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Black Panther Is Biggest Superhero Movie of All Time in the U.S.

Black Panther Is Biggest Superhero Movie of All Time in the U.S.
While Black Panther was finally dethroned from the top spot at the box office this weekend by Pacific Rim 2, it hasn't stopped the Marvel movie from becoming the highest grossing superhero movie in North American box office history. By the end of the weekend Black Panther will have surpassed the first Avengers movie and even Lucasfilm's The Last Jedi, becoming the 5th highest grossing movie of all time domestically. Nobody predicted that Ryan Coogler's first gig with Marvel Studios was going to be the record breaking monster that it has become.

Black Panther has earned $618,644,236 thus far while the Avengers earned $623,357,910 during its initial theatrical run. Additionally, The Last Jedi did $619,896,809, which means that Black Panther has now already passed the Star Wars movie with its sights set on the Avengers, which it will easily take down by Sunday. The Marvel movie was able to pull off 5 straight
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Alien & Aliens Get Thrilling Modern-Style Trailers

Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens just got brand new, modernized trailers… for no reason at all. Scott’s original 1979 Alien film – based on a script by Dan O’Bannon and a story by O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett – is widely considered one of the greatest science fiction movies of all-time, and its success spawned an everlasting franchise that continues to this day. But before it became a franchise, Alien received a sequel a few years after its release.
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Pacific Rim Uprising Projected To End Black Panther’s Box Office Reign

It looks like Pacific Rim Uprising will be the film to knock Black Panther off the top position on the box office charts this weekend. Ever since Ryan Coogler’s entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe premiered a month ago, it’s dominated the marketplace thanks to its strong word-of-mouth and weak competition. Eclipsing even the rosiest expectations, Black Panther is one of the highest-grossing films of all-time and became the first movie since James Cameron’s Avatar to maintain the #1 spot for five consecutive weekends. Simply put, it’s been a phenomenon.
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The Best #StupidQuestionsAboutMovies on Twitter: 'Why Wasn't There a Sequel to Titanic?'

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but these just may qualify.

#StupidQuestionsAboutMovies was the subject the @SotallyToberHTs and @HashtagRoundup‘s Twitter challenge on Wednesday, and social media fanatics responded — so much that it became a trending topic hours later.

James Cameron’s 1997 epic Titanic has been the center of at least one major controversy over the years — Jack totally could have fit on that headboard, despite what the movie’s stars say — and it also spurred some dumb queries on Twitter.

“Why wasn’t there a sequel to Titanic?” asked one participant, while another absentmindedly questioned,
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‘The Titan’ Trailer: Sam Worthington Becomes an Alien or Something All Over Again

‘The Titan’ Trailer: Sam Worthington Becomes an Alien or Something All Over Again
In James Cameron’s box office monster Avatar, audiences saw Sam Worthington sent to the stunning planet of Pandora to partake in a new experiment that put his consciousness into the body of an alien race known as the Na’vi. Now a new Netflix sci-fi thriller will have him becoming an alien in a much more […]

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Netflix Acquires Rights to Adaptation of Ya Novel ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ (Exclusive)

Netflix has acquired global rights to Awesomeness Films and Overbrook Entertainment’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

Based on the best-selling novel by Jenny Han, the film stars “Alita: Battle Angel” actress Lana Condor and “The Fosters” actor Noah Centineo. The pic also stars Janel Parrish (“Pretty Little Liars”), Israel Broussard (“Happy Death Day”), Andrew Bachelor (“The Babysitter”), Anna Cathcart (“The Descendants”), and John Corbett.

Susan Johnson helmed the film with Matt Kaplan, Dougie Cash, and Jordan Levin producing. Brett Bouttier, Robyn Marshall, and Han are exec producing.

The story follows Lara Jean Song Covey, whose love life goes from imaginary to out of control when the love letters for every boy she’s ever loved — five in all — are mysteriously mailed out. The film is based on the book of the same name and is the first of the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” trilogy by Han.
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Hollywood Collectibles Group Adds Sci-Fi Horror to Home Decor with Life-Size Alien Queen Wall Sculpture

If their life-size Alien Chestburster replica got your attention, then you'll really want to stay frosty when it comes to Hollywood Collectibles Group's life-size Alien Queen wall sculpture.

Due out later this year and available as both a standard edition and an Hcg Exclusive version (with a second extended jaw), the Alien Queen life-size wall sculpture depicts the iconic creature from James Cameron's Aliens, standing 37 inches tall and looking like it could take a bite out of any of your house guests that dare to walk within its reach.

You can view official photos and details on the collectible below, and visit Hollywood Collectibles Group online for more information.

Alien Queen Life-Size Wall Sculpture (Hcg Exclusive Edition): "We are proud to announce our Officially Licensed Life-Size Alien Queen wall sculpture!

