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Ambitious Filmmaker Andy Lo Wants Success in Both Hong Kong and China

Mainland China’s film market might be volatile and unpredictable for many Hong Kong filmmakers, but that does not stop Andy Lo from trying. The long-time scriptwriter and director of “Happiness” says he wants the best of both worlds, and he’s determined to achieve that.

“I do want my films to succeed in both Hong Kong and mainland China, but the harder and more obvious you are, the more likely you will lose,” says Lo. “I think we should separate the two markets: you either make a film that is very Hong Kong, or one that targets mainland local culture.”

Lo began as a scriptwriter for “Gorgeous” (1999), which starred Jackie Chan. He went on to co-write many titles including quirky crime drama “Crazy ’N the City” (2005), which won the screenplay prize at Hong Kong’s Golden Bauhinia Awards in 2006; comedy “My Name Is Fame” (2006); and last year’s blockbuster “The Adventurers.”

He made his
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Hong Kong Films Face Challenges in Mainland China

Hong Kong Films Face Challenges in Mainland China
The old formula that made Hong Kong cinema successful decades ago no longer works in mainland China, with fewer films produced by the city’s veteran filmmakers becoming major box office hits. One sign: some big-cast productions are being trashed in online posts.

But smaller films by a new generation of Hong Kong filmmakers might have a chance as mainland tastes become more sophisticated — that is, if they can get past the censor.

A quick survey of China’s 2017 box office shows that only two films by Hong Kong filmmakers made it to the top 10: “Kung Fu Yoga,” a mainland-India co-production directed by Stanley Tong and starring Jackie Chan, grossed more than 1.75 billion yuan ($277.6 million), the fifth-highest grossing film of the year in China; and “Journey to the West: Demon Chapter,” a mainland-Hong Kong co-production directed by Tsui Hark, which grossed nearly $269.6 million.

Bigger mainland-Hong Kong co-productions such as Wilson Yip’s action pic “Paradox” and crime
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Michael Fassbender in ‘Kung Fury’ Feature Film

Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Michael Fassbender in ‘Kung Fury’ Feature Film
Arnold Schwarzenegger has boarded David Sandberg action-comedy “Kung Fury.”

He will join the previously announced cast of Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff. David Sandberg will also star and produce the film under his Laser Unicorns production company. Sandberg is adapting the upcoming feature-length movie as a sequel to his short film, which paid homage to 1980s martial arts and police films. It was selected to screen at the 2015 Cannes Directors Fortnight, and eventually gained a cult following.

David Katzenberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Aaron Schmidt will serve as producers under their KatzSmith Productions banner. The team previously worked together on the 2017 thriller “It.” Conor McCaughan and Philip Westgren of B-Reel Films will also produce. Pelle Strandberg of Laser Unicorns will be the executive producer.

The feature film will take place in 1985 in Miami after the death of a Thundercop causes the police force to disband.

Schwarzenegger has been the face of the “Terminator” franchise for years — the fifth installment
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Contemporary Chinese Cinema: A Blander Tomorrow

Contemporary Chinese Cinema is a column devoted to exploring contemporary Chinese-language cinema primarily as it is revealed to us at North American multiplexes.Ding Sheng’s remake of John Woo’s classic A Better Tomorrow (1986) encapsulates much that’s wrong with contemporary mainstream cinema, both in China and abroad. Ding, most known for directing moderately successful latter-day Jackie Chan vehicles like Railroad Tigers, Little Big Solider, and Policy Story 2013, is a competent director of action who seems to feel deeply bored by anything that doesn’t have an explosion of some type, and so he cuts aimlessly and pointlessly through expository dialogue and ostensibly character-building scenes, a remedial Michael Bay without any of the panache. The remake hews closely to the plot of the original film: a pair of gangster “brothers,” Triad counterfeiters in the first film, now Mainland smugglers, are betrayed on a mission in a foreign territory (first Taiwan,
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Exclusive: Watch a deleted scene from The Lego Ninjago Movie

