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The Loft Film Festival 2017

The Loft Film Festival 2017
Better than ever, now in its seventh year, the spectacular program with its filmmaking guests and a committed community of dedicated and intellectually alive filmgoers invigorates the mind and activist tendencies already in play.

Take for instance, University of Arizona Professor Noam Chomsky, one of the most influential public intellectuals in the world, speaking with Regents’ Professor Toni Massaro about social justice and the environment. Here he is, in person, being honored as every word he speaks is treated as a jewel. Considered the founder of modern linguistics, Chomsky has written more than 100 books, his most recent being Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power. An ardent free speech advocate, Chomsky has published and lectured widely on U.S. foreign policy, Mideast politics, terrorism, democratic society and war. Chomsky, who joined the UA faculty this fall, is a laureate professor in the Department of
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Afm: Diego Hallivis Directing Action-Thriller ‘Borderline’

Afm: Diego Hallivis Directing Action-Thriller ‘Borderline’
Curvature” director Diego Hallivis has come on board to helm the action-thriller “Borderline” from Phillip Tarl Denson’s script, Variety has learned exclusively.

The plot for the film is currently being kept under wraps, but it is described as a cross between “Hell or High Water” and “John Wick.” Julio Hallivis, brother to Diego Hallivis, is producing. The brothers’ 4-year-old 1inMM Productions is financing “Borderline.”

The Hallivis brothers also produced sci-fi thriller “Curvature” through 1inMM. The sci-fi thriller, starring Lyndsy Fonseca, Glenn Morshower, Zach Avery and Linda Hamilton, has its world premiere last month at the Sitges film festival and will be released in domestic theaters in the first quarter. It was the first film in an elevated genre slate from 1inMM Productions.

Denson is an Australian screenwriter and scientist who received accolades for his sci-fi script “Lucid,” the winner of the 2011 Northern Territory Literary Award for Screenwriting. He was a finalist in the John Hinde Award for
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Shannon Purser Worried That Nobody Would Watch Stranger Things

Image Source: Getty Images / David M. Benett It was July 2016 when Matt and Ross Duffer introduced us to Barbara Holland via the cult show Stranger Things. Barbara, or "Barb" as she's so lovingly remembered, played by Shannon Purser, served up a relatable yet rarely represented teen who took a place in our hearts immediately. Our grief for the loss of Barb's protective personality, mom jeans, and, as Shannon puts it, "iconic glasses" even made way for the hashtag #JusticeForBarb and a Topshop t-shirt reading "Never Forget." Ahead of the release of Stranger Things season two, Shannon hosted a special Netflix event at Topshop's flagship store in London, giving fans the chance to watch new episodes in a Hawkins-themed screening room. We sat down with Shannon to discuss the show's cult status, her binge-racing behavior, and Barb's undeniable magic. Popsugar: When did you realize that Stranger Things was going to be such a megahit?
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The Craft Is a Masterpiece, but the Stars Who Almost Got Cast Would've Been So Interesting

The Craft is easily one of the most underrated movies to come out of the '90s, and honestly, it just keeps getting better with age (I watched it the other day on Netflix, so I can vouch). Whispers of a reboot have been floating around for years, but in Entertainment Weekly's recent oral history of the film, a surprising piece of information about the original came to light. The casting director for the cult hit, Pam Dixon, explained that Neve Campbell was always at the top of the list for their dream cast due to her wildly popular run on Party of Five, but a handful of other rising stars almost played Bonnie instead. While Campbell brought the perfect amount of shy and awkward tics to the role, can you imagine if she'd had more of a Cher Horowitz vibe? "We tested Alicia Silverstone, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie," Dixon said.
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Orlando’s Spooky Empire Convention to Feature Cast Members from the New It Movie

Spooky Empire has announced that Sophia Lillis, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Wyatt Oleff from the new It movie will be special guests at the Orlando convention this fall. In addition to the It (2017) cast's attendance, the convention will also celebrate a special 30th anniversary of Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys, and more:

Press Release: Orlando – Spooky Empire, who hosts one of the most coveted and recognizable thriller conventions in the nation, announces the reunion of the Hollywood classic, Sixteen Candles, with the attendance of Molly Ringwald, John & Joan Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall on October 27 – 29, 2017 at The Hyatt Regency Orlando. The convention will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of iconic American horror comedy The Lost Boys with the attendance of Billy Wirth, Jamison Newlander and G Tom Mac. The convention has also added an array of new activities for guests to enjoy including a Charity Casino Night,
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The Week in Star Wars – Everything you need to know about Lord and Miller, Ron Howard and Han Solo

It’s a special edition of The Week in Star Wars following the shock news from the Han Solo spin-off movie, along with some bits from The Last Jedi, Episode IX and more…

Before we kick things off, The Week in Star Wars celebrated it’s second birthday this week.

Thanks to everyone who has read any edition over the last two years

So, let’s talk about Han Solo. Although the event took place as early as Monday, it was revealed on Tuesday that Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been fired from the Han Solo spin-off movie. The films had been in production since February, and all reports suggest that there are still four or so weeks left of shooting, with five weeks of planned re-shoots. “Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are talented filmmakers who have assembled an incredible cast and crew, but it’s become clear that
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Official Trailer for Another Ptsd Film 'Battle Scars' with Zane Holtz

"True valor does not require recognition." Gravitas Ventures has debuted a trailer for a drama titled Battle Scars, yet another movie about a soldier with Ptsd returning home to America. The description says this "examines the war experience as well as the wrenching change many veterans face upon returning home." I hate to say it, but these kind of Ptsd movies with this exact pitch are a dime a dozen these days. There's nothing creative or unique or interesting about them anymore. But maybe that's just me. Battle Scars stars Zane Holtz (seen on "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series"), Heather McComb, Ryan Eggold, Fairuza Balk, and David James Elliot. This does not look like it's worth your time, but the trailer is free to watch. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Danny Buday's Battle Scars, direct from YouTube: Luke Stephens (Zane Holtz) shows up on his brother
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The Craft remake getting a rewrite from 10 Cloverfield Lane scribe

Back in May 2015, it was announced that director Leigh Janiak would be directing a remake of the cult 1996 supernatural thriller The Craft, which was later revealed to be a “quasi-sequel” picking up some 20 years after the original.

It’s been all quiet on the project since then, but now The Tracking Board is reporting that 10 Cloverfield Lane screenwriter Daniel Casey has been brought in to do a rewrite of the script, which was original penned by Janiak and her Honeymoon partner Phil Graziadei.

Casey has several projects in the work at the moment; he’s currently working on Fede Alvarez’s Incognito, and is also adapting the Larry Niven short story Inconstant Moon for director James Ponsoldt.

The Craft was directed by Andrew Fleming, and starred Robin Tunney as a troubled teenager who befriends a group of budding witches played by Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True.
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The Craft 2 Moves Forward with 10 Cloverfield Lane Writer

The Craft 2 Moves Forward with 10 Cloverfield Lane Writer
Almost exactly two years ago, Sony Pictures brought on filmmaker Leigh Janiak (Honeymoon) to direct their upcoming The Craft follow-up, and to co-write the script with her writing partner Phil Graziadei. We haven't heard much on this project until now, with the studio bringing on Daniel Casey (10 Cloverfield Lane) to rewrite the script. It is believed that the studio bringing in this new writer is an indication that they're eager to move forward and get production rolling.

The Tracking Board broke the news earlier today, but it isn't ultimately clear if Daniel Casey is starting from scratch with a page-one rewrite, or if elements of Leigh Janiak and Phil Graziadei's script will remain intact. Leigh Janiak is still attached to direct, with producer Douglas Wick revealing last May that The Craft 2 isn't a reboot, but instead a sequel that takes place 20 years after the original movie, set in modern day.
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Sony Sets Daniel Casey to Work on the Screenplay for New The Craft Movie

Sony Pictures has been looking to invoke the spirit since they set Honeymoon co-writer/director Leigh Janiak to direct a new The Craft movie back in May of 2015. About one year later, it was revealed that the new movie would be more of a sequel than a remake of the beloved 1996 coming-of-age film about surviving high school, discovering yourself, making new friends... and performing witchcraft with them. Although it's been a while since we've heard any news updates on the new Craft movie, it's now being reported that a new writer has come aboard the project.