This stunning life-size wall display pays homage to the terrifying Alien Queen’s iconic battle with Ripley, in the climatic scenes of Aliens.
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Robert Rodriguez: The $7,000 Movie Is Now Reality TV on ‘Rebel Without a Crew’

Robert Rodriguez: The $7,000 Movie Is Now Reality TV on ‘Rebel Without a Crew’
Before Robert Rodriguez created the El Rey Network in 2013, he came up with the contest: He would task burgeoning filmmakers with executing their first features in two weeks for just $7,000, the same limitations that produced his storied debut. (Said Rodriguez: “I thought no one was going to see it; that’s why I spent so little.”) “El Mariachi” secured Columbia Pictures distribution and the Guinness World Record for lowest-budget flick to earn more than $1 million (the same amount the studio reportedly spent on its marketing).

For the film’s quarter-century anniversary, Rodriguez made the competition a reality: Borrowing its name from Rodriguez’s 1995 memoir, “Rebel Without a Crew” began streaming March 19 on go90. He handpicked five directors (who include three women) from a capped pool of more than 2,000 applicants.

Each contestant had directed only shorts and possessed a completed feature script (or said they did). Rodriguez flew them and their on-set plus-ones into Austin,
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Black Panther Tops Box Office For Fifth Consecutive Week, Ties With Avatar’s Record

Not since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar has a box office titan had the same staying power as Black Panther.

This past weekend, Marvel’s Afrocentric blockbuster was crowned king of the box office (and for the fifth week on the trot, no less) with $27 million, taking its domestic haul to $605.4 million for a worldwide total north of $1.1 billion.

That figure was enough to see off competition from the rebooted Tomb Raider, which scooped up around $23.5 million in ticket sales across North America. To its credit, the Alicia Vikander-fronted adventure film was #1 overseas, and Black Panther has been blazing a trail of its own straight into the Hollywood history books, so this record is merely the latest to be added to Wakanda’s trophy cabinet.

As a matter of fact, the latest time a film retained total control of the domestic box office for five consecutive weeks was Avatar.
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Shout! Factory acquires Roger Corman’s New Horizons Pictures film library

Shout! Company has teamed up with China-based Ace Film Hk Company Limited to acquire Roger Corman’s New Horizons Pictures library, which includes the rights to 270 films.

According to Deadline, the two companies are looking to develop remakes and other new content opportunities from the library of titles, which includes the likes of Piranha, Bloodfist, Black Scorpion, Battle Beyond the Stars, Galaxy of Terror, The Slumber Party Massacre, Forbidden World, Eat My Dust!, Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, and Humanoids from the Deep.

B-movie legend Corman began his career with junior positions at 20th Century Fox in the 1940s before establishing himself as an independent filmmaker in the 1950s. Since then, he has directed 60 films and produced over 350, as well as helping to develop talent such as Jack Nicholson, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Joe Dante, Bruce Dern, Sylvester Stallone, Peter Fonda, James Cameron, Ron Howard, Jonathan Demme,
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Fright Fest hit ‘Fever’ Unleashed on UK audiences March 12

Hnn | Horrornews.net

‘Fever’ (aka ‘Mountain Fever’), is an end of the world thriller about a man out of his depth. Inspired by the action cinema of James Cameron and the minimalism of Nicolas Winding Refn, and heavily influenced by apocalyptic fare like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Road’, ‘Fever’ follows Jack (Tom Miller), a hapless young Brit …

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Where do the most recent group of Academy Award winners rank all time?

As we begin to fully focus on 2018 releases and eventually what the 2019 awards season will be like, a little more about the most recent Oscars is still required. Mainly, a look at how the winners stack up with previous ones. This time around, I’m tying in all of the major categories together. Yes, all eight of the top prizes will get a rundown today, with the possibility of another piece next week on the technical categories. For now, it’s Picture, Director, the four Acting slots, and both Screenplay categories, which is more than enough to start with. This is going to be fun. Like I mentioned above, before we get to Best Picture, which is clearly the big one, quickly I’d like to run down some of the other categories and how they stack up. That way, it’s more of a broader collection. Obviously, we know
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‘Terminator’ Reboot Casts Mackenzie Davis; Shoots This Summer

It’s been several years since we last saw a film in The Terminator franchise with 2015’s abysmal Terminator Genesys. Although that film effectively killed the franchise, we finally have hope for a return to greatness for the franchise with the yet to be titled Pseudo-sequel/ reboot. The film is set to be produced by James Cameron, who is closely overseeing the writing process, with Deadpool director Tim Miller currently set for the director’s chair. The film is also been said to ignore everything after Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and will be a direct continuation of that film, bringing back stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. Other than this, we haven’t heard much about the film in the past few months.

Now Variety (via Collider) is reporting that Mackenzie Davis has been added to the impending reboot of the Terminator franchise in a “key” role. Not only that,
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Terminator 6 Receives Green Light, To Film This June

Thanks to the combined efforts of Tim Miller (Deadpool), James Cameron (Avatar) and Paramount Pictures, Skynet is currently being reprogrammed ahead of the forthcoming Terminator reboot.

Though it was originally expected to enter production this month, screenwriter Billy Ray has confirmed via Twitter that Miller’s franchise revival is now on course to begin filming in June (as expected), after the project finally received the green light from the studio earlier this week.

