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"Big Trouble In Little China: Old Man Jack"

While Fox continues developing a reboot of writer, director John Carpenter's "Big Trouble In Little China", Sneak Peek Boom! Studios' sequel to the original film, "Big Trouble In Little China: Old Man Jack" #7, written by Carpenter, with Anthony Burch, continuing the adventures of 'Jack Burton', illustrated by Jorge Corona and Rahzzah, available March 21, 2018:

"...'Jack and his increasingly improbable team...

"...break into the 'Tower of Skulls' to save an old ally...

"...who could change the tide of this fight...

"...if they can make it in time..."

"Big Trouble In Little China: Old Man Jack" #1, now available is also written by Carpenter and Burch:

" is the story of old man 'Jack Burton' and his final ride in the 'Pork-Chop Express'.

"The year is 2020, and hell is literally on Earth. 'Ching Dai', sick of relying on screw-ups like 'Lo Pan' to do his bidding, has broken the barriers
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Original Assault On Precinct 13 Star Joins The Devil’s Rejects 2

Production is now underway on Rob Zombie’s sequel to The Devil’s Rejects.

That’s the news which nearly broke the internet this week, sending horror fans everywhere into a frenzy, and understandably so. Titled 3 From Hell, the pic will reunite the core trio of Spaulding, Otis and Baby, with Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley all returning to their respective roles. But what about the new characters?

Well, with things now in motion, the rest of the cast is starting to fill out and today we’re learning that Zombie has added Austin Stoker to the line-up in an undisclosed role. The genre actor is perhaps most famous for playing Lt. Ethan Bishop in John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13, but has also appeared in films like Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Horror High and Airport 1975. We don’t imagine he’ll
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Danny McBride: Blumhouse Halloween Pays Homage and Respect to Every Halloween Sequel

I’m not sure if you guys have heard or not but there is a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s Halloween coming our way this Halloween from Blumhouse, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. Oh, you have heard of it? Sweet. Well, since we’re on the subject, today we have word from co-writer Kenny Powers (aka Danny McBride) […]
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Vestron Video: ‘Wishmaster’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Andrew Divoff, Tammy Lauren, Robert Englund, Ted Raimi, George “Buck” Flower, Reggie Bannister, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Chris Lemmon, Wendy Benson-Landes, Tony Crane, Jenny O’Hara, Ricco Ross, John Byner, Gretchen Palmer, Angus Scrimm | Written by Peter Atkins | Directed by Robert Kurtzman

Special makeup supremo Robert Kurtzman directs this 1997 homage to 1980s horror, and while its gross-out effects are impressive, the plot, characters and script leave much to be desired.

Wishmaster opens in 12th century Persia, and a royal party in chaos: people are mutating, skinning themselves, turning inside out, that sort of thing. It seems the king has made a deal with a Djinn, a mythical demon who will grant three wishes. On the third wish, a portal will open and the Djinn (plural) will be unleashed and take over the world of men. Or something. Thankfully, this Djinn is banished thanks to an opal made of blood.
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This Is the ‘Strangers: Prey at Night’ Poster I Want On My Wall!

This Is the ‘Strangers: Prey at Night’ Poster I Want On My Wall!
While the Johannes Roberts-directed The Strangers: Prey at Night appears to have audiences split, I can’t stop thinking about it. Issues aside, Roberts delivered a movie way better than it deserved to be (I hated the original screenplay). From the directing to the cinematography and score, he truly nailed his homage to John Carpenter. The set pieces were […]
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‘Annihilation’ Review: Dir. Alex Garland (2018)

Annihilation review: A look at Alex Garland’s direct-to-Netflix (in the UK and some other territories) feature – a pure-hit of sci-fi and one hell of a trip.

Annihilation review by Andrew Gaudion.

Annihilation review

Another month, another big sci-fi release from Netflix. Where January saw the release of the fumbled The Cloverfield Paradox and last month brought with it the crushing disappointment of Mute, March sees the highly anticipated release of Alex ‘Ex Machina’ Garland’s new directorial effort, Annihilation. Striped of its international cinema release by Paramount Studios due to worries that it was too cerebral for audiences, Annihilation (based on the novel by Jeff VanderMeer) comes to Netflix on more of a positive wave of critical reaction than the two sci-fi streaming flicks before it, two films which have done a great detriment to Netflix’s standing as a major film studio competitor, only enforcing the notion
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New Halloween Movie Pays Homage to All Previous Sequels

We reported just a few weeks ago that Blumhouse's highly-anticipated Halloween sequel wrapped production, giving the filmmakers and producers eight months to work on post-production ahead of the October 19 release date. While there is no indication as to when we may see the first footage, writer/producer Danny McBride revealed new details in an interview at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX. The director confirmed that this movie does take place after the original Halloween, while adding that they pay homage to the myriad of sequels that have followed the original John Carpenter classic. Here's what Danny McBride had to say about his new Halloween sequel.

