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Print Biographies (18)

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Film Biographies (2)

Portrayals (4)

Articles (35)

Films of the Golden Age (US) 2017, Iss. 89, pg. 32-38, by: Martin Varno, "The Monster Was Very, Very Good to Me"
Monsters from the Vault (US) 2014, Vol. 19, Iss. 33, pg. 36-49, by: Tom Weaver, "Thrills of a Lifetime"
Video Watchdog (US) September 2013, Iss. 175, pg. 28-33, by: Kim Newman, "DVD Spotlight: Karloff Boxed Sets"
Screem (US) October 2011, Iss. 23, pg. 12-14, by: Bryan L. Yeatter, "A Coda Not Fit for a King: Boris Karloff's Final Films"
Wall Street Journal (US) November 7 2009, Vol. CCLIV, Iss. 110, pg. A16, by: Martin Zeiger, "Yes to Scary Movies, No to Disgusting Ones"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2006, Iss. 60, pg. 125-140, by: Bob Statzer, "Dracula & Frankenstein: 75 Years of Fear"
Scary Monsters Presents Monster Memories (US) 2006, Iss. 14, pg. 96-97, by: Ron MacCloskey, "It's Where you Finish"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2005, Iss. 56, pg. 48-50, by: Scott Essman, "Béla and Boris - A 2005 Celebration"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2005, Iss. 56, pg. 41-47, by: "Blasko and Pratt LTD., Terrors at Large" by Lon Madnight/"Boris and Bela Memories" by Timothy Heron & Friends, B.G.G./"Boris and Bela: Beyond the Obvious" by A. Ghastlee Ghoul 'Bob Hinton B.G.G.'/"Inspiration" by Count Gore De Vol/"Poetry Time" by Doc Zombie/"Thank You" by Shane 'Remo D.' Dallmann, "The Horror Host Underground Remembers: Bela and Boris"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2005, Iss. 56, pg. 40, by: Ron MacCloskey, "King Karloff"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2005, Iss. 56, pg. 22-28, by: Bob Statzer, "Boris and Bela: Paired to Scare!"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2005, Iss. 56, pg. 51-57, by: Tom Triman, "Karloff And Lugosi, A Fiendish Fellowship"
Video Watchdog (US) October 2004, Iss. 112, pg. 22-45, by: Tom Weaver, "'Here's to a Son of the House of Frankenstein!'-- The Donnie Dunagan Interview""
Classic Images (US) October 2004, Iss. 352, pg. 9-12, by: Bob Burns & Tom Weaver, "Karloff, Lanchester & Chaney, Jr. at The Castle of Frankensteins"
Cult Movies (US) 2003, Iss. 39, pg. 22-27, by: Tom Weaver, "Horror Heyday: Actress Carolyn Kearney on 'The Thing That Couldn't Die' and Other Horrific Highlights"
Cult Movies (US) 2003, Iss. 38, pg. 18-19, by: Tom Weaver, "Interview With a Karloff Co-Star: Jo Ann Sayers"
Classic Images (US) November 2002, Iss. 329, pg. 13-14+71+ 72, by: Tom Weaver, "On Borrowed Time--Herbert Rudley and Tommy Ivo on Working With Boris Karloff"
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Castle Of Frankenstein (US) June 1999, Iss. 26, pg. 49-55, by: Tom Triman, "In The Kingdom Of Karloff"
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Fangoria (US) September 1996, Iss. 156, by: Tom Weaver, "Licensed to Thrill"
Fangoria (US) August 1996, Iss. 155, by: Tom Weaver, "His Life Was a Thriller"
Radio Times (GB) June 8 1996, Vol. 289, Iss. 3776, pg. 50, by: Barry Norman, "Why Boris Karloff's monstrous performance is still hard to beat"
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Phantasma (US) 1988, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, pg. 28-31, by: Jack Brent, "Happy Birthday Boris - The Karloff Centennial"
Chicago Sun-Times (US) 1972, by: 'Gary Houston' (qv), "Was Boris Karloff Really Little Lord Fauntleroy?"
Terror Fantastic (ES) October 1971, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, pg. 6-19, by: Antonio Camin & F. Montaner, "Los hombres de la fantasia: Boris Karloff"
New York Times (US) February 9 1969, pg. 167, by: Peter Bogdanovitch, "Boris Karloff 1887-1969"
Variety (US) February 5 1969, pg. 71:1, "Boris Karloff"
The Times (GB) February 4 1969, pg. 10:6, "Boris Karloff"
New York Times (US) February 4 1969, pg. 1:8, "Boris Karloff Dead; Horror-Movie Star"
Famous Monsters of Filmland (US) February 1966, Iss. 37, pg. 24 - 29, by: Peter J. Jarman, "An Hour with Karloff: The Latest Interview with the Living Legend"
Films in Review (US) August 1 1964, Vol. XV, Iss. 7, pg. 64, by: Robert C. Roman, "Boris Karloff"

Pictorials (4)

Famous Monsters of Filmland (US) September 1969, Iss. 57, pg. 62 - 63, "You Axed for Him!"
L'incroyable cinema (GB) June 1969, pg. 27-38, "Boris Karloff played in over 150 films. Here are just a few of the roles we shall never forget."
ABC Film Review (GB) May 1967, Vol. 17, Iss. 5, pg. 27, by: Bill Griffith, "A brew of spellbinders"
Monster World (US) January 1965, Iss. 2, pg. 16 - 21, "Karloff Takes the Cake"

Magazine Covers (14)

Monsters From the Vault (US) 2014, Vol. 19, Iss. 33
Video Watchdog (US) July 2007, Iss. 132
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2005, Iss. 56
Cult Movies (US) 2005, Iss. 41
Cult Movies (US) 2001, Iss. 33
Monsters From the Vault (US) 2000, Vol. 5, Iss. 11
Cult Movies (US) 1999, Iss. 29
Shivers (GB) November 1996, Iss. 35
Cult Movies (US) 1996, Iss. 18
Video Watchdog (US) June 1991, Iss. 5
Phantasma (US) 1988, Vol. 1, Iss. 1
Films in Review (US) August 1 1984, Vol. XXXV, Iss. 7
Vampir (XWG) April 1973, Vol. 1, Iss. 3
Monster World (US) February 1965, Iss. 7

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