Warner Bros. and Lego’s latest animated blockbuster The Lego Ninjago Movie arrives on Blu-ray and DVD this coming week, and we’ve got an exclusive look at one of the film’s deleted scenes, entitled ‘The Dock’. Watch it below, or check it out over on our YouTube channel…

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Ninjas Kai (voice of Michael Peña), Cole (Fred Armisen), Nya (Abbi Jacobson), Jay (Kumail Nanjiani), Zane (Zach Woods) and Lloyd (Dave Franco), trained by Master Wu (Jackie Chan), are forced into action to repel the daily attacks of the evil Lord Garmadon (Justin Theroux), who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. A recent battle between the forces of good and evil leads Lloyd to call upon the services of Master Wu’s ultimate weapon, a cat named Meowthra
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Win the Lego® Ninjago® Movie on Blu-ray™

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Author: Competitions

Ninja-go! Prepare your spinjitzu moves as The Lego® Ninjago® Movie is out now on Digital Download and arrives onto 4k Ultra HD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and DVD February 12! To celebrate the release we are giving You the chance to win a copy on Blu-ray!

In the battle for Ninjago® City, Lloyd (Dave Franco), high school student by day and Green Ninja by night, gets thrown into the ultimate adventure with his secret ninja warrior friends! Led by the wise and wisecracking Master Wu (Jackie Chan), they must defeat evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theroux), The Worst Guy Ever, who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. On their courageous journey, they learn to band together to unleash their inner power in an epic showdown to save the city.

Please note: This competition is open to UK residents only

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"Mission: Impossible- Fallout" - New Footage

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Sneak Peek more new footage, including the "Super Bowl Lii" teaser, supporting the RealD 3D feature "Mission: Impossible – Fallout", written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, starring stunt-obsessed Tom Cruise as the new Jackie Chan, with Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, Sean Harris, Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, Sian Brooke and Angela Bassett, opening July 27, 2018:

"...when an 'Imf' mission ends badly, the world is faced with dire consequences. As 'Ethan Hunt' takes it upon himself to fulfil his original briefing, the 'CIA' begin to question his loyalty and his motives. The Imf team find themselves in a race against time, hunted by assassins while trying to prevent a global catastrophe..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Mission: Impossible- Fallout"...
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The Top Five Jackie Chan Fight Scenes in Movie History

Any time you hear the name Jackie Chan you tend to think of some of his best fights in cinema and looking them up on YouTube. Go on and admit it, it’s okay. The guy’s only a legend after all when it comes to fight scenes. In fact “Jackie Chan fight scenes” is almost it’s own little subculture in the annals of martial arts if you want to be serious about it. He’s done so much in terms of martial arts movies that he should be immortalized by now considering all that he’s put himself through in the pursuit of

The Top Five Jackie Chan Fight Scenes in Movie History
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Daniel Manwaring to lead CAA’s China film group

Jonah Greenberg departs to launch Salty Pictures.

CAA has promoted Daniel Manwaring to head of CAA China’s Motion Pictures group, based in the agency’s Beijing office.

Manwaring takes over from Jonah Greenberg, who is leaving to form local-language producer Salty Pictures. CAA’s media finance team will represent Greenberg and Salty Pictures.

Until recently Manwaring split his time between CAA’s La headquarters working with the media finance team, and the Beijing office, where he acted as bridge between the agency and the Chinese market.

He will continue to work with agents in Los Angeles and across the world to find opportunities for local and international clients. Manwaring joined CAA in 2012.

CAA’s established its Beijing office in 2005 and it represents celebrated filmmakers from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong such as Zhang Yimou, Jackie Chan, Lin Chi-ling, Fan Bingbing, and Donnie Yen.

The agency said on Monday evening (February 22) that to date the China motion
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Daniel Manwaring to Take Charge at CAA Motion Pictures Group in China

Daniel Manwaring has been named as the new head of talent agency Creative Artists Agency’s motion pictures group in China. He takes over from Jonah Greenberg and will be based in Beijing.