"This picks up after the first one. The Halloween franchise has kind of become a little bit of like choose your own adventure, you know like there's so many different versions, and the timeline is so mixed up, we just thought it
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Danny McBride says new Halloween will pay homage to all the sequels

  • JoBlo
When David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's upcoming Halloween hits theaters this October, it will take its place as the 11th film in the franchise, but as we know, the film will be going back to basics and ignoring everything which followed John Carpenter's original Halloween. However, that's not to say that those Halloween sequels will be unceremoniously dumped out on... Read More...
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'The Walking Dead' Recap: Blind Faith

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Blind Faith
It's been a while since The Walking Dead delivered an episode as fundamentally entertaining as this week's installment, titled "Dead or Alive Or." Yes, the show's still committed to a bleak and tedious war story for probably the rest of this season; no, it doesn't seem like these characters are ever going to stop whispering soberly about their competing philosophies of survival. But you know what this hour had? Swamp zombies! Forward plot momentum! Plus, Father Gabriel doing his best Zatoichi impression. It's great whenever the writers remember that Twd
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Exclusive: Danny McBride says the new Halloween references every other Halloween movie

Back in February of last year, it was announced that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride were developing a brand new instalment in the Halloween franchise, which would see John Carpenter returning to the series as executive producer, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode.

It was subsequently revealed that the new film will be a straight sequel to the 1978 original, ignoring the events of the subsequent instalments, and ditching the supernatural elements of the latter movies. However, as McBride has revealed to Flickering Myth’s Rafael Motamayor at SXSW, there will still be plenty of references to these discarded entries for fans to pick up on.

“This picks up after the first one,” said McBride. “The Halloween franchise has kind of become a little bit of like choose your own adventure, you know like there’s some many different versions, and the timeline is so mixed up,
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Joe Carnahan's Producer made his feature debut, The Devil Takes A Holiday- Now on Amazon Prime! An interview w Leon Corcos...

Leon Corcos, though far from a household name, is a frequent Producer and collaborater with Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Stretch) and most recently Exec Produced Garry Marshall's star studded, swan song Mother's Day.  Leon produced Carnahan's debut feature Blood, Guts, Bullets, & Octane, BMW Films Ticker- starring Clive Owen and Don Cheadle, and Stretch starring Patrick Wilson, Ed Helms, and Chris Pine... But, Corcos got his start in the solidly Indie genre of comedic horror a la his first feature, The Devil Takes A Holiday. After cutting his teeth on commercials and political spots in Sacramento, Leon took the plunge on his first feature in 1996 ( which garnered a feature piece in Film Threat magazine) and starred John Carpenter staple Victor Wong, character actors...

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Halloween Fan Film Documents Michael’s Downtime

Halloween‘s Michael Myers has been chasing, terrifying and carving up teenagers for 40 years now, so it’s not surprising that he has an off-night every so often. At least, that’s the idea behind D.M. Cunningham’s He Waits, a hilarious and well-shot fan film that imagines what Michael Myers might be like with a couple more years under his belt.

We open with a classic Halloween set-up: the masked Myers menacing a terrified teenage girl. She locks herself inside a garage, shaking in fear as the knife-wielding maniac rattles the handle, desperate to get in and do his whole stabbing thing. But it seems that this garage door isn’t going anywhere, leading to a stalemate. With nothing to do but wait for his prey to emerge, Myers pulls up a lawn chair and, somewhat embarrassingly, falls asleep.

Now, before you tut at this dereliction of slasher villain duty,
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Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Reboot To Swoop Into Production This Spring?

Not to be outdone by Wonder Woman 2, it’s being reported that Todd McFarlane’s long-gestating Spawn reboot is eyeing a production start in the spring – May, to be specific, when the cameras will reportedly begin rolling in New York City.

Omega Underground has the scoop, revealing that Blumhouse Productions is ready to devote its time and attention to Spawn now that David Gordon Green’s Halloween has wrapped principal photography ahead of its own release in October of this year.

Spawn is a little further out, of course, given McFarlane recently teased the possibility of a launch in early 2019 – or, failing that, next Halloween, which is perhaps the most fitting time of year to drop a movie about a brooding half-demon. The project itself has also been described as many things since it first flickered into life, including a “low-budget” horror movie and a “dark” and “nasty” second
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Review: The Strangers: Prey At Night is a Worthy and Wickedly Fun Sequel

If you would have told me back when the sequel was first announced that The Strangers: Prey at Night could potentially end up as one of my favorite films of 2018, I would have told you that you were completely off your rocker. And yet, here we are, with Johannes Roberts’ sequel defying all of my (admittedly low, but more on that later) expectations to deliver a more than worthy sequel to Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers that captures the unsettling nature of the original, and yet puts in some extra effort that makes Prey at Night still feel like it’s doing its own thing at the same time. As far as modern slashers go, Roberts has confidently crafted one wickedly fun thrill ride that reminds us that it is never wise to answer your door for unknown visitors, especially late at night.