According to The Tracking Board, Daniel Casey has been hired by Sony to do rewrites on the script for the new Craft movie, which was written by Janiak with Honeymoon co-writer Phil Graziadei. Casey is reportedly also working on Fede Alvarez's adaptation of the comic book series Incognito and previously did some rewrites on 10 Cloverfield Lane.
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New Character Details Revealed for Season 3 of MTV’s Scream

Alien Day in April may have been filled with Xenomorph-related news, but MTV took center stage by announcing that season 3 of Scream will feature an entirely new cast, story, and setting. While fans of the show are still saying goodbye to the Lakewood survivors from the first two seasons, character details for the series' new group of high schoolers have been revealed.

TVLine has unveiled the details for five characters from the upcoming third season of Scream. While these descriptions are likely a good template of what to expect, don't be surprised if the exact names and all of the details don't translate fully to the screen versions of the characters, as sometimes the casting information isn't 100% used in the final product.

From TVLine: "* First up is Dion, a Michael B. Jordan-esque football player on track to score a college scholarship — that is, until a masked killer uses Dion’s darkest secrets against him,
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Scream Season 3: Meet the New Killer's Diverse Pack of Potential Victims

Scream Season 3: Meet the New Killer's Diverse Pack of Potential Victims
Gather ’round, lovers of horror, because it’s time to get acquainted with the fresh crop of characters populating MTV’s Scream reboot — you know, while they’re all still alive.

RelatedScream Halloween Special: Who Died? Who Returned? What’s Next?

Following MTV’s recent announcement of a new showrunner (The Vampire DiariesBrett Matthews) and a new pack of executive producers (including Queen Latifah!), TVLine has exclusively learned of five new characters being cast in Season 3:

* First up is Dion, a Michael B. Jordan-esque football player on track to score a college scholarship — that is, until a
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When love spells go wrong: A ‘Love Witch’ feature

Love and witchcraft are not usual bedfellows. Most of the time when we see a witch on screen she is wicked and is far too filled with hate to be bothered by love. Sometimes though we so get a witch on screen that is interested in getting her heart’s desire and ultimately uses her powers to help herself out. Often though, these spells don’t quite work out as intended.

The Love Witch opens on Friday and sees young woman Elaine on the hunt for love. After her divorce she’s feeling rather lonely and whilst seeking someone to shower with all the love she has contained within her, starts brewing love potions. However, there’s a slight hiccup and her would-be suitors start turning up dead.

A love spell gone awry is nothing new to the world of film and television. Here’s a run down of our favourite mishaps.
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IndieWire Stands With Women: 18 Films Made by Women, Starring Women, That We Absolutely Love

IndieWire Stands With Women: 18 Films Made by Women, Starring Women, That We Absolutely Love
A very happy International Women’s Day (and, related, Happy A Day Without A Woman those exercising their ability to strike in order to help highlight the important contributions made by women in the workplace and the world at large) to all of our readers! With this important day in mind, we’ve assembled a list of films, all currently streaming online, that would not exist without the female creators (writers, directors, sometime-stars, and more) who crafted them. It’s just a taste — a nibble, really — of some of the industry’s best examples of forward-thinking, female-driven work.

Read More: IndieWire Stands With Women: 27 TV Shows Created by Women, Starring Women, That We Absolutely Love

Take a peek, and appreciate the power of women and their strong-as-hell creativity and drive.

Paris Is Burning” (Netflix)

Jennie Livingston’s incisive, intimate and wildly entertaining documentary about New York City “drag ball culture
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Is New Girl Readying for Reunion? Was This Is Us 'Do a Don't? Time for Grimm Tot to Power Up? And More TV Qs!

Is New Girl Readying for Reunion? Was This Is Us 'Do a Don't? Time for Grimm Tot to Power Up? And More TV Qs!
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including This Is Us, Teen Wolf, New Girl and black-ish!

1 | Didn’t Sleepy Hollow‘s Diana seem to get over the shock of her partner’s death rather quickly?

2 | On Grimm, wouldn’t now — when daddy Nick is cornered by police and mama Adalind is wearing a cursed ring she can’t take off — be a really good time for baby Kelly to develop some powerful abilities?

