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a list of 30 titles by hadyraed50 created 7 months ago
Hope they make you feel good :D
a list of 50 titles by survesh created 8 months ago
A list of all movies that I think are so awesome that watching it made my life beautiful. And the order of movies in this list is irrelevant.
a list of 111 titles by TheodoraEh created 8 months ago
I LOVE feelgood movies but many lists I see around include movies that are kind of sad or kind of dark. *Spoiler Alert* this list has NO SAD/DARK movies. Sometimes I do cry from joy watching them though so this is a heads up in case you're a hopeless optimist like me and end up crying too! This list is ongoing, let me know of any suggestions that I might have forgotten if our tastes match. Thanks! (Order is random)
a list of 23 titles by Jess created 8 months ago
For your one of those days

P.S: The list is in random order
a list of 28 titles by natalia-america created 9 months ago
I like to watch these movies when I am feeling lost, depressed or anxious. They bring me a feeling of hope, wonder and happiness. Most of them just show people overcoming obstacles, chasing after their dreams or looking for true happiness. I've tried organizing them according to the feel good vibes I get after watching.
a list of 8 titles by guuuggg created 03 Jan 2016
a list of 7 titles by kimiasobhi created 22 Sep 2015
Inspirational movies that makes you feel good and hyped.
a list of 24 titles by edgeno created 27 Aug 2015
Movies that make me feel good
a list of 101 titles by diarmuidring created 19 Apr 2015
Movies & TV to cheer you up when you're feeling down.
a list of 7 titles by walkinginv created 09 Mar 2015
Feel Good Movies
a list of 37 titles by Meriam44 created 03 Jan 2015
a list of 20 titles by MagnNelsh created 13 Jun 2014
a list of 25 titles by Moh_1993 created 02 May 2014
Its a mix anime,romance,comedy&drama.
These movies will make you feel great...
just check it up
a list of 40 titles by whyvetteym created 08 Jan 2014
a list of 143 titles by raze893 created 17 Aug 2013
This is a list of light-hearted comedies and dramas that are great for the whole family to enjoy. I created this list to focus on films that are upbeat, positive and kid friendly, but still entertaining for adults. Also, I have confined my list to only live action, claymation, and stop-motion films to keep it brief. As I am a new parent myself, I would greatly appreciate any recommended additions-new or old-to this list. Hope you enjoy!-AJC
a list of 25 titles by Enekobus created 23 Jul 2013
Most are movies I saw as a kid that still make me feel good.
a list of 85 titles by avanti_nn created 09 Jul 2013
Movies you long to watch over a large steaming bowl of your favourite comfort food, for that feel-good factor. I often look for film suggestions of this genre, and am usually disappointed. Hopefully this unlimited list will help those like me.
a list of 41 titles by arian_anderson created 06 Jul 2013
The movies in this list (I believe) will go down in history as classics for those who just want to have a fantastic time and feel good about life. Most of these films are considered as "chick flicks," but I still liked them even if I'm a guy. This is in no particular order.
a list of 25 titles by D_Marais created 24 Jun 2013
Feeling down? These movies will hit you right in the feels. They are my top 25 in no particular order. Struggled abit with this one, I am open to suggestions. I have a particular set of skills, and if you say garden state, I will find you, and I will kill you.
a list of 60 titles by Micke Karlsson created 13 Mar 2013
"Feel good movies" are, of course, movies that makes a person feel good. Now this makes this "genre" very different from person to person. A movie that makes one person sad might make another person happy and vice versa. This is my list of movies that in some way makes me happy and makes me feel good, these movies give me that warm feeling of happiness that heats the body and makes me smile even if I'm having a bad day.
a list of 37 titles by whimsy123 created 08 Mar 2013
a list of 51 titles by TheFalis created 27 Feb 2013
a list of 108 titles by themcuk created 12 Feb 2013
Some of the better feel good films out there from a variety of genres. Note: nothing can be completely feel good, if you want that then look elsewhere. For those seeking something more nuanced, look through the other lists on my profile, in particular: 'Life-affirming Films' and 'Bittersweet Films'.
a list of 103 titles by error6079 created 15 Jan 2013
a list of 74 titles by whimsy123 created 25 Oct 2012
there are never enough "feel-good" movies with this (un)specific "indie"-feeling to be watched late at night or on rainy days.. so feel free to recommend any new ones!
a list of 453 titles by Nemesis44 created 14 Oct 2012
Comments are welcome!
a list of 35 titles by Rajan Ahuja created 05 Oct 2012
Top Indian Feel Good Movies of all Time (in no special order ). Hindi Movies that lift your spirits and touch the chord whenever you watch. Eternally etched in the hearts of anyone's who's ever watched them even once. And Absolute Must See for those trying to get in touch with the best Indian Cinema has to offer.
a list of 135 titles by egmeinder created 28 Sep 2012
I haven't seen all these movies, but I thought this would make a really good book, so I'm working on it. The ones I haven't seen are listed alphabetically.

In fact, I'm trying to create a surplus so I can write another volume.
a list of 30 titles by john_phil7 created 29 Jan 2012
a list of 120 titles by IntegraVideo created 11 May 2011
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