The Strangers: Prey at Night starts off
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The Strangers: Prey At Night Review

If there’s one thing Johannes Roberts’ pre-screening introduction confirmed before The Strangers: Prey At Night, it’s that he *obsessively* respects the profoundness of John Carpenter’s genre contributions – to the point where the pic is a stalkerish mixtape of all the filmmaker’s favorite bits.

Subtle hints Hammer-to-the-head homages evoke Halloween’s “The Shape,” roll with The Fog and grind Christine’s gears in an atmospherically overt love-letter to Carpenter that Roberts signs in blood. Dash in a bit of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for flavor and you wonder what individuality this Strangers “offshoot” presents – until Roberts’ execution pushes such thoughts out of your mind. He may be riffing off recognizable horrors staples, but the director’s devotion to royalty is vicious and respectfully realized. Right down to a score you’d believe Carpenter recorded himself.

Screenwriter Ben Ketai (who rewrote Bryan Bertino’s existing script) introduces
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‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’ Review: A Lean, Mean Sort-Of Sequel That Was Worth the Wait

‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’ Review: A Lean, Mean Sort-Of Sequel That Was Worth the Wait
There’s a scene in Bryan Bertino’s film “The Strangers” that handily encapsulates the film’s nervy brand of terror, one so good and simple that it served as the film’s poster image when the 2008 feature first hit theaters: it’s Liv Tyler, standing alone in her kitchen, looking out into what seems to be — what should be — an empty house. Behind her, a masked figure lurks, half-hidden in shadows and entirely unknown to Tyler’s character. When the scene unspools in the film, it’s a jolt of pure terror, with the masked man sliding into frame, then slowly moving out of it. Tyler’s Kristen McKay is none the wiser, and that the scene doesn’t lead to an instant slash of bloody violence is mostly incidental.

There will be violence later, plenty of it, but it’s the dread of it all, the senselessness of the criminals,
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Ryan Turek Announced as Keynote Speaker for Salem Horror Fest 2018

One of the most exciting genre celebrations in recent years, the Salem Horror Fest kicks off again this October and Daily Dead is proud to be a media sponsor of the 10-day event. Although the Halloween season is still lurking on the horizon, there's already plenty to get excited about for the next Salem Horror Fest, as we're thrilled to share the news that this year's keynote speaker will be Blumhouse Productions' Ryan Turek.

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for much more coverage of the Salem Horror Fest in the coming months, visit their website for more information, and read the official press release for more details on the keynote speaker announcement:

Press Release: Salem, Ma - Ryan Turek, accomplished horror expert and studio executive at Blumhouse Productions (Halloween, Happy Death Day, Truth or Dare) will be a keynote speaker at the second annual Salem Horror Fest. Turek will
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Here’s How John Carpenter Influenced The Strangers: Prey At Night

Whether it’s the spine-chilling terror of The Thing or Halloween and its demented slasher, Michael Myers, John Carpenter’s profound influence on the horror genre cannot be overstated.

In fact, one need only look to David Gordon Green’s upcoming Halloween sequel for evidence of Carpenter’s legacy standing the test of time. But the filmmaker’s oeuvre also inspires new works of fiction indirectly, such as The Strangers: Prey at Night.

Or so says Johannes Roberts, who spoke to Bloody Disgusting in anticipation of the movie’s release this Friday, March 9th. Coming hot off his underwater thriller, 47 Meters Down, Roberts spent time mulling over the atmosphere of his long-awaited horror sequel – not to mention the pacing and cinematic style – and looked to two films, in particular: The Fog and Christine.

Those two films really were my lead in terms of atmosphere and pacing and cinematic style. It
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First Trailer For Halloween 40th Anniversary Documentary Emerges From The Shadows

Aside from the fact that we haven’t seen Michael Myers on the big screen since 2009, there seems to be a multitude of reasons why we’re greatly looking forward to the next Halloween movie. Granted, we could talk about this all day, but a few of them are how it’ll ignore everything but the events of the original film, and how it’ll be set in an alternate universe of sorts, somewhat changing the ending of John Carpenter’s eternal classic.

Coincidentally enough, this year also marks the 40th anniversary of the timeless masterpiece. So, naturally, one would expect for wide-sweeping documentaries uncovering numerous factoids about the series to be in the works – and we’re certainly not ruling that out – though we’re quite pleased to learn that something like For the Love of the Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween is in the pipeline.

With that, it’s
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Teaser Provides First Look at Fan Documentary ’40 Years of Halloween’

Teaser Provides First Look at Fan Documentary ’40 Years of Halloween’
“It’s the movie’s simplicity that makes it effective.” It’s been 40 years since John Carpenter changed the game with Halloween, a low-budget slasher film that’s credited for kick-starting the sub-genre that dominated the horror scene throughout the ’80s. This year, David Gordon Green’s new sequel to Carpenter’s original classic will arrive in theaters, just in […]
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