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Money talks: Hollywood's new obsession with the Getty empire

Danny Boyle’s series Trust, like Ridley Scott’s 2017 film All the Money in the World, recounts the strange family saga of oil baron John Paul Getty and his grandson’s kidnapping

In the last few months, fascination with the twisted tales of the billionaire oil baron J Paul Getty, and his grandson Paul’s maybe-staged kidnapping, has reached a fever pitch thanks to two high-profile dramas. First, Ridley Scott’s Oscar-nominated film All the Money in the World and, now, the 10-part series Trust, the first three episodes of which are helmed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle.

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‘Trust’ Review: Danny Boyle’s FX Drama Looks Grand, but Lacks the Getty Mystique

‘Trust’ Review: Danny Boyle’s FX Drama Looks Grand, but Lacks the Getty Mystique
For those who skipped Ridley Scott’s cinematic test to see if all publicity really is good publicity, get ready to spend 10-plus hours with a family of mean, money-grubbing rich folks instead of a mere two. “Trust” swaps in Donald Sutherland for Kevin Spacey and Christopher Plummer, two-time Oscar winner Hillary Swank for should-be two-time Oscar winner (and actual four-time nominee) Michelle Williams, and the star of “The Mummy” (Brendan Fraser) for the star of “Daddy’s Home 2” (Marky Mark Wahlberg) and you know what? Everyone considered, it’s a pretty even trade.

But what “All the Money in the World” cultivated through restricted access and implicit understanding, “Trust” loses by overindulging explicit explanations. FX’s drama series lacks the mysterious allure surrounding a man with the wealth of a god. As each of the first three episodes aims to better understand a different character, the story remains stagnant
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‘The Crown’: Should Matt Smith donate bigger salary than Claire Foy to charity? [Poll]

‘The Crown’: Should Matt Smith donate bigger salary than Claire Foy to charity? [Poll]
The Crown” star Matt Smith is under increasing pressure to donate to charity the portion of his salary exceeding what was paid to his leading lady Claire Foy. While Foy was clearly the lead in the Netflix drama about the early years in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, she was paid far less than Smith, who portrayed Prince Phillip. The explanation given for this disparity is that his profile was higher than hers thanks to “Doctor Who.”

Smith is being called on to follow the recent example of Mark Wahlberg and donate his excess salary to charity. When the firing of Kevin Spacey necessitated re-shoots on “All the Money in the World,” Wahlberg picked up a whopping $1.5 million for a few days work while Michelle Williams was paid only an $80 per diem. When this came to light, Wahlberg donated his salary to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Williams’ name.
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Time’s Up Calls for Investigation Into New York D.A.’s Handling of Harvey Weinstein Allegations

Time’s Up Calls for Investigation Into New York D.A.’s Handling of Harvey Weinstein Allegations
The Time’s Up organization is calling for an investigation into New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. for his office’s decision not to prosecute Harvey Weinstein in 2015 after Ambra Battilana alleged that she had been groped and harassed by the indie mogul. The group, which was launched this year to combat workplace abuse and harassment, is calling on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to launch the probe.

The entreaty was prompted by a report by New York Magazine. It claims that Vance and his colleagues worked to undermine Battilana’s case against Weinstein because they were gun-shy about taking on a politically well-connected operator. That fear led Vance to decline to prosecute Weinstein, the article implies.

“Reports that District Attorney Cyrus Vance could have been improperly influenced by Mr. Weinstein and/or his representatives, and that senior officials within the Da’s office may have sought to intimidate
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Ridley Scott in talks to tackle adaptation of spy thriller, Queen and Country

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Ridley Scott could certainly be dubbed the man that never sleeps, the prolific filmmaker is currently reported to be in talks to the helm on Fox’s adaptation of Queen and Country.

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Based on the Eisner award-winning spy thriller graphic novel by Greg Rucka the story is set in the fictional British Secret Intelligence Service, “Queen and Country” centres on an operative named Tara Chace, a top British intelligence agent who is used as bait to draw out an international terrorist after an attack in London.