Manwaring, who joined CAA in 2012, has, until recently, split his time between the agency’s Los Angeles headquarters, where he worked closely with the company’s media finance team, and CAA’s Beijing office.

Greenberg is leaving the agency to establish Beijing-based Salty Pictures, a production company focused on local-language content. He and Salty Pictures will be represented by CAA’s media finance group. Prior to joining CAA in 2005, Greenberg served as a producer with Beijing-based Ming Productions.

CAA’s Beijing office, established nearly 13 years ago, represents many of the top actors, directors, writers, and producers from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They including Zhang Yimou, Jackie Chan, Lin Chi-ling, Fan Bingbing, and Donnie Yen.

Related business CAA China is a joint venture
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17 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now

There aren't many constants nowadays, but Netflix is sure trying hard. And with its assortment of action movies, it can't be denied that there is something here for every action aficionado. The trick is finding the gems amid a morass of never-ending (and we mean never-ending) content. That is precisely what this list is for. Not all action movies are made equally. What one person considers an action movie, another person might consider a war movie, and still another might consider it a thriller. You see what I'm saying?

The films on this list are action movies. Sure, they might stray into thriller, drama, sci-fi and other categories, but at their core they are all about explosions, bullets and pithy dialogue. You know, all the things we want when we watch an action movie. And what would a list like this be without such names as Stallone, Gibson, Diesel, Smith,
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Oscars 2018: Here are all 156 living actresses and actors who could join a 90th anniversary family album on March 4

Oscars 2018: Here are all 156 living actresses and actors who could join a 90th anniversary family album on March 4
In recent days we have reminded you of the two Oscars family album events that happened in 1998 for the 70th anniversary and 2003 for the 75th ceremony. Click on each of those to watch the highly entertaining assemblies of many living actors and actresses from acting categories.

And now, the 90th anniversary show is already being prepared by producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd to air Sunday, March 4, on ABC with returning host Jimmy Kimmel. Would that duo want to take on the challenge of assembling such an all-star gathering on the Dolby Theatre stage in Hollywood? Would they be able to convince 90 of the 156 living actresses and actors who won in competitive categories (or received honorary trophies for acting) to join together for a lengthy 15-minute segment?

See Oscar Best Picture Gallery: History of Every Academy Award-Winning Movie

Full lists are below of the people who would be contacted about attending.
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NYC Weekend Watch: ‘Histoire(s) du cinéma,’ ‘Police Story,’ Hong Kong Marathon & More

Since any New York City cinephile has a nearly suffocating wealth of theatrical options, we figured it’d be best to compile some of the more worthwhile repertory showings into one handy list. Displayed below are a few of the city’s most reliable theaters and links to screenings of their weekend offerings — films you’re not likely to see in a theater again anytime soon, and many of which are, also, on 35mm. If you have a chance to attend any of these, we’re of the mind that it’s time extremely well-spent.

Museum of the Moving Image

Godard’s monumental Histoire(s) du cinéma screens in “Projections of Memory,” as does a print of La Belle Noiseuse.

Museum of Modern Art

“To Save and Project” has films by Fritz Lang, Jackie Chan and more.


The best of its genre, from some of the best filmmakers, comes
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'Namiya': Film Review

The knock on remakes, particularly ones that come mere months apart, is that there’s little in the way of context to justify them, even when a property crosses cultures. Such is the case with Namiya, Han Jie’s Chinese retelling of Keigo Higashino’s The Miracles of the Namiya General Store, whose Japanese adaptation by Ryuichi Hiroki came roughly four months before. The nostalgia-heavy book was a decent seller in China, and superstar Jackie Chan’s appearance as the title character could help draw in curious comparison viewers in other parts of Asia, but what regional alterations there are don’t add much to...
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Exclusive: Martial arts action takes a sci-fi turn in Kill Order clip

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When watching any kind of martial arts epic, especially any starring the likes of Jet Li, Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen, you start to believe these men and women have some sort of magical powers. These powers allow them to rapidly punch, do incredible stunts, and use their bodies in confounding ways. In the case of the movie Kill Order, the main character actually does have special abilities that allow him to kick and punch with extreme power. Of course, he uses them to go off the f**king... Read More...
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Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Laurence Saunders talks ‘The Snarling’

The Snarling is new horror comedy from Director Pablo Raybould and Producer Ben Manning, which debuted at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Saturday 20th January. The screening was the official launch of The Snarling (and screening of the final release version). I got chance to talk with actor Laurence Saunders a few questions about what we can expect from The Snarling, the characters he plays and how he prepared for the role.