3 | Anyone pick up on a likeness between
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Carrie Fisher Mourned as Hollywood Remembers Star Wars Legend

Carrie Fisher Mourned as Hollywood Remembers Star Wars Legend
Earlier today, it was reported that iconic Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher passed away at the age of 60. Her death comes just four days after she suffered a heart attack on an international flight between London and Los Angeles, with the actress returning home from promoting her new book The Princess Diarist. As the news spread throughout the world, we have a number of tributes that have surfaced through social media, and from LucasFilm itself. Here's what LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy had to say in a statement.

"Carrie holds such special place in the hearts of everyone at Lucasfilm it is difficult to think of a world without her. She was Princess Leia to the world but a very special friend to all of us. She had an indomitable spirit, incredible wit, and a loving heart. Carrie also defined the female hero of our age over a generation ago. Her
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Halloween 2016: 5 Obscure Halloween Specials You May Not Have Seen

  • DailyDead
Growing up, I think most of us would agree that Halloween specials were essential viewing throughout the month of October, but as time has gone on, a lot of those specials have faded with the passing years, only coming out unofficially online, on VHS (which in some cases were very limited releases), or as early DVD releases that can now run you upwards of $100 just to snag a copy.

I put together this list of five obscure Halloween specials for horror fans to dig up and enjoy. Of course, there are thousands of amazing retro finds to watch, so this list should at the very least help you get started and put you in a macabre mood as you prepare for October 31st!

Halloween is Grinch Night (1977)

In this animated sequel to 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas', in the mystical town of Whoville, on a night known as
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National Gay Killers Day. What? Ewww!

Because we're having fun with this little feature we'll continue. On this day in history as it relates to the movies...

1881 Ahead of her time Clara Barton founds the American Red Cross. She doesn't get a biopic because Hollywood is only interested in "Great Man" biopics

1916 Happy Centennial to author Harold Robbins who penned 25 best-sellers some of which became famous movies like The Carpetbaggers (1964), the Elvis flick King Creole (1958), and the notorious Pia Zadora Razzie winner The Lonely Lady (1983)

Rope (1949) and Swoon (1992) - two great movies inspired by the Leopold & Loeb case

1924 Chicago college students Leopold & Loeb murder a teenage boy in a "thrill killing." Their crime inspires the story of the gay deviants in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (1949), the Cannes Best Actor winning Compulsion (1958) and is recreated in the New Queer Cinema classic Swoon (1992)

1926 Kay Kendall of Les Girls (1957) fame is born

1952 Two time Oscar nominee John Garfield (best
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Cannes Film Review: ‘Raw’

Cannes Film Review: ‘Raw’
Hannibal Lecter may have selected appropriate wine matches for his meat, but the cannibalism on display in French freshman writer-director Julia Ducournau’s succulent “Raw” is more opportunistic — the equivalent, say, of being able to handily throw together a meal from whoever is lying around. Premiering in Cannes Critics’ Week — where jurors will have had to sit up and take note, if not reach for the barf bag, “Raw” is a deliciously fevered stew of nightmare fuel that hangs together with a breezily confident sense of superior craft. Genre-led distribs will be slavering for a taste, while crossover to a slightly more mainstream crowd may be possible, provided they have strong stomachs.

The central narrative in “Raw” opens with an amuse-bouche of a scene, functioning as something of a tease for the banquet to come. Strict vegetarian Justine (Garance Marillier) orders plain mashed potato in a canteen, but when she chows down,
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The Craft reboot is actually a sequel set 20 years later

Back in May of last year Sony announced a remake of the 1996 cult classic The Craft, but it seems the new film won’t be a reboot after all, with producer Douglas Wick telling HitFix will serve as a quasi-sequel picking up 20 years after the original.

“There will be callbacks to the original movie, so you will see there is a connection between what happened in the days of The Craft and how these young women come across this magic many years later,” states Wick. “Here are some young women who once again discover the power of magic, and we explore their emotional lives, their wants, their fears, their longings, as they become empowered. So you know, the same way you use a war movie to explore the psyche of men, you get to create a heightened world to explore the psyche of these women. And so that seemed like
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