Not that anyone thought it would be placed back on the shelf, mind you, but until now, it technically wasn’t official. As such, it’s nice to get the confirmation from Billy and with production set for June, we imagine that casting will begin to heat up as Miller continues to put together the supporting players.

This time around, Cameron and Miller have reportedly settled on a female protagonist by the name of Dani Ramos, who
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Shout! Factory and Ace Film Hk Acquire Rights to 270 Movies from Roger and Julie Corman’s New Horizons Picture Library

Horror fans have had the pleasure of watching Shout! Factory branch out into the realms of theatrical distribution and original content development in recent years, and they're continuing to push forward in an exciting direction with their acquisition (along with Ace Film Hk) of 270 movies from Roger and Julie Corman's New Horizons Picture library.

In the colossal deal approved by Roger and Julie Corman, Shout! Factory acquired all North American, European, Australian, and Russian rights to 270 movies (and one action sci-fi TV series) from the New Horizons library, while Ace Film Hk picked up the rights for those same titles in China, Asia, Africa, and South America. These rights include the ability to remake, expand upon, and syndicate the 270 titles, which include Slumber Party Massacre, Piranha (1978), Galaxy of Terror, Humanoids from the Deep, Forbidden World, Battle Beyond the Stars, and many more horror, action, and sci-fi films.

To learn more about the acquisition,
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Roger Corman’s New Horizons Library Bought by Shout!, China’s Ace Film

Roger Corman’s New Horizons Library Bought by Shout!, China’s Ace Film
Shout! Factory and China-based Ace Film have teamed to buy the New Horizons Pictures library, encompassing 270 Roger Corman films and an action sci-fi TV series, from Roger and Julie Corman for an undisclosed price.

This deal grants Shout! Factory all rights to the New Horizons library in North America, Europe, Australia, and Russia. Ace secured all rights for China, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Titles include “Rock‘N’Roll High School,” “Battle Beyond the Stars,” “Piranha,” “Galaxy of Terror,” “Bloodfist,” “Black Scorpion,” “Eat My Dust!,” “Humanoids from the Deep,” “Slumber Party Massacre” and “Forbidden World.”

The announcement was made Thursday by Shout! Factory’s founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos, and Ace Film CEO Henry Luk and chief operating officer Adam Yuchen Ren.

The companies said they plan to support the 270 titles with a long-term growth strategy that entails new content development, remakes, merchandise licensing programs, digital media initiatives,
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Exclusive: We talk Alita: Battle Angel w/ Robert Rodriguez and Rosa Salazar!

  • JoBlo
Last week, at the very start of SXSW in Austin, Texas, we were invited to visit Troublemaker Studios, the impressive place Robert Rodriguez has made almost every one of his movies. The occasion was to have an early talk about Alita: Battle Angel, the ambitious adaptation of Yukito Kishiro's popular manga Battle Angel Alita that Rodriguez is co-producing with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment.... Read More...
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‘Alita: Battle Angel’: Robert Rodriguez and Jon Landau on Creating a Photo-Real Manga Character

Years ago, James Cameron was debating between making two projects: Avatar and Alita: Battle Angel. As we all know, he chose Avatar, which went on to become the highest-grossing movie in history and has led to the visionary director spending the last few years developing four sequels, the first of which is currently filming. While Alita: Battle Angel could have been left in the scrap pile of ideas and half-written scripts, never to see the light of day, the project had at least one person hungry to see it on movie screens: director Robert Rodriguez. One day, years …
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Interview: Director Hendrik Faller talks ‘Fever’

In this interview, originally recorded as a preview to the films screening at Horror Channel Frightfest 2017, host Stuart Wright talks to Fever (aka Mountain Fever) director Hendrik Faller

Fever is available on DVD now and on iTunes on 30th April. Check out the trailer below:

Fever’ (aka ‘Mountain Fever’), is an end of the world thriller about a man out of his depth. Inspired by the action cinema of James Cameron and the minimalism of Nicolas Winding Refn, and heavily influenced by apocalyptic fare like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Road’, ‘Fever’ follows Jack (Tom Miller), a hapless young Brit as he takes refuge from a deadly pandemic in a snowy Alpine village.

Ill-equipped to survive the harsh winter, things only get worse when renegade Kara (Anya Korzun) breaks into his house and commandeers his dwindling food supplies. His inept plan to get rid of her disintegrates when outsiders (Julien Caplan) also invade,
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Search and destroy: can James Cameron revive the Terminator by killing its past?

Is the original director’s plan to ignore the plots of the last three Terminator movies the way to revive the franchise for the next three films?

If only we had a time machine like the one used by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s menacing T-800 in 1984’s thrillingly bleak and minimalistic Terminator, the first and arguably best instalment in James Cameron’s sci-fi saga. We could travel forward to 2030 and find out whether Cameron’s plan to revive the ailing man v machines franchise ends up having any (hyper alloy endoskeleton) legs, or is doomed to be lowered further into searing molten steel.

Cameron announced last year that the only Sarah Connor who ever mattered (at least on the big screen), Linda Hamilton, will reprise the role for his return to the franchise, with the sixth Terminator film. And yes, Arnie will also be back, though that is now less likely
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