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Lista dos filmes mais votados do gênero Film-Noir no IMDb
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Semidocumentary is a form of film presenting a fictional story that incorporates many factual details or actual events, or which is presented in a manner similar to a documentary. Stylistically, it has certain similarities to Italian Neorealism, such as the use of location shooting and employing non-actors in secondary roles. However, the viewer does not mistake a semidocumentary for a real documentary; the fictional elements are too prominent.
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Top/Favourite Film-noir
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Join me in exploring the world of noir--movies whose characters are as grey as the shadows with which they're filmed.

I like my Scotch neat, my fashions retro, and my noir dark, drawing me into a world that follows its own dreamy logic. The movies should have a flawed hero whose integrity will be tested & found wanting, a beautiful dame with a secret, an intriguing plot with a MacGuffin or two, a gritty urban landscape that itself becomes a character--plus actors and a director who know what depth & ambiguity are.

This list includes my personal ratings & pocket-size reviews. Come with me for a walk on the noir side.
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My personal favorite films of my favorite genre: film noir....
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The first 35 before you die.
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its not complet yet.
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Listed in IMDb ranking order, here's a list of Noir genre films I've watched and reviewed on IMDb.
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Film-Noir list
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This is more like a Philip Marlowe collection than anything else
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I was just going to do Film-Noir but decided on this, I am also surprised on the amount of characters I could not find so it looks like I will have to do a Femme Fatale movie collection
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This list may miss some obvious choices from a later date, but I have choosen to focus on the golden period between 1940-1960, and yes I think the best examples of film noir are in black & white.
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The Big Sleep
Out of the Past
Double Indemnity
The Maltese Falcon
The Killers
Touch of Evil
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Murder, My Sweet
Asphalt Jungle
L.A. Confidential
Key Largo
White Heat
Kiss of Death
Night Moves
The Blue Dahlia
Kiss Me Deadly
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This is a list for people getting acquainted with the best Film Noir movies. The list includes the titles that have appealed to me the most.
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WARNING : Contains Spoilers. Everyone loves a movie with a good twist, and the Hollywood engine knows that and exploits it. Almost every film that comes out now has at least one twist or another, but some really stand out for their brilliance or shock value. This is the list of the 15 best film twists.
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32 of the best films noir I've seen to date (though I may have left out a few)
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misspaddylee's number one movie rule: All film noir are crime drama, but not all crime drama are film noir.
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