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Celebrities Rally Against The Cruel Fur Trade

Ahead of the international day of action ‘Fur Free Friday’ on November 24th (Black Friday), comedian Sara Pascoe and actor Peter Egan have joined ranks with a growing number of celebrities backing a campaign by Animal Defenders International (Adi) to end the cruel fur trade.

Peter Egan said: “Don’t be fooled, fur is far from humane. Trapped in tiny cages, the animals endure a terrible life, and death. Please, never support this cruel industry. Join Adi and make a difference.”

Sara Pascoe said: “With so many alternatives to fur available, no animal need suffer. Using the real thing is cruel and unnecessary. Please join me and Adi in supporting the designers whose fabrics, but not principles, are fake.”

Since the launch of Adi’s shocking films ‘A Lifetime’ about the brutal short lives of two foxes, brothers Borys and Eryk, and ‘Never Humane’ exposing inhumane killing on a Polish fur farm,
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I Didn't Know - Indonesia's Cruel And Dangerous Dog Meat Trade Exposed

Shocking nationwide investigations by animal campaigners from the newly-launched “Dog Meat-Free Indonesia” coalition, expose the horrifying brutality and suffering endured by up to a million dogs every year for Indonesia’s dog meat trade.

Video: I didn't Know - ending the dog meat trade in Indonesia - UK

In the coalition’s campaign video launched today, dogs, including stolen family pets, are shown being roughly snatched from the streets and crammed onto the back of trucks with their legs and mouths bound with string. The clearly terrified dogs are driven for hours to supply markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants, where they are brutally beaten and then bled out for their meat in front of each other. The World Health Organization has also identified Indonesia’s dog meat trade as a major contributor to lethal rabies in the country.

Most people in Indonesia don’t eat dogs, and calls are growing to
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Lena Headey in talks for Wind in the Willows film Banking on Mr. Toad

According to Variety, Game of Thrones star Lena Headey is in talks to join Toby Kebbell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) in Banking on Mr. Toad, a biopic of Wind in the Willows author Kenneth Grahame.

Banking on Mr. Toad will see Kebbel as Grahame and Headey as his wife Elsie, while Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon) is set to portray Grahame’s friend Frederick James Furnivall. The film will follow the lives of Kenneth, Elsie and their young son Alistair, who struggles with various health problems, and the impact that the Wind in the Willows had on their lives. It will be a mixture of live-action and CGI, with the latter bringing some of Grahame’s characters to live.

Luis Mandoki (Message in a Bottle) is attached to direct Banking on Mr. Toad from a script by Timothy Haas, who is also producing. Adrien Brody is listed among the producers,
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Lena Headey in Talks to Join ‘Wind in the Willows’ Movie ‘Banking on Mr. Toad’ (Exclusive)

Lena Headey in Talks to Join ‘Wind in the Willows’ Movie ‘Banking on Mr. Toad’ (Exclusive)
Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey is in talks over a starring role in “Banking on Mr. Toad,” a live-action and CGI movie about the life of “Wind in the Willows” author Kenneth Grahame.

Toby Kebbell (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”) is attached to the film, which has been years in the making and will finally enter into production next spring, shooting at Pinewood. Kebbell will play Grahame and Headey, if she signs on, his wife Elsie. Brian Blessed (“Star Wars Episode I”) is also on board and will play Grahame’s friend and confidante Frederick James Furnivall.

In an earlier incarnation it was financed and set to shoot in Ireland, but the country’s banking crisis scuppered the production. Financing will now come from a new European production fund set up by Timothy Haas, who will produce the movie through his Haas Silver Levene banner.

Banking on Mr. Toad” follows Grahame, Elsie, and their
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Joanna Lumley Joins Stars To Encourage Companies To Hire Veterans

Joanna Lumley, Ray Winstone and Richard Wilson are among celebs who will appear in a series of short films which aimed at getting more military veterans into ‘civvy street’.

Video: Veterans Work | What Does An Idea Sound Like?

Downtown Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, Diy Sos star Nick Knowles and ex-EastEnders Larry Lamb and Michelle Collins also highlight the skills, attitude and knowledge ex-soldiers, sailors and airmen can bring to employers.

