolly Parton Songs, Including Her Own Favorites"
The Dallas Morning News (US) July 18 2011, by: Mario Tarradell, "Talking with Dolly Parton is like chugging an all-natural energy drink"
San Francisco Chronicle (US) July 17 2011, by: Aidin Vaziri, "Dolly Parton hopes 'Better Day' uplifts amid chaos"
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The Kansas City Star (US) June 18 2011, by: Robert Trussell, "With '9 to 5,' Dolly Parton finds a new job: writing musical theater"
The Telegraph (AU) June 15 2011, by: Cameron Adams, "Dolly Parton on her musical and plastic surgery and why she loves Whitney Houston"
Fox News (US) June 13 2011, by: Meaghan Murphy, "Dolly Parton Says Giving Back Has Nothing To Do With Being Rich"
The Sunday Telegraph (AU) June 5 2011, by: James Wigney, "Queen of country Dolly Parton loves the social media scene"
Herald Sun (AU) June 5 2011, by: James Wigney, "Queen Dolly Down Under"
Myrtle Beach Sun News (US) June 4 2011, by: Vicki Grooms, "Q&A: Dolly Parton dishes on writing, traveling"
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Daily Record (GB) April 17 2011, by: Billy Sloan, "Country music legend Dolly Parton spills secrets of her incredible 56-year career"
Manchester Evening News (GB) April 15 2011, by: Paul Taylor, "Dolly Parton is the genuine article"
Evening Chronicle (GB) April 14 2011, by: Gordon Barr, "Dolly Parton opens her heart to Gordon Barr"
Herald Scotland (GB) March 7 2011, by: Teddy Jamieson, "Parton on the way to hit with book scheme"
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Country Song Roundup (US) October 1967

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