The graphic novel was inspired by the British ITV television series The Sandbaggers (1978–1980) which examines the effect of the espionage game on the personal and professional lives of British and American intelligence specialists. The series starred Roy Marsden, Richard Vernon and Elizabeth Bennett.
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House of Cards Season 6 Trailer Has Arrived

The Internet, alongside almost all news media outlets, were plagued with sexual harassment headlines recently, as numbers upon numbers of women began to speak out against past and present abuse that have been dealt upon them by men of higher ranking or power. Some of the accusations weren’t shocking, but quite a few were. This includes the scandal that ensued one of America’s best actors in the industry and the star of one of the best shows on Netflix, Kevin Spacey. For the past few years, Spacey has been playing the role of Us President Frank Underwood in House of

House of Cards Season 6 Trailer Has Arrived
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‘House of Cards’ Final Season Trailer Featuring Robin Wright Is Released [Video]

Netflix’s first original show House of Cards released the final season trailer during the Oscars, minus Kevin Spacey. In the trailer, Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright is seen playing the role of president of the United States. Wright’s character says, “Were just getting started.” At the end of the 30 second clip, “Hail to […]

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Stranger Things Creators Respond to Verbal Abuse Allegations

The Duffer Brothers have responded to accusations of sexism and verbal abuse on the set of Stranger Things. In Hollywood, fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal and Me Too movement continues to be felt. On Netflix alone, Danny Masterson has been fired from The Ranch due to multiple rape allegations and Kevin Spacey from House of Cards after numerous members of the crew came forward with stories of sexual abuse. Now another Netflix series, Stranger Things, is having behind-the-scenes issues. Only this time, it’s slightly different.
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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ season 2 reviews: Krysten Ritter’s ‘fantastic’ performance is the highlight of Netflix series

It took two and a half years for Netflix to finally premiere the second season of its Marvel superhero series “Jessica Jones” — or less, if you count the “Defenders” crossover miniseries that aired last year. “Jones” premiered in November 2015 as part of an interconnected Marvel universe that also includes “Daredevil,” “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” and also makes occasional references to the big-screen “Avengers.” But “Jessica Jones” also stood out as the most acclaimed entry in the Marvel TV canon, and when it returned for its second season on March 8, International Women’s Day, it also emerged as possibly the most relevant.

“Jessica Jones” debuted two years before the Harvey Weinstein scandal opened the floodgates for sexual harassment and assault allegations against numerous high-powered media men ranging from Kevin Spacey to Matt Lauer to Louis C.K. So in that sense “Jones” can be seen in hindsight as a harbinger
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‘Louie’ Disappears From Hulu: The Real Reason It’s No Longer On the Streaming Service

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“Louie” is no longer available on Hulu, and that had audiences wondering: Was it finally yanked in light of sexual harassment allegations against star Louis C.K., or did it disappear for more mundane business reasons?

IndieWire can confirm that it’s the latter: According to Hulu, “Louie” is off the streaming service because its license to air the FX comedy has expired. The episodes had actually been badged over the past several weeks as “expiring soon,” so eagle-eyed subscribers would have been warned.

Hulu had kept “Louie” on its service last fall, even after FX yanked the show from its linear channel and FX Now on-demand service. This followed FX cutting all ties with C.K. in light of a scandal in which the comedian confessed to inappropriate sexual conduct with several women. HBO also removed C.K. from its “Night of Too Many Stars” special, and pulled all C.
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Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s Opening Monologue at the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards

When Nick Kroll and John Mulaney perform their open monologue for the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards you don’t know whether to laugh or to laugh and cringe since some of the material is, well, not entirely up to par. Like a lot of hosts they’re definitely up on announcing a few people out of the crowd like Frances McDormand, who is a good sport thankfully. Then launching into a joke that blasted Harvey Weinstein met with a mixed reaction. Bret Ratner was next, then Kevin Spacey, then Woody Allen, and then men making apologies for men as has been

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s Opening Monologue at the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards
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New Oscar Rules For 2019: Lessons From ‘Shape Of Water’s’ Triumph And A Tumultuous Season

This year. Just when you thought Hollywood and award season will take a breather after two years of dramatic twists and turns an earthquake hits the industry that has caused global aftershocks that aren’t going to subside anytime soon. The #MeToo movement saw prominent Oscar figures such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Brett Ratner (remember almost-Oscar producer Brett Ratner?) banished and framed a season where women said “Time’s Up” using red carpets everywhere as a means to turn the conversation from “What are you wearing?” to substantive issues that made many in corporate executive suites unusually nervous.
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Jeffrey Tambor: Why ‘The Death of Stalin’ Director Chose to Keep Him in the Film

Jeffrey Tambor: Why ‘The Death of Stalin’ Director Chose to Keep Him in the Film
The Death of Stalin” director and co-writer Armando Iannucci said he never considered re-editing his film after two women made sexual harassment allegations against co-star Jeffrey Tambor. A two-time Emmy-winner for “Transparent,” Tambor faces accusations from his former assistant, Van Barnes, and series actress Trace Lysette. Both came forward in November, after the October 20 U.K. release of “The Death of Stalin.”

