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  • (1950s) Was a member of the folk group The Tarriers.
  • (1957) Record: "Banana Boat Song" (as a member of The Tarriers).
  • (1972) Childrens book: "Tony's Hard Work Day".
  • (1963) Stage: Appeared (as "David Kolowitz") in "Enter Laughing" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Joseph Stein. Based on the novel by Carl Reiner. Production Design by Ed Wittstein. Directed by Gene Saks. Henry Miller's Theatre: 13 Mar 1963-14 Mar 1964 (419 performances + 2 previews that began on 11 Mar 1963). Cast: Vivian Blaine (as "Angela"), Irving Jacobson (as "Mr. Foreman"), Alan Mowbray (as "Marlowe"), Meg Myles (as "Miss B"), Sylvia Sidney (as "Mrs. Kolowitz"; from 11 Mar 1963-13 Oct 1963], Monroe Arnold (as "Roger"), Barbara Dana (as "Wanda"), Pierre Epstein (as "Don Baxter"), Tom Gorman (as "Lawyer"), Marty Greene (as "Mr. Kolowitz"), Michael J. Pollard (as "Marvin"), Charles Randall (as "Pike"), Shimen Ruskin (as "Waiter"), Walt Wanderman (as "Don Darwin"). Understudies: Tom Gorman (as "Marlowe" / "Pike"), Iris O'Connor (as "Angela" / "Mrs. Kolowitz"), Charles Randall (as "Roger"), Shimen Ruskin (as "Mr. Foreman" / "Mr. Kolowitz") and Walt Wanderman (as "David Kolowitz" / "Marvin"). Replacement actors: Arthur Abelson (as "Don Darwin"), Freda Holloway (as "Wanda"), Mae Questel (as "Mrs. Kolowitz"), Diane Sandre (as "Wanda"), Bob Spencer (as "Don Baxter/Marvin"), Marc Yohanna (as "Marvin"). Standbys: Bonnie Bedelia (as "Wanda"), Mae Schoenfeld (as "Mrs. Kolowitz"). Understudies: Arthur Abelson (as "Don Baxter" / "Don Darwin" / "Waiter), Jeri Archer (as "Angela" / "Miss B"), Bob Spencer (as "Lawyer" / "Marvin"), Marc Yohanna (as "David Kolowitz"). Produced by Morton Gottlieb. NOTES: (1) Arkin won a Tony Award for his performance. (2) Filmed as Enter Laughing (1967).
  • (1964) Stage: Appeared in "Luv" on Broadway.
  • DVD commentary for The In-Laws (1979) with Arthur Miller, Andrew Bergman and Peter Falk.
  • Wrote the Foreword for the book "Second City".
  • (2003) DVD commentary for Wait Until Dark (1967) and documentary about the filming of the movie, A Look in the Dark (2003)
  • (1961) Stage: Appeared (Broadway debut) in "From the Second City" on Broadway. Musical revue. Music by William Mathieu. Scenic / Lighting Design by Frederick Fox. Directed by Paul Sills. Royale Theatre: 26 Sep 1961-9 Dec 1961 (87 performances + 1 preview on 25 Sep 1961. Cast: Howard Alk, Severn Darden, Andrew Duncan, Barbara Harris [Broadway debut], Mina Kolb, Paul Sand, Eugene Troobnick. Produced by Max Liebman, Bernard Sahlins, Howard Alk and Paul Sills.
  • (1966) Stage: Appeared in "Hail Scrawdyke!" on Broadway.
  • (1972) Stage: Directed "The Sunshine Boys" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. All voices and instruments in "Lipton Tea Commerical" by Don Elliott. "Lipton Tea Commercial" arranged by Lee Schumer. Scenic Design by Kert Lundell. Costume Design by Albert Wolsky. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 30 Oct. 1973-to 9 Feb 1974, then moved to The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre from 11 Feb 1974-close): 20 Dec 1972-21 Apr 1974 (538 performances + 2 previews that began on 18 Dec 1972). Cast: Jack Albertson (as "Willie Clark"), Sam Levene (as "Al Lewis"), Lewis J. Stadlen (as "Ben Silverman"), John Batiste (as "Eddie"), Minnie Gentry (as "Registered Nurse"), Lee Meredith (as "Sketch Nurse"), Beatrice Tremaine (as "Television Announcer"; recorded voice only), Joe Young (as "Patient"). Understudies: John Batiste (as "Ben Silverman"), Cynthia Belgrave (as "Registered Nurse"), Clement Fowler (as "Al Lewis"), Darlene Parks (as "Sketch Nurse"), George Rando (as "Eddie" / "Patient"). Replacement actor during Broadhurst Theatre run: Understudy: James Bernardi (as "Eddie" / "Patient"). Replacement actors during Shubert Theatre run: John Batiste (as "Ben Silverman"), Jack Gilford (as "Willie Clark"), Jeremy Stevens (as "Eddie"). Standby: Arny Freeman (as "Willie Clark"). Understudies: James Bernardi (as "Eddie/Patient"), Rosetta LeNoire (as "Registered Nurse"), Sandra O'Neil (as "Sketch Nurse"), Jeremy Stevens (as "Ben Silverman"). Replacement actors during Lunt-Fontanne Theare run: Lou Jacobi (as "Al Lewis"), Rosette LeNoir (as "Registered Nurse"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg and Eugene V. Wolsk. Originally produced by Nancy Enterprises Inc. (Neil Simon). NOTE: Filmed as The Sunshine Boys (1975).
  • (1978) Stage: Appeared in "Molly" on Broadway. Musical.
  • (2000) Stage: Appeared in "Taller Than a Dwarf" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1976) Childrens book: "The Lemming Condition".
  • (1958) Stage: Appeared (as "the singer"; theatrical debut) in "Heloise" by James Forsyth. Gate Theatre, New York City. NOTE: Arkin is pictured on page 27 of the Jan. 1959 issue of "Theatre Arts" magazine in a scene from the production, playing a mandolin.
  • (early 1990s) TV commercial (w/Jack Klugman, Tony Randall): Directed commercial for Eagle Brand potato chips.

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