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Print Biographies (15)

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Film Biographies (2)

Portrayals (2)

Interviews (6)

Time Out Chicago (US) January 26 2012, Iss. 361, pg. 20, by: Novid Parsi, "'What never ceases to excite me is youthful aggression'"
Movieline (US) November 2001, Vol. 13, Iss. 3, pg. 56-59+92, by: Michael Fleming, "Mann On A Mission"
Empire (GB) 1996, Iss. 81, pg. 84-88, by: Ian Nathan
Rolling Stone (US) December 17 1987, Iss. 515, pg. 163-164, by: Lynn Hirschberg, "Behind the Scenes: Michael Mann"
Fantastic Films: The Magazine of Imaginative Media (US) March 1984, Iss. 38, pg. 23-25 & 50, by: Michael Stein, "Reasons why Michael Mann's film "The Keep" isn't as hard to understand as you thought"
Film Comment (US) December 1983, by: Harlan Kennedy, "Castle 'Keep'"

Articles (3)

Contra Costa Times (US) June 25 2009, by: Patrick Goldstein, "Michael Mann Teams Up With Johnny Depp to Take on John Dillinger"
The New York Times (US) August 8 2004, by: A.O. Scott, "Michael Mann Loves His Work"
Films in Review (US) May 1981, Vol. XXXII, Iss. 5, pg. 295 - 296, by: Rob Edelman, "Michael Mann"

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