“The film had been shot, it had been released in the U.K. before any of this came out, and I don’t want to take anything away from his performance,” said Iannucci, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter (“In the Loop”) who also created HBO’s “Veep.” “And it was great to work with him.” Tambor receives the esteemed “and Jeffrey Tambor” tag in the film’s closing credits.

While Ridley Scott recast Kevin Spacey in “All the Money in the World” just weeks ahead of its release date — for
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House of Cards: Season Six; Someone's Missing in the Netflx Trailer

Frank is out and Claire is in. This weekend, Netflix released the first teaser for the sixth and final season of House of Cards.As reported earlier, the final season will not feature Kevin Spacey, who left the political drama last year amid allegations of sexual misconduct. The cast includes Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Diane Lane, Greg Kinnear, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Cody Fern, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott, and Boris McGiver.Read More…
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Claire Underwood Leads The Way In ‘House Of Cards’ Season 6 Teaser

Claire Underwood is finally where she belongs on “House of Cards:” the Oval Office. And her reign has only just begun. The upcoming season looks to pick up right where Claire, played by Robin Wright, left off in the previous season after looking straight into the camera and simply saying, “My turn.”

Netflix took full advantage of the politically charged Academy Awards last night to drop the first Kevin Spacey-less teaser for season six of “House of Cards.” Production for the show’s sixth season was halted in 2017 when sexual misconduct allegations around the former star surfaced.
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Claire’s Just Getting Started In First House Of Cards Season 6 Trailer

Once Kevin Spacey became embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal that promised to finish his career, it looked like Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards would be brought down with him, as the writers were left with a dilemma as to how to proceed without the main character. Of course, anyone who watches the show knew that there was an obvious way to save it: just focus on Spacey’s on-screen wife, Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood.

And that’s exactly the route they’ve gone down. In this first teaser for season 6, which is being marketed as the show’s final season, we’re introduced to the series’ new status quo: Frank Underwood is out and there’s a new President in the White House. And they’re just getting started.

Though Spacey’s enforced absence from the show will no doubt cause a few hiccups in the new season,
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Macaulay Culkin Live-Tweeted the Oscars, ‘Bummed’ He Was ‘Left Out of the In Memoriam’

Macaulay Culkin Live-Tweeted the Oscars, ‘Bummed’ He Was ‘Left Out of the In Memoriam’
Macaulay Culkin may be semi-retired from acting, but that didn’t stop the former child star from chiming in with his thoughts on the Oscars. Over the course of nearly seven hours, the “Home Alone” star took on topics ranging from the hilarious (“This year’s Fashion Police are now wearing bodycams. #StayWoke“) to the topical (“Casey Affleck couldn’t make it cause he was stuck in the 1950s”) by ripping the lines of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and James Franco. But, Culkin claimed that despite his lengthy tweet-storm, he wasn’t actually watching the 90th edition of the Academy Awards. Clad in a tuxedo,...
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Indie Spirit Awards: Greta Gerwig, Dee Rees, and Agnés Varda Win Big

Gerwig: Indie Spirit Awards/ The Hollywood Reporter

Saturday’s Indie Spirit Awards were a takedown of sexist bullshit and a celebration of inclusive talent. Hosts John Mulaney (“SNL”) and Nick Kroll (“Big Mouth”) had plenty to say about Hollywood predators at the event in La. “Let’s name some names!” exclaimed Mulaney. And that they did. Their monologue called out men including Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, Louis C.K. and — of course — Harvey Weinstein. They joked that “the male apology has become an art form,” citing Mario Batali’s apology that ended with a cinnamon bun recipe as particularly egregious.

The pair also mocked men who feel paranoid about interacting with women in the wake of #MeToo, saying that hugs are still okay, but “not the way you’re doing it, pal — all breathy.” “Women, people of color, what have you left us white males?” Kroll asked before answering his own question.
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Robin Wright takes centre stage in new promo for the final season of House of Cards

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Author: Zehra Phelan

During the 90th Annual Academy Awards last night, a new TV promo was revealed for the sixth and final season of House of Cards.

After firing the disgraced Kevin Spacey from the series, the promo spot places Robin Wright firmly at the helm of the beloved series stating “We’re just getting started” and we think she looks perfectly at home as the new chief.

Michael Kelly, Diane Lane, Greg Kinnear, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Cody Fern, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver all return to the series which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in Autumn this year.

Also in the news – Karate Kid series, Cobra Kai Trailer

The series has received 53 Emmy nominations to date, with seven wins — including the first major Emmy for a streaming service for David Fincher’s win for “Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.” House of Cards received six Golden Globe nominations,
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