Entitled, ‘Veterans Work’, the films, by The Drive Project, were produced to encourage UK businesses to consider veterans as viable options to fill vacancies.

Their release follows a study by Deloitte and the Officers’ Association and the Forces in Mind Trust, which revealed UK plc is failing to realise the potential of veterans, putting ex-military personnel at a disadvantage.

The alarming revelation emerged despite nearly 2,000 British businesses having signing the Armed Forces Covenant – a Ministry of Defence scheme designed
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Ricky Gervais Backs Anti-Fur Campaign

Animal Defenders International (Adi) has released undercover footage of a fox on fur farm recovering after electrocution and trying to escape.

A fox on a Polish fur farm is dragged from a barren mesh cage by his tail, hung upside down, the fur farmer smacks the fox in the face with an electric probe, forcing the animal to bite onto it in a desperate attempt to defend himself. He is electrocuted and tossed, with a thud, seemingly lifeless, onto a cart.

However, as Adi’s hidden cameras, record more animals being killed, the fox begins to stir amongst the other dead foxes, finally slipping off the cart and making a run for it. The swearing farmer finally recaptures the fox and again hangs the animal upside down by a hind leg. But now the fox knows what will happen and tries to avoid the probe, clamping his mouth shut and twisting,
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Movie Review – Life After Flash (2017)

Life After Flash, 2017.

Directed by Lisa Downs.


Looking back at how Flash Gordon influenced movies, pop culture and its stars.

Funded partly on Indiegogo back in 2015, Life After Flash is a movie that is made by fans, for the fans. This is its biggest strength, that beating heart right in the centre of this very entertaining piece. It hits on many different levels and gives depth and insight not just into the creation of the movie but into the cast and crew that were involved.

Life After Flash is a wild ride that has been planned out and executed well from director Lisa Downs. Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Brian Blessed and a whole host of others share their stories and experiences of either the filming experience or the effect that it had on them as they watched.

“It’s about the do’s and dont’s of life
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Joanna Lumley And Brian Blessed Back New Campaign To End The Fur Trade

“A Lifetime” is a new film launched this week by Animal Defenders International (Adi) about the brutal short lives of two foxes, brothers Borys and Eryk, born and killed on a Polish fur farm.

Adi placed hidden cameras on the farm to capture this rare insight into an industry that kills more than 100 million animals a year.

Watch the film here.

Joanna Lumley and Brian Blessed are backing Adi’s campaign to end the fur trade.

Animal Defenders International President Jan Creamer said: “Over 100 million animals die for their fur every year. Our film shows the lives of these intelligent, feeling individuals and the cruelty they suffer when treated like a product. Just because they are not like us. Playful fox cubs Borys and Eryk, grow up in a small cage and die a terrifying and painful death for vanity and trinkets. This is the real cost of fur – when you buy fur,
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The Prisoner at 50: celebrating a landmark TV show

Jamie Andrew Sep 29, 2017

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner was imaginative, unfathomable, and years ahead of its time...

It’s fifty years this month since The Prisoner premiered on British screens, bringing with it blazers, badges and mind-bending bad guys. The show ran for a mere two years, two truncated seasons and seventeen episodes, but its surreal imagery, iconic catchphrases, cerebral plots and absolutely bonkers ending have earned it a perennial place in our cultural consciousness.

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It's truly an odd-beast, quintessentially sixties in some respects, timeless in others. It's hard to describe or define it as any one thing: it's a spy show that isn't a spy show; it's an action show with bigger
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Second gameplay trailer for ‘Micro Machines World Series’

Codemasters and Koch Media have today released the second gameplay trailer for the eagerly anticipated (at least by us) Micro Machines World Series ahead of its release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC) on June 23rd. Check it out below:

From the press release:

Racing has always been at the heart of Micro Machines, and Micro Machines World Series sees that heart beat back into action. With hundreds of customisations available, you can race in style and make sure you are seen on the start line. Chief Game Designer Gavin Cooper says: “For the first time in a Micro Machines game, every car has its own entirely distinct personality… and arsenal! Each gives players a different way to play and enjoy the game, meaning fans of the series will have plenty to sink their teeth into.”