What can we expect from The Snarling?

A lot of laughs. It’s a comedy horror. One review said The Snarling was “laugh a second,” which is quite a lot of laughs. I’m not sure if it’s technically possible to achieve a laugh a second, it might be dangerous and lead to deaths in the audience. I guess we’d prefer it if the deaths remained on screen.There are scary moments too. Things that’ll make you jump.
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To Save And Project Marks MoMA’s 15th Annual Festival Of Film Preservation; Includes Films From Akerman, Fassbinder

Where can you find films from directors like Chantal Akerman and Ida Lupino, paired off with masterworks from the likes of Jackie Chan and Rainer Werner Fassbinder? No, I’m not talking about your local library, instead that just happens to be four of the names attached to this year’s edition of To Save And Project, MoMA’s long running festival of newly preserved motion pictures.

Now in its 15th and arguably one of its strongest season, To Save and Project returns with a lineup that spans genres, decades and subjects. Running January 18-February 1, the festival focuses on newly restored films, with restorations come from MoMA themselves all the way to major studios like Paramount. Split between two theaters and running just about half a month, this lineup is dense and features some truly startling discoveries.

One of those discoveries comes from The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project
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Jackie Chan Presents Reset – Debuting on Digital & Blu-ray February 6th

From producer Jackie Chan and director Hong-Seung Yoon (The Target), the action-packed sci-fi thriller Reset arrives on digital and Blu-ray February 6 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Yang Mi (Brotherhood of Blades II) stars as a scientist trying to save her son from death at the hands of kidnappers by using an experimental universe-hopping/time-travel technology to save him. Reset also stars Wallace Huo (Our Time Will Come), King Shih-Chieh (The Final Master), Liu Chang (“The Kings Woman”) and newcomers Hummer Zhang and Wang Lidan. Reset was nominated as Best Film at the 2017 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

In the near future, scientist Xia Tian (Yang Mi) is on the verge of a major discovery: time travel. After she successfully sends living tissue back in time by 110 minutes, her years of work seem to have paid off, but everything unravels when her young son is kidnapped and held for a hefty ransom – all of her research.
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Five reasons to see The Foreigner

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Five reasons to see The ForeignerFive reasons to see The ForeignerScott Goodyer1/16/2018 9:30:00 Am

Jackie Chan karate kicks his way back onscreen in The Foreigner! The action movie has Chan playing a humble businessman with a buried past who seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. Pierce Brosnan also stars, teaming up again with GoldenEye director Martin Campbell.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to check this movie out:

1. The Stunts

Jackie Chan has endured many years of long, hard work and a ton of injuries to establish international success via his early beginnings in Hong Kong's martial arts movie industry. Making his way to North American audiences in 1995 with Rumble in the Bronx, this was the first time we saw an action star do his own stunts as he ran up walls and bounced off cars. It was very impressive and Jackie hasn't slowed down.
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Trailer for upcoming Chinese film ‘Keep Calm and Be a Superstar’

Hong Kong star Eason Chan (Office, Dream Home) is delivering kung fu slapstick with ‘Keep Calm and Be a Superstar’, a fun-filled comedy from director Vincent Kok (Gorgeous). The film has obvious references to Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master and Police Story and centers around a cop who goes undercover on an action movie to try and stop a drug trafficking ring. Alongside Easton Chan the cast includes Eason Chan, Li Ronghao, Li Yitong, and Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan.
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