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Mainly old ones with a couple of "Down Under" ones as well.
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Best Horror/Thriller movies I have seen since 2000-2017
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Humans, sharks, whatever, which is why I name the movies, and specify the villains/actors in my comments.
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Bone Chilling...
New Thrillers.

My Favorite Genre

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a list of 26 titles by pranjalmadheshiya created 29 Oct 2015
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the best 20 thriller/mystery movies in my opinion among the hundreds I've watched.
a list of 269 titles by FiveDeadlyVenoms created 18 May 2015
My top rated Thriller Feature Films.

I've given these movies either a 7 (Good), 8 (Very Good), 9 (Excellent) or a (Perfect) 10.

"Nobody knows anything." - William Goldman
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a list of 72 titles by smokzey created 24 Nov 2014
Please note - this is not a top 100 kinda list. Films are in random order. You can set to sort as you wish - I have my settings set to list alphabetically :)
Enjoy watching
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Obavezno pogledati
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I have compiled this Mind-F@ck movies list, every single movie is great!
Suspense | Mystery
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a list of 50 titles by HorrorHunter created 14 Feb 2014
This is the short version of my list. It is not as thorough, and does not include reviews. My bigger, much more popular, thorough list can be found here at:

Please feel free to leave comments on that list!
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a list of 418 titles by smokzey created 23 Aug 2013
Here is a list of pulse-pounding entertainment. The kind that keeps you at the edge of your seat. The thriller genre is my favorite, as it mixes well with a few other genres and as a result you have quite a cocktail. Enjoy, and if you have a great thriller to suggest, feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments.

Note: This is not a top 100 kinda list. Films are in random order. You can set to sort as you wish - I have my settings set to list alphabetically though if you are returning to see if I've added anything you can sort by "Date Added (Recent first)"

Enjoy watching and if there is a film that isn't listed here that you think was a great thriller that kept you on the edge of your seat, please share! :)
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Test your knowledge... Play the Special Game for this List.

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My preferred type of movies, are thrillers, and horror. However, with that comes separate catagories of 'Horror/Thriller', which I believe some would be 'blood-and-gore', 'Psychological', 'comedy-thriller' (although rare), however... movie(s) like "Scary Movie" (all of them) could be included in this type. To me, the 'Psychological' thrillers are the ones that leave you really thinking at the end, in that they may actually be true, or are based on true events, and scare the CRAP out of you! Also, one should note that, even though I have stated that I do not prefer the blood-and-gore types... Some of the movies in my list may also fall in a 'blood-and-gore' categorization type. EnJOY! Please note, that these are not yet listed in any sort of order, however, I wish to one day put them in an order of best to worst. It should also be noted that, I will try not to list any current movies, that is, any of those that are currently in the theaters. One other thing... many others will list a movie, then all of it's prequels, and sequels... I will not to that, unless I find some special reason, that they should separately be noted, and listed. Otherwise, it should be a given. Finally... it should be known that I would not have went through the trouble of creating these detailed entries without feeling that I honestly am recommending some good movies for you to watch... but not alone (unless otherwise stated). If you are strong, and can watch something that will scare the be-jeezus out of you, by yourself... then by all means... watch them by yourself... they are SO much better that way. Hope you all agree.
a list of 30 titles by tis-teegz created 14 Apr 2013
Scary movies which include supernatural elements
a list of 16 titles by tis-teegz created 14 Apr 2013
Thriller/Horror movies
a list of 100 titles by HorrorHunter created 25 Jan 2013
These are the 100 best thriller/horror films I've seen since 2000. I've added a mini review and a rating. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions of films that you feel should be included, and WHY they should be included! If you disagree with a film on my list, great, but make sure you support your argument! #'s 81-100 are honorable mentions in no particular order. Thanks for visiting.
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Below is a collection of cospiracy films.

Click here for the movies you've seen/not seen from this list.

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...other lists here.
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The loose collection of films that span off from the Doctor Mabuse books.

Further reading: The Strange Case of Dr. Mabuse: A Study of the Twelve Films and Five Novels by David Kalat (2005) - and

See also: Bonkers - my list of odd films
a list of 10 titles by satapathyshibashraya created 01 Jun 2012
The following list is a mixture of the best Crime and Thriller movies I have yet seen...
a list of 32 titles by Alexe Gheorghe Daniel created 18 May 2012
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a list of 20 titles by gjrb01 created 28 Oct 2011
These movies not just has a lot of twist in its story, but these movies will keep you guessing from the start till the end. Most of them were thrillers and suspense film, of course I wont give any description for the benefits of those still didn't watched the film.. I just sort in order (best to not so great) enjoy...
a list of 16 titles by jamesme2 created 12 Sep 2011
A selection of dvd's I now own. I previously had a mass collection but sold them to create room and money. These are the ones I just couldn't sell.
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a list of 78 titles by icy-toes created 15 Jan 2011
Don't mistake the fact that they're on my list for a recommendation. Read the comments; there are movies on here that I hated, but something stuck with me...

These movies aren't gems of cinematic ingenuity, they aren't the most fun movies ever seen, and some of them aren't even all that good... but if they're on this list, they made an impact on me, for better or worse.

My ratings system - if I enjoyed a movie and don't feel like it was a waste of time, but it had no real redeeming value other than vague entertainment, it generally gets a 5.

Here they are, in no particular order... and remember, I'm always up for horror/thriller recommendations!
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