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With 2016 marking the centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916, this is a great year to watch some Irish or Irish interest films.

This is a list of films, both historical and fictional, about Ireland, its history, its people - at home and abroad -, its legends and folklore.

The list is intended for reference rather than as recommendation.

Note: The list includes documentaries, short films and TV productions as well as feature films. Use the links provided below to view certain types of film only:

Feature films
Films made for TV
TV Series

Short films


Irish Language productions
- as per IMDb, some bilingual films/tv productions may also appear in this list

Titles filmed in Ireland - this is a separate list of additional films/tv productions, which are not set in Ireland or have an Irish interest.
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Irish made films and TV series, Irish history, films set in Ireland or filmed in Ireland, adaptions of Irish literature, Irish legend, films about Ireland and the Irish at home and abroad over the times. Also Irish short films, many of which are surprisingly good.

The list has become rather long and disorderly, but with the help of the filters it's possible to narrow titles down to films or TV series as well as to certain genres.
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