“Players will quickly gain an affinity with a particular vehicle and find it suits their style of play.
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Eurovision song contest 2017 – as it happened

Who won the world’s biggest musical entertainment show? We were in Kiev to follow every single second of randomness

• Review: gorilla suits, Gypsy hip-hop – and the winner was half-decent

1.44am BST

And we leave you with a wrap of the whole night, complete with gorilla suits and gypsy hip-hop.

Related: Eurovision 2017: Gorilla suits, gypsy hip-hop, and the winner was half-decent

11.43pm BST

So that’s It for another Eurovision, and it’s goodbye from Kiev! Thank you all for joining in and helping me keep it together, and a massive thanks to Alice for being an extra pair of eyes and ears on this crazy night. I know Eurovision isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s one of my favourite nights of the year - being here in Kiev in your liveblog company has been an absolute joy.

We’re on Twitter @heidistephens and @alice
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Exclusive Interview: Jonathan Sothcott for We Still Steal The Old Way

This week sees the release of British action sequel We Still Steal The Old Way on digital download, with DVD and Blu-ray following on 17th April. The film is a follow-up to the 2014 crime drama We Still Kill The Old Way and sees the return of the old-school Archer gang, led by the charismatic Richie Archer, who this time hatches a plan to pull off an audacious robbery. Halfway through the heist, the gang get caught, and they’re sent down. So far, so good – now they’re in prison they can put into motion their plot to spring fellow inmate George, who desperately needs to get out before his wife dies. Trouble arises when Richie’s arch enemy Vic Farrow gets himself transferred into the prison, wanting to settle some old scores.

We caught up with the film’s producer Jonathan Sothcott to talk about his new film, reuniting the cast,
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10 Crazy Full-Motion Video Game Performances By Well-Respected Actors

Tim Curry has stolen my heart and he’s taking it into Communist space.

Full-Motion Video games were a mid- to late-1990s fad that were either semi-playable movies (where you shot at bad guys running on screen) or incorporated live-action cutscenes into otherwise animated games. Think Who Framed Roger Rabbit? but on your grandma’s PC. They’re usually all as silly as you’d imagine, either aimed at a younger audience delighted to watch some over-the-top fantasy or an older audience wowed by the possibilities of technology. It seems like the perfect home for character actors and infomercial escapees to camp it up with little career risk and some quick cash, right?

The weird thing is how many A-list actors — or at least people you’d never expect — appeared in these games. What’s even weirder is how crazy most of their roles were. Nobody’s a heartfelt dramatic lead, they
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The Outsider’s Opinion: Who Can Play the New Doctor Who?

Tom Jolliffe with an outsider’s opinion on who could play the next Doctor in Doctor Who

There’s a certain level of fandom reserved for a select type of film or TV show. Think of Trekkies, or Star Wars nuts, or Adam Sandler fans…okay, forget Adam Sandler, but as well as those who know the exact design breakdowns of the Enterprise or the Death Star down to the amount of coffee dispensers, there’s also a group of fans who know all there is to know about Doctor Who. They can explain exactly the science behind the Tardis, or that screwdriver thingy that the Doctor uses. Hell, they know what that thingy is called. Maybe they’ve been avid fans since the relaunch in 2005, or perhaps some of the elder Who geeks have stood by since the days of the Bakers’ or Davison, Pertwee, McCoy etc.

I’m not a Who fan.
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Star Wars Bits: Woody Harrelson Talks Han Solo, More CGI Actors, and Brian Blessed Shares a Jar Jar Binks Anecdote

Star Wars Bits: Woody Harrelson Talks Han Solo, More CGI Actors, and Brian Blessed Shares a Jar Jar Binks Anecdote
In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Woody Harrelson thinks it will be pretty cool to mentor Han Solo. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story picks up seven Ves awards nominations. The actor behind the digitally recreated Grand Moff Tarkin speaks out… …and could more digitally recreated Star Wars characters be on the way? One […]

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One Star Wars Star Warned George Lucas About Jar Jar Binks

One Star Wars Star Warned George Lucas About Jar Jar Binks
At this point, it is almost becoming needless to pile onto the hate parade that has been marching in the direction of the Star Wars prequels for more than a decade now. Disney is once again making quality Star Wars movies and hopefully, we can all move on from the prequel trilogy. Still, one of the worst elements of the prequels, Jar Jar Binks, is a thorn in the side of the epic saga that many fans can't quite shake. It turns out that actor Brian Blessed, who played Gungan leader Boss Nass in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, tried to warn George Lucas about Jar Jar during production.

