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  • (1982) Stage: Appeared (as "Agnes") in "Agnes of God" on Broadway
  • (1973) Stage: Appeared (as "Debutante") in "Irene" on Broadway. Musical comedy (revival). Music by Harry Tierney. Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy. Additional lyrics by Charles Gaynor, Otis Clements and Jack Lloyd. Additional music by Charles Gaynor and Otis Clements. Book by Hugh Wheeler and Joseph Stein. Book from an adaptation by Harry Rigby. Based on the original play by James Montgomery. Music and Vocal Direction: Jack Lee. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns. Dance arrangements by Wally Harper. Incidental music by Wally Harper. Musical Staging by Peter Gennaro. Production / Costume Design by 'Raoul Pène Du Bois'. Vocal Consultant to Debbie Reynolds: Nora Dunfee. Miss Reynolds' costumes by Irene Sharaff. Lighting Design by David F. Segal. Sound Design by Tony Alloy. Directed by Gower Champion. Minskoff Theatre: 13 Mar 1973-8 Sep 1974 (594 performances + 13 previews that began on 1 Mar 1973). Cast: Debbie Reynolds (as "Irene O'Dare"), George S. Irving (as "Madame Lucy"), Patsy Kelly (as "Mrs. O'Dare"), Monte Markham (as "Donald Marshall"), Ruth Warrick (as "Emmeline Marshall"), Carmen Alvarez (as "Helen McFudd"), Meg Bussert (as "Debutante"), Trudy Carson (as "Debutante"), Paul Charles (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Arlene Columbo (as "Debutante"), Dennis Edenfield (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), David Evans (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Bob Freschi (as "Clarkson" / "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Dorothy Wyn Gehgan (as "Debutante"), John Hamilton (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Bruce Lea (as "Jimmy O'Flaherty" / "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Frances Ruth Lea (as "Debutante" / "Swing Dancer"), Jeanne Lehman (as "Debutante"), Joe Lorden (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Bryan Nicholas (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Kate O'Brady (as "Arabella Thornsworthy" / "Debutante"), Julie Pars (as "Debutante"), Pamela Peadon (as "Debutante"), Ted Pugh (as "Ozzie Babson"), Robert Rayow (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Dennis Roth (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Kenn Scalice (as "Ninth Avenue Fella" / "Swing Dancer"), Ron Schwinn (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Janie Sell (as "Jane Burke"), David Steele (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Albert Stephenson (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Pat Trott (as "Debutante"), Sandra Voris (as "Debutante"), Jeanette Williamson (as "Debutante"), Penny Worth (as "Debutante"). Replacement cast: Don Bonnell (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Ralph Braun (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Arlene Columbo (as "Swing Dancer"), Hans Conried (as "Madame Lucy"), Christy Curtis (as "Debutante"), Linda Edelman (as "Debutante"), Judy Endacott (as "Debutante"), Mary Flowers (as "Debutante"), Gary Gendell (as "Ninth Avenue Fella" / "Swing Dancer"), Bette Glenn (as "Debutante"), Olivia Hahn (as "Debutante"), Ron Husmann (as "Donald Marshall") [from 31 May 1973-?], Stephanie James (as "Debutante"), J.J. Jepson (as "Jimmy O'Flaherty" / "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Patti Karr (as "Helen McFudd"), Marybeth Kurdock (as "Debutante"), Bobbi Lange (as "Debutante"), Merilee Magnuson (as "Debutante"; circa. Aug 1974-8 Sep 1974), Mary McCarty (as "Mrs. O'Dare"; from 2 Aug 1973-?), Jacqueline Payne (as "Debutante"), Stan Picus (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Jane Powell (as "Irene O'Dare"; from 6 Feb 1974-?), Kathryn Sandy (as "Debutante"), Steve Short (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Karen Weeden (as "Jane Burke"), Penny Worth (as "Helen McFudd"). Produced by Harry Rigby, Albert W. Selden and Jerome Minskoff. Associate Producer: Steven Beckler.
  • (1976) Stage: Appeared (as "Nanette") in "No, No Nanette" in Florida.
  • (2003) Advertisement: Orange Photo Messaging
  • (2004) Novel: "The Best Awful," Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0684809133
  • Censored Scenes From King Kong (1980). Musical comedy. Book by Howard Schuman. Music by Andy Roberts. Lyrics by Howard Schuman. Choreographed by David Toguri [final Broadway credit]. Directed by Colin Bucksey. Princess Theatre: 6 Mar 1980- 9 Mar 1980 (5 performances + 11 previews that began on 26 Feb 1980). Cast: Stephen Collins (as "Stephen"), Alma Cuervo (as "Deborah"), Carrie Fisher (as "Iris"), Pete Flasher (as "The Voice of The Author"), Edward Love (as "Walter Wilma"), Nicky Mieholes (as "The Voice of The Producer"), Peter Riegert (as "S.K. Vogel/S.L. Vogel/Sauvage Sagar/Vincenzo Chiaruggi"), Chris Sarandon (as "Benchgelter"). Understudies: Kenny Brawner (as "Walter Wilma"), Candy Darling (as "Deborah/Iris"), Ron Fassler (as "Benchgelter/S.K. Vogel/S.L. Vogel/Sauvage Sagar/Stephen/Vincenzo Chiaruggi"). Produced by Michael White and Eddie Kulukundis. Associate Producer: Robert S. Fishko.
  • (1987) Novel: "Postcards from the Edge" (filmed as Postcards from the Edge (1990))
  • (1990) Novel "Surrender the Pink," Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0671666401
  • (1994) Novel: "Delusions of Grandma," Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0671718282
  • (2004) Wrote introduction for Lauren Greenfield's "Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood", Chronicle Books, ISBN 0811844137
  • (1995) TV commercial: Sci-Fi Channel
  • (2008) Memoir "Wishful Drinking," Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-1-4391-0225-1
  • (2006) Stage: Appeared (as herself) in one-woman show "Wishful Drinking," Los Angeles; later adapted to book.
  • TV commercial Orange ("Don't let a mobile phone ruin your movie")
  • (July 1974 - August 1974) Stage: Appeared in her mother Debbie Reynolds' one-woman show "Miss Debbie Reynolds," at the London Palladium in London, England, with the entire company from the show in Las Vegas, NV.
  • (2011) TV commercial: Jenny Craig weight-loss program.
  • (1983) Music video Paul Simon: "Rene and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war"
  • Agnes of God (1982). Drama. Written by John Pielmeier [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by Eugene Lee. Costume Design by Carrie Robbins. Lighting Design by Roger Morgan. Hair Design by Lyn Quiyou. Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Music Box Theatre: 30 Mar 1982- 4 Sep 1983 (599 performances + 12 previews that began on 19 Mar 1982). Cast: Elizabeth Ashley' (as "Doctor Martha Livingstone"), Geraldine Page (as "Mother Miriam Ruth"), Amanda Plummer (as "Agnes"). Understudies: Sally Klein (as "Agnes"), Susan Riskin (as "Doctor Martha Livingstone/Mother Miriam Ruth"). Replacement cast: Diahann Carroll (as "Doctor Martha Livingstone"), Mia Dillon (as "Agnes"), Carrie Fisher (as "Agnes"), Lily Knight (as "Agnes"), Maryann Plunkett (as "Agnes"). Produced by Kenneth Waissman, Lou Kramer and Paramount Theatre Productions. Note: Filmed as Agnes of God (1985).
  • (September 5 to 28, 2008) She performed in her revue, "Wishful Drinking," in The Arena Stage production at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington D.C. Tony Taccone was director.

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