YouTuber Jamie Stangroom has been tracking down some of the lesser known actors from the Star Wars universe across various movies, interviewing them on his YouTube channel. He recently had Brian Blessed on and the subject of Jar Jar Binks came up.
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Report – Lego Dimensions Wave 7 London Press Launch featuring Fantastic Beasts

Emma Withington reports back from the Lego Dimensions Wave 7 Launch Event…

Somewhere on a bitterly cold evening below the streets of London, journalists were engaging in impossible covert assignments, feeding mogwai after midnight, and discovering some fantastic beasts…

Welcome to Wave 7 of Lego Dimensions! In Wave 7 we are presented with: Gremlins, E.T, and the highly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog and Fantastic Beasts additions to the Lego multiverse. After rubbing shoulders with the likes of Gandalf, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and B.A.Baracus – in ginormous (to me) Lego forms – it was time to begin my Lego Dimensions adventure from the undercroft hub, in the first of the mysterious offside chambers…

See Also: Hands on with Lego Dimensions Autumn Releases for more information on pack types and an in-depth look at multiplayer gameplay!

Stepping into the ‘Land of Ooo’, surrounded by the mountain range of the Ice Kingdom and props
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Peter Davison interview: Doctor Who, naked Germans, Campion

Simon Brew Oct 10, 2016

From Doctor Who and The FiveIsh Doctors to Campion and Button Moon: we chat to the fifth Doctor, Mr Peter Davison...

Ah, the mighty Peter Davison. The Fifth Doctor, All Creatures Great And Small, Campion, and living in a house with Freddy from Rainbow are just some of the topics we chatted to him about, ahead of the publication of his terrific autobiography, Is There Life Outside The Box.

We’ve got a fair bit to get through, so without further ado….

I got a sense you thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, once you were over some initial research-y hurdles. Would that be fair?

Yeah, that’s fair. It was kind of a journey, really. A reassembling. I’ve had these memories, and it was really a chance to put them down on paper and order them. Everything fragments as you get older, and things come out,
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Hands on with Lego Dimensions’ Autumn releases

Emma Withington reports from the Lego Dimensions Autumn launch event and explores what’s new for Lego Dimensions in year two…

This week I was sent to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour to try out the next wave of starter packs for Lego Dimensions, kicking off with Wave 6 in September which includes: Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, and the A-Team! Get your wands, Proton Packs, and be mathematical, as the Lego Dimensions universe expands before your eyes…

Bigger Stories. Bigger Battles. Bigger Characters. Bigger Possibilities!

Over the next few months there will be two new Story Packs: Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, three level packs: Adventure Time, Mission: Impossible, and Sonic the Hedgehog, three Team Packs: Adventure Time, Harry Potter, and Gremlins, and four Fun Packs: A-Team, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, E.T, and Adventure Time. How do you like them apples!
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Reviews: "The Hound Of The Baskervilles" (1983) And "The Sign Of Four" (1983) Starring Ian Richardson; Blu-ray Releases From Second Sight

  • CinemaRetro
By Tim Greaves

Numerous actors have occupied the role of Sherlock Holmes over the decades, some more suited to the shoes of author Arthur Conan Doyle's famous consulting detective than others. One of the finest portrayals is that by Ian Richardson. Yet, sadly, his is also one that is often overlooked, not leastways because he played the character just twice (in a pair of 1983 films made for television), but also because his light was to be quickly eclipsed a year later by the arrival on TV screens of Jeremy Brett, whose interpretation of Holmes is considered by many to be the definitive one.

Sy Weintraub – who produced several Tarzan movies throughout the 60s and was executive producer on the popular long-running Ron Ely TV series –teamed up with Otto Plaschkes (whose producer credits include Georgie Girl and The Holcroft Covenant) with the intention of making several Holmes adventures headlining Richardson.
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